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britney and ashley kiss

Wild Night In The Big Brother 14 House

britney and ashley kiss
Britney and Ashley kiss

I guess when I go to the bed, the Big Brother 14 house wakes up and has a lot of fun.  Last night the house celebrated Wil’s birthday, and it was great to watch.  No game talk, no arguing, just a lot of kissing, streaking and having some fun.


To get the full taste of the fun, it really begins around 10:00pm bbt on the feeds.  You need to sign up to the live feeds and select ‘Big Brother 14 Flashback’.  Choose 07/28 at 10:00pm and watch the fun unravel before your eyes.

Don’t have the live feeds?  Well you can either sign up and enjoy nights like last night for only 0.50c a day (after the 3 day free trial), or you can continue on my post and get bits and pieces of the night.


Follow after the jump to see my partial recap on last night’s fun…

So the night started innocently enough with a sushi party outside, and then the booze delivery struck!  While other night’s it’s been boring, not last night… Wil was fired up because of his birthday and got down to some underwear and a sailor outfit dancing around the kitchen.

First they were taking shots until they ran out, and that’s when the fun started happening.  Ian leaves the shower and they encourage him to streak again.. which he gladly obliges…

Go cowboy!

Then around 10:14 or so, spin the bottle started and that got people all worked up.   You had little pecks on the cheek like Frank to Jenn, but then you had a make-out session with Boogie and Ashley.  Ashley wasn’t done, she also kissed Britney and Ian… the sad part, Britney said she would have kissed Ashley longer if Boogie didn’t make out with her.  She didn’t want to think of Boogie while kissing… boo!

I can’t even recap the entire kitchen scene but off the top of my head, Janelle took a body shot off of Wil, Danielle and Shane shared their first awkward kiss, and Wil nearly kissed Boogie but settled for a hug.

After that wildness, Wil decided to celebrate his birthday by getting into his birthday suit and jumping into the pool!   This happened around the 10:35pm mark, and you definitely want to turn on your feeds for this.  I gotta say, from behind, he would get a lot of guys in trouble for checking him out haha.

Birthday suit for his birthday

So this is what happens when I sleep.  I’m going to end up sleeping a lot more this summer, because that was real fun to watch on flashbacks.


Also, programming note:  I’m going on a 3 day vacation starting this afternoon.  I won’t be able to tweet or blog very much but I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed of major events (PoV meeting, etc).  I’ll have my laptop with me, so I’ll at least be able to recap once or twice a day while I’m gone.   I won’t be able to update my header until I’m back, so if the nominations change, try not to yell at me for being slow on updating it.


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  1. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    I don’t know if you could call what Ian and Ashley did a kiss. He looked like he wanted to eat her face, he was trying to get way to much tounge, but she was not having it. But her and Boogie… Now that was fun to watch! Totally unexpected, but neither one seemed to mind that they had the longest kiss of the night. Then again, when Ian found out about the Ashely/Boogie kiss he didn’t seem to happy (he didn’t see it happen). But it was one of the most intertaining parts of the night.
    Shane and Danielle’s kiss was a sweet one, they looked uncomfortable, but I can understand that considering that they actually like each other. That’s way different then a kiss between friends. But did you see her blushing after? That was one of the cutest things I’ve seen, that girl is falling for him. I hope it’s not one of the showmances that end badly, using someone who seems as sweet as her would not be cool. Plus, if he ditches her, and ends up in the final 2, that could really hurt his votes, people seem to really like her, of course, that could change at any time. But I’m thinking it’s for real. Just my opinion.

    • stevebeans

      Yea, she (Danielle) is pretty boring but very likable. She appears super sweet and innocent, and if Shane drags her through the mud to take her to the final 2, they may just give her the win simply because they like her more.

      Shane has to be real careful how he handles this showmance. Danielle is becoming America’s little sweetheart.

  2. Avatar
    BlondeRacer (1 comments)

    What about Ashley saying that she wanted to make out with Frank?!? Maybe this season will have 2 showmances! And while I love the Danielle/Shane showmance, she was a bit annoying with all the “do you really think he likes me? He hasn’t looked at me since..wah wah” I feel like she is back in high school. Seriously, you’re a grown woman who played spin the bottle, stop reading into things and being dramatic! But again, I do like them together and would love to see it develop more.

    • Avatar
      Amber (22 comments)

      Yeah I agree about Danielle, she seems a little insecure and immature to me. But I do like her, has she told anyone yet that she’s a nurse and not a teacher?

  3. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    Dan knows she’s a nurse, but other then that I’m not sure. I would think if anyone it would have been Shane, but since they are still trying to downplay her being smart, I’m guessing no.
    I’ll admit she could be called a little insecure and immature maybe, but she is in her early 20’s, and it seems like she’s had a pretty sheltered life (not in a bad way, just slightly). Plus, I think she really likes him, sometimes that just makes you seem needy, when it might just be in insecurity from being in the BB house, and all that comes along with that. She might just be scared she’s getting played, but again, I’m really hoping that is not the case.

  4. Avatar
    Rocky (3 comments)

    Quick Question… Is Mike Boogie married? I know he has a baby, but he never mentioned a wife or girlfriend…

  5. Avatar
    Matt the Miz (4 comments)

    no hes not married. Shane is in favor of this game right now

  6. Avatar
    HoH8 (123 comments)

    Besides telling Dan bout being a Nurse, she also told Kara before she left….☺….

    Boogie was living with his baby’s mother but i believe he’s not any longer….☺….

  7. Avatar
    ashley (1 comments)

    anyone have the video of ashley and boogie?

  8. Avatar
    Rocky (3 comments)

    Can anyone fill me in on what happened with the HOH competition last night?

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