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Big Brother 14 – Will The Avengers Be A New Alliance?

August 5, 2012 | 12 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 frank and boogie chat


Here is a new twist to the Big Brother 14 game… Boogie decided to stop whining and moping and actually tried to play the game yesterday. I mentioned that Boogie needed to step up in order to get out of Dr.Will’s shadow, and it’s like he read my post and got super motivated from it (he didn’t really).

Last night on the live feeds, aside from the silly parts of Frank getting his spirit-tard and Ian wearing a dog outfit and sleeping in the back yard for the night, there was some actual gameplay talk… we’re talking stuff that could potentially alter the rest of the season.   Boogie got some time alone with Danielle in the HoH room and started convincing her of a very well thought out strategy, and it appears Dani was pretty receptive towards it.   What it would be is that Frank and Boogie (two more strong players) join their team of four (Dani, Shane, Dan, Brit) and become “The Avengers”.  They’ll be a solid tight crew that will simply knock out the weak links very easily week after week until it’s time to turn on themselves.  At that point, they will all still have a partner and go into the final six that way.

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Of course, Boogie’s plan is all fine and dandy, but while watching him talk to Danielle, I knew it was a waste of time, Boogie knew it was a waste of time, and Danielle also knew it was a waste of time.  Why?  Because Boogie should have been talking to the real HoH this week – Dan.   Yes, it’s very sad that Danielle needs her hand held through her HoH week, but that’s the way it’s been.   She’s not a good player, but hey at least she thinks she’s a genius.

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Anyway, Danielle went downstairs and told the real HoH to go to his room to talk to Boogie where he was receptive of the idea, but then started getting some cold feet throughout the night as he chatted with his own alliance about it.  The plan would be to remove Frank and replace him with Janelle, and then have those 6 vote out Jani. Once that happens, everyone else will go easily… in theory.

As we stand right now, the alliance is lukewarm to the idea, and it could possibly happen, but I don’t see it.  Danielle is nothing in the house and Dan may be too conservative to rock the boat right now.. I mean he’s the guy who has thrown all but one challenge.  While Shane and Britney may like the idea a little more than he does, in the end it’s completely up to Dan.

Is it a good move?  That’s hard to say.  Sitting there listening to Boogie’s speech at around 10:15pm bbt on flashbacks, he made a lot of good points.  If I were HoH, he would have convinced me to make that move and stick with the strong 6 all the way through the rest of the game.  There has been far too much waffling back and forth each week and we’ve yet to see a real solid alliance take shape.  As we seen last year with the veteran alliance, playing with people you know will vote your way is a pretty huge aspect in the game.

Boogie may be a snake at times, but I actually see him and Frank sticking with this all the way through.  After a week or two, trust will be rebuilt and they’ll quickly knock out the Jenn and Ian’s of the game until they’re the final 6 and can let the best pair win at that point.   That being said, Janelle is going to get wind of it, and she’s sure as hell not going to go quietly.   When she finds out, it should be very entertaining to watch.. and I’m hoping that happens today.

Be sure to follow along on the feeds to watch what goes on behind the scenes completely uncensored and free for the first 3 days. Oh, and you get to watch Ian act like a dog…


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