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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

August 18, 2013 | 215 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s sleepy Sunday in the Big Brother house, and barring any special twist, we should see a lot of the image above – people doing nothing.  I’d normally start the day with a recap of yesterday, but since I did the Saturday Updates and the PoV thread last night, there wasn’t much to talk about.  After I went to bed, the house did what they do best, sit around and bash other houseguests when they’re not in the room.   Last night it was Elissa’s turn as the house realized they know more about their handlers than they do Elissa  (Their handlers were people who watched over them before the season started while in sequester).

Andy said he’s one of her best friends in the house and all he really says to her daily is a joking ‘f**k you’.  The rest almost never talk to her, so they’re wondering what deep secret she’s hiding.  Personally I don’t think she’s hiding much – she’s no Dexter – I just think she’s kind of snobby.  To be fair, I don’t know her other than the live feeds, but that’s the impression I get.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this thread throughout the day, but I want to put in some reminders near the top…

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Updates – 

9:00am – House is still sleeping, going to have breakfast and check back in after.

10:00am – Everyone still sleeping

11:00am – Feeds came back of after their wake-up call, people going through the morning motions.

12:00am – Very slow start to the afternoon for the house.  Elissa is doing some cleaning, Helen working out, and everyone else appears to have gone back to bed.  I have to run some errands but will update this when I return.  Honestly, I don’t expect much to happen today, but maybe we can sneak in a good conversation or two at some point.

2:20pm – I’m back and I see the house is just as slow as when I left it.  Aaryn is cleaning up the HoH room and Elissa roaming around the house doing random things.

2:30pm – Helen is working Aaryn on Amanda running the house.  She is trying to open Aaryn’s eyes to what’s happening in the house, and even said she (Amanda) will use Aaryn as a comp threat to do her dirty work.  It’s killing Helen that Spencer could stay in the house and she may go home.  In addition, she points out how Spencer didn’t put Aaryn and GinaMarie up against each other during the HoH competition.


2:35pm – Helen says she hates Spencer and is still mad about being lied to early in the game.  I am beginning to think Helen is not cut out for this game.  Yes, Spencer is douchy, but Helen’s only real chance of getting rid of the real threat (Amanda) would have been to swallow her pride and work with him.  Amanda used him, Helen didn’t and now Helen will be going to jury.

Another thing Helen said to Aaryn was that Amanda is currently working Elissa to be an ally once Helen leaves the house.  The fact that Helen can see that shows she has some brains, but was just too conservative making the moves when she had chances.

2:40pm – The problem with Aaryn working with Helen is that she simply can’t work with Elissa at all and knows she would have to.  While people can understand not liking Aaryn, Elissa’s stubbornness is killing both her game and Helen’s game.  I don’t see how Aaryn would ever work with Helen because of her ally, and that’s too bad because it’s one of the last chances to turn the tide in the house.

Helen – “Elissa wants to come after you.. fine, whatever” — Umm, probably not the best wording to use, Helen.  Aaryn just told you that she doesn’t want to work with you because of Elissa, so that’s a pretty bad way to sweep that problem under the rug.

2:53pm – Helen – “Andy.  I can manipulate Andy”… Oh Helen, she’s going to be in for a shock when she finds out Andy is under Amanda’s wing.

Aaryn is scared of Helen’s offer as just a fake deal.  Honestly, it’s a better deal than McCrae, Andy and Amanda.  That said, I can understand why Aaryn would be hesitant to trust Elissa.

2:58pm – Aaryn told Helen to run it by the other people, but I really hope Helen doesn’t tell Andy.  Andy will run right to Amanda and spill the beans… wait, for drama purposes, maybe I do want that to happen!

Helen – “I kept Amanda safe, and I thought she would do the same for me”… oh sweet, sweet naive Helen.

3:05pm – Helen – “They’re using us to kill each other”…. Well, Helen sees it, let’s see if it sinks into Aaryn’s head.  I’m sure Helen will ramble for the next 2 hours and make Aaryn forget that key comment.

3:15pm – Helen is going to bring Andy into the conversation now to see where his loyalty lies.  Amanda should know all about this conversation before dinner.

Helen makes Andy swear to keep this a secret, and he promises.  She then asks if he’ll vote to keep her this week, and he says yes (right now he’s voting to boot her).  If GinaMarie does in fact vote to keep Helen, Andy’s decision could be even bigger than his failure to backdoor anyone last week.


