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Week 1 Is Done; Let’s Start Week 2!



Good afternoon, everyone! First, sorry to anyone who had site issues this morning. Also, thank you to everyone who quickly let me know there was a problem so I got it fixed as quick as I could.

Last night was the first eviction of the season, and while I have been pushing how great this season is, the eviction process needs some work. It was flat out bad when you compare it to the summer counterpart.  While I understand getting a live audience and all that jazz is a bit of a hassle for a scaled down version of the show, just everything about it was weird and awkward.  Going to the DR and not talking to Julie was painful to watch. The time it took for Monte to go to the DR and get the results with the uncomfortable silence while that happened – yikes. Cornbread just walking out the door into pure silence and you weren’t sure if he was being evicted or being sent to his death (It would be awesome if they put a Halloween theme in the house and put a fake – or real – head of every evicted houseguest on a spike in the backyard).

The HoH competition wasn’t much better as it was a very basic endurance competition and the first 20 minutes or so were spent in near complete silence other than Jason tossing out shoutouts. While I enjoyed the fact the competition was easy enough that it took more than an hour, it was still awkward at times without things being sprayed on the houseguests, or birds dropping from the sky, etc. Oh well, kinks to work out, I suppose.



Finally, voting begins today on care packages.  To see the list and cast your vote, check it out here

Alright, let’s get to the updates:

  • 10:30am – Julie had just let them know about the care packages, and the enthusiasm wasn’t there.  Most are still a bit sore from last night and tired as they’ve been woken up at around 9am for the past few days
    • While I normally don’t care what time they’re woken up, it is pretty mean to keep them awake all day and then still wake them up early.  Alright, mean isn’t a good work… slightly mean?
  • 12:20pm – Outside is open, and the plastics are hanging out on the hammock.  Whitney has an upset stomach. Probably from pushing the sword into it all night
    • plastics2
    • Whitney tells the girls how Scott told her that he doesn’t think Alex shouldn’t get out one of the big targets
    • Morgan jokes “Yea, because he’s working with them”
    • Alex doesn’t want to get out a small target. She wants to keep those looser ends around because they can be swayed
    • Now the girls don’t think Scott is really a debt collector.  Their logic is that because he’s a ‘chessmaster’, he shouldn’t be making less than $1k/week (I don’t think they know the job opportunities available in NE Maine)
    • Alex thinks Shane should go home more than anyone because he is the glue that holds a bunch of them together (she’s right)
  • 1:00pm – Jason and Scott are talking about an All-Star season
    • Jason mentions how the returning cast last season definitely worked on a higher stipend, but Jason signed on as a newbie, or ‘basic bitch’ money ($1k/wk)
    • Jason and Scott talking about Big Brother websites.  No BBJunkies shoutout from my two New Englanders.
    • Now he’s talking about a meetup in NH. I’m crashing that if I find out where it is
    • jasontalking
    • Sounds like Julie may actually be making her first live appearance with the house today. Or, it could be another recorded message.  It is scheduled for 2pm
    • Jason and Scott don’t think there are any twists like the twins. He doesn’t think anyone is hiding anyone ‘big big’… like being sisters?

