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Big Brother 14 – Dan Is A Man Among Boys This Season

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What an absolutely wild night on the feeds that will probably rank right up there with Dr. Will’s “I hate you all” speech he gave to make himself less desirable to be evicted.

Before I begin explaining what happened, you can watch all of this on the flashback section of the live feeds by tuning in to 8-26, 7:51pm bbt and enjoy the next few hours.  While the Friday night meltdown was extremely entertaining a few weeks ago, this tops it by far.

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I did a ‘live blog’ format of the night in my previous thread, but I know people are in work now and don’t feel like reading a transcript to make it all out, so I tried to summarize it, but it came out long… sorry about that.

It started with the veto competition that has yet to air on CBS.  During the competition, Dan told Danielle to throw it to him because it would have been easier to save them both with Dan off the block.  Danielle is well liked in the house, and she easily had the numbers to stay versus almost anyone except for say a Britney.  However, during the competition, Danielle decided to go for it a little, and then Dan witnessed Britney whispering things to Danielle during the competition.

As most people know, as a result of the competition, Dan ended up in 24 hour solitary confinement while Frank so desperately tried to win the PoV that he took on multiple punishments only to become disqualified due to a mistake in the competition.  Those two factors play a huge role in what happened last night.

During his time in solitary, Dan started to realize that he was slowly becoming very alone in the house.  His biggest ally has a huge crush on Shane, while she’s best friends with Britney.  It’s very clear she can be easily manipulated and would likely have been a cause of Dan leaving the house, even if he did manage to stay the week.  In addition to looking inward, he looked outside his alliance and saw just how hard Frank has been playing the game, going to the point of sacrificing two HOH competitions in order to secure Dan’s exit.  Most people on his own team are the “I’ll let someone else do the dirty work” type, so to watch Frank do what he’s been doing clicked how impressive of a player Frank is this season.

Dan had plenty of time to come up with some plans, and he finally settled on one which took place last night beginning at the house meeting at 7:51pm bbt.  He dressed in black to claim it was his “Big Brother Funeral”, then went from person to person giving high praise to each player, except one.  He saved the last for Danielle in which he ended up completely humiliating her by saying she’s dead to him and they’re no longer working together.  Danielle’s jaw dropped, everyone else had to pick theirs up, including myself.  It was shocking to hear.

To “apologize for things he said” to Frank, both players then left and went into the HoH room while everyone else just sat stunned trying to comfort a broken up Danielle.  Up in the HoH room, Dan had more than apologizing to say to Frank.  He took up his bible, swore on that, his wife, and anything else he could that everything he was going to say to Frank was the 100% truth – and it was.   During the conversation, he completely opened up about Ian’s role in the house, how Dan sat back and took tons of abuse while Ian was trying to stay clean.

Dan also explained how he really did want to work with Frank and Boogie, but due to Ian’s mouth, he was forced to go with the group on the Boogie witch hunt.  In all honesty, Dan was sitting in a good position playing both alliances, so it didn’t make sense for him to mastermind Boogie’s exit.  This made sense with Frank and things started to fall together for him.  Frank said he has been a little iffy on Ian for awhile now, but this just seals it for him.  In addition, Dan also told him the plan Britney had where if Shane or Brit won PoV, both Ian and the PoV winner would have used their vetoes to save both Dan and Danielle, which would have kept the “Quack Pack” together.   This didn’t jive well with Britney telling Frank that she was willing to work with him, so Frank felt alone in the house yet again.

The pair talked for quite some time, but when they split up, Dan immediately went to find Danielle and explain the situation to her.   He told her that in order to get a real reaction from her, he needed to be harsh like he was, otherwise it wouldn’t have been convincing.  His plan was to give Danielle the complete sympathy vote while getting himself removed from the block.  The biggest hurdle, working Jenn to remove Dan without everyone realizing what they are up to.

