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Big Brother 15 – Acceptance Is Setting In


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CBS update – I was slow with the updates today, but if you’re watch the CBS episode and want to see more of the drama from Thursday night, read this thread and use the flashback feature on the live feeds.

Since the live show on Thursday night, we’ve pretty much witnessed the 5 stages of grief right before our eyes on the Big Brother live feeds. What died was the alliance of Team Ignorance as we knew it heading into the night.   On Thursday night, we had denial and anger … lots of anger, so much that I wasn’t sure if someone was going to get kicked out.  Throughout the day on Friday, we had some bargaining to prevent any future damage to the alliance, but that pretty much fell on deaf ears.  Once Kaitlin won the PoV, in came the depression knowing that her showmance was going home this week, and finally followed up with some acceptance and moving forward as the night went on.

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Needless to say, it’s been a very eventful weekend of alliance shifts, blowups, makeups, fake alliances, and much more.  Thursday night didn’t just get rid of Nick, it also exposed a lot of little secrets that were floating around the house all season.  The Moving Company, how Aaryn felt about Kaitlin (and vice versa), Howard’s ability to lie, GinaMarie’s stage 5 clinger status, and more.  While it was a victory to send Nick home, it came at a pretty steep cost for some.

If you’ve been following closely, the house had a lot of alliances overlapping from Jeremy playing both MC and the girls, to McCrae with MC and Amanda to Jessie trying to be aligned with everyone.  These type of situations only have a short shelf life in a place like Big Brother simply because throwing a bunch of people in a small house leads to nothing but talking.  Talking then leads to things slipping, paranoia, and eventually exposure.

The current alliance situation is rough to describe. Let me try to break it down as best I can…

Amanda, McCrae
Candice, Elissa, Helen
Helen, Andy
Helen, Andy, Amanda, Mcrae
Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin
Spencer, Howard
Jessie, Judd

Some are overlapping, but for the most part everyone has retreated back to a partner or two until they can rebuild what they lost during Thursday nights explosion.

In other news, Helen has been letting HoH go to her head a little, and Elissa being a puppet is starting to wear on her as well.  Helen was pretty furious that Elissa didn’t nominate Howard with her MVP vote, but Elissa was also a bit annoyed that Helen decided to put the nominations out without running it by her.  Elissa is starting to see that she’s basically being used as a weapon, and that could be dangerous for those using her, while giving nothing in return except safety.

Also, for some reason McCrae has decided to take credit for this weeks MVP, I think to get heat off of Elissa but it doesn’t make much sense to do so. Because of that, Kaitlin now thinks McCrae also had MVP last week when Jeremy was put up, and now the pizza boy is starting to ruffle some feathers. The way the house works, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprise to see Kaitlin and Jeremy think McCrae was the mastermind behind everything that went wrong this season.  This does nothing but put a target on his back by some pretty scorned women.  Congrats on your strategy, McCrae?

With Jeremy a lock to go home this week, if he continues to roll over and accept his fate (which I doubt), I expect the house to start planning for the next nomination pretty soon.  There are already talks about Howard going home next, and if that’s the case, the remaining guys in the house better put their heads together because it will then be 4 males versus 8 females… with Candice leading the charge of an all-girls alliance.

I may be a little busy this afternoon, but if plans fall through, I will be at home creating a new thread about the afternoon in the house.  Either way, make sure to sign up to the live feeds so you don’t miss a thing!

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  1. Comments (768)

    Helen needs to go! Since she’s been HOH she’s been getting more and more obnoxious every minute. And what’s with her cutting a deal with Kaitlen to give her immunity for a week if she promises to use the veto on herself? Doesn’t she know she shouldn’t write a cheque that she can’t cash??? Okay, someone say it… go ahead… anybody? anybody? 🙂

    • Comments (51)

      Classic Blackmail. love the irony with Kaitlin and Jeremy’s showmance. him knowing as soon as she save herself, he’ll likely to go.

      Karma’s a Bitch.

    • Comments (316)

      I like Helen, she is wise. I hope she goes far into the game.

