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Big Brother 15 – Friday Afternoon Open Thread

August 16, 2013 | 99 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


We’re on a new week in the Big Brother house, and hopefully we’ll finally have some excitement, fun, or anything at this point. Aaryn won the HoH last night, and the nominations will be taking place today.  There is a 99% chance of Helen and Elissa going on the block, and if they do, that means Amanda’s plan is in full swing and Helen will be the target.

Yes, I said Amanda’s plan and not Aaryn’s because she is the one controlling her alliance right now.  Even Aaryn admitted that today when she sat down with Amanda to have a one-on-one about the plan.  Aaryn’s plan is to take Amanda to the final 2 because she thinks of them as a team.  Aaryn wins competitions, Amanda tells her what to do.  I’m not making that up, it came out of Aaryn’s mouth.  This means it’s well known in the house that Amanda is pulling the strings, yet Jessie was the only one to try and do anything about it.

I’m going to be updating this thread throughout the afternoon leading up to the nominations.  As I type this, I see Aaryn and Elissa are having a conversation so I need to catch up on that.  Will update soon.

Feel free to chat about the afternoon and how you think the week will play out…


Live Updates:
Watch the feeds here

12:05pm – Amanda and Aaryn talking about who would get votes in the final 2 when Elissa walks in.   Amanda goes to take a shower and Elissa is working on some damage control from the HoH stiff last night.  Elissa said she was really “overwhelmmmmmmmed” and just upset because she missed her kids first day at school. Total BS excuse, and I’m pretty sure Aaryn knows it (especially after the stuff Jessie revealed this week)

If you’re wondering what that stuff was, at one point Aaryn was outside, Jessie told her that Elissa still thinks down on the two (Aaryn/GM).  Aaryn told Jessie to shut the f**k up, and the two had an argument, but I’m sure that little seed Jessie planted has been growing and growing.  Last night, Elissa basically confirmed that, so Aaryn doesn’t even want her in the final 5 even though she’s a generally weak competitor.

12:10pm – It’s too bad this wasn’t Jessie in the HoH seat right now. After listening to Elissa ramble for the past 5 minutes, it would be priceless for Jessie to casually ask “Just wondering, if the diary room giving you any medication?” (a stab at Elissa’s comment to Jessie earlier this week)

12:57pm – Andy, Amanda, Helen and Aaryn up in the HoH chatting about random stuff.  They mention Aaryn’s raspy voice, and then Aaryn goes to the bathroom and the mic wasn’t off.  Good thing it was a #1

Helen doesn’t think Elissa would win America’s player this season.  She is in denial.  Amanda said because Rachel has been on 3 seasons, she can say ‘F*** You, America’ and would still win.  Sadly, she’s probably right…

1:20pm – Helen kicks Andy out of the HoH room to chat with Aaryn.  She understands that Elissa is the ‘target’ (she’s not), but wants to make sure Spencer would be ‘target’ should Elissa win veto (he won’t be).

1:45pm – Aaryn and Helen are still talking in the HoH room (Helen can talk!).  Amanda is downstairs in the bathroom chatting with GinaMarie.  Nothing exciting right now, hopefully it picks up

Have Not competition!  Will update when feeds come back.

3:45pm – Feeds still down for competition, going to watch TV for a bit, will be back to update you!

4:45pm – Feeds still on trivia, possibly doing nominations as well.


Also, if you notice the facebook popup window when you refresh the main page, let me know. I turned it back on so the tech guy can take a look to see why it’s doing that.

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