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Big Brother 15 – Friday Afternoon Open Thread


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We’re on a new week in the Big Brother house, and hopefully we’ll finally have some excitement, fun, or anything at this point. Aaryn won the HoH last night, and the nominations will be taking place today.  There is a 99% chance of Helen and Elissa going on the block, and if they do, that means Amanda’s plan is in full swing and Helen will be the target.

Yes, I said Amanda’s plan and not Aaryn’s because she is the one controlling her alliance right now.  Even Aaryn admitted that today when she sat down with Amanda to have a one-on-one about the plan.  Aaryn’s plan is to take Amanda to the final 2 because she thinks of them as a team.  Aaryn wins competitions, Amanda tells her what to do.  I’m not making that up, it came out of Aaryn’s mouth.  This means it’s well known in the house that Amanda is pulling the strings, yet Jessie was the only one to try and do anything about it.

I’m going to be updating this thread throughout the afternoon leading up to the nominations.  As I type this, I see Aaryn and Elissa are having a conversation so I need to catch up on that.  Will update soon.

Feel free to chat about the afternoon and how you think the week will play out…


Live Updates:
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12:05pm – Amanda and Aaryn talking about who would get votes in the final 2 when Elissa walks in.   Amanda goes to take a shower and Elissa is working on some damage control from the HoH stiff last night.  Elissa said she was really “overwhelmmmmmmmed” and just upset because she missed her kids first day at school. Total BS excuse, and I’m pretty sure Aaryn knows it (especially after the stuff Jessie revealed this week)

If you’re wondering what that stuff was, at one point Aaryn was outside, Jessie told her that Elissa still thinks down on the two (Aaryn/GM).  Aaryn told Jessie to shut the f**k up, and the two had an argument, but I’m sure that little seed Jessie planted has been growing and growing.  Last night, Elissa basically confirmed that, so Aaryn doesn’t even want her in the final 5 even though she’s a generally weak competitor.

12:10pm – It’s too bad this wasn’t Jessie in the HoH seat right now. After listening to Elissa ramble for the past 5 minutes, it would be priceless for Jessie to casually ask “Just wondering, if the diary room giving you any medication?” (a stab at Elissa’s comment to Jessie earlier this week)

12:57pm – Andy, Amanda, Helen and Aaryn up in the HoH chatting about random stuff.  They mention Aaryn’s raspy voice, and then Aaryn goes to the bathroom and the mic wasn’t off.  Good thing it was a #1

Helen doesn’t think Elissa would win America’s player this season.  She is in denial.  Amanda said because Rachel has been on 3 seasons, she can say ‘F*** You, America’ and would still win.  Sadly, she’s probably right…

1:20pm – Helen kicks Andy out of the HoH room to chat with Aaryn.  She understands that Elissa is the ‘target’ (she’s not), but wants to make sure Spencer would be ‘target’ should Elissa win veto (he won’t be).

1:45pm – Aaryn and Helen are still talking in the HoH room (Helen can talk!).  Amanda is downstairs in the bathroom chatting with GinaMarie.  Nothing exciting right now, hopefully it picks up

Have Not competition!  Will update when feeds come back.

3:45pm – Feeds still down for competition, going to watch TV for a bit, will be back to update you!

4:45pm – Feeds still on trivia, possibly doing nominations as well.


Also, if you notice the facebook popup window when you refresh the main page, let me know. I turned it back on so the tech guy can take a look to see why it’s doing that.

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  1. Comments (162)

    I really believe the house has left Amanda and Helen in there to long. Andy and Aaryn are going to be so surprise when they are put out. Right now I don’t have a favorite but Im constantly watching just to see how stupid they all are.

    • Comments (1092)

      Very true that Helen and Amanda are there too long, but I think A&A will be okay. It should be easy for them to bring Spencer to a final three, knocking out the honeymooners.

    • Comments (302)

      I’m with you Charlotte and I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I wouldn’t mind if Amanda won at this point. Hell no I don’t like Amanda but I don’t want to see the stupidity of the rest of the house rewarded. Incredible that a woman who can never win a challenge and has openly battled with many in the house could wield so much power. Plus I would like them all to squirm in the BB Finale and try to explain why they didn’t get out Amanda when they had the chance.

