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Week 1 Recap – Small Update

This is going to be a pretty small update as the feeds have only been live for a few days so there isn’t as much to report on as usual.


Despite a very early entertaining twist by putting Sam as a robot, the novelty has worn off with the fans and people are overwhelmingly sick of it and feel bad she was screwed this way. I do agree, but a different way to look at it is that others have had it worse and Sam at least has two weeks to build bonds and save herself. Think of the people who were only there a few hours before the twist ended their game. I’m sure Sam’s pleasant tone (excluding veto competitions, apparently) has people feeling worse for her than if someone annoying were behind the screen.

However, when you compare the punishments between Sam and Kaycee, it’s clear Sam got the huge raw end of that outcome. Kaycee’s punishment can hardly be considered a punishment considering her spinning thing almost never goes off. It likely never goes off because it was a pretty stupid concept to begin with unless she would be put in very weird situations like being stuck in the shower for an hour (which definitely wouldn’t happen for many reasons). All she really has to do is avoid going in rooms like the HN room or the back backroom and she’ll generally be part of any conversation or close enough to listen in.


So far there has been only one major alliance formed with an official name.  The ‘level 6’ alliance of Winston, Brett, Angela, Kaycee, Rachel, and Tyler.


As expected, the rest of the house has yet to really form anything solid and with two fairly weak players on the block this week, desperation mode has not kicked in to see if they’ll actually form anything.  There are a bunch of handshake ‘final 2’ deals but those come and go way too soon for me to even talk about now.


This is another slow moving part of the game with a lot of flirting but not much action. Chris “Swaggy” and Bayleigh have been fooling around a little, but he’s also up the ass of Haleigh so I’m not expecting anything longterm to come from this yet. If anything, I predict more drama than romance between these two as the season progresses.

There is also plenty of flirting in the level 6 alliance as it’s hard to keep track of the crushes. Angela and Winston seem to be closing in on something and Rachel has been pretty flirty with Brett. Kaitlyn had a crush on Faysal but that may already be wearing away. So far this season, the girls have been a bit more open with their potential showmance feelings than the guys who have kept things closer to their chest.


There is not a whole lot to report on this front. Very quiet week with virtually no fighting. This will obviously change as the season goes on, but we clearly have one of the casts that at least pretends to be friends at first before trying to slit their throats.  The house divide is too huge to not have a few big blowups this season.


A bit slow of a first week but anyone who has watched this game knows that slower early times often lead to massive drama later on. The more these people feel they trust each other early on means the more hurt they’ll be later on when people are betrayed. Sam got a raw deal, but she also did get a power to save herself if she uses it.  She apparently has around 4 weeks to use the power, and if she doesn’t use it this week to save herself, well, probably deserves to go.

The veto meeting could be today or tomorrow. Faysal isn’t expected to use it but Sam/Steve are also not expecting it to be used, so I don’t predict much drama when it happens. I am going to be working outside a bit today but I will have a post later on to discuss today’s feeds! I need to make up some money from all I lost yesterday.


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  1. Seattle Kari

    That’s a lovely photograph, LOL!

  2. danmtruth

    Not much to disagree with Except I think the Swagy and Bey showmance is a bit more then just flirting He seems to be very protective of her Swagy might also be one of the few self proclaimed supper fans Who is
    Did not the group of Swagy,Bey,Falsa, Kaylie, Rockstar Haylie name them selfs? With Steve and Scottie being numbers to add on
    Beside the typical first winners feeling they will control the house for weeks on end Because there group has it all brains brawn Falsa is diluted into thinking he can win ALL physical comps and most brain comps

  3. Alda

    So far,I don’t care for Winston.Maybe I’ll change my mind as the season progresses.Time will tell.

  4. Colby

    I haven’t seen / heard enough about him to form an opinion yet. But he is nice looking.

  5. danmtruth

    oK MR old fuddy-duddy time to come out As usual a house filled with guys who spend as much if not more time primping in front of the mirror VERY vain group of guys Nothing wrong with hygiene I draw the line at mud mask and manscaping

  6. NKogNeeTow

    I completely agree with Steve on Kaycee’s punishment. That spinner hardly goes off, as opposed to when Paul got the punishment when he had to run around and secure the house. Although it was funny as hell, there were times I felt sorry for him because his alarm was always going off. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night or back to back. They need to either amp hers up or leave it alone. Maybe stick her in the toilet a few times, let the other 15 have to fight for the one in the HOH room.

