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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates


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It’s sleepy Sunday in the Big Brother house, and barring any special twist, we should see a lot of the image above – people doing nothing.  I’d normally start the day with a recap of yesterday, but since I did the Saturday Updates and the PoV thread last night, there wasn’t much to talk about.  After I went to bed, the house did what they do best, sit around and bash other houseguests when they’re not in the room.   Last night it was Elissa’s turn as the house realized they know more about their handlers than they do Elissa  (Their handlers were people who watched over them before the season started while in sequester).

Andy said he’s one of her best friends in the house and all he really says to her daily is a joking ‘f**k you’.  The rest almost never talk to her, so they’re wondering what deep secret she’s hiding.  Personally I don’t think she’s hiding much – she’s no Dexter – I just think she’s kind of snobby.  To be fair, I don’t know her other than the live feeds, but that’s the impression I get.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this thread throughout the day, but I want to put in some reminders near the top…

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Updates – 

9:00am – House is still sleeping, going to have breakfast and check back in after.

10:00am – Everyone still sleeping

11:00am – Feeds came back of after their wake-up call, people going through the morning motions.

12:00am – Very slow start to the afternoon for the house.  Elissa is doing some cleaning, Helen working out, and everyone else appears to have gone back to bed.  I have to run some errands but will update this when I return.  Honestly, I don’t expect much to happen today, but maybe we can sneak in a good conversation or two at some point.

2:20pm – I’m back and I see the house is just as slow as when I left it.  Aaryn is cleaning up the HoH room and Elissa roaming around the house doing random things.

2:30pm – Helen is working Aaryn on Amanda running the house.  She is trying to open Aaryn’s eyes to what’s happening in the house, and even said she (Amanda) will use Aaryn as a comp threat to do her dirty work.  It’s killing Helen that Spencer could stay in the house and she may go home.  In addition, she points out how Spencer didn’t put Aaryn and GinaMarie up against each other during the HoH competition.


2:35pm – Helen says she hates Spencer and is still mad about being lied to early in the game.  I am beginning to think Helen is not cut out for this game.  Yes, Spencer is douchy, but Helen’s only real chance of getting rid of the real threat (Amanda) would have been to swallow her pride and work with him.  Amanda used him, Helen didn’t and now Helen will be going to jury.

Another thing Helen said to Aaryn was that Amanda is currently working Elissa to be an ally once Helen leaves the house.  The fact that Helen can see that shows she has some brains, but was just too conservative making the moves when she had chances.

2:40pm – The problem with Aaryn working with Helen is that she simply can’t work with Elissa at all and knows she would have to.  While people can understand not liking Aaryn, Elissa’s stubbornness is killing both her game and Helen’s game.  I don’t see how Aaryn would ever work with Helen because of her ally, and that’s too bad because it’s one of the last chances to turn the tide in the house.

Helen – “Elissa wants to come after you.. fine, whatever” — Umm, probably not the best wording to use, Helen.  Aaryn just told you that she doesn’t want to work with you because of Elissa, so that’s a pretty bad way to sweep that problem under the rug.

2:53pm – Helen – “Andy.  I can manipulate Andy”… Oh Helen, she’s going to be in for a shock when she finds out Andy is under Amanda’s wing.

Aaryn is scared of Helen’s offer as just a fake deal.  Honestly, it’s a better deal than McCrae, Andy and Amanda.  That said, I can understand why Aaryn would be hesitant to trust Elissa.

2:58pm – Aaryn told Helen to run it by the other people, but I really hope Helen doesn’t tell Andy.  Andy will run right to Amanda and spill the beans… wait, for drama purposes, maybe I do want that to happen!

Helen – “I kept Amanda safe, and I thought she would do the same for me”… oh sweet, sweet naive Helen.

3:05pm – Helen – “They’re using us to kill each other”…. Well, Helen sees it, let’s see if it sinks into Aaryn’s head.  I’m sure Helen will ramble for the next 2 hours and make Aaryn forget that key comment.

3:15pm – Helen is going to bring Andy into the conversation now to see where his loyalty lies.  Amanda should know all about this conversation before dinner.

Helen makes Andy swear to keep this a secret, and he promises.  She then asks if he’ll vote to keep her this week, and he says yes (right now he’s voting to boot her).  If GinaMarie does in fact vote to keep Helen, Andy’s decision could be even bigger than his failure to backdoor anyone last week.


3:20pm – Helen leaves the room to bring Elissa into this weird conversation, and as soon as she leaves, Aaryn looks at Andy and lets out a ‘f**k’.  Aaryn doesn’t know what to think about it, but Andy is still thinking he wants to stick with Amanda and McCrae.  He thinks Amanda and McCrae will be loyal to them until the final 4, and he’s probably right.  Hopefully he has a plan on how to split them up at that point because there is 0 chance of them taking anyone but each other to the final 2.

3:39pm – The four sit around and talk for a little while basically repeating the same stuff over and over until GinaMarie comes in to join the group.  After some small talk, Helen starts working GinaMarie for a vote.

3:45pm – Aaryn’s eyelid is swelling up randomly so she is heading to the DR to see a medic.  Helen, Elissa and Andy remain in the HoH room to talk about the great plan of keeping Helen (which isn’t happening as of now).  Helen is pretty confident about her moment with Aaryn, and the sad part is that the pair probably should work together.

4:45pm – Took a little break to eat, back and Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, McCrae and Spencer hanging around the HoH room chatting about old houseguests.

Big Brother is on CBS tonight, I’ll keep the feeds running, but I am also hopping in a game.  Will update this thread randomly

6:20pm – Most outside hanging out while a few inside.  Not much going on right now.

7:20pm – Sorry for the slow updates, playing a game tonight but it appears things may get good.  Amanda is outside chatting with Helen about the situation, with McCrae and Elissa nearby.  I’ll keep posting updates as they come

Helen is playing her loyalty thing, trying to give Amanda some guilt about the past few weeks.  She is suggesting a f4 deal with the group, but I doubt it’s going to happen.

Elissa says it would be awful for 2 people to go out before those who deserve it…. I don’t think Elissa realizes she’s pretty much done nothing this season until yesterday.

Amanda resorts to the democracy option.. she’s going to ‘see what the house wants to do’.. if the house wants to keep Helen, they’ll keep Helen.   Last I checked, Amanda was the “house decision”

7:30pm – Amanda – “Who would you guys go after if you stayed?” .. Helen – “Whoever we chose as a group”

Amanda is now confronting Helen about what she said earlier. Amanda got wind of the conversation earlier (shocker), and asking why Helen was going after her.  Helen kissing major ass right now.  She is telling Amanda how much she loves her, how great at the game she is, etc. Kind of sad that Helen has to resort to that.

Even with all the ass kissing, Amanda is essentially telling Helen that she’s still going to be against her, so it’s worth working on GinaMarie.

7:40pm – Amanda is digging her heels in with this.  She is insisting that Helen was trying to get her out earlier in the game.  They call Spencer over to ask about Helen working on getting Amanda out.   Spencer says that Helen did indeed target Amanda 3x which didn’t help Helen at all.  Amanda keeps at it and tells her the Aaryn/GM alliance wasn’t going to happen…  Helen continues to apologize

7:55pm – The conversation is at the point where Helen keeps repeating herself using different words.  This could go on for the next 30 minutes or so.

8:00pm – Elissa joins the conversation to try and throw Aaryn under the bus.  She is telling her a few things Aaryn said this afternoon, but it makes no difference because Amanda already knows the stuff.

8:10pm – Amanda leaves and Andy joins Helen/Elissa.  Helen starts smoking which shocks Elissa, but she’s clearly stressed.  Her plan going forward this week is to work on McCrae because she thinks GinaMarie is a lost cause.  Andy said that McCrae will likely vote the way Amanda wants.

