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Big Brother 15 – Bad News For Helen – PoV Update


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Breaking News:  Elissa won something!  In a pretty crucial week for her, Elissa has saved herself from elimination and put a little wrench in the plans of Amanda.  To be fair, Elissa was never in jeopardy, but she thought she was, and she won.  Tonight was the OTEV competition which is a pretty popular veto challenge where one person is eliminated per round.   It sounds like Spencer came in 2nd or 3rd, but Elissa was the winner.

(note – I’m still going to be updating the Saturday thread, but adding this thread as well)

What this means is Elissa will use it on herself, and Spencer will likely replace her on the block.  Barring any miracles, Helen will likely be voted out only to re-enter the house in the competition to come back in (with the other jury members).  This should make Thursday night pretty interesting considering the house is telling Helen she is safe, so she’ll be pretty shocked/upset when she’s playing in the competition to come back.

There is a very outside shot that Aaryn will go against her alliance and backdoor someone like Amanda or McCrae, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.  Aaryn appears to be hardcore team McCranda right now, so I’ll be absolutely shocked if Spencer is not in that seat Monday afternoon.

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  1. Comments (302)

    Karma is a beautiful thing. Helen pulling her fake happy act that Ellisa won the POV challenge. The look on Helen’s face Thursday will be priceless. But my guess is that one of these clowns will tell Helen she is the house target as they try to get her jury vote. I bet Andy tries to secretly tell her he’s working hard to save her but she is the target.

    • Comments (1162)

      I disagree and think Helen was truly happy Elissa won the comp.
      Because Helen has no idea that she is the one facing eviction.

      • Comments (302)

        After watching BBAD I agree with you Midwest Middie to some degree. She probably feels safe but I’m sure there’s got a be a little doubt in her mind at this point in the game. But not a surprise after saying the word “amazing” about a dozen times Helen instructs Ellisa on how to act the rest of the game. In typical Helen condescending manner tells Ellisa her game play will reflect on Helen. Oh little does she know ….

    • Comments (228)

      Well I guess now she will know how Jessie felt..LOL!!!

      • Comments (90)

        Helen has been so full of herself and let the fact she won a lone HoH go to her head. Power tripping can be a bitch when it comes back to bite you in the ass. Don’t like what the others have done, one how they’ve behaved, but Helen’s high octane cockiness really got on my nerves.

    • Comments (178)

      Andy is well trained student from the “Helen School of Falsity”. He’ll screw up that homely face of his and force some fake tears in a farewell message to Helen. And he’ll explain how he was “threatened” by the house into voting to evict her. Helen has done the same in her messages to recently evicted houseguests in an effort to [possibly] get their vote at the end.

  2. Comments (357)

    She had many opportunities to make big moves!

  3. Comments (42)

    well she blind sided herself…didnt want to believe she could be the target…and she ignored her own response to Julie’s question..only for this reason she should go else she played well and deserved to stay

  4. Comments (12)

    I’m sooooo happy for Elissa!!!! I really feel like she has to be down on her luck to actually win something.. Rachael only won comps because she knew if she didn’t she was going home for sure.

  5. Comments (25)

    Very happy Elissa won. Now I hope next week she wins hoh and avenges Helen. Amanda would be so far up her ass it wouldn’t be funny. I think Judd or Helen will come back in but it would be HILARIOUS if Candice came back and won hoh.

    • Comments (40)

      Kaytee, I agree with you, this is exactly the scenario that I told my husband. I knew the other day that Elissa was just having a bad day. But if something happens next week and Elissa voluntarily leaves the house, I will know it is because they pushed her to a breaking point and I won’t hold it against her. I think Candice could handle coming back into the house but GM would probably have a breakdown if it happen. Ha! Ha! I am still concerned about the roomers from this summer that the game is rigged and Amanda has already been decided as the winner. They said that things would go in her favor for the next weeks, and it has. She is running the house!?! At this point the only person I want to see win the game is Candice or Elissa.