3:20pm – Helen leaves the room to bring Elissa into this weird conversation, and as soon as she leaves, Aaryn looks at Andy and lets out a ‘f**k’.  Aaryn doesn’t know what to think about it, but Andy is still thinking he wants to stick with Amanda and McCrae.  He thinks Amanda and McCrae will be loyal to them until the final 4, and he’s probably right.  Hopefully he has a plan on how to split them up at that point because there is 0 chance of them taking anyone but each other to the final 2.

3:39pm – The four sit around and talk for a little while basically repeating the same stuff over and over until GinaMarie comes in to join the group.  After some small talk, Helen starts working GinaMarie for a vote.

3:45pm – Aaryn’s eyelid is swelling up randomly so she is heading to the DR to see a medic.  Helen, Elissa and Andy remain in the HoH room to talk about the great plan of keeping Helen (which isn’t happening as of now).  Helen is pretty confident about her moment with Aaryn, and the sad part is that the pair probably should work together.

4:45pm – Took a little break to eat, back and Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, McCrae and Spencer hanging around the HoH room chatting about old houseguests.

Big Brother is on CBS tonight, I’ll keep the feeds running, but I am also hopping in a game.  Will update this thread randomly

6:20pm – Most outside hanging out while a few inside.  Not much going on right now.

7:20pm – Sorry for the slow updates, playing a game tonight but it appears things may get good.  Amanda is outside chatting with Helen about the situation, with McCrae and Elissa nearby.  I’ll keep posting updates as they come

Helen is playing her loyalty thing, trying to give Amanda some guilt about the past few weeks.  She is suggesting a f4 deal with the group, but I doubt it’s going to happen.

Elissa says it would be awful for 2 people to go out before those who deserve it…. I don’t think Elissa realizes she’s pretty much done nothing this season until yesterday.

Amanda resorts to the democracy option.. she’s going to ‘see what the house wants to do’.. if the house wants to keep Helen, they’ll keep Helen.   Last I checked, Amanda was the “house decision”

7:30pm – Amanda – “Who would you guys go after if you stayed?” .. Helen – “Whoever we chose as a group”

Amanda is now confronting Helen about what she said earlier. Amanda got wind of the conversation earlier (shocker), and asking why Helen was going after her.  Helen kissing major ass right now.  She is telling Amanda how much she loves her, how great at the game she is, etc. Kind of sad that Helen has to resort to that.

Even with all the ass kissing, Amanda is essentially telling Helen that she’s still going to be against her, so it’s worth working on GinaMarie.

7:40pm – Amanda is digging her heels in with this.  She is insisting that Helen was trying to get her out earlier in the game.  They call Spencer over to ask about Helen working on getting Amanda out.   Spencer says that Helen did indeed target Amanda 3x which didn’t help Helen at all.  Amanda keeps at it and tells her the Aaryn/GM alliance wasn’t going to happen…  Helen continues to apologize

7:55pm – The conversation is at the point where Helen keeps repeating herself using different words.  This could go on for the next 30 minutes or so.

8:00pm – Elissa joins the conversation to try and throw Aaryn under the bus.  She is telling her a few things Aaryn said this afternoon, but it makes no difference because Amanda already knows the stuff.

8:10pm – Amanda leaves and Andy joins Helen/Elissa.  Helen starts smoking which shocks Elissa, but she’s clearly stressed.  Her plan going forward this week is to work on McCrae because she thinks GinaMarie is a lost cause.  Andy said that McCrae will likely vote the way Amanda wants.

8:15pm – Helen is going to pull McCrae aside soon to work on his vote. Andy is still playing it like he’s going to keep Helen.  He may vote her way to secure an end-game vote, but hes’ not loyal to her

8:30pm – McCrae joins Helen at the hottub.  He claims he’s scared of Elissa now, but Helen insists she can control her (she can’t).  Helen is relying on her fake secret alliance with Andy/McCrae, but she’s going to be really shocked/sad this Thursday.

8:50pm – It was a pretty quick conversation with McCrae, now the house has calmed down and people are doing their own thing.  Some making food, some relaxing, etc.

9:20pm – Aaryn/GM/Spencer are up in the HoH room chatting, and McCrae/Amanda are outside doing nothing.  I think it’s a good time to hit the sack.  Update in the morning

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