Before the Julie announcement, quick plug for the weekly favorite poll

  • 1:50pm – Everyone is just about ready, and Julie will be live. First time all season
  • 2:00pm – Live Q&A, let’s see how this goes…
    • julie-live
    • It’s on!
    • Every Thursday, Julie is going to do her Q&A just like this
    • To Monte – You nominated 3 houseguests, but America’s nom went home.  How do you feel with all 3 remaining?
      • I FEEL GOOD  (ok didn’t really say that)
    • To Alex – Congrats on HoH.  Unlike Monte, you’ll make noms knowing the twist. Will it impact your choice?
      • Absolutely. This season HoH doesn’t have as much power as usual
    • To Neeley – How difficult was the comp last night?
      • It was hard!   Julie – It’s Big Brohter, you’re not sissies!
    • To Kryssie – You survived, how nervous were you
      • I was terrified!  Julie – Sorry to say I’m happy, it means the game is working
    • To Danielle – How stressful for you?
      • Blah blah stressful
    • To Jason – You are the only returner. Has it been difficult?
      • It has been, but it’s nice!  Then a shoutout to BB17
    • To Justin – How well did you know BB before you entered?
      • To be honest, I didn’t know a damn thing!
    • To Shelby – How would you say everyone is getting along
      • We’re definitely starting to see the groups form. I’m definitely starting to hear what’s being said about me at night. But you can’t take it personal
    • To Shane – Do you know your housemates pretty well, or do you think there are secrets?
      • I think I know them pretty well!
    • To Morgan – Has the game changed since the first eviction?
      • Yes, it was a big wakeup call for everyone
    • To Whitney – How different is playing BB than watching
      • Oh man, so different.
    • To Scott – You’re also a big fan, how does America picking the winner change things?
      • Oh it’s nervewracking, because you always think certain ways inside the house compared to how you’re viewed outside
    • “And I have a message from Cornbread – Fuck Ya’ll”  (just kidding)
    • Interview over
  • 2:10pm – Now the house just sits around all dressed up and talking. I can’t believe they haven’t given Alex her room yet
  • 2:35pm – Danielle tells the group that she got really yelled at earlier in the DR for constantly napping
    • group-outside
  • 3:20pm – The house is just hanging outside.  Slow day
    • house-chillin
  • 3:45pm – Alex finally called to DR. Likely getting her HoH room
  • 3:53pm – Alex comes outside with Shelby standing right behind her. She  yells to the group “Who wants to see my HoH rooooom?”  Shelby gives a serious “I do” answer
    • alex-waiting
    • No pictures of Alex’s imaginary boyfriend were waiting for her
    • It would be hilarious if her letter mentions Morgan
    • Morgan is listening intently to hear if her mother slipped during the letter… or she’s jealous how close the mother made it sound she is with Alex
    • morgan-listening
  • 4:15pm – Alex and Shelby are in the HoH room alone. Shelby finally gets to bitch about Danielle. She hasn’t been able to in a few hours, so it must have been killing her
    • Alex is going to try to use the power leverage this week to form a connection with Neeley and Kryssie
  • 4:45pm – The plastics are all talking about who to nominate right now.
    • I have to do some homework and watch a little MLB playoffs, but I will check in from time to time tonight.
  • 5:20pm – Morgan is up in the HoH room and is joking with Alex about her stuff
    • She said she’s going to run to the DR and make sure they don’t give her any photos with cats, or a letter from her mother because that was the worst letter she’s ever heard lol. Alright then.
    • morgan
    • Alex jokes about the awful photos she received. She looks like the crazy cat lady, and it isn’t even her cat
    • alex-cats
    • Personally, I would be upset if I didn’t get pics of my cat, but if it’s not her cat, then yea
    • Alex laughing “Mom is horrible”  Morgan “C’mon, she really tried”
    • They joke about it because it didn’t sound like her mother at all.  I guess it’s hard to write a letter to one daughter and not pretend the other is in the house
    • Alex and Morgan both cam talk telling their mom that they love her and they’re just joking around
    • Alex is talking about Morgan how she has the house fooled and people think that Morgan is the nice one in the house. Meanwhile, Morgan is doing a happy dance
    • morgan-dancing
    • Alex tells Morgan she thought Morgan would be the first to be evicted, so congratulations.
    • They get serious and down to game talk.
    • They camtalk again and tell America to vote out the showmance. BB18 had way too many and Shane and Danielle are SUPER boring.
    • And if we take out Shelby, that side runs the house

Ok, closing this thread, it is way too long.  I will either start a new one tonight or take a break for the evening.   I doubt any Junkies in FL can read this right now, but if you do, you guys are in the thoughts of just about everyone.  Florida is the Morgan to our Alex. We may tease you a lot, but we love you. Don’t get destroyed, because I’ll be back in a few years (or sooner if anyone gives me a house)


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  1. caRyn

    Care Packages:
    Wk 1: Save-A-Friend. Package winner can save one person from eviction that week.

    Wk 2: Pick-A-Veto. Winner picks what veto HGs are playing for out of the following: Diamond POV (remove one nominee and pick replacement), double POV (two normal vetoes in play), Boomerang veto (veto can be used twice, saving both nominees)

    Wk 3: Safety Servant. Winner is safe that week but must do EVERYTHING HOH tells them to keep safety.

    Wk 4: Eliminate 3 Eviction votes. Can single-handedly flip house this week.

    Wk 5: Co-HOH. Works just like in BB18

    Wk 6: Double Eviction Veto. No veto comp this week. Package winner gets the veto. THIS MEANS DOUBLE EVICTION WEEK OF NOV. 17-18

    Wk 7: The Final Four Challenge. Winner will play in a personal challenge from BB to automatically advance to Final Four if they win.

  2. Avatar

    The care packages are really interesting. You’ve got to choose wisely since they get progressively better. The save a friend package is weak in my opinion. I voted for Neely because she might use it for Jason if needed

    • Helen
      Helen (4875 comments)

      She will use it on Danielle. Alex has no intention of putting Jason OTB

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        I used it on Scott. I think America will put up Monte and I want him to finally show where his loyalty lies

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        I guess I should clarify that. Alex will most likely put up Shane and Danielle. America will put up Morgan or Monte. Giving Scott the care package will show the house where he stands

  3. AIO_7

    Po, poor, Cornhole; the stinky snoring guy can now catch up on the episodes of SQUIDBILLIES (starring Early Cuyler) that he missed while in the house.