      • Comments (768)

        I liked her too and had hoped she would go far, but the emotional browbeating she keeps laying on Howard is getting difficult to listen to. Get over it already! It’s part of the game.

      • Comments (51)

        cause howard won’t fess up about continuously lying, knowing he’s already caught.

      • Comments (768)

        Yeah but since when is it mandatory that everyone who lies has to fess up to the HOH just because they demand to know???

      • Comments (274)

        I hear ya Rob but the issue isn’t just lying with him. The issue is he played the God card. The I’m a God fearing man who swore on my religion & God & Bible saying I’m not lying. It is a big no no.

      • Comments (768)

        I hear ya Jill, but whatever sin Howard might make that offends people (such as swearing on the Bible) is between him and God and not for us to judge. To the best of my knowledge Dan Ghesling is still alive, so God didn’t strike him down for doing it! 😉

    • Comments (528)

      Helen is playing the game better than anyone in the house. Emotional manipulation is a HUGE part of BB and she knows how to lay it on – good for her. She went from the bottom to the top almost single-handedly.

      Sometimes I wonder if men are just turned off by clearly strong women. Like it threatens their personal manhood or something. If a dude was making all the same moves as Gelen he’d be getting mad respect for a good game but there are all these MEN who can’t stand her all of a sudden now that she’s making big moves and getting deservedly cocky about it.

  2. Comments (453)

    Helen’s alliances: Helen’s short term way or the highway. Would hate to see Amanda as hoh, unbearable for all. Would like to see Elissa as hoh and with just a look she would have some shaking!

    • Comments (51)

      that would be interesting Elissa as HOH. Helen has the house shaken, i wonder how shake/scared they’ll be if Elissa’s HOH? considering she still might get the MVP. so much power how will she handle bb politics and alliances?

    • Comments (1162)

      IF Elissa becomes HOH, I’ll bet her sister will pay a visit to the BB House.
      What a hoot!!!!

  3. Comments (1162)

    I applauded Helen’s First Day as HOH, however not anymore.
    She’s been handing out “Safety Passes” to most everyone and
    I really don’t understand her sudden fondness for Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Both of those “ladies” are ready
    and willing to show Helen the Exit Door.
    Last night GinaMarie was back to spewing bigoted comments with her pals, Aaryn and Kaitlin.

    The All Girls BB idea is becoming a theme for some.
    The Guys Only Moving Company was such a huge success!!!!!
    What about Andy and Judd? I like both of them.
    Will Amanda be ready to kick McCrae out of the House?

  4. Comments (35)

    Why exactly hasn’t Kaitlin been fired from her job the way the others have?

    She has officially made her own racist comments, and worse, she’s acted as the cheerleader for those making the malicious comments.

    IMO she is just as culpable.

    • Comments (2)

      Kaitlin is a bartender.. I guess it’ll depend on how many of that bar’s customers watch Big Brother.

    • Comments (6)

      GM and Aaryn had morality clauses with their respective jobs that requires them to act a certain way in public as to not disgrace their brand in public. Aaryn’s modeling agency only gets paid when aaryn books jobs but who is going to want Aaryn’s face representing their brand….

      GM teach and mentors pageant girls off all types so why would her employer want GM teaching them what GM clearly believes. Bad for business.

      Katilyn is a bartender; the bar will be more popular with Kate working so there isn’t any reason to fire her but they still might but I wouldn’t if I were a bar manager.

      Both GM’s and Aaryn’s employers didn’t let them go because they felt morality superior to the girls but because the girls would hurt their bottom line.

      • Comments (29)

        Remember, that’s why Dan was so careful with his comments during his first season. Because of his coaching job with the parochial school he didn’t drink alcohol either.

      • Comments (1162)

        Do you really think the bar where Kaitlin works will be more popular
        when she returns?

        IF true then the bar owner should step up his business even more by
        offering jobs to the toxic duo, Gina Marie and Aaryn.

        IMO, Kaitlin better hope she makes to to the Jury House to earn
        extra income because even if she manages to keep her bartender job,
        she will probably find her TIP Jar less than full.