  2. Comments (5)

    If I were Aaryn, I would nominate Spencer and Elissa, then if one gets POV backdoor Helen! For sure Helen or Elissa will get POv, though my bet is on Elissa.

  3. Comments (1)

    This whole season is wack with dumb people that cant think for themselfs frankly dont nobody in that house deserve that 500,000 mccrea amanda aavryn gm and andy need to go cant stand them and theu are the the most racist and rude ppl in that house i really want elissa to win that 500,000.

    • Comments (228)

      Don’t even know why Elisa is even in the game. Her sister Rachel was a game player, however, Elisa isn’t. She’s pre-occpied looking at herself 24/7. She’s not social at all in the game because she feels she’s on a different level than everybody else. She’s not even a social player, and is more off the radar than on. I think she’s just her sister’s shadow and wants to one-up Rachel anytime she could. When Rachel had her wedding on TV I seen how Elisa would always try to bring attention on herself instead of Rachel. This was brought up by Rachel during the filming. Anyway, now that Mrs. Perfect (Elisa) said something nasty to Aaryn and Aaryn heard it, she’s trying to back track instead of owing it. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. No she wants to go home if she’s evicted!…What production seen in her is beyond me. Also, it was mentioned on Morty’s blog that Aayn wanted to evict Elisa early in the game and production talked her out of it. Production controls the game.

  4. Comments (10)

    I’m rooting for Helen to get out this week. She’s a liar and she can’t fool anybody with that poor me I’m a Mom act. Jessie is so getting my vote for favorite player and I hope she returns(or Judd). What happened to all the great players who actually thaught for themselves? SOMEONE NEEDS TO GROW SOME BALLS AND PUT UP AMANDA AND MCRAE.

  5. Comments (96)

    If Elissa or Spencer goes h

  6. Comments (96)

    If Helen wins pov and spencer goes up in her place, I’m going to scream! Why do they continue to take out the weak players??

    • Comments (228)

      It’s baffling that this game has gone on the way it has for so long. Amanda who has done nothing but sleep, drink and screw McCrae is pulling the strings in the game. I’m convinced that when houseguests go into the DR that production influences their decisions. On Morty’s blog the houseguests were saying that production was against getting Elisa out early in the game. Also, Ian (last years BB winner) let it slip when he was being interviewed with Evil Dick that 2 producers in production were telling him to bring Dan to the end and he told them no. Knowing what goes on in the DR kinda takes the fun out of the game because whose game play decisions are they anyway.

  7. Comments (80)

    I’m really hoping that Aaryn decides to make a strategic move instead of a personal move with this HOH.

  8. Comments (53)

    stevebeans, I’m new to your blog and i just have to say sir you are awesome love the blog and because of it ive even signed up for live feeds just so i could do your flash backs great job sir

  9. Comments (610)

    OMG when are the remaining HG going to actually think for themselves AND play for themselves instead of doing “what the house wants”?! Aaryn, we all know you have the gall to say racist, bigoted stuff, so why can’t you just make your own decisions?! And, you need Amanda to coach you on what to say in your nomination speech?! Pathetic!

    • Comments (651)

      Taking cues from Demanda on what not to say so you don’t hurt someones feelings and lose a jury vote–Seriously?

      • Comments (407)

        Not only is “Demanda” helping Aaryn on her nomination speech…she’s giving her voice lessons to try to help her get rid of the “gravelly” sound when she talks. I hope it works!!

    • Comments (6)

      This season is soooo boring. I’m sick of them doing what the house wants and playing a totally personal game. Each week it’s the same old same old! Please evict Amanda! She needs to go!

