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Was Big Brother 18 Considered A Flop?



In just a few hours, the season that was Big Brother 18 will come to a finish. Not counting the last week, which is always super boring every season, I think this season has actually been pretty good, despite what the general reaction seems to be. Whenever I post about the topic, I’m generally met with how boring the season was, how they couldn’t watch BBAD, and how annoying the cast is. These are certainly hard points to debate because for the most part, they’re right.  However, does that guarantee a bad season?

I’m not going to pretend this season was amazing from beginning to end. When I say it was “pretty good”, I’m talking a 5ish on a 1-10 scale, but a lot of those points were indeed lost from the slow areas I mentioned above. The feeds, especially BBAD, were generally slow to watch. I can only think of maybe 1-2 times that I posted people absolutely needed to turn on their feeds at that moment because of dramatic moments. Honestly, other than the Paulie meltdown period, the house was pretty drama free. The first few weeks were met with blindsides, but unlike typical blindsides, the aftermath of these were tame. “Oh, Paulie didn’t get eliminated like planned?  Oh well. Hand me that sunscreen”.

Then of course you had the ‘mances’… the showmances (or boremances as I call them), bromances, and friendmances.  I think it may be time to retire using ‘mances’ as a suffix (put it up there next to ‘gate’ on the retirement shelf). Look at Bridgette and Frank. People didn’t know what to call them because they were a weird flirty but not flirty guy/girl friendship, so friendmance was used. Really. Just stop. It’s bad enough we actually have to deal with the showmances, giving it a dumb name just makes it worse.  When you fill a house with 16 mostly single, attractive 20-somethings, hookups will happen. And they almost always suck. Even the ones that actually last and continue to seek fame are annoying. Brendan and Rachel are horrible, and Jeff/Jordan made me cringe watching them discuss clips when she was his guest a few weeks back.  Her voice is worse than Nicole’s, and Jeff still makes fun of her intelligence in a desperate attempt to make anyone around him laugh.


Wow, I sound angry today. I’m not.

Let’s talk about the positives of the season. While the feeds were boring from a drama perspective, I have to say this was one of the funnier, and most interesting casts in a long time. I’d often find myself pissed at the production for cutting to fish during a conversation because I was getting into it, but then the person had to bring up someone who didn’t sign a waiver and *fish*. The part they aired with Paul, Victor, and Corey making jokes about the 1-2 people per grade thing was only part of that segment that went on a solid 5-10 minutes. It was great. Then the random joking outbursts at production by Frank killed it.  I lost it when he was talking to the guys in the HoH room about not being able to wash towels.  A few minutes later, production cut in to yell at someone about their mic, and Frank yelled “Hey, why don’t you give us some laundry detergent? And I know you’re listening, you eavesdropping sons of bitches!” (I know it sounds mean, but it’s funny because they’re obviously eavesdropping….)

Another positive about the season were all the stabs to the back and blindsides and surprise votes. I mentioned Jozea’s blindside, but that really was nothing compared to the rest. Keeping Tiffany (which resulted in Da’Vonne and Frank fighting). Michelle’s crazy speech thinking she was getting evicted only to stay and have a meltdown during the show. Paulie with his ‘Jozea-like’ blindside of Victor only to have it turn around and slap him in the face when Victor gave him a bigger blindside later in the season. Nicole and Corey flipping and flopping every single week for the past 5-6 weeks in a desperate attempt to make the finals (it worked, apparently… it also worked to destroy Nicole’s reputation on the show).

While this season will not go down for many memorable moments, I had a ton of fun blogging it this summer.  Having early help on the overnights from Amy was enormous in avoiding an early burnout (I wish she could come back.. damn work). Brianna and Pamela did a good job filling in for me while I was in Florida, so I actually got to spend a few days completely away from the game was refreshing. I cannot express how thankful I am to those three, and I didn’t forget Haley who had a post this year, filled in for me when I was in LA last year, and really wanted to post more this year.