  5. Comments (231)

    I’m happy Helen won hoh. My only problem with Helen is that she thinks she owns the the MVP. Not consulting with Elissa last week and blabbing all over the house about E having it was not right. This week she did the same thing and never talked alone with Elissa about what E wanted to do with the MVP. Helen needs to shut the fuck up and listen for a change.

  6. Comments (51)

    What does Kaitlin do? does she even have a job?

    I agree with you it was annoying that Helen acts that with Elissa. like she’s both HOH and MVP(that deals are being made with her behalf without her consent)

    interesting that Elissa is laying low with Helen reign as HOH. you can only count her air time. she’s either purposely laying low or she really has no clue.

    • Comments (316)

      Whatever Elissa is doing is working for her at this point. She was up on the block twice and was the target both times until everyone flipped.

      • Comments (216)

        I will agree with that. If you give Elissa the benefit of the doubt, she’s letting Helen think she’s in charge of the MVP and take the heat. That keeps the focus off Elissa and won’t stop Elissa from doing what she wants with it. This way, if someone is upset with how the MVP is being used, that person takes out Helen, hoping to work with Elissa, rather than taking out Elissa.

      • Comments (51)

        even Mccrae pretending to be MVP for week 2&3. that’ll surely help Elissa’s incognito mode. but knowing MC and Amanda they likely want something out it, since she’ll likely keep on winning MVP the following weeks.

      • Comments (6)

        I think the fact that Elissa has to have someone pretend to take the heat for her nomination is the exact reason why she shouldn’t get it.

        She wants the credit after the fact but not the heat. I was an Elissa supporter but not after this past Friday.

      • Comments (216)

        She should seek out the ire of housemates? Okay.

      • Comments (1276)

        Actually she took the credit in the heat of it, now McCrae has decided to take the heat off of her. His choice, she’d be crazy not to let him. They’ve all been trying to get her out since day one, she could use a break.

      • Comments (6)

        you didn’t watch the feeds if you think that. Elissa was crying to Helen, Amanda and McCrae about the MVP nom and not wanting the house made at her.

        But I get it.. Elissa is a freaking SAINT and deserves BB champ because she is so sweet.

      • Comments (1276)

        acutlly I do watch the feeds and yes I saw that. she never had to admit to anyone that she was even getting MVP, so if someone else is willing to say they are doing it, while she has been putting up people that they all want up, I’m saying theres nothing wrong with that.
        It’s actually smart game play on her part. McCrae is willing to say he’s doing it, which lets her out of the spotlight from the other house guests.
        And yes, actaully Elissa does seem like a pretty “sweet” nice person. American keeps voting her MVP, which means that she does deserve it. That is the whole point, if the majority of the people watching didn’t want her to have it, guess what, she wouldn’t.

    • Comments (2)

      Kaitlin is a bartender.. Not sure she’ll have too many happy hour customers when she gets back..

      • Comments (1162)

        Kaitlin was recruited by a BB Staffer for the show.
        She wasn’t a BB Fan and never auditioned.

        How many fans audition for BB ( some try out several times before being
        approved) and yet………
        “A BB Staffer Walked Into A Bar” and ……..brought this
        horrible person to the Show without her doing a thing?????

    • Comments (453)

      I believe Kaitlin is a bartender

    • Comments (35)

      she is a bartender, she was scouted at the bar where she works
      – probably something to do with why she hasn’t been fired. Its not as if bars are the bastions of politically correct thinking

      You’re right about elissa, I think she is purposely staying out of the limelight

      • Comments (51)

        Kaitlin scouted? we’ll see in coming days if she still has her job.

        Jeremy is wooing Elissa.
        Jeremy says he’s a champion. Elissa: “What have you won? What have you accomplished so far?” Jeremy says he was little Mr Arkansas at 6.


      • Comments (111)

        Your name is Justified and someone else is named crymeariver….ARE YOU SECRETLY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE

      • Comments (35)

        Good call 😛

      • Comments (35)

        Not actually the intent behind the name; more like: justified in my critique …but happy coincidence nonetheless!