      • Comments (228)

        the mean group want to make Elissa so miserable that she will self evict and not make jury

      • Comments (2)

        What in the world has E L I S S a done to deserve to win BB15? Nothing! And why cant she talk like a grown up? Is she a stroke victim or something? I m..e..a..n l…i…k…e…its soooooo a…maz…inngggg. She appears that she is taking a dump everytime she speaks.

  6. Comments (17)

    I hope Elissa wins HOH this week and sends Aaryn to the jury house…

  7. Comments (21)

    It’s the second time she wins POV, by the way!! I am super excited she saved herself:))

  8. Comments (43)

    Helen is sooo nieve!

  9. Comments (88)

    UI’m so happy she won. Elissa is by far my fav in the house. She might be a little dumb but she is a good person. She is always the one who is pissed off at the racist comments plus she has never been mean to anyone even when she should. I think she’s a good person and deserves to win. I also think she’s over looked as a good player . She was the one who put nick and David and the block and played a part in getting Jeremy evicted. She laid low for awhile because she wasn’t a target ut won when it came down to it

    • Comments (2)

      What in the world has E L I S S a done to deserve to win BB15? Nothing! And why cant she talk like a grown up? Is she a stroke victim or something? I m..e..a..n l…i…k…e…its soooooo a…maz…inngggg. She appears that she is taking a dump everytime she speaks.

  10. Comments (1162)

    Helen – Wake UP!!!

    Where are your pals right now?
    In the HOH with Spencer……..no one is around you. The only time one of the HGs,
    minus Elissa, is with you is when YOU go to them.
    They’re avoiding you.
    Get a Clue!!!

  11. Comments (1288)

    So all Elissa needed was some coaching from Amanda, perhaps Helen was just jinxing her game.

  12. Comments (453)

    Ultimate stupidity! On BBAD Spencer just said to Mcmanda, Andy, and Aaryn that Helen will allow him to get to jury. What does he think the others are doing, certainly not taking his perverted behind to final 2. He is angry that to Helen and Elissa he is a dumbass and disposable. When are these people going to wake up and realize that they are carrying Amanda and McCrae to the end and handing them the checks? Remember the old child hood saying, when they said they were passing out brains they thought they said trains and ran and hid? Did the applications for this season stipulate, no backbone, no self thinking, only spineless lemmings need apply.

    • Comments (88)

      I really hope someone starts thinking with their own brain instead of Amanda’s. That or just hand her 500,000 dollars so they can stop torturing is with this terrible season.

    • Comments (228)

      All McPussy and Amanda do is stay in bed all the time. (amongst other things) This is unbelievable that they have this power to control the house.

      • Comments (1162)

        Did you see the Feeds where BB Production asked “The Man of the BB
        House to come to the DR” ………and Amanda showed up!

      • Comments (40)


      • Comments (453)

        too funny

      • Comments (43)

        she thinks she is the best player and helping control the votes and helping get people out but really after jeremy all she got out were floaters, howard and judd were not threats, they were stupid moves to make when there were bigger fish to fry in the house at the time. plus, she don’t win anything.

      • Comments (43)

        it sure as hell isn’t mccrae or spencer, amanda is the only one with a literal set of balls

  13. Comments (96)

    It would be so EPIC if Aaryn put Amanda up instead of Spencer. Then we would have a showdown!

    • Comments (17)

      I think we have a better chance of seeing GM shave her head… and we know that ain’t gonna happen either…

      • Comments (624)

        GM always says, “Because I’m a LADY!” That’s a reach.

      • Comments (233)

        Seriously, I FF past her on BBAD because it’s all one big bleeeep! I’m not sure she really conveys anything other than curses with an occasional name thrown in. After the show, she may be needing some of that special welfare “insurance” she thought was so hilarious.

    • Comments (302)

      My next favorite option would be Elissa wins the next HOH and puts Aaryn & Amanda up.

    • Comments (226)

      I hope hope hope the jury competition next week wins them HOH then McCranda can go on the block because you know Amanda can’t win a comp so she won’t win veto. Of course, this could backfire since the Lemming House probably would save her!!