  10. Comments (7)

    This has been the worst BB season ever. All those racial slurs were inexcusable. Pesonally, I think things like that should be grounds to throw a player out of the game. That aside, there have been numerous opportunities for players to make big moves yet they have not done it. Andy failed to step up when he needed to. Helen could have made a game changing move but chickened out. And what is this mantra they keep spouting: “it’s what the house wants.” Wimps. Do they think this is a team sport? Only ONE person is going to win that money. Judd got a raw deal and got kicked out because they all got it into their heads he was MVP. Not true. They believe the lies and fail to see the truths. As for Amanda, the way she talks down about McCrae is disgusting. Calling him “my little pizza deliver guy.” How demeaning. Why doesn’t she just throw him a bone and pat him on the head like a pet dog. I think BB should provide him with a collar and leash so Amanda can just lead him around the house. I keep waiting for something game changing to happen, but I see now that is never going to happen. Because I like the game, I will watch this debacle to the end, hoping all the while that BB will figure out of way to redeem itself next year.

    • Comments (6)

      Well said. You summed up everything I wanted to say! Frustrating season. Not very entertaining

    • Comments (407)

      Ann, I love your comment that this is not a “team sport” because that is the way they have played…altogether now, unanimous vote! Since the evicted players in the jury house now know the truth about the MVP being America’s vote, the rest of the contestants will know when one of them comes back. Julie might not have told them and if she doesn’t pretty soon, they are going to find out next week. I can’t wait to see Amanda’s face when she finds out and it may make McCrae mad that he listened to her to get Judd out.

      • Comments (610)

        I don’t think the jury members know that it’s been America’s vote for MVP. I think Julie only told those who were NOT going to jury. Apparently CBS/BB thinks no one should know while they’re still playing the game? But I’m like you jojo, it is gonna be one fun time when Amanda finds out it was us the viewers who put her up on the block!

      • Comments (407)

        marie2 I believe you are right. Come to think of it the only ones she told went home instead of the jury house.

    • Comments (228)

      Reading Morty’s TV blog, it was said by Aaryn that while in DR, she wanted to get Elisa evicted early in the game but production was adamant about keeping her. They weren’t having it. So unfortunately, production controls the game because of the influence on the houseguests in the DR.

  11. Comments (1)

    I personally think Aaryn needs to fill Helen in on the fake alliance. Then, team up with GM, Spencer, Helen and Elissa and turn this house upside down. Otherwise, my guess is Amanda or McCrae will win.

  12. Comments (53)

    man i still wish nick would have made an aliance with howie judd and ady instead

    • Comments (53)

      them and candice pre freak out lol the only people ive liked or routed for

      • Comments (53)

        dislikes cause i had cast favorites is kinda uncalled for and if its because of nick he never did anything but make the stupid mistake of backing and putting faith in stupid allies still think he would have been the only one that could compete with amanda and i think she knew that as well

  13. Comments (487)

    I’m not sure which one Andy or Spencer outed Moving Company to Helen, but he should have kept his mouth shut. Helen probably would have been gone by now. Instead she was able to use the girls non-alliance to pick off the guys. The only reason Spencer is still in is because Helen and Amanda don’t see him as a threat, McCrae is still because I guess because he somehow ‘useful’, and Andy is a snitch playing both ends agains the middle.

    • Comments (53)

      it was spencer and mccrae who ratted it out wich is why i kinda have little respect for him for leave it fine but dont destroy your other friends game

    • Comments (453)

      I thought Jeremy was the first one to mention the MC to Helen, then told McCrae who ran right up to her to confess. Or did I have a nightmare???

      • Comments (53)

        you might be right i forgot about his major attitude flip when he realized he was done

      • Comments (64)

        Jeremy outed Moving Company! I remember thinking, “dang I had high hopes for the Moving Company”. Jeremy went crawling to Helen. Candice had ready figured it out though. She was campaigning for a girls’ alliance but her so called ally, Helen, never stayed true to Candace….especially since she hooked up with Howard.

      • Comments (651)

        Candice didn’t hook up with Howard. They were two people under constant attack by these bigots. They weren’t a couple.

      • Comments (1)

        umm she gave him a hand job

      • Comments (1288)

        Perhaps that was just a new kind of handshake.