  7. Comments (48)

    I bet just as soon as Helen’s HOH is over, she will be right back sitting, crying and expecting Elisa to comfort her. I thought she would be more mature than she is acting. These malicious girls are not totally stupid (I don’t think anyway). Helen can make all the deals she wants but when her HOH is over, they will be null and void with the girls. Watch. They will want to pay her back if Jeremy goes home.

  8. Comments (44)

    I really had high hopes for Mcrea, and Nick. I was wrong.

  9. Comments (83)

    These ppl go on a major power trip when they are HOH, then the following week if they get put up the cry like freakin babies, and Helen all bent of shape cause zHoward lied, get real, its BB, your there to win lots of money, of course they are gonna lie, get over it Helen.

  10. Comments (36)

    What I don’t get is why the prolonged chit chat about “Who” to target. What? The four idiots of course, then get back into strategy mode. Why the confusion? Although, eventually Howard would be a big threat. Once he starts trying to win contests, he’s going to win them.

  11. Comments (5)

    This year’s BB has been a disappointment. The MVP is being used poorly and I hate that the same person is continuously getting it (Elissa) She’s basically getting a free pass from the house to go straight to the jury. Its a bit sad, I don’t care is Rachel is her sister if they were going to make a twist by putting her on the show announce that at the beginning of the season. In other news, the house guest are pathetic a bunch of ass kisser (except Jeremy) who wants to kiss everyone’s ass who has power. Alliances are all bullshit this year (The Moving Company) they moved out themselves before anyone else in the house. Overlapping alliances its crazy, what happened to alliances like Chilltown and etc. They are horrible when it comes to gameplay this year just a bunch of ass kissers and user but I guess that’s what you do when youre in the house with a bunch of followers and no leaders wanting to make a change or flip in the game.

    • Comments (51)

      i agree to some extent that that mvp shouldn’t be won by same person. but @ this point i’ll give her (Elissa) a pass especially after what team ignorance did to her during their reign of terror.

      Funnily enough they are more scared of mvp vote rather than HOH. they think the MVP vote is the will of the people, or pass to backdoor nominate. while HOH vote are just pawn.

  12. Comments (3)

    It’s seems everyone is playing a sloppy game.

  13. Comments (36)

    Wow, these girls r meaner than mean. Aayn is by far the worse with Kaitlyn right behind. Don’t they know high schools over. They even said it themselves, it’s the first time they’re on the wrong “click” side. Get over yourselves “losers”. Neither of you deserve a penny in this game & would be a disgrace if it would happen, but pretty sure it won’t. Oh yeah, and Helen’s getting a bit obnoxious. With this bunch, I hope Andy or Judd wins. They seem kind.

  14. Comments (1)

    Aaryn is toxic. How anyone can play their own game in a house with someone who is so clearly evil, racist, immature, selfish, and clueless is beyond me. Better to vote her snobby butt out and everyone could chill a little. How such a pretty woman could be raised to act so ugly boggles the mind. I think, given that CBS even had to start the show with a disclaimer, is probably eager to see Aaryn go. I hope Julie is allowed to give her Trump’s line. “Aaryn, you’re fired”, per your former employer that is.

  15. Comments (2)

    Holy Smokes! I am LIVID …. I’m dead smack in the middle of watching BB and I couldn’t even wait for my show to end before I had to RUN to this computer to vent some steam!!!!!!!! OMG, this is awful to feel this much anger as I do this moment. Just for the record, I am a married, white woman – age 48. Maybe a little too old to be watching this BB, but it caught my attention on the first episode & thus here I am. I just have to say that this Aron chic (I know I’m spelling her name wrong, but right now I don’t even CARE!!. Anyway, her and her little entourage – following her lead, laughing, and condoning her RACIAL behavior is un-forgiving! I’m not racial, but have been known to spew at the mouth before, so I am NOT (I repeat I am N-O-T) perfect, but this episode tonight with the black girl and that other chic jumping up and running her mouth has caused me to HATE that Aron girl, as well as the other blonde, and that brunette. I just paused my DVR on Harrold as he held that girl saying that ‘she’ was just breaking his heart by crying, and furthermore her crying was just as if it were his mother, or sister, etc. ~~ My heart has completely been broken by the vigorus belittling and crummy, God awful behavior I’ve just witnessed.
    I noticed as BB started rolling tape tonight that they made a public announcement saying they do not condone any actions of the houseguests, but really, to me that isn’t enough CBS. …. … I have never ran to a computer to leave a blog comment like this before, but I am so outraged right now. I can’t begin to think of what (or how) any minority would be feeling right now. THIS IS SAD! I swear to Christ above I am going to go on a serious campaign to have something done with this Aron chic, and her little New York Bronx friend. I sincerely hope they walk away from this reality show as some of the most HATED people in America. They deserve it.
    Damn, I am mad. Shame on CBS as well.