  4. Avatar

    I just don’t trust Scott he wants to be one of the guys so badly he might take Monte down if(hopefully when) America puts his arrogant ass up.

  5. caRyn

    1:39 am (PT) Kryssie tells Shanielle who America puts OTB is gonna be key. If America puts someone from the other side up and they don’t win veto, everything changes. Proof of that this week.
    So true! I am looking forward to seeing who the third nom is going to be. It is such a number game right now.

  6. Helen
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Think strategically caryn. It’s a lot easier sitting back looking at the whole picture.

  7. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    Im hoping Scott gets it. That’s who I vote for because looking at the way this week will go it looks like Scott will be the swing vote. I’m ready to see who sides is he really loyal to Shane or monte because he will have to choose one over the Other this week

  8. caRyn

    TBD – Julie’s Q&A with houseguests
    TBD – Julie’s evicted houseguest interview
    10pm – Weekday Replay

  9. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    Well I really think it would be really fun for Scott to be put up and see what people say. Looks like I will be voting for Scott the rat

    • caRyn

      Wouldn’t it suck for Scott if he was OTB and then won the care package this week? The care package is Save-A-Friend so he wouldn’t be able to save himself.
      The ratings for hg: Most liked are Jason and Justin – in that order. At the bottom is Monte and Scott.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        If Jason gets cp,Alex should put up Justin and Shane. Jason will have to choose his “friend”. LMAO. Great job America!

      • caRyn

        Jason said to Shane and Danielle last night after HOH that he would pick them over Justin.
        The chat room wants Kryssie to get the care package. Some want Neeley to get it.
        I am surprised at the hg ranking. I didn’t know Jason was that liked by viewers. I knew Justin was. I am not surprised at the bottom two.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        Nothing like making the “fan favorite” choose between alliance members right?

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        Yeah caryn I heard him say that but it will really mess up his game having to do it out in the open. Stupid move IMO

      • caRyn

        I don’t know that Jason would pick Shanielle over Justin. I am not sure if that is the truth.

  10. caRyn

    Shelby said Julie is going to make an announcement at 2 pm (PT) today.

  11. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    The thing about Scott is I know where everyone in the house sides with more or less but with Scott every second his talking to a different person and I don’t really know what sides his on or who his most loyal to

  12. caRyn

    Just now…Justin is in the bathroom with Morgan doing her hair and Justin strips down, bare assed right behind her. She sees him in the mirror and gives an ‘oh my gosh’. He heads into the shower. Monte showering on the other side of the curtain.

  13. Mell
    Mell (4499 comments)

    I hope Monte is the 3rd nom.
    I hope Krissi or Scott gets the care pkg because if Shane and Danielle are the noms (which its looking like) I think Krissi will make Jason or Justin safe from going up. I also want to use them up on that side of the house. I just don’t think she’s going to be around a long time so Id rat her her get it than the other side. . I don’t mind Scott just so he had to show where his loyalty lies.
    I want Monte, Whitney and Morgan for have nots. I don’t like 2 sisters together. I do like Alex but she needs to play on her own and I don’t want them to have the privacy in hoh room together.
    That’s my hope anyway.

    • caRyn

      Do they use the care package before the third nom or after? That could change the decision of the hg that receives it.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        Good question. It could make a huge difference. Is it just like a save from going on the block? Or is it a save and being taken off the block?

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        It’s difficult because a safe is not the same as a POV

      • caRyn

        Right?! And does the care package winner have to announce who they save? Can it be given in private before the noms and if that hg isn’t nominated it stays between the two of them? I am not sure how it will work. That is why I like this OTT so much – we don’t know.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        I agree to a certain extent. Would be nice to know the rules of what I am voting on…I was really pissed last season when they did the thing with the bribe!!! Haha maybe why they are so vague this time around!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4499 comments)

        I don’t think it says when. That’s the other reason I thought Krissi. Alex could tell whoever gets it that they will be the replacement if they don’t use it the way she wants. I won’t die if she leaves.

      • Mell
        Mell (4499 comments)

        I think we’re just going to have to wing it for the first one and have all the info for the next one.

  14. Mell
    Mell (4499 comments)

    If you’re a Justin or Jason fan:
    I wouldn’t give either of them the care pkg. It’s a waste this early. (Like Natalie and the have not)
    Don’t give to Shane or Danielle because that may get Justin or Jason sent out the door.

