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Watch The Talk For An Announcement On Big Brother 16


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I’m going to be honest. There are a few things I’d rather do before watching “The Talk”, and those are:

  • Doing taxes
  • Staring at a wall
  • Stabbing my ear with a rusty screwdriver
  • Walking down a highway with a blindfold on

However, in an effort to promote her non Big Brother show, Julie Chen decided to reveal a big twist about Big Brother 16 on “The Talk”. Seeing as the show airs at 2pm est, I am going to guess Julie will wait until about 2:55 to reveal the twist. Be warned, if I am forced to sit through nearly an hour of Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and crew talk about Hugh Jackman’s abs or the latest Justin Bieber antic, I may not be able to report what is actually said.  There is about a 92% chance I will be on the way to the mental hospital where they will likely keep me all summer long.

In the event that I do make it through the episode without stabbing my eyes, I will certainly be posting what the big twist is (blood vs water I bet).

Also, buy the feeds so I can stop begging! I feel like a politician making phone calls begging for donations. I’m a blogger, not a beggar!


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    Relax Steve…do what i will be doing…just DVR it and watch it after its over and skip right up to the BB Info, right?… 🙂 …also dont forget to DVR ET on Wed night to watch the BB House Tour with Julie… 🙂

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