  14. Comments (28)

    How much do you wanna bet that at some point BB is going to start a season with both Elissa and Rachel in the house… Maybe Danielle and Dominic? And all the other dynamic duos of BB… (Will Boogie agree to come back as well?)

    • Comments (1)

      Don’t give Grodner any ideas.

    • Comments (228)

      I’ll puke!!!

    • Comments (90)

      Please…..DON’T!!! 🙁 Don’t like that suggestion. There are too many REAL BB fans out there willing to play a real game. I’m sick of the veteran players and second timers and all stars and models and actors. Next they just need to get real fans and give us viewers a good show. IMHO…just saying……

      • Comments (3)

        Have wanted to play from season 1, but Iam a pluse size and we all know thats not going to happen!! Veeee, I agree we need real people not wanta be real. Just saying

    • Comments (3)

      I personally get annoyed with watching so called fans stumble through learning the game. I enjoy allstars coming in and getting the ball rolling in the right direction from the start. Makes little difference to me in the end, I dont get the negativity.

  15. Comments (3)

    For the record,I find Amanda to be SLIGHTLY more tolerable than past houseguests like Dan,Mike Boogie,or Dr. Will,but I got to call B.S.They were offensive,manipulative,not to mention their egotistical dr sessions.They all had large fan bases,especially women.But let a woman come in and run the house like a BOSS,and everybody hates her.It’s a conspiracy they say,she says offensive things,so did the afore mentioned hg’s.It is no accident that she runs the house,she has masterminded everything,just like other hg’s who WON.I gueşs cutthroat playing just isn’t as flattering on a woman,TOO BAD!I hope she wins just so you whiners have something to talk about.Feel free to hit that thumbs down button,admit you can’t handle the truth.

    • Comments (44)

      This comment has more surprises than BB15.

    • Comments (7)

      Oh, I have nothing against a woman “running” the BB house. What I can’t stand is how the other players have failed to see the manipulation and have also failed to do something about it. Even Helen, who I thought would shine as time went on, has fizzled out. They all realize Amanda is the “boss” but none of the other houseguests seem to be able to become proactive in changing that and turning things around. The big moves we keep waiting for just aren’t materializing. Very disappointing. Do I think Amanda deserves to win? Perhaps. Personally I’d like to see someone take home the 500K who has at least won a couple of competitions and made some clever moves with a little manipulation thrown in for good measure. But that’s in an ideal BB season, and we all know this one has been anything but that.

      • Comments (40)

        Ann, I agree with all you said and will also say that when it comes to Amanda, I dislike her because she is just so gross to me. I have seen her say and do some really disgusting things through the live feeds. The other nite I saw her pull her pants down in front of Spencer and Andy in the bathroom with nothing but a thong on and proceed to apply baby powder to her private parts. While they watched. That is so disgusting to me.

    • Comments (3)

      Amanda has the ability to manipulate the emotionally weak. This season possibly due to the higher number of house guests entering has hindered most of the abilities to develop factions. Couple that with the mvp twist grounding everyone in the beginning with fear of angering an unannounced mvp probably foiled even more relationships. Amanda is no boss, she is an aggresive female in a house of passive vacationers happy to see jury. As much as I cant stand watching Aaryn atleast she can claim title of best in comps. The only difference between Amanda and Helen is handjobs given to a pizza boy. Elissa has now won 2 vetos, physically put Nick on the block, and overcome the intial onslaught of being Rachels sister and the MVP. Enough with the Amanda praise, she is nothing more than an aggressive yet average player in a game of weak personalities.

      • Comments (610)

        She’s a bully & bullies are master manipulators. She also has a horrible potty mouth and between her, Aaryn, and GM, they’ve said racist, bigoted, offensive stuff about almost every known people group. That’s not “good tv”.

      • Comments (178)

        Yes, Aaryn a/k/a The Adderall Witch has certainly proved capable of winning her share of HOH competitions. However, I think what we’ll see next season (if there even IS a next season of “Big Brother”) is a household of people all on Adderall or some other type of performance enhancing drug. The Adderall Witch’s use of Adderall has definitely given her an unfair advantage in some of the competitions.