I have been running it alone since returning from vacation, but for Big Brother: Over the Top and hopefully future seasons, I will be bringing on some more people who have reached out to me – including Mell! (you know her from the comment section).  I am super excited about bringing her on as some role. We haven’t figured out the best place for her yet, but she is stepping up to the big times this fall. No pressure or anything, right?

Looking forward, I have a bunch of plans for tweaks to the site, and I will also probably slap something together at my Survivor site for updates there.  If anyone is interested in writing there, and can think of stuff to write other than weekly recaps, please reach out to me here. I am going to be pretty busy with BBOTT, but I know we have a ton of Survivor fans, so I want to expand a little.

Alright, that wraps up this post.  Thanks to everyone for the visiting this season. The donations, the comments, the feedback, the help. BB18 may not have been the best season regarding the show, but it was the best summer I’ve had on this site, and it is all because of you guys.

Looking ahead, I will be posting a live thread tonight, and then getting to work on Big Brother: Over the Top which begins next week. Hopefully they release the profiles of the cast before the show starts (tomorrow?) so I can start adding them to the site.

See you guys tonight!


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    I agree, SteveBeans! I don’t think this has been a bad season. It hasn’t been the best, but I don’t thinks it’s been bad. I love BB whether it’s bad or great. I absolutely love this site and love love love reading your opinions, predictions, recaps, really, anything you write about BB lol. I hate to read the comments saying how awful it is and boring and I’m never watching again and all that. If you don’t like the show, that’s fine, don’t watch it. I’ll always be a fan and always watch. The show is extremely different now than when it first started. It’s crazy what the difference is in how the players looked at the game in the early seasons and how they look at it now. It’s dramatically changed with time and you either watch or don’t. I look forward to continue watching and coming here to read and talk game with all you regulars! Love y’all and I’ve had a great time with y’all in the comments!

    • Avatar

      Do you guys have any predictions for jury votes tonight?
      Here is mine:

      Nicole: Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, Da’vonne

      Paul: Victor, Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette

      Undecided: James

      Can someone tell me who James is leaning towards?

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    Will BBOTT have BBAD as well? I hope so, it will be how I decide if I am going to pay for the feeds. It will be a bit expensive as I full time RV so the data costs for my hotspot will be crazy!

  3. Elaine

    Although it wasn’t great, this season was better than the last 2. No racists, disgusting pigs, (well, maybe a little, the HG’s are slobs), no whiny twins, blindsides that you weren’t really sure about until maybe the last minute and blessed be, no Battle of the Block. You’re right, the last few weeks have been slow, but for the most part, I call this season a success.
    And, coming to this site 10-12 times a day made the summer go by too fast. I’ll be around for a few more days but I can’t do the Over the Top. Too much of a good thing.
    Can’t wait for tonight.

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    Thank you Steve for your dedication to the site. I have enjoyed reading and commenting. The site is uncluttered, which I appreciate. Well done to all! Every season of BB has highs and lows. You can’t put strangers in a fish bowl, have the ability to watch them 24-7, and expect anything other than the ebb and flow of human interactions. I still don’t like having returning players in with the newbies. Although, I think Nicole stepped up her game in the latter half, the four of them were not anything great to see. I would rather see four new people than re-runs of vets. I think production needs to not be lazy, resting on the success of the current formula, and get some new blood in the production staff. It is funny to hear “expect the unexpected” every week, when so much of what happens is expected because it has occurred in so many seasons previously. For all those investing in the upcoming Over the Top, enjoy!

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    What will save it from being a big flop is if tonight we see when Corey showed up at the jury house and was reunited with his sho-bro Paulie. Wonder if they shared a room in the house? And if Corey was glad to be free from Nicole.



    And I wonder if Corey answered Paulie’s question on the NSFW pic of Paulie … with a resounding “Yes, I would be handle it hard!”