8:15pm – Helen is going to pull McCrae aside soon to work on his vote. Andy is still playing it like he’s going to keep Helen.  He may vote her way to secure an end-game vote, but hes’ not loyal to her

8:30pm – McCrae joins Helen at the hottub.  He claims he’s scared of Elissa now, but Helen insists she can control her (she can’t).  Helen is relying on her fake secret alliance with Andy/McCrae, but she’s going to be really shocked/sad this Thursday.

8:50pm – It was a pretty quick conversation with McCrae, now the house has calmed down and people are doing their own thing.  Some making food, some relaxing, etc.

9:20pm – Aaryn/GM/Spencer are up in the HoH room chatting, and McCrae/Amanda are outside doing nothing.  I think it’s a good time to hit the sack.  Update in the morning

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  1. Comments (2)

    Elissa is no snob. She’s just above these houseguest. They’re clearly deplorable and she quietly exists with pure disgust. It may come off as snobby but it isn’t. Elissa is a really funny girl. Loved her GM impression.

    • Comments (17)

      I so agree she is not a pig like most of the hg

    • Comments (74)


    • Comments (624)

      Nailed it. I’m sure her sugar daddy gives her a happy life that’s she’s content with.

    • Comments (528)

      I actually do think she’s a giant snob. All I ever see her do is turn her nose up and everything, normal conversations get a “that’s disgusting” you can’t fart around her without being judged. No one ever talks to her because she’s impossible to have a conversation with…I don’t get the impression it’s just these people either. I have a feeling she hands out with a bunch of other phoneys with face jobs looking down on everyone else and she resents being stick in a house full of peasants and losers and that’s why she keeps to herself.

      That said, these people do suck, but the things I’ve seen her act all disgusted about are arbitrary and silly. I couldn’t stand being around someone who has to judge everything like she’s on some kind of pedestal and doesn’t poop like the rest of us.

      • Comments (528)

        omg, sorry about the typos. Goddamn ipad. I wish we could edit posts…

      • Comments (39)

        Thank you!!! Elissa wasn’t put in the house with good, moral people and I have a hard time finding redeemable qualities in most of them, but that doesn’t make Elissa any less of a snob. If she was in a house full of normal, likeable, quality people I think her attitude would still be evident and people would be able to refer to her as a snob. She has a huge sense of entitlement and you can tell when she is holding conversations with people she thinks everyone is “below” her. I am also completely prepared for all the thumbs down I will get because I am stating this opinion, but I will stand by it 🙂

      • Comments (36)

        Sorry , my ipad plays tricks on my fingers. Not really trying to report this comment.

  2. Comments (1162)

    These BB Bullies have NO COMMON SENSE, AT ALL!
    They sat around last night berating Elissa and her relationship with her family.
    Helen wasn’t spared but Elissa, the POV Winner, was their primary target.

    Idiotic McCrae was very upset to learn that Elissa has 3 stepchildren and she
    hasn’t mentioned them.
    Hey Idiot, perhaps the mother of the stepchildren asked Elissa to not
    discuss her children while on BB. ………… COMMON SENSE!!!
    Just because some, like Amanda and McCrae, choose to leave nothing to the
    BB viewers imaginations doesn’t mean that Elissa should be stooping to
    their low level.

    Elissa has an 8 year old son. Why do the HGs need to know if Elissa was
    married to her son’s father or not? They don’t.
    After spewing hatefulness at Elissa since the beginning of BB, she is smart
    to keep these creeps as far away as possible from her private life.

    Some claim Elissa thinks she is better than they are —–
    Well, her actions prove that to be true.

    • Comments (768)

      It’s indicative of the maturity level of the crew this year.

      • Comments (1162)

        WHEN Elissa wins the next HOH and there isn’t a photo
        of her 3 stepchildren in the HOH room ……… she will really take a verbal beating from
        this group of low-class fools. (Of course, not to her face ……..)

      • Comments (35)

        Elissa has been my favorite all season. She obviously hasn’t shown much game play, but other than a few stupid comments, she truly has shown to be above them, which HGs take as her thinking she’s better than them. (If it walks like a duck!) In most seasons, my favorite is a great game player with a great social game. This isn’t the case this year because we weren’t given much to choose from as most are so vile! I can’t root for someone to win $500,000 because they had a good game, but is the most disgusting person I’ve ever had the “privilege” to hear speak! They don’t deserve the money, IMO.

        The HGs “digs” at Elissa continue to become more personal and foul. Especially after last night, I really hope Elissa wins HOH Thursday and then wins remaining veto’s and HOH’s to save herself to the end! People can comment “it’s not personal,” but it is everything but when they choose to bash her and her family and have the gang mentality!

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (302)

        Yeah Shannon you would think there would be just one among them that would choose not to participate in the constant character assassination that this bunch so enjoys. No one is immune as I whittle down who to choose from. I used to think it would be Judd until he joined the vile club .. ditto on McCrae .. and even though I do think Ellisa is a snob the only time she has gone down that road is to point out the hateful things some of the other players have said. I wish I could root for her but she has been a very boring participant.

      • Comments (35)

        Elissa’s game play has been “boring,” but so has the majority of the house. I just finished watching the 34 minute video that is posted below of all of the hatred towards Candice. My jaw is still on the floor! Poor girl! It only re-confirmed my feelings towards Elissa, as she is the ONLY houseguest who doesn’t participate in any of it, and even tells GM she doesn’t want to hear about Candice and Aaryn’s bedflipping fight and later in the video comforts Candice and is crying! It seems she’s the only one with any morals and integrity left! Annnnd after that video, I hope it’s Candice who comes back on Thursday!!!

      • Comments (302)

        I’m with you Shannon. How anyone can watch that video and still cheer on Aaryn is a mystery to me. That’s the big difference between Elissa and Helen – Elissa wanted those vile people out of the game .. Helen chose to try to condone their behavior and try to use it to her advantage.

      • Comments (13)

        elissa may not comment or we may just not see on the live feeds that she says or does, due to production. but elissa the way she talks to others is demeaning. she acts like she is the belle of the ball, with her fake everything. can someone please tell her how terrible her eyelashes look? and how fake they look? she walks around with the bully mentality like her sister did. just cause her sister won bb doesnt mean she automatically is the best thing that has walked this bb earth. she is just as bad. remember when she talked all that crap to amanda and made her cry? which i did laugh at, cause i dont like amanda. but still dont make her out to be all god like and better than the rest of the hg’s cause that is exactly how she acts in the house. she is boring and has no game…that in itself she needs to go. she shouldnt win bb and shouldnt still be in the house.

    • Comments (651)

      I don’t think Elissa’s step children’s mother had to say anything. She came into this game knowing that the families can be hit with backlash and knew enough to keep her family out of it.

      Plus would you say anything about your kids to these disgusting people? She knows this is a game and was probably just as surprised by the low life scum that made up this season.

      • Comments (357)

        I agree…Rachael probably told her to keep as much personal things about her to herself or the HGs may use that against her. Imagine these sick and perverted ppl (Sphincter). Talking crap about her kids? That is about as personal as you could get. Gloves off, fight pursues, Elissa is kicked out!

      • Comments (13)

        fight pursues? elissa gets kicked out? elissa would run from a physical altercation cause she cant fight! dont get it twisted the only ones who would fist fight would be gm an candice. all the others are all bark and no bite. stop making elissa the queen. cause she is not. she is all of nothing but hot air. nothing at all. and others rooting for her, come on other than winning the pov when she needed too….she has nooooooo game.

      • Comments (151)

        I really love Elissa’s sideways cross necklace. Why do the rest of you cheer for Elissa? Nobody gives a reason except that she is morally good. How is that big bro winner material? I think she deserves to win becuz of her necklace. It’s the only thing I like about any of the house guests. Go necklace!

    • Comments (195)

      I agree with everything you said MM. Even tho Elissa has been acting a little off lately she has way more maturity than any of the others including Helen. That goodbye message Helen left Jessie was so immature for a women and mother her age. But then again this is a mom that uses crying tactics to get her children to behave.

