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Big Brother 15 – Will Aaryn Switch Up The Plan Today?

bb15-aaryn-hohbed (1)First off, when I uploaded this photo, I noticed I have far too many screenshots of Aaryn in the same spot.  I know she’s been HoH pretty much all season, but you’d think she would get up from the bed once in awhile.  I don’t know who has spent more time in bed this season, Aaryn, Amanda/McCrae or Candice.

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With that out of the way, let’s get to the highlights from last night after I pulled an Aaryn and went to my own bed.

Last week, the house did a practice run of trying to blindside someone when they put Jessie on the block. Needles to say, they failed pretty bad and Jessie was loosing her mind by Tuesday.  Did the house learn anything from their mistakes with Jessie when they tried the same to Helen this week?  Based on Helen’s massive campaign effort last night, I’m going to say no.

It didn’t take long for Helen to see the differences in people as soon as she was on the block.  Amanda talked to her less, McCrae has been more ‘wishy washy’, and even Andy has been more sneaky than usual.  This prompted Helen to sit down with Aaryn yesterday afternoon and chat about the situation in the house.  Helen called it a ‘come to Jesus moment’, while it appears Aaryn was just humoring her.   A fake final 4 alliance was formed between Aaryn/Andy/Helen/Elissa in the afternoon, and by the evening, Amanda knew all about it.

Amanda and Helen to have a somewhat heated discussion about the situation which I covered in the Sunday Highlight thread.  Once things settled down in the house, I went to bed, but I guess things were not settled for too long.  Flashback to 11:05pm to see Aaryn getting worked up over a little tiff she had with Amanda that night.  I guess the fish-gate incident was brought up once again, so this pissed off Aaryn and she retreated to the HoH room.   Amanda eventually went up after her, and the two had a little exchange where nothing was really accomplished.

When Amanda left the room, Aaryn sat in her HoH bed for awhile chatting with Andy, and said things how she can backdoor Amanda this week and have GM and Elissa vote her out (I’m not sure where the 3rd vote would be unless she was counting on Andy or Spencer).  Andy basically played peacemaker all night and told her what a good thing they had, and how the new final 3 alliance should be him, Aaryn and GM.   The pair talked about that, and Aaryn eventually agreed that Amanda wouldn’t be the renom this week.  The question will be whether or not Andy runs to Amanda about this new F3 deal, or if he was serious about it.

If you’re a Helen/Elissa fan, things were probably starting to head in the right direction until Aaryn had her change of heart once again.   With the PoV meeting today, time is running out for Helen to convince Aaryn to make a big move.  Once Spencer goes on the block, it will be pretty hard for the plan to change.  Andy would become a possible huge swing vote this week, but he is pretty firmly attached to Amanda, so he’ll do whatever she wants in the end.  I expect Helen to be walking out that door on Thursday night, but little does she realize she’ll be heading right back in to compete with the other jury members. That should make for an interesting live show this week!

With that, I’m going to watch Breaking Bad then start a Monday Updates thread!

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  1. Comments (86)

    I am by no means a Helen supporter but I would love to see Amanda put up today. I don’t understand how the house can be fine with Amanda and McCrae together. Ugh this is beyond frustrating.

  2. Comments (40)

    I would also love to see Amanda go up. This would make this bb more interesting. As for now I have been on youtube watching BB Canada. My live feeds for the month are up and Steve convinced me to get them last time but I don’t Thinks so this month

  3. Comments (216)

    As much as I hate Amanda, there’s something just in Helen’s stupidity being punished. Oh, NOW is the time to get out Amanda? Now? You had two chances! Jesse tried to convince you. But NOW is the time?

    I hope Judd, Jesse, or Candice comes back in. Jesse and Candice tried to get the others to see the light, they just couldn’t make the horses drink the water. And Judd was cruising until Amanda’s paranoia and vanity got him. Helen, on the other hand, is leaving becuase she sat on her hands when she had the chance to get Amanda out. So she least deserves a second chance.