      • Comments (487)

        Candice and Howard were just friends in the house no ‘showmance’. I think that BB Production was hoping that would happen but it didn’t.

  14. Comments (1288)

    Everyone complains that players are doing what the house wants, well just who in the hell is “the house”. The House is Amanda, McCrae and Andy plus now Aaryan. Respect them for their gameplay.

    All of this derision is based on personal feelings and oh how people bitch over evictions for personal reasons. To paraphrase Amanda “we aren’t getting out weak players or people we don’t like, we are getting out people we don’t trust.” Now that is a winning strategy.

  15. Comments (53)

    hate them love them they have done a good job of leading the sheep i still think mccrae is letting amanda take all the heat on purpuse

    • Comments (64)

      This I agree with. He doesn’t like confrontation. He’s smart to let her make enemies. And yes, these HGs are the worst sheep. The. Worst. It’s not a fun season to watch. Elissa getting MVP over and over. Then unanimous voting. I respect gameplay when there are formidable opponents, house flipping, close voting, rogue competitors, etc… This season is the Amanda show. If she were less abrasive, I’d probably be more enthused. Instead I’m underwhelmed.

  16. Comments (3)

    This is going to be another wasted HOH, if she puts up helen and Elissa(all about me) and one of them wins POV she will put up Spencer. Which is why I say another wasted HOH. Yes Aaryan has won the most HOH’s but they were ALL wasted cause she has no brain. Helen and Amanda should go up if she had a lick of sense. But it will be yet another wasted HOH. I really like this Game but not this show. Like I have said before a bunch of SHEEP.

    • Comments (1288)

      Genius, shear genius. Break ties with both power couples and Andy as well. That is sure to work.

    • Comments (2)

      Aaryn as much as people hate her due to her comments, but mostly jealousy, is a very good player. Not only is she winning 1/2 the competitions, she’s gone from mosg hated house guest in history after week two, to making it this far with deals everywhere. She will likely be in the final 3, and could very well win HOH.
      Amanda made too many bad rants to get the Jury vote.
      McCrea is associated to Amanda.
      Andy’s social game is all over the place.
      Spencer can’t win competitions, and said dumb things at bad times.
      GM is too dumb.
      Elissa is worst BB player ever. She’s bullied people, and has been a dumb as it gets.
      Helen could win the final two vs. anyone, but she will be out before than.

      People will thumb me down for thinking Aaryn might win, but the majority of people on here thhink Elissa deserves to win…… (must I say more??)

      • Comments (1288)

        With her 4 HoHs she is certainly poised to eclipse Rachel’s record of 6, and she may do it in a single season. Rachel’s record is for the total of both her appearances.

      • Comments (228)

        If Helen gets evicted, she will have a chance to re-enter next Thursday. Elisa is to occupied looking in the mirror 24/7. She is all about how she looks head to toe. At 27 she had so much facial cosmetic surgery that her mouth looks like a duck. Check out her before and after pictures. She look so much better before.

      • Comments (231)

        Aaryan is only were she is bc Mcmanda allow it. She is very good at comps but she is going down soon. She actually believes that Amanda will take her to a final 2. My stomach hurts from laughing.

  17. Comments (1)

    I have never written a comment on a blog or news website either. However today I make an exception due to my high level of frustration and annoyance at BB15. This is the worst season EVER! CBS needs to rethink their casting process. Putting a bunch of immature and ignorant kids in that house with a couple of adults for good measure was a recipe for disaster. And what a disaster it is! I look forward to BB each season, however if Aaryn, GM, Spence, Amanda or Spencer win I will never watch again. The filth that has come out of their mouth is utterly shameful. I will hope an all star season with some good players can resurrect what was good BB.

    • Comments (610)

      Well said Erica! And very representative of many of the viewers and fans!

    • Comments (64)

      An Allstar season would be nice but we haven’t had a season with hungry newbies in a while. I thought for sure we’d have it this season when BB15 started off with the Moving Company but the mean girl bullying, racism, and other vile behavior made them the most unlikable cast. Then, the sheep mentality took over.

      Another cast of newbies with strong players would be so much fun to watch!!