      I don’t blame Elissa for not sharing personal information. And good insight MM about the mom of her step children. She very well could of said that she does not want them to be talked about on the show. But even if she didn’t say that I don’t think Elissa would. She has said many times that she would never associate with any of them outside of the house so why would she share her personal life with them. I know it is good to have social game but she just can not stomach them so I don’t blame her for keeping her outside personal life to herself. Plus if she did decide to share anything it would only give them more info to bash her about!

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (453)

        This just shows Elissa has more morals and class than the lowlifes she is forced to live within the BB house, which explains their jealous rants about her.

      • Comments (228)

        And why is she there?..she was paid a good sum to ‘help the show’ and she fulfilled her commitment..I really don’t think she wants to be there. She is no BB fan, however, the offer was to good to pass up.

      • Comments (1)

        Where are you getting that she is “no BB fan”? She talks about BB a lot. She talks about all of the seasons and how much of a fan she is, and was even before Rachel played in BB.

      • Comments (13)

        social game is what makes you a good bb player. no game…to me no money. she doesnt deserve to be there and should have been voted off many many weeks ago. she is boring to watch…she is not bb royalty cause of who her sister is and been riding her coat tails for weeks now. send her to jury to be with the rest of the stupid ones who voted with the house alll season long. no one deserves the money

      • Comments (151)

        I like and agree with all of your comment’s Jac. I think Nick deserves the money though.

  3. Comments (178)

    It’s amazing how often “shy”, “reserved” and/or “introverted” can be misinterpreted for “snobby”. Either we’re about to find out that Elissa has played the best game in that house by deliberately keeping to herself and keeping a low profile or we’ll discover that she’s actually tends to be reserved around strangers. On the opposite end of that spectrum is The Red Queen who doesn’t mind have live sex in front of millions of television viewers. Personally, I prefer Elissa. I’m delighted she won the POV and I’m hoping that Helen doesn’t use her powers of persuasion to convince Elissa to use the POV on her. I think if that were to somehow happen, with the viewers watching how easily The Red Queen has been able to manipulate the house all season long, what we’ll be hearing next is the sound of television sets all across the country being switched away from CBS. Elissa hasn’t shown much game play thus far (unless that IS her strategy for winning the game); but her parents certainly didn’t raise any stupid daughters. As long as she’s in the house, I’m going to continue to cheer for Elissa!

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (17)

      So true elisa can leave the bb househilding her head high becsuse she has class

      • Comments (17)

        Btw hi anita nice to see another anita

      • Comments (178)

        Yes. “Hi” to the other “Anita” in this forum.

      • Comments (2)

        That is what I was thinking. She is one of the few HGs that can leave this house next month and not be ashamed of their behavior.
        Elissa’s behavior does come off as snobby and the holier-than-thou attitude is usually a bad thing, but in this case, in this house, with these people….she is behaving how I and I think many other decent people would. What choice does she have…either she doesn’t talk to them or she tells them just how deplorable their behavior is.
        Her game play is pretty bad, but if playing the game meant getting into bed with these racist fools, I would go do yoga in the corner too.

      • Comments (228)

        she has an overdose of botox and juviderm…

    • Comments (279)

      Didn’t Dan play the same way in season 10 his first time after he was put on the block week 1? Worked for him maybe Ellisa is playing that way.

    • Comments (357)

      And she DEFINITELY doesn’t have to wear shades and a hoodie when she gets out of the house either!

    • Comments (151)

      Why do you call Amanda the red queen? And I think Rachel and Elissa’s mom raised very beautiful, stuck up, stupid daughters! I don’t understand why everyone thinks those 2 are so great! (I secretly have always loved Rachel. I love her crying to brenden that everyone is so mean to her hahahaha. She was so hated, yet feared, and deserved her win!) But in all honesty, those 2 girls seem extremly shallow and selfish. Yes, they might have good morals, but so do I and so do you, Anita. Having good morals doesn’t always make one a good person (who deserves to win big bro)

    • Comments (28)

      I agree completely…all the other house guests parents should be so humiliated. What Amanda does on tv… she is completely disgusting.. she has no morals. And McCares parents should be like get away from my son… with the look of disgust. With an exception of Andy and helen.. they havent been disgusting.
      This group is not worthy of the money at the end…

  4. Comments (30)

    I think she has more class than most in the house and keeps her business to herself unlike the rest of the s—s in the house. Look at the way we see most of the guests acting and saying the most unkind things.Elissa is not without some faults but would hate to be some of these people when they go home. But America forgets and forgives easy so don’t think any of them will suffer long. But sure hope Amanda and Aaryn get a big dose of what a bit– they were in the house.

    • Comments (610)

      Yes! Elissa will not have much fallout to deal with after the show, but almost all of the others certainly will and they are in for a very rude awakening! I bet most of them are tech savvy and use social media all the time…well just wait till they get out & see what’s out there on them.

      • Comments (822)

        Aaryn made the comment that if anyone talked badly about her on-line, she’d give them the virtual finger. She better get that virtual finger ready!

    • Comments (74)

      Well said!

    • Comments (651)

      America may forget quickly but lawyers don’t. Anyone thinking about employing these people will know that if they say or “joke” like this to/about another employee or a customer they will be hit with a lawsuit. If they hire them, they are already on notice and odds are they’ll lose.

      Would you risk your company?

      • Comments (224)

        It’s ironic, but it would actually be illegal for anyone to tell them they aren’t being hired based on comments they made while on big brother. If you decide not to hire someone because of their personal beliefs, then you better never tell them that or put it in writing, cause you will definitely end up in court over it! I’ve seen so many challenges upheld because people like to make hiring decisions based on personal biases. You can’t even decide not to hire a Nazi just because they are a Nazi. If you do, you better try to cover up that you knew that person was a Nazi or you will likely lose in court!

  5. Comments (1162)

    The remaining low-class HGs have, all, said that they will be FURIOUS
    if Candice, Elissa and/or Jessie wins America’s Favorite.

    Let’s do what we can to make that happen……………….
    ; )

    • Comments (610)

      I’d like to see Candice get America’s Favorite. She went thru hell with all the racist crap and she was coaching Jessie about who to watch, moves to make, etc just before she left. I think the racism and bullying just wiped her out emotionally so she couldn’t really play very well…she was always on the alert and in defense mode due to the others bad behavior. For that she should receive some extra compensation (“hazard pay”, so to speak).

      • Comments (2)

        Of all the HGs, Judd or Candice would be my favorites. Probably Candice more so….I would love to see Aaryn and GMs face….OMG priceless!

      • Comments (293)

        Candace blew it when she blew up at Spencer. Howard should get America’s Favorite because he didn’t let them give them what they expected (angry black man) and until the outburst with Spencer, he kept Candace from making a fool of herself.

      • Comments (21)

        There is no racism and bullying, just playing a game.

    • just another fan
      Comments (48)

      I’d be ok with any of those 3 getting America’s favorite but I still like Howard the best.

  6. Comments (624)

    People can say what they want about Elissa, but at least she’s one of the few that’s not acting like a whore and acting all stupid boy crazy. Yeah yeah she’s married, but that hasn’t stopped others in past seasons.

  7. Comments (6)

    Amanda must have gained weight during this show. She has done nothing but eat and laze around with Mccrae…

    • Comments (624)

      Did you see her in bra/panties or when she wears her swimsuit? She most definitely has put on weight!

      • Comments (768)

        You just had to go and remind me of seeing that shot they showed of her walking across the backyard toward the couches in her panties with the zoom lens focused on her butt for about 5 seconds (but seemed longer). It was at that point I understood why Candice called her Pancake Ass. Now I’ll have to try to erase that memory again!! 🙂

      • Comments (228)

        LOL!!! I forgot about that comment…..Amanda has no shame…

      • Comments (43)

        she has an ass you would see in a pair of mom jeans

    • Comments (407)

      Currie, apparently we aren’t the only ones who have noticed the weight gain. On the BB addicted blog, I was reading that Amanda is mad at McCrae because of a comment he made about her looking like a “whale” in her hoodie.

