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Big Brother 14 – Will The Coaches Enter The Game As Players?

July 17, 2012 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 willie and britney

Someone was too slow on the fish last night while controlling the live feeds, and a few key slips may have completely changed the course of the week, and possibly the season.  Turn on your live feeds and flashback to camera 1 at 2:50am and you’ll find Britney and Willie having a conversation that may have the higher-ups at CBS sitting around right now potentially re-writing “twists” that were supposed to come this season on Big Brother 14.

There have been some casual rumors about coaches returning to the game as players, but it hasn’t really taken on steam.  Mostly speculation on the part of bloggers and fans based on a pretty poorly kept secret by the coaches.  It appears they signed something into their contract that could potentially twist the game so much that is has the coaches absolutely convinced they’re going to enter the game as players.  So much to where Boogie isn’t even really trying to save his team, and according to Britney, Janelle is sabotaging her own.

Here is the summary from last night, and like I mentioned above, if you want to see the full thing (and trust me, you do), sign up to the live feeds for free and use the flashback feature.  There was so much stuff happening last night, and it was all involving the coaches.

big brother live feed buttonRead the potential spoilers after the jump…

It starts off relatively innocently enough with Ashley up in the HoH room chatting with Britney and Willie about the game.  Ashley clearly is tired of Janelle as her coach as she apparently has the sense of humor of a dead fish (and from what I’ve gathered, she’s right).  This little conversation was important because it not only showed that Ashley is more than likely going to be straying from Janelle soon enough, but it opened the door to the Willie/Britney conversation a few hours later.

Then at the 2:50 mark (mentioned above), Britney starts completely opening up to Willie about all types of things. She’s been in the diary room asking to review her contract, and appears to remember signing something in there that has every coach completely convinced the twist will be them entering the game as players.  While nothing clearly states this in the contract, every coach has read between the lines and have all come to that same conclusion.  Coincidence?  I think not.

After that conversation calms down, the pair leave the room and roam around the house.  It isn’t until later that the light bulb really clicked for Willie that the returning coach scenario could become a reality.  He leaves his HoH room and stares at the memory wall for quite some time noticing that the coaches do indeed have key slots near their names.. so why would they need that if they weren’t becoming players?

big brohter 14 willie memory wall

Willie staring at the memory wall

Well, it very well could have been innocent enough, perhaps it was just simply easier on production to make the board first then put photos.  Maybe the coaches were a last minute change, but they already had the board made.  Perhaps production did that intentionally to keep people guessing.    All of those above could be true, but one thing is for certain is that the coaches are convinced that they’re coming back in, and Willie is pushing Britney to inform the house of that today (tuesday).  He said if he mentions it, they’ll think he’s crazy, but if she does, they’ll believe her.

If the house is under the impression that the coaches could indeed become players, that could completely shake up the remaining few days before Thursday’s elimination.   I expect an even harder push from Willie to keep Frank, and potentially the Janelle team splitting up entirely while only remaining a team on paper.

Be sure to sign up for the live feeds because a lot of this is expected to come out today.  I will keep people updated, but you’re going to want to also see it for yourself!

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