  16. Comments (96)

    After watching tonight’s show, I have major respect for Amanda for sticking up for everyone. Aaryn needs to go. At this pt, I don’t care if producers sway the vote because she doesn’t deserve to be there

  17. Comments (6)

    Helens HOH is getting to her head she is so bossy and is trying to keep Kaitlin and Gina marie to Jury over Spencer ,Candice and Howard which i dont get why?? But Amanda needs to go also like she os trying to rule everyone hasnt even won any games or has been close to winning any games hasnt made her own alliances without Mcare basically she just sucks i really want Candice to Win HOH and at least go to jury..But Anyways Candice for MVP she would be perfect or just a huge threat

  18. Comments (1)

    Why are they not getting rid of Aaryn, now that they have the chance? I don’t really like Jeremy either, but I’d take him over the world’s most ignorant Barbie.

    • Comments (528)

      Because the smart move isn’t getting rid of the annoying one no one likes, it’s getting rid of STRONG players who have a better chance of winning things like HOH and POV. Do that first and then worry about Aaryn…it’s not like she’s going to get far, no one likes her save a couple people that would throw hr under the bus at any given opportunity (just based on their own shallow, terrible personalities)

  19. Comments (453)

    Double eviction coming up, as the door hits Aaryn and Ginamarie in the ass, Julie gives both of them a bitch slap upside their ugly heads!

    • Comments (36)

      OMG YES!! The others keep on saying that Gina Marie is all right……… NO she is NOT! None of those four are.

      • Comments (169)

        For some reason Helen likes GM. Wonder if she’d have a change of heart if she heard the racist stuff she’s said about Helen, regarding massage paroles and doing nails and her eyes and rice? Bet she’d have a change of heart, though, I may be wrong, she might excuse it, and say “poor GM has been under so much stress, it’s ok..keep the slurs going if it makes you feel better Hun.” Ha

      • Comments (1276)

        I think Helen is acting a bit gulable. I’m a sucker for someone crying, I usually end up at minimum teary eyed. So I do feel bad for anyone that’s upset. But the whole scene with GM crying for hours on end, was overkill. Sure, I believe the girl was upset, she obviously has some issues, but I think she also played it up as much as she could.
        Helen is falling for it hook, line and sinker. Same as for Kaitlin (Who I think is actually much more hurt by Jerk leaving then GM over Nick) but to tell everyone they “have to” keep Kaitlin safe, at least for a while, is nuts. She is forgetting that the group as a whole decided that this group needs to go, which is part of what brought them all together. So going back on it is nuts and just bad game play.

  20. Comments (169)

    I’ll say again, Helen seems to be trying to make the house one, big “kum ba yah” type place, where everyone gets along, everyone is on the same side. What, isn’t their alliance now at like ten people? She said she wants to bring Aaryn into it?! Invited her up to HoH for wine and food? What happened to “my food is for anyone who had to make that tough vote Thursday”?