    • Comments (143)

      More than 2, more like every week since her hoh. She is just a horrible player. She chose to gun for howard and spencer and candice, 3 players who never win anything and would have worked with her to keep amanda. She did not understand how to play players off each other. It would have been far smarter to keep around howard, candice and spencer and let them battle it out with andy, mcrae and amanda and sail to the end. Her plan never made any sense. Get out all amanda’s enemies then expect amanda’s friends to turn on her… ha

    • Comments (33)

      yes but, at least you know Helen would put up Amanda & Mcrae, Then she would probably put uo Mcrae & Andy so i hope she comes back. But, she is an idiot

    • Comments (33)

      I know but, Helen would for sure go after Amanda & McRae . They could just put up Helen again to get rid of that duo especially if Elissa finds out Helen was ready to throw her to the dogs like Jessie & Candace.

  4. Comments (15)

    I don’t get how they can be soo blind? Amanda controls the house and the rest follow… it’s time for the power couple to be split up Aaryon should be thinking of final 3 or 2 clearly MC and Amanda will take eachother to the end and Andy to final 3, how are they so naive to align with a couple!!

  5. Comments (610)

    I shake my head in utter disbelief. Is this going to be another wasted HOH, doing “what the house {Amanda} wants”? Yes, Helen needs to go, but split up the Mcranda couple first, duh!

  6. Comments (610)

    I can see it now: at the end of the game, Aaryn, you’ve won 4 (or more) HOH this season, what was your biggest move? Why, I simply went with what the house wanted… When is someone in that house going to play their own game and stop letting Mcranda play it for them?!!!!

  7. Comments (4)

    How can Andy be so blind. Amanda and McCrae will go to finals together so only one other can be final three and Aaryn has been the king of comps. If Andy had any brains then now would be the time to turn on Amanda. Three strikes and Andy could be out.

  8. Comments (80)

    After reading the live feed tweets last night, I got a bit excited at a possible blind side to Amanda. After the whole argument and everyone cooled down, it looks like Helen will still be going home. I’m ok with that, I find Helen annoying and extremely over bearing, but the possibility of getting Amanda out is something I really hope Aaryn takes into more consideration, it would be a great game move for her. As much as I dislike Aaryn, weirdly enough I’d rather see her make it further than Amanda. Amanda hasn’t won anything except fear from the HG’s where Aaryn works her butt off winning comps, whether intentional or not.

    • Comments (80)

      AND I can’t believe Andy actually kept the whole “back dooring Amanda this week” thing a secret and even denied it to Amanda! Hmmm… is Andy finally coming to his senses???

      • Comments (768)

        I think Andy is finally realizing that as it slowly comes down to the short strokes and there are less people to eliminate, there is a bigger target on him and it’s not in his best interest to run to them with everything he hears.

      • Comments (610)

        we can only hope!

  9. Comments (79)

    Don’t worry, nobody’s coming to their senses. Worst season ever.

  10. Comments (12)

    I really wish that Helen will just tell AA that since Mc and AM had a hand in all of the other showmances leaving she should break up theirs…… IDK if that makes any sense but I’m sure someone gets what I’m saying.

    However, if Helen’s drills that in I think it could work. Also, somebody is going to be up aaryn’s ass all day so that Andy wont change her mind!

  11. Comments (22)

    Hey Steve….are your posting times est or bb time?

  12. Comments (528)

    Aaryn won’t be backdooring Amanda. Helen and Elissa are in the minority which = easy target and that’s the cowardly decision, AKA the BB15 decision to make. Helen is leaving and since Elissa refuses to play the game she’ll be leaving next week, followed by Spencer and it’s all completely predicable and boring.

    • Comments (33)

      I think Arryn would backdoor Amanda if she had the votes. She sees how it feels for Amanda to talk to you like crap. She realizes shes won all these comps and shes doing Amandas dirty work when Amanda hasn’t won shit.I think Andy wants to stay with Arryn because she wins comps. & he will need to get Amanda out sooner or later.

