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Big Brother 14 – Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Drunks In A Tub

britney danielle and ashley all drunk in a tub

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Needless to say, the game talk skidded to a near halt the second Willie Hantz walked out that door the other day.  Just because the game talk has slowed down doesn’t mean the fun has. Big Brother has been giving the houseguests near nightly deliveries of booze, and last night Britney, Ashley and Danielle had a bit of fun with it.  On the live feeds (3 days free), you can flashback to around 10:05pm bbt – camera 1 and watch the girls getting in the tub and having fun with each other.  Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing erotic, but they were just having a good, drunken time.

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Despite the drunken bath time shenanigans, other stuff did happen in the house yesterday.  Just because Willie is gone doesn’t mean the game has stopped entirely. What we know right now is that there is a clear debate in the house on whether to send JoJo or Danielle home still.  Both have pros and cons to it, and while Janelle appears to be pushing to get out JoJo, Britney obviously wants Danielle out and is making her case to send Dan(ielle) home this week.  Janelle may be buying into it, we’ll see.

Shane tried to push a little game on Frank, but that failed miserably.  His attempt to get Wil replaced on the block was shot down as both he (Frank) and Boogie agree it’s far too early in the game to worry about Wil.  I can still eventually see Shane pairing with Frank in a dominant alliance, especially considering that’s how Boogie won his season.

Then you have Ashley.  Oh Ashley, what are we going to do with you?  Playing both sides of the house was cute the first week, but you can’t keep doing it.  People are starting to take note of it.  Janelle and Wil have decided she’s no longer an asset to their team, and jumping away from a very strong alliance with Willie to queen floater may send her packing sooner than I expected.

The episode tonight on CBS will show the nomination ceremony in addition to the power of veto competition and results.  If you want spoilers of that, here is what happened with the power of veto.

Here is the gallery for our little lushes in the tub

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