The way the veto will work, Ian will go first and probably not use it, so Dan and Frank agreed they have to get Jenn to use hers on Dan and then Frank will put up Britney as a replacement.   Well, Frank pulled Jenn into the HoH room and actually convinced her to use the PoV on Dan, so that appears it will happen today.  While reluctant at first, they opened up to her and a new alliance of four was born.  I don’t think they have a stupid name yet, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

As it stands, the biggest current hurdle is to come up with some reason why Jenn wants to remove Dan and not Danielle.  They’re going to be working hard on that today until the PoV ceremony happens this afternoon.  Look for quite a shift in house momentum if this all goes down.  Danielle will be on the block next to Britney and it will likely be the last few days in the house for Brit.

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  1. Comments (28)

    Dan needs to go he’s just trying to get in good with frank cause frank is a beast at competitions frank doesn’t need anyone he hasn’t all this time why now no one has kept their word to him…

    • Comments (6)

      Dan is playing a killer game, and this deal with Frank is helping Frank alot, especially since Frank can’t win HoH for next 2 weeks. Frank is at his most vulnerable right now and his alliance with Dan/Danielle/Jenn may help him until the final 4.

      • Comments (216)

        Agreed. Frank needs Dan as much as Dan needs Frank. Right now Frank is a man without a country. And he can’t play in HOH for two weeks. Going it alone is putting an awful lot in the veto competitions.

        Maybe Dan will try to back door him next week, but if you’re Frank, ANYTHING that holds the chance of creating a long-term alliance is an improvement over the status quo.

      • Comments (768)

        Agreed! I still wouldn’t trust Dan though. Frank should cut a side deal with Shane to help him get rid of Dan once the dust settles and Brit, Ian and ‘Where the Wind Blows Joe’ are gone.

      • Comments (143)

        Problem with side deals is they can screw you over this late in the game, if Dan didn’t blow up Britney’s spot, he would have a gone, even if he survived this week, because it would have been clear that he was covered from all angles. If Frank tries to pull too many deals, even though Dan is already saying he will try to get out Frank next week, it isn’t the worst idea.

  2. Comments (22)

    Dan is brilliant, I am beyond impressed! I knew he was a good player but wow….this is such good BB television. The CBS wizards should be thanking their lucky stars for great moves like this and great players like Dan!

  3. Comments (1)

    I like Dan but not at Brit’s expense. I thought Dan didn’t play emotionally. He just
    plays everyone else’s. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dan but this was a low blow even for him. Why not send Ian home instead of Brit. I will not watch so intensely when Brit is gone, she has been the bright spot and wit on this game. It will be a snooze fest.

  4. Comments (8)

    A Frank and Dan alliance, YESSSSS!!! Get the rest of those quacks out of there. This is the best thing for Frank to do to make it further in the game, as long as Dan and Danielle will actually have his back. I want to see Britney and Ian gone, the two biggest liars! I’m not a fan of danielle but if it helps Frank out, I’m for this alliance. Lets hope Frank will actually settle his diffrences with Dan! The two of them are the best left in the house, they need eachother!

    • Comments (216)

      Except for Ian, of course! Ian must stay!!! He’s played the best, most honorable, and smartest . . .

      Sorry. I tried. There is no case for Ian. Why are supposed superfans (see Ronnie) so freaking bad at the game? Can they just not see past the bright lights?

      Also, seriously, please put that bird in a cage, Ian. No one wants to see that.

      • Comments (102)

        Ian’s been weird from the start. Kicking himself in the head. Then constantly volunteering to be on slop thinking that was a good game strategy. Then thinking a flirtmance with Ashley would keep him in the game. Now it’s being a snitch and stabbing every person who trusted him in the back.

        I still think The Snitch put up Ashley because she made it clear to him she just wasn’t interested and that he lied to her about the reason he put her up because he was too much of a coward to even face Ashley with the truth.

        And I hate to break it to The Snitch, but snitches or stoolies or rats aren’t help in high esteem by society. They’re looked at like they’re lowlife vermin. They’re certainly not asked to be on a Heroes VS. Villains Edition of Big Brother.