    • Comments (453)

      Yes Amanda is playing a good game, controlling everyone. It is the vile, disgusting, hateful remarks she makes, like slit her throat so she can’t scream when she is raped, I want to stick a harpoon in your eye, poke her eye out with tweezers, and the racist, mentally challenged degrading comments, saying she could murder a puppy, all of these comments she makes and laughs at herself like she is so great because she said them is what makes people with morals and a conscience not like her.

  16. Comments (302)

    I think I might lose my sanity if I had to hang with this bunch. Gina Marie crying because Nick wasn’t mentioned during the Veto competition and there was no keepsake with his name on it. Anyone ever see that old Alicia Silverstone movie “The Crush”? Multiply that times ten and you have Gina Marie.
    My memory isn’t so great on past Big Brothers. Did any of them compare with Season 15 for tears spilt. I am Boo Hoo’d out.

  17. Comments (48)

    I don’t think Elissa will be able to handle the group that is left. Maybe it would be best for her to save Helen and hopefully Jessie could come back in the house and the two of them could try for HOH and get Amanda and McCrae on the block. The 6 people that will be left after Thursday are planning to treat Elissa in a way that she will self-evict and they do not have to worry about her jury vote.

    I cannot stand the filth that comes out of Spencers mouth constantly. It would be so great if he went up as a replacement and others changed their mind and got rid of him but that will not happen. Amanda has ordered Helen out. Oh, I wish McCrae would grow a pair and dump Amanda. The comments she made last night were just as nasty and gross and Spencers mouth. I know women are supposed to be equal to men but I cannot she has so little respect for herself to say the things she does.

    Also, I do not want Judd to come back in the house. He thinks Helen and Elissa were totally responsible for his eviction and McCrae will tell him he was told that Judd was MVP and he is so sorry and Judd will be right back in with McCrae and Amanda. That would make for a boring return to the BB house. I am ready for some excitement. Bring back Jessie or Candice but I do not wish any more abuse on Candice either.

    Sorry about the long post but just getting all of this off my mind this morning. Only had 1 cup of coffee so I cannot put all of this in perspective this morning so I just had to write it down.

    • Comments (226)

      Kind of agree about Elissa not being able to handle the housemates with Helen gone. Already last night they were bashing her for no reason and after Helen leaves they will probably do it to her face. It would be an interesting twist if she did save Helen- it would totally rock Amanda’s reign (for a minute, anyway).

    • Comments (610)

      Well said sisterof mine! Spencer says some awful stuff, constantly, and the others just laugh. And he seems to be leading the charge to push Elissa to the point that she will leave the game. (he said something about finding her kids and killing them). Once again, he should have been pulled from the game for a comment like that! I hope that gets included in the investigation of his child porn comments!

  18. Comments (624)

    The longer they go without putting up McCranda, the tougher it will be to get rid of them. Guarantee Aaryn will wuss out and put up Spencer. Might as well just hand them the cash right now.

  19. Comments (1)

    Helen had to live with her choice by making a one time deal with Aaryn and got the board to evict Kaitlin. Would it change the game if Kaitlin stayed in the game? Now Helen will look foolish when she reviews her show where she makes mistakes.

  20. Comments (1162)

    After reading what was said overnight, the BB15 haters, bigots and racists
    Every single night, they go even lower than before disparaging others and according to most
    of them, they don’t care what people outside of the BBH think of them.

    We’ll see about that!!!!!

    If one of them does win, I wonder if CBS/BB will cancel the Winners ( ! & 2 ) personal
    television appearances?
    A network which “Cared” would have removed some of these HGs
    from the BBH several weeks ago……..
    Oh, wait!
    BB is on CBS.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree MM. I watched the first hour of BBAD last night & then turned it off. It was horrible to watch/listen to the bashing and it was so mean, vulgar, etc. I wondered if somehow the show had been moved over to MTV or one of those networks, lol.

