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Big Brother 14: The -Big Game Changing Twist- Live Thread

July 26, 2012 | 7 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 eviction meter jojo danielle

First let me start off by saying I’m feeling a little down tonight. Upset stomach that I’m hoping goes away in an hour when Big Brother 14 has their live eviction show. I’m going to do my best to live blog even if I’m doing it with a bucket next to me (too much info?)

Looking at our trusty evicto-meter above, and it appears JoJo will be packing up her thongs and heading out of the Big Brother house tonight. Things are not looking good for our Jersey bartender.   However, it could get pretty interesting tonight and going forward in the season.  Julie Chen took to twitter today and announced there will be a BIG game-changing twist on tonight’s live show.  What could it be?  They decided to let the entire Hantz family in the house?  “The Talk” is entering the house to mentor the coaches? There is a group of rats that are carrying the plague and they’ll be introduced into the house, and the last one alive will win?

The suspense is killing me!

What you definitely want to do is get a live feed subscription because not only are they entertaining as hell to watch, but you get to see the reactions to the houseguests after said twist.  Watch them fight off these plague-infested rats to save their lives.  In addition to that, you help pay my website bills to keep this beast running, and that’s important!

First 3 days are free!Click Here!

The show begins in roughly 55 minutes, so it’s time for me to rest up, get some pukes out and get ready for this big twist (please be the rats, please be the rats).

9:00pm – trying not to puke, holding it in.  Get on with the show BB.  Give me the twists and HoH, not showmance crap.

9:10pm – This JoJo-Shane-Danielle crap is enough to make me puke. Britney was the only redeeming part of that segment.

9:15pm – commercial break.  Wth was that Julie? America has the chance to change the game?  I thought you were going to drop the hammer tonight, but it’s only going to be a teaser?

Did I  mention the live feeds for 3 days free?

9:18pm – Joe with his blue jacket because he thinks he’s some celebrity chef.   I bet we’ll see him on one of the 1,000 cooking shows when this season is over.   I wonder if he’ll yell in the camera there.

9:24pm – Good to see Dr. Will.  I loved that all-star season, one of my favorites.

Remember, my prediction was JoJo to go 6-0, let’s see if that happens


Ok, vote time:
(nice panties, JoJo… keep it classy)

Ian – JoJo
Ashley –JoJo
Joe – JoJo
Jenn – JoJo
Shane – Danielle
Wil – JoJo

(damn you Shane, messing up my prediction)

JoJo has been eliminated 5-1.  Bye Bye… and nice fake hug by Janelle

Long commercial break, I may as well give my own.
Join live feeds, support the site!

9:50pm – 10 minutes, I can do it.  Still haven’t puked.  Yay.  Ok, here we go with the hockey challenge mentioned in previous post.  Nice luck challenge, anyone can win, let’s see who pulls it off.

Ashley shoots a 4
Joe shoots a 3
Jenn misses
Ian shoots a 9, takes lead
Wil shoots a 2
Shane shoots a 20, takes HUGE lead
Danielle shoots a 12

Shane is the new HOH!  Wow, things could change this week

—-  The twist.  America is going to vote on whether or not the coaches will enter as players.  So, in typical Julie Chen style, the twist is that there could be a twist if voted on.  Ugh.

Keep refreshing for updates

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