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Big Brother 15 – Acceptance Is Setting In

July 14, 2013 | 81 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



CBS update – I was slow with the updates today, but if you’re watch the CBS episode and want to see more of the drama from Thursday night, read this thread and use the flashback feature on the live feeds.

Since the live show on Thursday night, we’ve pretty much witnessed the 5 stages of grief right before our eyes on the Big Brother live feeds. What died was the alliance of Team Ignorance as we knew it heading into the night.   On Thursday night, we had denial and anger … lots of anger, so much that I wasn’t sure if someone was going to get kicked out.  Throughout the day on Friday, we had some bargaining to prevent any future damage to the alliance, but that pretty much fell on deaf ears.  Once Kaitlin won the PoV, in came the depression knowing that her showmance was going home this week, and finally followed up with some acceptance and moving forward as the night went on.

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Needless to say, it’s been a very eventful weekend of alliance shifts, blowups, makeups, fake alliances, and much more.  Thursday night didn’t just get rid of Nick, it also exposed a lot of little secrets that were floating around the house all season.  The Moving Company, how Aaryn felt about Kaitlin (and vice versa), Howard’s ability to lie, GinaMarie’s stage 5 clinger status, and more.  While it was a victory to send Nick home, it came at a pretty steep cost for some.

If you’ve been following closely, the house had a lot of alliances overlapping from Jeremy playing both MC and the girls, to McCrae with MC and Amanda to Jessie trying to be aligned with everyone.  These type of situations only have a short shelf life in a place like Big Brother simply because throwing a bunch of people in a small house leads to nothing but talking.  Talking then leads to things slipping, paranoia, and eventually exposure.

The current alliance situation is rough to describe. Let me try to break it down as best I can…

Amanda, McCrae
Candice, Elissa, Helen
Helen, Andy
Helen, Andy, Amanda, Mcrae
Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin
Spencer, Howard
Jessie, Judd

Some are overlapping, but for the most part everyone has retreated back to a partner or two until they can rebuild what they lost during Thursday nights explosion.


In other news, Helen has been letting HoH go to her head a little, and Elissa being a puppet is starting to wear on her as well.  Helen was pretty furious that Elissa didn’t nominate Howard with her MVP vote, but Elissa was also a bit annoyed that Helen decided to put the nominations out without running it by her.  Elissa is starting to see that she’s basically being used as a weapon, and that could be dangerous for those using her, while giving nothing in return except safety.

Also, for some reason McCrae has decided to take credit for this weeks MVP, I think to get heat off of Elissa but it doesn’t make much sense to do so. Because of that, Kaitlin now thinks McCrae also had MVP last week when Jeremy was put up, and now the pizza boy is starting to ruffle some feathers. The way the house works, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprise to see Kaitlin and Jeremy think McCrae was the mastermind behind everything that went wrong this season.  This does nothing but put a target on his back by some pretty scorned women.  Congrats on your strategy, McCrae?

With Jeremy a lock to go home this week, if he continues to roll over and accept his fate (which I doubt), I expect the house to start planning for the next nomination pretty soon.  There are already talks about Howard going home next, and if that’s the case, the remaining guys in the house better put their heads together because it will then be 4 males versus 8 females… with Candice leading the charge of an all-girls alliance.

I may be a little busy this afternoon, but if plans fall through, I will be at home creating a new thread about the afternoon in the house.  Either way, make sure to sign up to the live feeds so you don’t miss a thing!

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