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Big Brother 14 – Looks Like Boogie’s Avenger Project Is Going Nowhere

Well you can always try to the solo route

If you’ve been following along, Mike Boogie has been playing real hard to try and flip the house against the Big Brother Queen, and you know what happens when you try that without a smarter, better player helping you?  You fail.  To summarize, on the live feeds throughout the day and last night, Boogie has been trying to get Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane to join Frank and himself and form “The Avengers”.

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In theory this would be a very solid plan, for Boogie and Frank.  For the others, I’m not quite sure really.  This week is a pretty big one in the house as far as dividing up the house and setting the tone for at least the next few evictions.  If Boogie can flip the four on his side, you’ll see Janelle’s team falling eviction after eviction barring any of them winning HoH.  This means Janelle, Wil, Joe, then the floaters like Jenn, Ian and Ashley.   However, if he cannot do it, Frank will be gone, and it will be another week to week basis.  The fab four will rely on HoH wins, and the word of Janelle to stay in the house.. neither is a reliable choice.   Granted, right now they have to rely on the word of Boogie, but Janelle clearly has more power and more reason to start pegging off the coaches.

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It’s really tough to say what the right move is at this point for anyone.  I know if I were in the house, I’d want the veterans out as soon as possible, but they’re closely tied with a few newbies who may end up being the Porsche, Shelly and Adam of this season.  Just do what the veterans say, and scrap them when they’re all done.  I can easily see Janelle or Dan winning the entire thing this season, and if no newbie wants that to happen, they may need to ditch the coaches and anyone loyal to them (Danielle).

As of now, Boogie is failing and Frank will be leaving the house this week.  That clears up one of the strongest newbies to oppose the veterans and neither Shane nor Danielle are looking at the big picture.  Bye bye Frank, hello easy veteran win this season.

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  1. Comments (8)

    Frank HAS to go! .. Not because of Frank … but cause of Boogie! .. but if Boogie goes, Frank will NOT work with D/D/S/B for too long. Boogie is dangerous IF he has Frank and Frank is dangerous if he does NOT have Boogie. Frank goes, then Janelle and then Boogie! – SHane, Danielle and Dan for final 3! … Winner should be Danielle or Shane! – I no longer watch the show due to the UNFAIR TWISTA! .. I only Read Recaps.

  2. Comments (1276)

    So, I thought that Dan and Danielle were solid. But, since live feeds and BBafterdark don’t show the DR’s, now I’m not so sure. Seeing his DR’s I think it’s pretty clear (again, I THINK) that he is just using Danielle, and playing her trust in him to get to the final 4, which he wants to be the coaches.
    Before tonight, I thought if he was going to the final 4 with any coach it would be Brit, ditching Boogie and Janelle along the way, but now… like he said, as long as the coaches are there he thinks there is a smaller target on his back.
    I didn’t mind Jordan and Rachel getting as far as they did last year. Yes, Rachel can grind on your nerves, but still, she’s a player, and if nothing else, she is sure loyal to Brenden, and I personallly respect that. But I don’t want it to be just the coaches in the end.
    Again, I didn’t and don’t mind them coming back into the game, they basically had the Golden Keys from last year for the first evictions. What I hope to see happen, is based on game play this far, Danielle and Shane getting the end. It would be nice to see a final 2 deal made this early in the game actually last. If it were me, I would for sure go after Boogie and Janelle. Back door her this week to gain his trust, then once someone other then him or Frank win HOH next week, get Boogie out. Then aim for Frank, maybe Ian, but I’m on the fence with him. But only after J/B/F are gone, start talking about getting out the other coaches. I think as long as they don’t fall for any crap from Brit or Dan, Danielle and Shane have a good chance at beating them at the comps they get to play them in.

    • Comments (102)

      Both Shane and Danielle have the intelligence of a piece of wood. No, I take that back. The piece of wood is more intelligent. Hope these two mentally challenged morons go sooner rather than later.

  3. Comments (1276)

    I have to admit, I hadn’t really read their Bios, but I just read Shanes. I knew that he flipped houses, but what I didn’t know is that he got a 3.8 in Pre-Med. I’m thinking this boy isn’t as dumb as everything thinks.

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