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Big Brother 14 – Game On Already; Live Blogging Thread

July 17, 2012 | 4 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 willie smoking outside

It is 8:30am in the big brother 14 house and Willie is already up and working every angle he can get. This is the HoH this week, but by the way he’s acting you’d think he was up on the block.

Shortly before being called to the DR, Willie chatted it up with Boogie outside, clearly working on digging some information out of him.  He hinted around how the numbers don’t add up and he knows the house is up to something major later in the game.

Sadly I have to run to the dentist for an hour but I will be back to recap what I missed while away.  This is going to be one hell of an interesting day in the Big Brother house so make sure you have your live feeds cranking, or stay with this thread if you’re at work and can’t watch.

Be back shortly….

………….. and I’m back, wow do I have a lot of catching up to do.

Before I begin, it’s my duty to mention the live feeds because it helps pay for my bills (including that pesky dentist) so click the link below and sign up!

big brother live feed button

Aaaaannd we’re off….

9:00am bbt – Britney is awake and it appears she woke up on the conservative side of the bed.  She’s getting cold feet about telling everyone about the potential game changing twist. Willie, Shane and Brit all talk about it for awhile, then suggest floating it out there as a rumor… lame.  But on the bright side, Britney is going to bring Boogie into this, because that won’t make it worse for her at all…

9:15am bbt – Boogie is now part of the conversation and Britney brings up the contract situation which surprisingly doesn’t get cut to fish.  According to Boogie, he remembers the contract as pretty much all about coaching, while a little line is sticking with Britney.  She said the contract was worded that they can change the game any time they want to, which doesn’t guarantee coaches entering as players by any means, but a lot of the numbers don’t add up.  There are essentially 11 ‘players’ from day 1, and doing the math on the weeks, numbers may be off a bit, so they’re expecting something strange to happen.

11:00am bbt – Things calmed down for a little while, but we all know a Hantz doesn’t just let things go.  Willie calls all the newbies into the HoH, kicking out all the coaches and explained the situation.  He is working on completely separating the coaches from the players, and surprisingly many of the players agree. This is definitely a flashback moment, so check it out here.

Britney Willie and Shane

12:00pm bbt – Willie is up in the HoH room chatting with Shane and Britney (who kept saying she took a very short lived 24 hour break from game talk) about the potential future inside the house.  Right now, it appears JoJo, Danielle, Ashley, Shane, Willie, Ian and possibly Jenn will vote to keep Frank this week.  Then when that happens, Willie wants an alliance of himself, JoJo, Shane, Ashley and possibly a few side votes like Danielle where they will run the house.

And Britney’s quote “The person who screwed up the house right now is Janelle”.  So much for team Britelle.  Britney feels it’s all about Janelle and Wil to the end.  Wow, this has been the most game talk in a week I’ve probably ever blogged about.  It’s insane.

12:20pm bbt – Team Danny Boy meeting in the arcade room.  Danielle is telling Kara she just needs to get JoJo to flip and Kara will be safe.  Honestly, If I were Willie, I’d be pushing to get Frank out and keep a strong alliance of Shane, JoJo, Ashley and a few followers like Kara and Danielle.  Frank is saying how he doesn’t really trust Willie, and he could end up forming some alliance with Joe, Ian, and Jenn.  Wow it’s a mess.

12:30pm bbt – While Frank and Joe are still talking shop in the bedroom, it appears to be bikini hour in the Big Brother house.  Time for them to stop fighting / debating / scheming and work on their tans!  GTL  (game, tan, laundry)

big brother joe frank jenn

Is this the new power alliance?

3:00pm bbt – Wow, crashed out on my couch so I missed a few things, but luckily not a whole lot.  It does appear there will be a clear dividing line in the house this week.  Perhaps not in the votes, but with what happens after Kara goes home.  The house meeting really stirred the pot today, and it may come back to bite Mr. Hantz because now the house is really plotting against him.  Joe, Jenn, Frank, and Wil have formed a solid 4, they also feel they have Ian and Ashley to give them the current majority.  While they may be right on Ian, I’m still not sure on Ashley, she’s clearly in team Willie right now.

As far as the vote, it seems both sides are still in favor of getting rid of Kara (poor Kara), so I’m growing more and more confident she’ll be gone on Thursday.  Frank definitely has the votes of Joe, Ian, Jenn and Wil.  Shane and JoJo are real tight with Willie.  It would actually be in his best interest to tell Ashley and Danielle to vote out Frank creating a tie, with Willie getting the final say.   If Willie doesn’t do that this week, it’s very possible the group above could end up running the house.

One thing is for sure, I’m so glad we have a bunch of newbies willing to make moves and draw the lines in the sand instead of the terrible bunch of floaters last year.

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