  15. Shivani33

    Scott gravitates to whoever he thinks has the temporary power and influence and tries to act as a sounding board and advice-giver so that he himself has knowledge and influence. From day one, he has reminded me of Andy Herren with his methods. Jason sees right through Scott’s ways. Alex told some of the other women that she’s keeping Scott around for now as a voting number for her HOH agenda. If Scott doesn’t appear to be on one side or the other, probably it’s because he isn’t! I think that he’s only on his own side, and it’s a matter of whatever works, moment-to-moment. He has good insights, but from more of an outsider’s perspective. So far, no one in the game would be smart to trust him as a part of any alliance, from what I observe.

  16. Avatar

    Steve thanks once again for your comments even though I watched it ,reading your takes made me crack up. Your Cornbread comment was hilarious! As usual great job!

  17. caRyn

    HOH room time for Alex. A letter from her mom.

    • caRyn

      Everyone has to be upstairs before the new HOH can unlock the HOH room. Justin was cooking and had to stop because the hg were waiting on him. Justin said go ahead and open it and Alex said she can’t until he is upstairs.

      • Mell
        Mell (4499 comments)

        Did you notice how after a short time, Justin tried to leave but couldn’t because it was locked? He doesn’t hide how he feels at all. It’s funny but his days are probably numbered because of it.

      • caRyn

        It was funny. I didn’t know they locked them in like that.

      • Bastosko
        Bastosko (45 comments)

        If he was cooking, and he owns a restaurant and is sayyyyy making a nice roux, then he doesn’t want to leave it to burn, so he would be anxious to get out of the room and finish the meal. What would you feel if you told everyone you are a chef with a restaurant and you burn or make crappy tasting food because you had to go pretend to give a sh*t?

  18. Mell
    Mell (4499 comments)

    I’m afraid if Scott gets the package, he can keep Monte off the block.

  19. caRyn

    4:31 pm (PT) Alex, Whitney and Shelby are in the HOH room trying to decide who will go OTB. They said Danielle and Shane and Alex thinks Shane is the head of that snake.

  20. Avatar

    Does anyone know when Julie will interview Cornbread? I’m really curious as to what he has to say after his exit! Did the other house guests hear him!

  21. Mell
    Mell (4499 comments)

    Voting ends for care pkg at 10 am PT tomorrow so I’m guessing it gets used before noms. If they do it after, that could force the HOH to replace a nom even before the veto comp and then again after the comp. I don’t think they’ll do that. It would be great if it could be a secret who got it but they wouldn’t get to have the dropping from the sky moment. This is the budget tho version so maybe they’ll just write who won on paper and fold it into an airplane. They can throw it over the backyard wall for delivery. Maybe they could make a wadded up paper ball with the note, open the front door for a second and just chuck it in there and close the door.

  22. Avatar
    expos81175 (13 comments)

    Have they posted Cornhole’s exit interview with Julie? Am I missing something? I want to him to tell America to f off.

  23. Avatar

    Omg, I just can’t with Monte. I can’t, y’all. Every time I turn on the feeds, there he is, and as soon as his mouth opens, I want to puke. He states the obvious, like people don’t know, just to look smart. Or, he is saying stuff that is so stupid. He was saying to Alex that they would have an advantage in future HOH comps now since they know what HOH is all about. Like WTF?!? He is so stupid!! I can’t listen to him anymore! Please y’all, let’s try to get rid of him! Please!!!!

    • Mell
      Mell (4499 comments)

      Amber B, I’m with you! Along with everything else, I’m sick of hearing how even though he isn’t hoh, he still has alot of power. He keeps going off about how disrespectful Justin is to women but he just called Danielle a “little bitch” for about the 5th time in the past 2 days! Alex and Morgan thought it was hilarious.
      Alex is almost begging for insight as to who America likes as players. Monte isn’t because he knows everything and “knows” we like CB and we hate Danielle. Let’s please nominate this douche bag so she can have her answer! He won’t go home unless someone flips but it may shut him up a little. He keeps saying that he thinks we will but you can tell he doesn’t mean it.

      • caRyn

        Monte sits at the end of the HOH bed as if he is still King HOH. He called Danielle a little bitch (@ 6:28 pm (PT)) because she was able to get the house to switch the votes to save Kryssie. It was a power move that wasn’t in his favor. Nothing personal Monte.

      • Helen
        Helen (4875 comments)

        If America puts him up this week guaranteed Monte will go home!!! The other side has the numbers with americas vote!!!

  24. Avatar

    At the very least we can make king Monte eat slop for a week to show him he’s hated. Then make him our nom. and crush his inflated Paulie ego!

  25. Avatar
    Daniel (21 comments)

    We need shelby on the block she wont win the veto! Plastics and monte eat slop. Lets send shelby home this week. Care package should go to scott he wont save anyone and shelby will still go home! We get what we want and scott shows his cards

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