      • Comments (651)

        Isn’t it amazing how he says some awful things to her and she just comes back begging for more. And that sheet she worn during the “wedding”–wait until she sees what she looked like in that!

      • Comments (407)

        I’m being mean, but this IS Amanda we’re talking about. He should have told her she looked like a beluga whale. Of course, he would have spent the rest of the night explaining to GM that a beluga whale is a white whale.

  8. Comments (74)

    She’s no Dexter LOL Michael C. Hall <3

    I don't think she has any deep dark secret either. But in all fairness if they did get to know her better they still wouldn't give a sh*T about her.
    I think the reason I like Elissa is that I have a similar personality. I can seem stupid, awkward and snobby to people that I can't seem to build a relationship with. If the connection is not there I can't seem to fake it. But around people I'm close with they know I'm not snobby. I think Elissa comes from a home where she is the 'prize' and everything she does circles around her life as a wife, mother and sister? So why bother making frienemies in the house and look even more fake? Rachel did a good job at makes enemies and still won her second time around. I'd have the worst social game because if I don't like ya you don't exist to me.

    I'm still rooting for her because the house hates her lol. Team Elissa woot! sigh I don't have much choice everybody else makes me vomit alittle!

    I can't wait to see the VETO comp!!!!!! Haha another monkey wrench in the plan!

    • Comments (453)

      Elissa said when she makes friends with someone it is for life, which shows she is true to herself and doesn’t give these low lifes the time of day.

    • Comments (610)

      This is a complilation of the behaviors that Candice experienced on BB15. It’s long, about 34 min, but very telling. I was beyond appalled and so angry that CBS did nothing to end it!

    • Comments (407)

      Dice, thank you so much for this. It totally changed my mind about Judd with the remarks he made and not for the good. I was not aware of a lot of his involvement and remarks against Candice. I watched about half of this and had enough. These people make me sick to my stomach and I am sorry for Candice with the stuff she put up with. I am saving this video and will watch the entire thing later…right now I’m watching nascar!!

      • Comments (610)

        I agree jojo, I was not aware of Judd’s remarks until I watched this. Now he’s as low as the rest of them. I doubt he would change anything if he were to return to the game.

      • Comments (195)

        I posted yesterday how Judd was my favourite in the beginning but then when I saw him on the live feeds going along with everyone bashing Candice and using the C word it really turned me off. I was so disappointed. But what I am hoping happened was that he just wanted to fit in with the rest of the idiots and being so young thought that was the thing to do. Hopefully that is not his real personality and when he watches the feeds back he will be sorry for what he said. Unlike the others….I don’t see them being sorry at all.

    • Comments (279)

      I saw this a cpl days ago and got so pissed I turned it off.If my sister or cousin or someone I know was treated like that I would so go off on them.I give major props for Howard for not letting his emotions get to him but to be honest I would have liked him to step in front of GM and get in HER face and say I’m in your face,now what?Think Jeramy could have stoped him? DOUBT IT.Just not right Candice had to go through all that and BB did NOTHING to stop it.Even a verbal warning could have put a stop to it.SHAME ON CBS AND BB.

    • Comments (35)

      Seriously, thanks for posting that video! I knew of some of the comments and conversations, but not most!! Elissa was the only one who didn’t participate in any of it AND please, please, please let Candice walk back in the door Thursday! Judd doesn’t deserve it, nor will whoever is evicted Thurs (Helen, I assume), and Jessie saying she didn’t hear anything racist during the bed flipping fight… I don’t want her back either! I liked her a lot, but that’s just pure ignorance!

  9. Comments (12)

    I don’t get it people! I LOVE BB! Ellisa claims to, however her comment that she would go home before going to jury is plain out disrespectful! I don’t care if she follows through or not. Just the thought of doing something so slimy makes me lose all respect for her. There are so many people who would love to be in her position! If she is that rich she could just give the money she earns to charity! She is plain out spoiled! I bet her stepchildren’s mother said to such thing! She is just SELF CENTERED! She does NOT deserve America’s choice player and 25k! Stop comparing her to what you think about the other house guests and Rachel’s sister and just see her for what she is….SPOILED! I truly had nothing against her until that careless comment…SMH

    • Comments (12)

      I meant AS Rachel’s sister….I loved Rachel, but everyone just likes her because she is Rachel’s sister….stupid…she is NOTHING like her.

      • Comments (1162)

        I know she’s Rachel’s sister and like most BB Fans I was not please she was
        on the show. Then again, I wasn’t pleased to learn how several of the
        other HGs were selected to become HGS.

        Anyway, I have not given a thought to Elissa being Rachel’s sister since
        the very beginning. She is her own person and while I wish she was
        a better game player – more active one, I do think she is doing quite well
        on her own.
        She has earned my respect. Period.

      • Comments (48)

        I disagree totally. I like Elissa for the classy lady she is in the middle of such vile houseguests. She is nothing like her sister Rachel. Elissa is quiet and classy and Rachel was a rebel of sorts. An entertaining rebel. I have not enjoyed watching Elissa’s gameplay like I did Rachel but she went through a lot of crap in the beginning just because she was Rachel’s sister which was so unfair to her.

        I had 2 sisters and we are totally different. One sister was the classy lady, the middle one was quiet, sweet and loving and then I was the rebel. You have a blend of it all. I couldn’t imagine my mother and father having to live with 3 girls like myself in the same house. They would probably have run away.

    • Comments (610)

      What if Elissa is just throwing that out there (threaten to self evict) to get the target off of her? It could be strategy… just sayin’

    • Comments (1162)

      I was truly upset when Elissa said that, however she isn’t the first BBHG to
      threaten to walk out on the Game, AND she is still there.
      She had a bad day and created some drama. Big Deal!!!
      How many bad days have the others had?
      Keep Counting!!!

      Weighing all of the Good vs the Bad Characteristics of BB15 HGs, IMO,
      Elissa comes out very well on the Good Side.

      And, IMO, you’ve stooped pretty low, GM, Amanda, and Aaryn like-low, to assume
      that Elissa is dissing her stepchildren by not talking about them.

    • Comments (195)

      FYI when the house flipped and Aaryns group was on the outside looking in ALL of them said that all they want to do is go home. Because things did not go their way and they were not in control anymore they wanted to just quit. Now that is real mature. I did not like Elissa saying that either but don’t forget about these others that said the exact same thing. But that was when things were not going THEIR way not because they were missing their families or because they had to live with people like themselves on a daily basis!!

    • Comments (453)

      Elissa has had to endure crap from the moment she walked in the house, why should she go to jury and see others go through more racial crap and have to put up with it herself. There comes a time when someone is pushed too far and have to either strike back or walk away, she chose to say she would walk away which is the higher road.

    • Comments (228)

      BB offered her a great amount of money that she couldn’t refuse. Also, there is a sibling rivalry between her and Rachel. I seen how the two of them interacted during Rachel (freebie) wedding on TV. Elissa, like to have all the attention and be front and center. I just don’t understand why she would change her face at 27! Her before picture was so much better. I’m not against cosmetic surgery, but at 27? Her mouth looks like a duck. Koodos to her if that’s what rocks her boat. What is so memorable about Elissa is watching her look at herself 24/7 in the mirror as if she thinks she a goddess…

    • Comments (151)

      I think that people say stupid things when they are angry such as “I will go home before I go to jury.” You have to remember that when people are angry, there is a lot of sadness mixed in with that anger. She said it to see what it sounds like out loud, I think. She didn’t mean it at all. Come on. Although, I do agree that Elissa is a crappy game player.

  10. Comments (610)

    Besides this being the worst cast/season ever, I am appalled at the constant foul language and most vile things some of the HG say about each other behind their backs. Why must we be subjected to this constant barrage of crap “language”? Who at CBS/BB thinks this is what we viewers want to see and hear? Are they trying to be cool? Maybe I’m just too old for this behavior but I don’t like it. (to be fair, I can deal with occasional swearing but these people can’t seem to complete any sentence without swear words and/or vulgarity..plus their racist, bigot, talk).