    • Comments (3)

      Cbs, doesnt seem to mind the so called bad press, or Aa, Mg, and Spencer would be gone. That make fun of the producers, disreguard, when told not to talk about production. They think they are big shots cause their on t.v. But leason up hg’s,you are not someone that can learn and grow from this game. Grow up and . And act like you have a mom and dad that thought you to be a human, ugggg,just saying

  21. Comments (1162)

    Interesting post found –
    A person is questioning what took place in Aaryn’s, July 25th, HOH Rm. during her reveal. – 10:00 PM

    There is a photo of Aaryn’s two BFFs. Amanda picks up the photo and says the one
    girl looks familiar to her. It is Aaryn’s friend, Kaitlin. Amanda asks if she lives in
    Austin. Aaryn says yes. Amanda says she knows her.
    Aaryn doesn’t say, “Wow! How do you know her?”
    Most people would………
    Why the abrupt silence?
    AND CBS/BB wonders why BB Fans question the integrity of casting. Humph ……..

    *I found the above on Jokers Updates, so the poster is correct. He/she did
    hear that quick exchange between Aaryn and Amanda.

    • Comments (5)

      I have wondered about that. This is the first time I have seen the statement on any of the web sights. Good question. Would explain why
      these 2 get a way with talking like the lowest form of life.

      • Comments (1162)

        I heard the exhange on BBAD but forgot all about it until I read the poster’s question.

        It truly doesn’t make a bit of sense that Aaryn and Amanda wouldn’t
        have discussed them, both, knowing this girl. Also, Production never
        came in and told them to not talk about it.

    • Comments (3)

      I know right!!, do they know each other?, or hhmmmm, maybe Amanda does know a producer, that might be how she seem to know Aa’s friend, just thinking ;(

  22. Comments (1)

    I think that Helen has made some pretty stupid mistakes but I think she is the only one who can get Mcranda out of this house. Hopefully if she does win on Thursday she will come back guns blazing. If Judd comes back he will not want to work with elissa, if Candice comes back she wont really be much help, if Jessie comes back they might be able to do something. But I think helen is our best shot at defeating Mcranda.

  23. Comments (9)

    Just how did amanda get on bb since she’s good friends with the producer ? She is soooo shady wonder how many people in the outside world (customers ) has she lied to about selling housesand told them lies ?

  24. Comments (55)

    Just tuning in to BBAD. I dislike Amanda so much, but HG are so blind (being nice)Amanda deserves to win. Someone who can fight come back to game.

    • Comments (1162)

      Notice how Elissa sat there determining who should go up on the Block
      and never included herself and McCrae?

      If we can see what she is doing, why, oh why can’t the other HGs?

  25. Comments (17)

    Did anybody notice when Helen was talking to Alisa on BBAD ..she said that the house knew if I win the POV they were sure I would use on you to pull you off the block…. Like saying for Alisa to use it on her without saying it her self….Alisa has made some dumb moves but that would take the cake and for helen to think this could happen is BEYOND.

    • Comments (1162)

      I missed that ……..

      Helen did ask Elissa if she would vote for her to stay, over the HG
      who will take Elissa’s place on the Block, & Elissa said, yes.

    • Comments (453)

      Nothing like throwing someone under the bus to their face.

    • Comments (178)

      I’d like to hope that Rachel coached Elissa in some “do’s and don’ts” when playing the game of “Big Brother”. One of the major “don’t” is being talked into using the POV on someone other than yourself. It doesn’t matter if that person swears up and down that you are safe from eviction. Does anyone remember Marcelas and how he was conned? A precise example of why one should use the POV to remove themself from the block. Elissa doesn’t owe Helen anything and it’s certainly not worth losing an opportunity to end up as a finalist.

  26. Comments (79)

    Congrats on going out the door Helen, you were a stupid player.

  27. Comments (17)

    I was going through some other sites and found one that is outside of all I have read on BB “guests” This one targets Amanda. Does anyone else have any info about this one?
    Cut and past if it won’t open for you.
    would like any feedback if any of you have seen or heard about this site and how vaid are their posts.

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