      • Comments (216)

        Is there any doubt that his nomination of Frank and Ashley was out of a shear fit of jealousy? This guy has serious, serious issues, and I feel badly for any woman who breaks up with him in the future.

        The whole “I love being on slop” thing might have worked until he passed up a trip to Hawaii to live a dog’s life for a day. At that point, you just look stupid (and are).

      • Comments (102)

        I agree. He was seriously giving off stalker vibes when he was having a fit about Ashley having a date with Frank.

  5. Comments (1)

    really ineresting plan dan has . how are they so sure shane will
    throw brit under the bus?

    interesting plan dan has . however do they really think shane will

  6. Comments (102)

    To be honest throughout the entire game the only one I rooted for was Wil, because he was the only one of the newbies that was smart. He was the only one who broke ties with the coaches, seeing them as the threat they were. He could see right through people when they were lying to him. Unfortunately, because he refused to kiss Boogie and Frank’s butts they nominated him and got him out of the house, which was their dumbest move. Froogie needed a Wil to do the strategic thinking for them. He would have seen through The Snitch in a minute.

    • Comments (143)

      True, Wil was one of the most socially intelligent players when it comes to reading lies. I notice he was able to pick up on slight hesitations that guys like Boogie and Frank would never notice. ie. When Danielle and him were in the storage room and she said that’s right I said I would not put you up. He knew something was up and he knew their was an alliance before he got evicted that involved people from the other side of the house.

      The real reason Wil got evicted was because he wouldn’t say who he wanted gone if he won, when asked by Boogie and Frank and that lead to the obvious speculation that, Wil wanted either of the 2 gone. When reality it was Dan, but he didn’t want to say because Dan was in the room steering right at him and it was Dan. IMO, frank was stupid, but Boogie is worst, to not cover himself both ways.

  7. Comments (3)

    dan making this move is genius, easily one of the biggest moves in big brother history! he is establishing himself as one of the best players ever! frank and dan in an alliance is epic, they have everything between them, from brawns to brains and the best social game imaginable! britney needs to leave, chillgades needs to happen.

  8. Comments (8)

    wow! Dan is freaking brilliant! I have been team Frank this entire season but wow what a move from Dan! I think it definately helps Frank out too but I agree a side alliance should be made with Shane.

  9. Comments (126)

    Now that Coach Floater is on the block, Ian is a lost little lamb, with no more eye candy for this sock puppet to Brit.

    Brilliant move Dan, I tip my hat to you, it had the scent of Dr. Will in the air.

  10. Comments (7)

    Y is it that everyone wants a (past player) to win? I liked Britney in her season! and Dan in his season etc etc I think FRANK
    should win! he’s played the best game! without all the lying! get rid of DAN and BRITNEY!!!!

    • Comments (102)

      I actually don’t want a coach to win. They got protected for four weeks while all the other players had to risk eviction each week. And in the case of Britney and Dan they were horrible coaches.

      I don’t know if Willie would not have done what he did if Britney hadn’t thrown him under the bus to try and save her own butt, but the fact is she was brought on the show to be a coach for everyone of the players she picked, not tell the rest of her players to shun him. Don’t tell me that didn’t play some part in Willie going off. And she kind of did the same to JoJo when JoJo wouldn’t do what she said. That’s not what she was brought there for. And the only two men she’s been able to keep an alliance with without screwing it up is men who are weaker than her that she can control. She couldn’t control either Boogie or Frank, hence she wanted them gone, just like she wanted Willie gone when he wouldn’t let her control him.

      Dan’s not much better as a coach. He showed early on that Kara was his girl. If Jodi had had better knockers and a better figure than Danielle, he would have given her the boot, instead. I also bet if he was given a choice to bring Kara back and throw Danielle out he’d do it in a moment. Another reason he picked Danielle and Kara and got rid of Jodi, was because Jodi had a mind of her own and wouldn’t be as easily controlled by him as Danielle and Kara are. So he basically picked players that he could control and use, making it more about himself than the players he was there to coach.