    • Comments (407)

      I totally agree Marie. I was watching BBAD yesterday and you could not follow anything GM was saying because they had to bleep almost her entire conversation with Aaryn. Sad that they think they have to use this kind of language to get their point across. If this was one of my son’s, I would be totally heartbroken that they talk like that, but on national TV makes it so much worse.

    • Comments (624)

      “Why must we be subjected to this constant barrage of crap “language”? Who at CBS/BB thinks this is what we viewers want to see and hear? Are they trying to be cool?”

      You can thank MTV type programming for this behavior. What annoys me more is not the language so much as the constant BEEEEP BEEEEP as you hear it on most network shows.

      • Comments (610)

        Yes the bleeps often remove some of the ‘rest of the story’ that we might want/need.

    • Comments (82)

      Ummmm you aren’t be subjected to it. You choose to watch afterdark or the live feeds. Just watch the show itself, they show very little of the bad behavior overall. Don’t blame CBS for your choice to watch the extra footage, feeds etc.

      • Comments (1288)

        And the move to TVGN sucks big time. On Showtime there was no bleeping, no worrying about nipslips [or even skinny-dipping]. You lose so much game talk because they try to cover the inappropriate language and half the time it slips through anyway. I so want it back on Showtime for future seasons.

      • Comments (822)

        You’re right, Kurtis, that we don’t have to watch BBAD. But, I think overall it’s a sad commentary on how little regard & respect these HG’s have for one another. You can dislike someone without constantly talking badly about him/her. Ten to top it off, they talk the same way about people they supposedly like. I know they’re bored but there are many subjects to talk about without constantly attacking each other.

    • Comments (768)

      I agree with you Marie2. In Canada we get BBAD on Slice – uncensored and I can’t believe my ears at some of the comments that come out of their mouths and the language they use. I worked my entire life in a blue collar, male dominated industry and it was never that bad! I wouldn’t dream of saying some of the things I’ve heard them say in mixed company amongst my friends. The exchange between Spencer and Amanda in the HOH last night was…. disgusting. :-/

      • Comments (610)

        I agree, which is why I turned it off after an hour. If any one of the HG talked like that in my workplace they would have been written up the first time (maybe, depending on what was said). The 2nd time would be fired, period. Obviously they don’t know what it’s like in the real work world and yes, your words and actions “after hours” can come back to haunt your work life. Ask any number of “public” figures who’ve already been there/done that.

    • Comments (151)

      That terrible behavior is why I watch big brother! And I’m old too!

  11. Comments (1162)

    Coming Soon – ZINGBOT

    Amanda, are there any HGs you haven’t asked to throw a
    competition your way? ZING!

    Aaryn, what would you like to do for the rest of your life? ZING!

    Spencer, CHOO-CHOO!! The Train has left the station. ZING!

    McCrae, I ordered hamburger on my pizza, NOT hambooger! ZING!

    GinaMarie, 24/7, Nick! Nick! Nick! Nick! ZING!

    Andy, A Man For ALL Conversations! ZING!

    Elissa, yoga, this and yoga that……carry on without a mat! ZING!

    Helen, like, what does the House, like, want? ZING

  12. Comments (4)

    The HGs always seem to suspect the the next twist … whether it be that America is MVP, or exactly what type of comp is next, or even suspecting someone is about to re-enter the house. Unless production alludes to these things in the DR, there should be no way to accurately predict those things. Either that, or start changing things up so much that the HGs never know what to expect. I think things have gotten so routine & familiar in recent seasons and the HGs just assume things … but mostly I think “persuasion” goes on in the diary room.

    • Comments (226)

      I was noticing this as well. They keep predicting the kind of comp or whatever-so they are prepared for it and plan for each possible outcome. I do agree I bet it’s a suggestive diary room that is the culprit – and always seems to be to Amanda!

  13. Comments (1)

    i just found this site …love it …thanks for being a big brother fan like me…i dont no who i wont back more judd or helen,,but i think amandea should win at this poin oh ok thanks again oh yea anyone no if cbs will let the live feeders watch the exit interviews have a great day everyone

    • Comments (82)

      Colleen, be prepared for alot of dislikes and hate if you are going to support ANYTHING Amanda. But besides Aaryn, Amanda has played the 2nd best game. Aaryn for competitions and Amanda for social/gameplay. Alright, let the dislikes rack up….

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah, no kidding. All she did was say hi and even wished us a good day. Tough crowd!

      • Comments (82)

        At least this site is moderated and the people or more less respectful. The facebook fan pages of Amanda, Aaryn and so on….wow. Talk about spewing hate. Those people are criticize the HGs for their words, yet post equally or more terrible things. One guy even posted that he wished Hitler had “taken out” Amandas ancestors so she didn’t exist. Unreal, yet he bashes her for her allegedly racist comments.

      • Comments (624)

        I didn’t know about the FB sites. I’ll check them out. Hitler? Wow that’s wrong on so many different levels…

      • Comments (82)

        Agreed. Those people are out of control. I am fine with people disliking certain HGs for whatever reason. But they are being soooo hateful, disgusting and ruthless in their comments and posts. They aren’t even on a 24 hour show, and in a single post we can see what terrible people they are on the inside! haha

      • Comments (624)

        I even got thumbs down for being anti Hitler. too funny

      • Comments (82)

        hahaha, no kidding.

      • Comments (151)

        Don’t even comment about thumbs down, it won’t change anything. Just accept it and don’t waste your time like I am commenting right now lol. I gave you a thumbs up by the way! Your comments are great, even though I disagree with some of your opinions, I still enjoy reading what you have to say. Except when you comment about your thumbs down.

      • Comments (3)

        Kurtis, there is no allegedly to it. We have those racist comments in living color. Review the live feeds and you-tube

      • Comments (82)

        I only said alleged in the sense that I do not know these people, nor their sense of humor right or wrong. You are right though, they are racist comments either way, whether meant malicious or not. So alleged wasn’t the right word.

      • Comments (48)

        This whole Hitler thing grieves me. My husband helped liberate the concentration camps during WWII where so many Jews and others lost their lives. He said the bodies were stacked like cord wood and some of them were still alive. He has nightmares of that to this day. Spencer made some remark a while back about the Holocaust and Amanda being Jewish. Makes me want to weep! BB production, why are you asleep at the switch?????????????????????????

      • Comments (1092)


        Give Colleen a break. She wants to participate. And besides, there is a huge difference between supporting Amanda, and objectively seeing that she has controlled most of the house most of the season.

        It is true, Amanda is up there for gameplay, and Aaryn has won most competitions. Andy is probably trumping them all for having everyone on his side to date.

      • Comments (82)

        Uhhh…..I wasn’t being mean to Colleen. I just meant that if you type any support for Amanda, your comments are usually disliked by many. You must of misunderstood me.

      • Comments (82)

        PS I am team Amanda, I have probably the most dislikes on this site hahahaha. Oh well, I think she has done well in the game, to have such support of the house and whether its bullying or not, controlled many of the votes. However, I feel if the HGs felt bullied, they wouldn’t be protecting her so thoroughly. So, many fan observations might be kinda off.

      • Comments (7)

        In the beginning I liked Amanda. And when she put Aaryn in her place I fell in love with her….then she started saying stuff that was just about as bad as the hatred spewed from Aaryn. All of the whit in the world can’t mask that. I lost a lot of respect for her after all she has said…
        But personalities aside, she has played an incredible game…I mean this girl hasn’t won ANYTHING and yet she still runs the house….it is amazing! I just wish she didn’t say such disgusting things…..