    Fessy was telling Rock & Steve that they should just concentrate on knocking the other side out and getting to Jury and worry about who wins then. Jury talk already? Seriously? What the hell has happened to these cast for the past few years, that their greatest goal is to get to Jury? Maybe instead of casting professional or semi-professional people, put some poor people in there. Ones who are hungry (figuratively speaking). Ones who could REALLY use the money. Ones who would actually fight to win, not because they want to be on TV or see how long they can last or want to show everybody how smart they are, but ones who actually NEED the money.

    Kaitlyn has pretty much torn ass with everyone in the house. They’re all sick of her and talk about her behind her back. Fessy says she keeps trying to climb into bed with him when she comes out of the HN room (so does JC, but that little perv will jump in bed with anything with or without a pulse). Rock thinks she’s weird (said the pot about the kettle). JC says she’s annoying (again, pot meet kettle). Brett and Winston says she follows them all over the house (no chance of her getting in the middle of that sandwich).

    Housemates are starting to get tired of JC aka Chester The Molester too. When he’s not grabbing at crotches, trying to pull down tops or peek UNDER the shower, he’s saying something inappropriate (or at least thinking about it), but they need him for numbers and information so they put up with his shenanigans.

  7. AIO_7

    A couple more views from Sam’s robo-cam right before she is liberated for a while from it.


  8. Wendy

    Shaggy just said he has never dated a black female…. I see Bayleigh thinking this is a competition now to get him.

  9. Wendy

    It is already time for production to punish all the disrespectful Aholes. Follow the rules you are getting paid to play.

  10. danmtruth

    NKog perfect as usual Nothing worse then lets work to get to jury Sam keeps telling people what a loser strategy this is It will only knock out a few strong players While people like Rockstar, JC, Steve, Kaylin can hang on longer So many players wanted to start slow and stay in the background This is only letting people like Swaggy and Fasla to dominate the others

  11. Helen

    I’m hoping this HOH is the wall comp….these big strong guys are always first to fall. Lol…

  12. Helen

    Wonder what they are filming on a Sunday?

  13. Helen

    Must be prom thing. POV has always been on Monday’s

  14. danmtruth

    Im sure production was hoping to start up some showmances The house guest do not seem that interested
    Feels like we have been getting a lot of fish time this year
    Is there any house guest who thinks Steve is not a cop?
    I get the feeling all of Swaggys street cred comes from what he learned from CD’s and watching Fresh Prince reruns
    Haylie seems her whole game is flirting with who ever has power
    Rockstar gives the front of earth mother but can’t wait to trash people behind there back
    Katlyn likes to lead yoga lesson than join Rockstar in trashing people Lovely two face with Sam the robot Talks nice to her than trashes her behind her robot head

  15. Helen

    Feed came back for a few seconds. Looked like it was the POV?

  16. Seattle Kari

    What’s the story behind the painted face in the photograph, does anybody know?

  17. danmtruth

    hopeful things will pick up after veto Most agree that the robot punishment was harsh. Perhaps it could have been better if they let Sam watch the live feeds If they kept her physically out of the house To make personal relationships
    Thats behind us So moving forward lets see how these house guest try to make moves

  18. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn likey Faysal, but it’s waning since he has some zits. Cry me a river of superficiality. She sez that she has a boyfriend at home, so doesn’t want a real showmance. HOWEVER, she does not give Faysal any elbow room to flirt with Haleigh, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass, ‘cos flirting is her college major. Will no one flirt with Steve, the token old guy? He even has some $$$. Lol. Maybe even a wife, but that rarely stops anybody (Christmas Abbott) on BB. I heard that Christmas has a bun in the oven, by the way.

    Swaggy amuses me, but I’d prefer to see him with a harem. It’s fun to watch him roll. Brett does not excite me in the least, with his personality or looks. I get a cold fish. As for Winston – “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.” Lalala. Y’all might be a liitle young to remember that jingle.

  19. Shivani33

    Little! Okay, we had some wine with dinner.

  20. LO1004

    Winston is the worst. He thinks he’s playing the perfect game and running that house and it’s sickening to listen to. He needs to eat some humble pie and take several seats.

  21. danmtruth

    Shivan133 well said and yes I’m old enough to get the Winston jingle
    Why do I see Falsa being led around by his small head by Haylie Proud family moment when she tells Falsa she has not worn underwear for years All this while sitting on his hand This can only get better

  22. Colby

    I just read on Joker’s that they cancelled the prom. Didn’t say why. My guess would be that they were hoping for ‘couples’ by now, and nobody seemed excited about it anyway.

  23. Apopkedave

    So, Sam will get voted out and come right back with her special app. Good for her.

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