  18. Comments (162)

    I’m just waiting for it all to be over and they watch themselves and just see how stupid they all are.

    • Comments (407)

      I agree Charlotte. I would love to be a fly on the wall the first time they google their name…SURPRISE…you are now known as a first-class racist, lap dog, b*tch plus a few other names I won’t bother to mention.

  19. Comments (5)

    I’m almost sick of watching this season, no-one has their own back bone and everyone just follows everyone else. I want someone to put Amanda in her place and not follow her, everyone needs to start playing their own game! I’m just over her controlling everyone!

    • Comments (302)

      The player showing the most common sense this season was us. We set the table for the rest of those idiots to get Amanda out when we used the MVP vote to put her on the block twice. With the exception of Candice and Jessie no one could read the road sign.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree BoredNow…Candice was the first to figure out the all boys alliance and tried to bring it to others attention. Candice also “coached” Jessie about who to go after next and to try to flip the house. They were the only two to even try anything after the first 4 guys were evicted. It’s been sheep city ever since. Sigh.

      • Comments (39)

        Candice was able to read the game, but she never did anything about it. She was too self absorbed and unwilling to work with anyone. When Aaryn was up and about to get voted out, she was actively making deals with people she hadn’t been friends with to try to stay in. When Candice was up all she did was lay in bed and call out Spencer, one of the only people who was actually on her side.

    • Comments (18)

      CBS should just apologize for the idiotic cast, kick them all out and we could start BB15 fresh. Can anyone say BB in the Fall.

  20. Comments (96)

    Not only should they bring back jurors, but bring back Dan, Boogie, Dr.will, and Janelle. They can show the current houseguest how this game should be played

  21. Comments (32)

    Helen has played a political game. If there were any babies in the house she would be kissing them – it could not be more obvious.

    Amanda has been a bully. When she does not get her way regardless of why (or who might be involved) she acts like the spoiled diva she believes herself to be.

    GM is just a psycho. Period.

    Aaryn is a beautiful young woman who is living proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.

    Spencer is outgunned. And hasn’t shown much game.

    Andy is the Ulti-Floater. I think he should get an award for being the best liar ever in the game.

    Elissa is not too far above GM.

    This is the most disinteresting group ever assembled BB. We can only hope that they bring someone back from jury who has some game. But then again since Candice slept all of the time, Jessie was more interested in meeting a guy on the show, this leaves Judd. He has my vote. I believe him to be the only one in jury thus far who might be able to fight back a little.

    I just wonder if CBS will learn anything from this and perhaps screen people a little better if this show isn’t the last one?

    • Comments (487)

      I heard that had another group already cast for BB15 and for some reason changed to this group of clowns. Hey BB Production, stop having ideas that the pizza joint on W. 52nd or the bar in SoHo. Because you guys really, really screwed this year’s show up. You did accomplish one thing, you got a lot of chatter. But not all talk is good talk.

    • Comments (231)

      Gm is a racist, uncouth slug that needs to be put down. Spenser just spent the night with McC talking about doing disgusting things to Elissa while she slept. Humping her in her sleep, j**king-off on her while she sleeps and the other comments were censored by many FISH on live feeds.
      Elissa is far above Gm in thought and spirit by trying to NOT stoop to the level of the HGs she lives with in the BB house.

      • Comments (166)

        Spencer is just disgusting, believe me Spencer NO ONE & I mean NO ONE is thinking of you in any way shape or form other than your weird & you have a sick mind..if you really do have a girlfriend & she stays with you after the show you better thank your lucky stars, bcuz being on BB did nothing for you..enjoy your interrogation by the police about your sick child porn conversation you had on live t.v.

      • Comments (228)

        he’s a disgusting pig!!!! He only wishes he could get someone like Elissa to give him the time of day

  22. Comments (166)

    Since the twist is that a jury member is coming back & its between Candice, Judd, Jessie & whoever is evicted Thursday I’m not really sure which one could come back & shake things up..I’m thinking maybe Jessie?! They all where voted out unanimously & who would flip to align with any of them?