      • Comments (82)

        Yeah I agree. I was like waaaay lovin her around that time too. I have definitely not cared for some of the things she has said also. I wish she would bite her tongue sometimes. Plus when she kinda throws her fits, its more ammo for the haters. Which, I actually find her little fits kinda cute….guess thats just me. But I also agree that she has played a very incredible game. Like you said, she has won absolutely nothing, but built such a wall of people around her. People have been and still are so loyal to her. People can call it bullying, but she is running the house. Like I said before, if it was bullying in the other HGs minds, you’d think that they wouldn’t like her, and not support her. But they do, so they must not feel bullied. Anyways, I am sticking with Team Amanda until the end. I think she is probably a truly good person, that she has just chosen her words poorly. She has a certain sense of humor that her friends probably understand and know she is not racist etc, but america doesn’t know her on that level. I find it so funny people hate on her for making threats of killing other HGs lol. Like she is REALLY going to slit someones throat. She is obviously joking, or being over the top, not serious. Anyways, looking above, my record # of dislikes is staying strong. I am sure this post will do the same….

    • Comments (651)

      Hi Colleen. I don’t think you’ll find many Demanda fans here. Her bullying, wishing to commit violence against other HGs and racism were bad enough. But add to that her disgusting hygiene and it hard to even watch her. Also, if you go back and watch it’s been McMinute whispering in her ear teaching her the game. Once he tells her what needs to happen, unleashes her on the house to do his bidding.

  14. Comments (407)

    Steve, I don’t know what the problem is, but when I tried giving thumbs up for the comments I like, I noticed it’s also giving a thumbs down! I definitely would not give thumbs down unless it’s just a gross nasty comment someone has left and I really don’t like doing it even then. But this is just an observation I noticed and wonder if anyone else is having this problem. If not, I simply will not give any “thumbs” at all.

  15. Comments (17)

    Omg cant wait to watch the hoh and pov comp tonite!!!!!

  16. Comments (17)

    BTW I wonder if mcg is going to charge amanda with rape?

  17. Comments (1092)

    Hey Steve,

    I know this is a liberal thread you manage here, and I am all for the right to free speach etc…. But come on, comments lice dice’s don’t belong in a classy site such as yours.

    • Comments (651)

      Agree. Steve please stop/delete this kind of rant.

    • Comments (405)

      You’re right, I deleted it. I didn’t notice that comment until now. If you ever see comments like that, please use the contact form, but I should add a thing to ‘report’ comments soon

      • Comments (34)

        My bad man i didn’t mean to offend anybody on that website all chek myself i saw a video this morning called Bullying Candice Edition (((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tyr5AOEzzc))) and i was mad all day i just can’t stand Aaryn and all those people who said racist comments but you guys are right i went to far with it.i apologize your website is cool man i shouldn’t be the one to fuck it all up :-\

      • Comments (651)

        May I offer you some advice that used to be common sense but most people either don’t know it or ignore it (as evidenced by the current HGs)–Think before you speak. If your writing something and you’re emotional, walk away, think and re-read. Think about how others will view what you have written.

        The HGs supposedly hate Elissa because she has filters and keeps her private life out of the game. Filters are there for a reason and should be used often.

      • Comments (82)

        Great job Steve at monitoring this site. I have been on the FB fan pages and its disgusting the things people are saying, such hatred and awful things. On here, its nice to see people express their points of view or their dislike for a particular HG in a constructive manner.

      • Comments (651)

        Thanks Steve. A report may help keep the trolls away.

      • Comments (1092)

        Good man.

        Btw, I haven’t taken the time to say it. Yhanks for what you do, so I don’t have to watch the exciting feeds of toenails being clopped & polished.:-!

      • Comments (610)

        Thank you for adding a “report comment” area. I really appreciate all your work on this blog and for trying to keep it clean for those who frequent the site. You do an awesome job! (yes on payday I’ll send a donation :))

  18. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    way over the line dice.

  19. Comments (1092)


    Your comment is sick and twisted. To wish a woman to be brutally raped is a sign of your own personal violent issues. Maybe women reject you, maybe your a 4 inch two minute man, whatever it is that leads you to speak of such disgusting hatred and violence against women should be discussed with professional counseling.

    You need help, there is no shame in that. I urge you to go get it.

    • Comments (34)

      Don’t worry not gonna happened again i was upset that’s all but my comm was out of line i didn’t mean it ofcorse not but i should watch what i say :-S

      • Comments (126)

        Dice I just saw your video on Candice, I hear you Bro. But you’re right, not to go down to the sewer with these losers, keep it clean shows character in the face of your justified anger. Howard was a great example of that.

      • Comments (302)

        Dice – I’ve been out of the loop here and missed the bulk of your anger on this site but I watched the video of the Candice Bullying yesterday and while I had seen parts of it this season it just made me sick. I’m a white man in his 50’s that has never faced racial discrimination but I hate bullies and bad people just like you. I’ve never walked in your shoes but I understand your anger. We moved from a racially diverse neighborhood as a kid to a white suburb in Kansas city. I’ll never forget seeing a little black girl, probably my age at the time 10 years old, selling candy door to door in our neighborhood. Someone called the cops and a squad car slowly followed behind her house to house as if this little girl was a threat to our lily white community. When I told my parents what I saw they were so outraged they went right to the police station but got little satisfaction then to a city council meeting to complain to deaf ears. That was 1967 … 46 years later to listen to some of the garbage coming out of houseguest like Aaryn hurts my heart.

      • Comments (151)

        That is really sad!

      • Comments (302)

        I gather that the Dice deleted post that I missed was very offensive. There is no place for that either so I’m sorry I put my 2 cents in.

      • Comments (233)

        Sorry, down thumb by mistake. Love your post. 10 thumbs up!

      • Comments (624)

        The DiceMan cometh…..OWWWW!

    • Comments (32)

      Racism and ignorance knows no bounds. Dice’s comments have revealed him to be the worst kind of racist; the kind that hinds behind the cloak of being a person of color with a sense that their heritage somehow entitles them to say whatever they feel and get away with it. Especially in the anonymous environment of the online world. And on top of everything else he/they honestly believe that the online world holds no one accountable for their actions or statements.

      People get arrested every day for saying/being stupid online. From threats and bullying to child porn, it isn’t as anonymous as people would like to believe. Our police department has one entire section of officers dedicated to tracking such people down to question them live and in-person.

      I would wager that if (perhaps when) Steve is contacted about the IP and origin of the post from “Dice” he will cooperate to the fullest and ultimately “Dice” might find out just how long the so-called “long arm of the law” really is. And no, making statements such as his are not covered under the First Amendment.

      • Comments (6)

        I would like to see that, Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Amanda, get arrested for saying/being stupid on tv….

  20. Comments (48)

    Oh no, sounds like one of the houseguest escaped and entered our this site.

  21. Comments (38)

    This comment is way out of line and uncalled for. It doesn’t matter what she’s said or done, to suggest this is inexcusable and has no place here or anywhere else for that matter!

  22. Comments (34)

    Yo no what people whatever, i like people in general i just don’t like bad people so please stop acting like i’m the bad guy here,:-O not cool
    Aaryn says what ever she feels like with no problem at all so why can’t i do the same thing. Amanda does to so what did i say that is so wrong fuck that man if Aaryn can say whatever she wants with no consequence on national tv well my friends i think i have the right to say what i feel like in a website

    • Comments (407)

      You said if “Aaryn can say whatever she wants with no consequence”, then I think you need to google Aaryn Gries and see what is on the internet about her. She is known as a racist, fired from her modeling job, and her own father will not let his picture be shown in the HOH room. I wouldn’t exactly call that “no consequence” would you?

  23. Comments (7)

    I was wondering how long CBS is going to allow Spencer to threaten to “push” people out by sexual advances! I mean WTF??? He’s now threatening to put his dick in Elissa’s nose or ear to force her out? Are you kidding me with this? Not one of those disgusting idiots said, “Um hey, that’s going a bit far….” This whole season has been deplorable!

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Buffy PM, what’s wrong with CBS for continuing to allow these kinds of comments?! And Spencer seems to make a lot of similar sexual comments that make me think “perv”.