    P.S. Notice the family resemblance?



  6. Avatar

    Great season and great job Steve!

  7. Dobi

    Thank you, Steve, for this blog. I have really enjoyed keeping up with all the behind the scenes shanagins through the eyes of all you live feeders! I don’t get the feeds because I have a full time job and I just can’t sit and watch every night when I get home. But having this site was a bonus! I’m curious to see how this BBOTT pans out. Seems odd to me, but that’s probably because I’m not a live feeder. Oh well……. I DO watch Survivor every year and didn’t know you blogged about that too! I will definitely check it out. I like to compare notes to see if anyone else views people the same as I do. I’m excited for the new show to begin tonight! And excited for the finale of BB. Hoping Paul wins. I just don’t know why he puts all his faith in Nicole. Like he told her, if she wins and she’s not taking him, just tell him!! if she doesn’t and he’s sent out, I hope he rakes her over the coals tonight as a juror! . But fingers crossed he wins this final battle and guarantees his spot in final two! And hoping Victor gets AFP!

  8. Avatar

    First, you do a great job here (even the temp help) and you can’t be thanked enough for providing the site and your dedication to it. Just like the respective BB seasons, some are going to be thrilled with what is happening and others are just going to flat out piss and moan when their imagined “script” is not playing. I LOVE the diversity each BB season brings – the good, the bad, the ugly (personalities), and even the boring. I enjoy hearing what amps people up and that we can all cheer for our concepts of what a good game play is or is not. In the end, we need to graciously accept the outcome, be grateful for the entertainment, don’t cyber-bully the participants, and look forward to the next cast!

  9. Helen

    There is a rumor going around that Da and Frank Eudy will be on BB Over the Top? anyone else heard this?

  10. Alda

    I think if this season didn’t have Victor and Paul it would have been a real sleeper.Those two were hilarious.They remind me of a modern version of Abbott and Costello or Jackie Gleason and Art Carney.Their chemistry was undeniable.Thanks again Steve for doing this for all of us.You are the best! Less then three hours to go.I pray Paul walks away wiith the cash!

  11. Avatar

    Steve Beans, thank you for this blog. I’ve enjoyed it for several years now. I love the regulars who are on here. I may not always agree with some but I respect their opinions and sometimes they make me reconsider my thots. I also enjoy your instagram account, btw.
    Now let’s all enjoy the last night of the season and try to get along. Hahahehe

  12. Avatar

    Steve, are they using the same house for the fall show?

  13. Avatar

    It was an Okay Season, but what made it bearable was Definitely Victor & Paul. What I’m hoping now is that Nicole takes Paul for her F2, if she wins the 3rd HOH. Seems like last night she was not going to do it…Ugh?!

    I have been an avid viewer of Big Brother since Season One, the only Season I refused to watch was BB17, it was just too boring for me. But as a person of Color, who has watched “Patiently” for a African American to win BB, the end of the Season is always met with some Disappointment.

    My hope for BB19 is that they chose better Female, & African American Contestants. People who actually know how the game is played, and are true fans of the Game. And Please NO More Showmances, they ruin the flow of the Game.

    And last but not least, a Big Shout Out to Steve Beans….Thank you Bro, for providing this Excellent Forum for us BB Fans! I have had the pleasure on coming onto your Message Board for Big Brother the past 5 years, & what I like most about this Forum is that we ALL get along! But PLEASE Steve, make a Edit Button for next Season of Big Brother!

  14. Avatar

    Great job as always Steve!!!!!!!!!
    My rumor mill says the Twins were in STRONG running to re-enter!???! Wonder if they really are? Would be interesting to see them together in the house start fo finish however far that may lead =D
    See everyone Over the Top =D
    I know I am not one to avidily post but I read you All every year, your comments help Me enjoy the season even more!!! So a BIG TYVM to All of you too!!!!!!!!!
    Blessed Be, Angel L aka Lori + Angel Luscious♡

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