  23. Comments (79)


  24. Comments (453)

    Well, wasn’t this supposed to be an experiment, to see how people reacted when shut off from the outside world? Guess what CBS the line on the graph just fell off the chart.

  25. Comments (407)

    Steve said at 1:20 “Helen kicks Andy out of the HOH room to talk to Aaryn.” I bet he didn’t go too far…probably stood right outside the door with his ear pressed against it. Andy miss a conversation?? NEVER!!

  26. Comments (7)

    This season is so boring. But I also wonder who could come back and shake things up. CBS can’t really “tip” the favor to them without compromising the integrity of the game. But if the person who comes back does not win what will stop the next eviction from being the very person who comes back?

  27. Comments (240)

    I read this from another live feed blog (your still the best stevebeans) anyway.

    Spencer says Elissa won’t do good in the veto, her brain doesn’t process that fast. McCrea worries Helen might do well. Spencer says look at Aaryn (spy screen) Amanda says I love her racist ass…

    Makes me think Amanda was put up to say be careful what you say to Aaryn? If she loves her racist a$$ why tell her to watch it? Did she do it for our benefit or did CBS tell her to do it?
    Helen is going to find out first hand the meaning of “what the house wants” . When she gets to jury Candace and Jessie can say (is now to early?) She will be shedding real tears then.

    • Comments (407)

      Yep JD, shedding real tears, throwing her arms in the air, slinging her hair, rolling her eyes and blowing her nose over and over like she did when ratting Elissa out.

      • Comments (610)

        Even more so once she’s home & sees the playbacks and reads the internet talk about her “game”.

  28. Comments (162)

    After watching after dark from last night I think the whole house should go home empty handed…not a one them should win any money the way them have all acted…

  29. Comments (83)

    I think she should put up Helen and Amanda, if ine of them come off put up Mccrae, but Aaryn is not smart enough to make a big move, I strongly believe Amanda will win this game, cause everyone is to stupid to put her up, not because she is friends with a producer, Helen tells Julie they made big moves, what moved the furniture, getting Amanda or pizza boy out would be a big move, I hope Jessie comes back in the house and kicks there ass.

  30. Comments (162)

    I agree Amanda and Helen should go up but Aaryn is not smart enough to do that. Amanda and Pizza boy should have been split along time ago. I would like to see how they would play the game apart.

    • Comments (1288)

      Is there some newsletter that spreads these silly ideas? That action would only cut her ties with both power couples and have Andy thinking she had gone stark, raving bonkers. What advantage is there other than her targeting someone you do not care for?

  31. Comments (28)

    I think that if Aaryn put up Helen and Amanda should would have everyone after her – so her own game would be done at that point. It seems like to ‘save her game’ she needs to either do Helen and RachelJR, or flip the house and go with Amanda and Amanda’s boytoy. Amanda sucks as comps, so she would probably stay on the block…

    Aaryn even said, last week perhaps, that she trusts Helen more than Amanda, but perhaps that has changed…

  32. Comments (1288)

    Yay, head cheese and habaneros. Bad week to be a woman in the house.

  33. Comments (407)

    HaveNots for the week–Helen, Elissa, GM and Amanda!!

  34. Comments (162)

    All we can hope for is there will be a big power play come out of this weeks nomination… I wish it would be Amanda but I know it won’t…

  35. Comments (48)

    If Jessie came back in the game I can’t think of anyone that would pair up with her as a team and she would need more than one. I feel the only one that would have a chance to come back and compete for HOH would be Judd but he would probably try to pair up with McCrae and Amanda to stay in and go further in the game.

    I am at the point that I cannot stand Aaryn but out of all of them she is the one I choose to win 500,000.

  36. Comments (162)

    After dark again and Aaryn’s eyebrows look so stupid…

  37. Comments (198)

    Facebook window keeps popping up for me.

  38. Comments (357)

    I know that I was out of the loop on here for a min, but DAMN, when did the nasties arrive??? Some really hateful things are said on here now. I’d like to get back to the GAME now! Thanks so much!

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