    • Comments (528)

      But for the love of god don’t sing! That’s MUCH worse! /eyeroll

      • Comments (610)

        no kidding! and no talking about or against production!

      • Comments (528)

        N-word? Fair game. C-word? All good. Gay slurs? That’s “reality.”

        CBS should really have to answer for this.

      • Comments (822)

        Remember, “CBS Cares!”

      • Comments (48)

        Sadie, I’m glad you noticed that too. Singing is good for the soul. But BB production will not allow the HGs to sing, yet production will allow them to say despicable things about each other and use foul language. Production you appear to be twisted in your thinking! Sometimes I wish production could be sent packing! CBS, if there is ever another BB season, you need to hire a whole new casting and production team!

  24. Comments (34)

    And by the way i STEVE i’ve been in that website longer than you have and i saw comments worst than mine eeeee ok probably not that worst but i’m black so this season really offends me deeply & personally but how could you understand your probably (((white))) sooooo yeah anyways i wont post something like that again your right its not really classy :-\

    • Comments (405)

      Hi Dice, I deleted your comment, please don’t post like that again.

      • Comments (34)

        yeah don’t worry hey do me a favor watch this video and you’ll get it ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tyr5AOEzzc)) watch all the video it was hard for me to watch but i did & that’s why i feel the way that i feel i hate seeing bad guys & girls win you no and that’s whats going on in the house bad people are winning but in a wrong racist way that offends me personally it’s like when there saying black comments there talking about me anyways you wont get any comments like that from me again she’s not worth it

    • Comments (1092)


      You are right, I am white.

      To be honest with you, I am not racist.And I am happy about that. This season has saddened me for things that have been said.

      I don’t know Aaryn, so I can’t say I don’t like her
      However, I think her biggotry is disgusting. Unfortunately it looks like she is going to win some money.

      Do I know what it is like to be discriminated against ? Yes I do but not for the same reason as you.

      It may be hard, but try and stay cool like Howard

    • Comments (357)

      Then you probably should have left this post out of the equation. This was NOT classy!

  25. Comments (7)

    I’m white and their comments made me physically ill! They are beyond disgusting and deserve every awful thing people say about them but don’t lower yourself. Eventually everyone like them gets what’s coming to them in one way or another! Millions of people see their disgusting behavior or hear about it every week so I can’t imagine they’ll escape much after leaving the house! They are beyond shameful!!!

  26. Comments (233)

    IMO, winning is the worst thing that could happen personally and professionally for AorA. Their behavior and the resulting outrage so many of us feel will not die down nearly as quickly than if they’d been evicted. Of course they will enjoy the cash, but money can’t buy a lot of things that are more valuable in the long run.

    Whenever I might hear of these girls in the future, I’ll remember a disgusting daydream about killing then anally raping a female hg. When I think of the 3 mean-girls, I’ll picture C&H’s outrage and humiliation to have had such disgusting racist comments said to their faces and behind their backs (Shaniqua, can’t see her in the dark, the black is coming out, etc.). Watching them try to suppress their hurt and anger in the interest of playing the game was really heartbreaking to me. I won’t ever forget it or the way it was handled by the network. Who knows how well C&H may have been able to play if not for the cruelty allowed this season? I know that in my circle of family and friends, no one thinks or talks about other races like that. But maybe having this hatred shown so clearly will make some people think twice about some of the off-hand comments they make or their unconsciously prejudiced viewpoints? (and not just racism, but homophobia, violence, etc.)

    But hey, it’s just a game that we all spend the summer watching and discussing. No big deal, right? The dirtier, the better? Don’t think about the real damage they may have caused, just focus on their awesome game-play! One cries over every lost comp, bullies her minions to let her win and STILL can’t win, has sex on live TV, and has so many unmentionably disgusting personal habits. Another, with her angel face, spews ugly racist filth, wrings her hands when she wins a comp, nominates just as she’s instructed to, pleads helplessness and for forgiveness as she’s evicting them. Her most touching HoH gift was a pair of new heels from a girlfriend– because for some reason her parents can’t send her a letter. It’s possible her own dad doesn’t want to be seen on TV as being related to her. That is not what I call the best-played game, but if winning is the ultimate proof of the best game, I sure may be wrong.

    I used to like that guilty pleasure of seeing people scrambling for position, lying, making fake-alliances and romances, etc. Sure sometimes it got ugly, but nothing like we’ve seen this year. It has gone to a way lower level of muck, and I can’t see any justification for it.

    The only saving grace is that anyone who has any connection at all to these players now or in the future (family, friends, employers), will also be checking those websites we’ve all seen, and this garbage will follow the players for a long time.

    Sorry for the long rant. I just couldn’t think of any jokes today.

  27. Comments (407)

    OK, I may be getting ready to open a can of worms but here goes. Does anyone else believe there’s more to McCrae Olson than being a pizza delivery guy? Check this out and see for yourself. Some of the dates are 2013 so I do not think this is all “old stuff.” I’ve also read that he is an audio technician at Woodbridge Productions in Minnesota.

    check out https://soundcloud.com/mccraeolson

  28. Comments (34)

    Your right Jackie your 100% right :-\ i will do that next time it’s my on fault if i have a problem with the show i shouldn’t be watching it if it make me feel like this in the first place so yeah i get what your saying

  29. Comments (875)

    I hope that the former evicted HG is given by BB a weeks immunity from eviction when they return to the House. Otherwise, that newly retuned HG will be evicted immediately again!

    Btw…Doesn’t McCrae remind you of a young Charlie Manson…yikes!

  30. Comments (651)

    As much as I dislike Aaryn as a person this could be the big move we’ve been waiting to see. If she and Andy decide to go with Helen and Elissa they can backdoor Demanda. They can let Helen believe she controlled Andy’s vote and Andy can tell McMinute that she had to go because she was talking to Aaryn and GM about her thinking there was a guy’s alliance and they had to get Andy out. This would cement Andy and Aaryn’s F2 alliance.

    So Helen would believe that Andy is in her pocket and they can use that against her later. McMinute will have to scramble now that he can’t hide behind Demanda and they can see where he is really allied.

    Andy and Aaryn would then control the house and could pick the HG’s off as they want without anyone knowing of their alliance until it was too late to do anything.

    Of course we know that a jury member will be coming back but they don’t so this would be the move to make.

    • Comments (1288)

      Not totally impossible. Remember, McCrae and Andy have their [currently] fake F3 with Helen, McCrae could find shelter there. Or he could also out 3AM which would have everyone knowing that Andy and Aaryan are working together.

      The sticking point is Eloser. Aaryan does allow her personal feelings into her gameplay. She remembers that it was Eloser who clued Kaitlin in on the plan to save Aaryan and send Kaitlin home. She knows that Helen is quite the liar after the whole Jessie blowup. I think she will stand pat and roll with 3AM.

  31. Comments (14)

    We all know spencer is going to be the replacementt… picdictable after all they are all sheep and amanda has been the sheppard. An awesome twist would be that their are only 4 quest playing hoh constest this week…. the four “evicted” house guests. That would shake the house since they all feel to the power of amanda and will come guns a blazing.

  32. Comments (9)

    Send Botox lips home

  33. Comments (302)

    What comes around goes around! It is beautiful to see Helen suddenly realizing what’s going on around her. She is complaining that Amanda is treating her differently this week and barely looking at her … Hmm Helen … seems like it was just a week ago that was happening to someone else …. Oh yeah, it was you shutting out Jessie and she busted you. One of the few satisfying moments in this season of Big Brother.

  34. Comments (195)

    Here they go again bashing Candace while they are sitting in the backyard! These people are worse than DISGUSTING!

  35. Comments (40)

    I watched this and I must say it sure make me want to say something not very nice makes me wonder how many people are like them in the world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tyr5AOEzzc

  36. Comments (35)

    who will do the dumping post show…amanda or mcrae?