  13. Comments (1)

    Anyone else heard that Amanda outs going to win because she’s best friends with the producer of the show. That outs rigged ?

  14. Comments (768)

    Sunday night’s show…. watching Amanda have her little meltdown in the photo booth room with McCrae and then go and hide in the storage room by making a little fort to live in…. that was just way too bizarre to see a 28 year old woman do that kind of thing. What’s she going to do if McCrea gets evicted…crawl into the dryer and hide?

    • Comments (80)

      Hiding and crying behind a trashcan… That was pretty comical. It gave me flashbacks of Rachel’s days crying behind trashcans a couple seasons ago Lol

    • Comments (453)

      BB needs psyc 101 for some of these people

    • Comments (118)

      The oven would be better

    • Comments (610)

      between her & GM, I seriously hope they get some psych counseling and soon.

    • Comments (33)

      can’t wait to see the meltdown when her and Mcrae goes up together.

      Jessie comes back and Amanda goes batshit if she goes home and leaves her man with Jessie. Candace comes back and gets Amanda out and Amanda has meltdown worst than GM at Nich eviction. Helen comes back and gets Amanda out Amanda goes batshit leaving her man here with Arryn. Maybe Judd realizes Amanda was the cause of his demise.(andy might let it out cause he needs to do what Arryn wants now. There’ alot of things that could salvage the season. Amanda could be backdoored and gets to play to return but, we all know she can’t win shit. WE could have a great week watching Amanda go batshit with her & Mcrae on the block.(Mcrae would know how it feels to be a pawn)

  15. Comments (15)

    candice took soo much heat this season!! none of them deserve to win but Elissia

    • Comments (18)

      Why do you feel like Elissa deserves to win? I like her, but she hasn’t done anything noteworthy to me and she is ready to quit as soon as things aren’t going her way (kind of reminds me of her sister Rachel when she would lose a competition).

      • Comments (15)

        I just feel that majority of the house are constantly making racist comments or participating. She is the only one not making comments

      • Comments (18)

        Well that’s true. I guess not doing anything is better than doing something that hurts others. Pretty sad when those are your only two options of people to root for.

  16. Comments (162)

    I wish Amanda, Aaryn, GM and Helen would both go and they would bring four people to play. In my eye sight I don’t believe any of them deserve to win a thing. And I believe Candice will get America’s player and that will burn their bottoms up. And I sure hope Julie will confront all of them on the racist card.

  17. Comments (487)

    Amanda = pied piper of doom
    other BBHGs = lemmings going over the cliff

  18. Comments (624)

    Aaryn won’t put up Amanda because she’s blinded by stupidity. Anyone else in that 3AM alliance that doesn’t deliver pizza or pick ear wax is just the 3rd or 4th runner up.

  19. Comments (18)

    I just wonder what the house would be like if Amanda left. Who would they possibly follow next? Everyone would be scrambling for new alliances. It would be fun to watch.

    • Comments (768)

      It would be interesting to see how McCrae behaved without having someone wrapped around him 24/7.

      • Comments (624)

        If he never hooked up with Amanda, I think he would have been the quiet outcast of the HG that chain smoked and slept all day. Perhaps showering 2x/week (on a good week).

        In summary, pretty much the same he is right now…except he would have some extra ear wax and no bloody sheets in the HoH bed.

      • Comments (33)

        there is no video games to play or pizzas to deliver, what do you expect him to do?

      • Comments (33)

        mcrae would be sucking Elissa’s dic-. Right Mcrae’ you’d be running around kissing everyones ass,(yup yup yup)you’d have to get out of bed once in awhile and bath. People might actually start saying something about the smell without worrying about Amanda’s wrath. I think he might have hitched his wagon to the wrong team if Amanda goes next week. We can always hope,

    • Comments (15)

      i agree LOL

  20. Comments (23)

    Incorrect: looser, loosing

    Correct: loser, losing

  21. Comments (143)

    As Malcolm X said, the chicken are coming home to roost. Helen deserves to go, she has been amanda’s biggest enabler.

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