    You have to have “the other side” because one still has to nominate two for eviction, and still have to vote a person out each week. How does she think this “kum ba yah” strategy is going to work? Then making Elissa promise she will keep Kaitlyn safe?! WTF? Helen has gotten a very severe case of “HoH Head”, an illness that takes over the mind of a HG for the week they’re HoH, and for that week, they think they’re going to be running things forever. LOL. Every HoH gets it, some more than others, some less..but Helen is really letting it go to her head. She’s not being bullish, cocky or whatever, but making deals, trying to get everyone to be one big alliance, that’s going to backfire in a huge way as soon as her reign is over. She’s promising safety to Kaitlyn in exchange for her using the Veto. ON HERSELF. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?! Kaitlyn is a nominee. She won the PoV. And Helen is promising her the world if she uses the veto, on HERSELF. I say, if Kaitlyn is that stupid and that dumb that she needs begging and convincing to use the veto on HERSELF, then she deserves to be voted out. I’ve never seen something so dumb…making unnecessary deals to try and get a nominee to use the veto on themselves. She was planning on using it, anyway. All it took was Amanda telling her they’d send her home if she didn’t use it. Sorry, I just don’t get the logic in this. Helen really is acting like the lifetime HoH, saying “Kaitlyn is going to be doing this for the house, she deserves protection.” Ummm, no, typically, a nominee uses the veto on themself for the good of THEM… ugh *headdesk*

    Sorry for the rant, I just see this as totally unnecessary. She clearly can’t cash all of these safety passes she’s handing out…and she’s going to be in deep in a couple weeks. What happens next week, if, lets say, GM or Kaitlyn win HoH.. I guarantee Helen will be crying an ocean of tears if they put her up… I think it was so idiotic that she gave GM a total pass this week just “because she’s been so emotional, she doesn’t need to be in that nomination position as well”. After the way GM, Kaitlyn, and Aaryn have treated Candice and Howard, JUST a few days ago, and she’s being easy on them? I would be sooo mad if I was Candice and Howard. I truly hope those two vote Aaryn to go regardless this Thursday. I wonder how Helen would feel if she heard all the slurs those three have hurled her way without her knowing? SMH.

    Sorry for that long post, hadn’t posted today, and I had been wanting to address this whole “one big happy family” housewide alliance that Helen is looking to form, apparently.

    On another note, does anyone think Kaitlyn kinda looks a little like Katy Perry? Not saying totally looks like her, but I see a resemblance.. But that’s IMHO. have a great week, everyone!

    • Comments (51)

      in my opinion, besides being the closest to Elissa (MVP weekly nominee) and winning the weeks HOH power did get into her head in an OA manner. The MVP vote is view as the will of the people since the ones evicted were nominated by mvp. plus a sure way to backdoor nominate someone regardless of veto (Amanda figured it out weeks ago).

      after watching the after dark episode day 21, their long term plan was to eliminate the Team Ignorance, which gives them 4 weeks or less before the jury.

      Regardless of facade of “y’all welcome at the HOH room”, i think its the most basic of strategies keeping your enemies closer. Last week, the Team Ignorance tyrannical rule the bb house and eventually they lose power and allegiance. Simply because they were horrible and threatening people. i think Helen learned from that.

      Being nice to people counts. the occasional emotional blackmail, (spencer and howard) is for future reference knowing they owed her. but they already had their marks at their backs.

      it’s annoying how they treat Elissa as weapon, and its a low point for Helen to be the treat her supposedly friend in same way. Making deals without her consent. I’m glad Elissa stuck up with her guns to nominate Howard instead of Spencer. it shows everyone that she won’t be easily dictated. Its good she’s laying low this week but sticking up to her belief regardless to faux friends/alliance she suddenly gained in week 3.

      for Amanda, i believe she’s the most strategic player of all, but her ordering people around doesn’t help her cause.

    • Comments (178)

      Helen is a very shrewd player. Right now she’s emphasizing her social game in the house. She realizes that once she is no longer HOH and the power shifts to a “less friendly” side of the house, she could be in danger of being nominated because she is a threat. Hence, the overflow of warmth coming from her to all and sundry. Her hope is that because they really like her as a person, they will seek someone else to place on the block.