  37. Comments (528)

    Give it up, Helen. You’re toast and you have no one to blame but yourself. Elissa is useless and will be packing it in soon after. Amanda or Aaryn will be brining home the gold this season…I almost want Aaryn to win just to see the backlash CBS gets for not yanking her earlier…she wasn’t the only one making hateful comments, but had she been made an example of, it would have appeased the angry mobs quite a bit, I think. Now she has a chance of going all the way.

    I really don’t even get the point of bringing people back into the game – they always become the immediate target and have no connections left. Well, I say that but what’s-his-face glimmer boy from BBC came back and made it to the final two which was wild. Almost won too, but for his “bestie” making the most idiotic mistake ever and costing him the game. LOL man, that was classic. And tragic.

  38. Comments (682)

    Aaryn should put up Amanda instead of Spencer and see what the house really wants.

  39. Comments (20)

    McCrae may be finally getting it. He is obsessed tonight with knowing who the MPV was when Amanda was nominated.

    If he finds out it was America, he will only be encouraged to take Amanda to F2 because he will know she is not popular.

  40. Comments (35)

    what did aaryn reveal about dan tonight.missed the convo w helen and elissa

  41. Comments (302)

    McCrae knew Amanda was her own worse enemy and how right he was. She foolishly starts a fight with Aaryn over winegate from early in the season. That lights the fuse. Aaryn sick of Amanda throwing her weight around and she spills the beans to Helen on the 3AM deal and shocks Helen by informing her that Andy is not in her corner. Aaryn now considering backdooring Amanda if she can get the votes. Now comes the action we’ve been waiting for … with the finger pointing and backstabbing about to kick into full gear … maybe the Jury member voted back in will have a legit shot at winning this.

    • Comments (35)

      aaryn chickens out..yawn..the gutless no game cast season of BB

      • Comments (302)

        No kidding lair … why would Aaryn spell out the 3AM plan to Helen if she wasn’t willing to act. Now she foolishly puts herself in the crosshairs of everyone(not that I mind). I was really looking forward to the shocked look on Helen’s face during eviction ceremony but maybe this will now make the daily action more interesting.

      • Comments (1288)

        The bottle of wine Aaryan and Andy split has a lot to do with it. She is obviously sobering up. Amanda is the real dumbass here because she doesn’t have the booze to blame for her idiocy.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m sure you’re right. I need to drink more when I watch this show too.

      • Comments (1288)

        Wow, Amanda can pull off the Don Corleone Godfather shiat like a pro tho. She points out to Aaryan that even if she goes up Andy/McCrae/Spencer will still send Helen home and Aaryan (who cannot play in HoH) would be counting on GM and Elissa. Andy has been with McCranda since like day 5 or so, he really wants to honor the F4. But if Helen gets her house minus McCranda meeting it should be fun.

      • Comments (233)

        Hey, I think you’re on to something. I don’t drink often, but maybe it will make this train wreck game a little easier to watch.

  42. Comments (1162)

    It appears that Helen’s attempts last night to bring down Amanda have failed.

    Helen’s “Truster” Andy is her “Traitor.”
    Production, please give Wuss Andy a Boo-Hoo Bucket
    or one of Amanda’s & McCrae’s stained bedsheets the night he votes to
    evict his pal, Helen.
    What a creep!!! He isn’t man enough to tell her to her face – “He is doing
    what he believes is best for his game.”

    I don’t know what CBS/BB expects for the Finale of this Horrific BB, but I can’t
    foresee anything good.
    Applicants for BB16 – Only Bigots, Racists, Haters and Scumbags Need to Apply. – “CBS CARES!”

  43. Comments (624)

    I guess this morphed into a Dice thread…

  44. Comments (407)

    Good morning all and here goes my overworked BB brain going to work! The winner of I would say most, if not all, “reality” winners appear on TV such as Good Morning America, Today and many other shows. I’m wondering how the post show interviews will go if it is one of the known racists. Wow, David Letterman will have a field day with them if he is aware of the comments that have been made! My question is this, do you think the racism will be brought up or will they cover it up and simply congratulate them? Good Morning America and Today are not on CBS so they may have a field day with it. They should post Amanda’s bandaid picture with a disclaimer at the beginning!!

    • Comments (1162)

      Depending upon the Public’s reaction if one the haters, bigots and racists wins,
      CBS may cancel all of the BB Winners press shows.

      If things get heavy, CBS will take care of itself. “CBS Cares!”

  45. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    I think it would really shake things up if CBS makes whoever reenters the house thursday the new HOH

  46. Comments (162)

    Elissa, I believe does have a lot of morals and I wouldn’t want to be in the house with all those racist and trampy people either. Even after Candice is gone they still cant let things go. Only adding fuel to the fire with each of their home states and employers. How could you go back to work and face your co-workers after some the things each one of them have said.

  47. Comments (162)

    Elissa is the only one with any morals and no wonder they think she is moody or snobby I wouldn’t talk to them either. Racist (Aaryn and Ginamarie) and trampy (Amanda), even after Candice is gone they still cant let the race thing go. How will they ever be able to hold a job and face their co-workers after everything they have said and different races.

  48. Comments (6)

    I have never commented but once b4, this time I cant hold it in! Dice, I dont know wat you wrote that made people mad but I just saw the link you left 4 us to view & it brought tears to my eyes!!! I totally feel you, you should be very upset! GM sure does have some big balls talkin all that stuff, thinkin she’s bad cuz no one else will tell her to shut up. I’d like to see her talk all that stuff around a bunch of black folks. I new these people were mean but WOW! The way they treated Candice was so upsetting. It should not be a shock to us that there are still people out there in the world that feel like that & express themselves like that, with all those racists remarks, but I think that the big shocker 4 me is that a network, like CBS, would allow stuff like this to continue. But watever, wat can we do. Anyway, people like Mcrae & Jessie who I thought where alright arent, I heard Mcrae talk bad about Candice & agree to some racial remarks GM was saying. Then I heard Jessie say to Elisa why is wat Aaryn did after flipping Candice’s bed wrong, that it wasnt racial. Hello, the way she was mocking her with it was. All these girlz who have BIG mouths are sure a bunch of cry babies…Amanda. I noticed that Amanda, GM & Aaryn all talk crap about other people, then wen the other person tries to defend themselves they cant cuz these grlz start yelling on top of them like they shouldnt defend themselves. I dont care wat anyone says about Elisa bcuz no matter wat she aint nearly as bad as those mean grlz! Amanda is playing a good game tho, cuz she dont have to do anything but talk bad about others & whine & cry every time she dont get her way. WHO PICKS THESE PEOPLE! & then you hear house guests EXCUSING bad racists remarks, REALLY! Even Judd calling Candice a hoe, how is she a hoe but yet Amanda is walking around showing her butt off in her underwear & laying all over Mcrae, you know they aint sleeping in separate beds. I thought he was nice but Im glad now his butt got played, Jessie too. Helene, I thought she was smarter then that til she started kissing butt, she should have listened to Jessie. Spencer, he”s just a pig along with GM & Aaryn. If Amanda won that would suck but wat could we do? I wouldnt hate cuz that just would mean that she played all of them suckers & that thats wat they deserve 4 kissing her butt for sooo long or being afraid of her. We’ll see. As 4 GM I cannot stand her! She has a BIG mouth! She’s like those dogs that you walk by & they just keep barking & dont know wen to be quiet. Like I said she thinks she’s bad cuz she’s in there with mostly all white folks. They are so stupid trying to excuse all the bad remarks cuz deep down inside they all really feel like that. If they cant hear it then they are clueless. This seasons has probably been one of the most hated seasons ever & yet probably one of the most watched bcuz of all the drama. This is probably why CBS hasnt done anything about the racist remarks. So maybe these are the kind of seasons we should be expecting. CBS, BB, LETS SEE YOU MAKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST MOVES THIS SEASON, the only big move this season, & kick off the mean, racist people. Dont let them win nothing! & I hope we never see any of these people on BB again!

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