      As for Dan fans going on about how brilliant he is, he did this out of desperation. And I really don’t get why he’s so desperate for that money, since he already won all the money once, already. I can understand a Britney or Janelle’s desperation to win better than Dan’s desperation to win since they never won before.

      Ironically, Boogie was the only Coach really loyal to his players. Janelle wants Dan to win, again, not one of her own players. Kind of said it all.

      As for the newbies, I wouldn’t mind if Frank, Shane or Danielle won, because they’re basically the only three players who have really done much in the game. Sorry, Ian, but being a snitch isn’t doing much worth winning.

  11. Comments (6)

    The problem with this swing vote is that you are relying on joe. Joe will do anything that Shane says and I honestly think that Shane is far more loyal to Shitney, err… Uh… Britney. Danielle is not a huge player but if she gets voted out, it is one less person in the new Frank-Dan alliance that can win competitions for the duos safety.

    Everyone is questioning dans loyalty to Frank. I think he is solid – what other choice does he have at this point?…

    • Comments (216)

      I would put up Joe. As long as Dan can keep this hidden, you’d have a unanimous vote to send Joe home, with the Quack Pack voting to save it’s only member left on the block. (Frank can cover his tracks by saying he’s putting Joe up as a pawn, which is plausible if you think Frank doesn’t know about the Quack Pack.) Then everyone votes out Joe and Frank acts surprised and mad (his dad’s a pro wrestler–he should be good at that). Then the QP thinks it’s in tact, and are thereby lulled into being . . . wait for it . . . sitting ducks.

      • Comments (768)

        Putting Joe up would be a waste of Frank’s HOH. He needs to take out a power player now because he can’t play for HOH for the next two times. Joe goes wherever the wind blows him. Once Britney is gone, both Ian and Shane will have to start looking for a home. If Frank can cut Shane in on a side deal, they can also secure Joe’s vote for future evictions because of his allegiance with Shane.

  12. Comments (6)

    Well…… This the best situation for Frank and Dan. And i would bet alot of money that Shane no brains jumps ship from britney because the guy has no backbone and knows if he doesnt win he is next. forget joe’s vote shane would vote britney out if dan just convinces Shane. Now as for britney she deserves this honestly. She has been controlling who stays and who goes buy Shane winning his HOH comps. I mean shane has never really been HOH because britney done all his nominations for him. She needs to come off her high horse and know she can be nominated and can get evicted.

  13. Comments (6)

    I think Danielle will go. Brittany has Shane, and Shane has Joe so that’s two votes. And Ian, I mean come on people his probably figured out Dan and Danielle made a deal with Frank so he will obvisouly vote to keep Brittany so I would put money on Danielle leaving!

  14. Comments (8)

    I’m worried this is going to backfire and danielle will go instead of brittney. I dislike them both, but Britney leaving is better for Frank’s game. What do you all think will happen?

  15. Comments (25)

    I think this was a bad move for Frank. I think he would have been better served by having Dan and Shane on the block. If an wins HOH in the next two weeks, who is he going to put up? My bet is Frank will be back doored.

  16. Comments (143)

    Shitney was by far the worst coach in the game, worst than Jamelle. She got her first player out by throwing him under the bus so he went nuts. She got her 2nd player out by giving the worst advice and forgetting to tell her to socialize. She has made Shane a huge target by having him nominate the other top players and stabbing Frank, Will, Boogie, and everyone else in the back but Danielle.

    I’ll admit, Dan’s move was a big move, and when i was watching after Dark, I was thinking Dan, might be one of the best players to ever play the game. I never watched his season because I thought it was boring – not enough drama. But he keeps his mouth shut, and only opens it when he really needs to and it saved him this time round, but next time round, i don’t know if people will buy that. Boogie planted seeds of doubts, and Shitney is watering them by telling everyone he is the greatest player ever and his big move is only giving him a target bigger on his back. If I was Shane or anyone but Danielle, I’d be wondering if I could beat Dan because Dan was able to come back from the dead. And the fact he covers himself from multiple angles means he always has a spot to blow up of someone else

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