      What is troubling to me (and again, it’s part of her gamesmanship) is the way Helen is using Elissa. I actually feel bad for Elissa because she truly has shown no game thus far or, for that matter, does she have any “authentic” friends in that house. Pure and simple, she is a pawn. But when a purported “friend” continually uses you as a pawn (and make no mistake about it, Helen IS using Elissa), that is the ultimate betrayal. Helen hasn’t any inclination of going further in the game with Elissa once Elissa is no longer voted MVP. That point is obvious. I think Elissa has finally realized that her only value to that group is her winning the MVP award. Whether her own eyes were opened to this fact, or the Diary Room sessions opened them for her, I think she knows her time in the house is limited. Elissa needs to (a) finally establish some gamesmanship (if possible); and (b) start winning competitions, i.e., HOH. Unfortunately, even if she won HOH, she’s made herself so pliable that her alliance know they can use her to do their dirty work.

  21. Comments (4)

    aaryn your ribs are sticking out like crazy to think you are so much better than Candice!
    I am a guy and I think Candice is prettier than you are
    I think you are just jealous you stupid blonde! You better watch
    Your back after this game is over! I feel sorry for you

    • Comments (528)

      Completely superficial much? Glad to say BB isn’t about who’s the prettiest (yet).

      • Comments (4)

        It’s not being superficial…i’m just saying I think aaryn is jealous of Candice’s looks. Not that looks mean anything though…

  22. Comments (35)

    Edit: is anyone surprised that Kaitlin works in a strip club? she’s a “bartender” in a strip club.

    Yes, great job with the casting CBS. Way to choose the cream of the crop:

    you’ve got the sleaze, the racists, and the homophobes!

    • Comments (169)

      Amen.. Haha. Did you see the rap video she was in? She talked about it on the feeds, someone found the YouTube of it… Lots of f words, and it seals the deal as far as sleaze goes.

      Aaryn would never talk to her again if she found out she was in a RAP video! Hahaha

    • Comments (1162)

      So the joke is ……

      A Big Brother Staffer Walks Into A Strip Club and …………
      BB ends up having to accept Hateful Kaitlin as a BB15 House Guest.


      • Comments (453)

        Gee, wonder what they put on their expense reports for $ spent in a sleaze bar???

    • Comments (528)

      How do you edit??

  23. Comments (68)

    I like Helen as well and admire her for wanting to include Aaryn in things but she can’t make her do what she (Aaryn) doesn’t want to do. I say leave Aaryn be because the next chance she gets to get attack someone she will. That girl ain’t right, she’s evil! Kaitlyn would be wise to take herself off the block. Jeremy needs to go! He is such a liar. After watching him on BBAD last night and watching him go from person to person lying makes me dislike him even more! Howard made a major mistake by lying and it will cost him in the end. But did he actually swear on the bible?? or is that story stretched a bit??

  24. Comments (195)

    Does Aaryn not have any other shirts that don’t hang halfway down her arm so she can show off her bra. Just don’t understand the young people today with having to show their underwear…especially the guys when they wear their pants halfway down their a** so all can see. Don’t get me wrong our trends in the 70’s & 80’s were priceless lol but at least we were covered up!

    Oh and I am soooo tired of hearing Aaryn talk about how she is targeted because she is blonde and blue eyed and from the south and that if they knew her they would see how nice she is. Her “poor me” and “holier than thou attitude” drives me nuts. Can not wait for that b**ch to go home! Your not targeted because you a blond Aaryn…its because you are a sorry excuse for a human being!

  25. Comments (77)

    As bad as I want Aaryn to go home, I do not feel like the house will have the perfect opportunity to get Jeremy out as they do this week. If Jeremy is sent packing, hopefully someone other than Aaryn, GM or Kaitlan will get HOH and they can send Aaryn next, followed by GM and Kaitlan.

    Where Elisa is concerned, I do not feel like she has had an opportunity to show us any game play. She has been too busy trying to keep from getting evicted. She has not been befriended by anyone other than Helen and she was on the block with her. That left no one to game play with. She has been able to remind them that she might get MVP so that is the only reason they have kept her. Her only game play to this point has been MVP. I do not see any other game play she could have had.

    Maybe after all that has happened and the attention taken off of her she can make a few friends to game play with.

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