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Big Brother 16 – Live Eviction Thread. Goodbye Donny?


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The Big Brother house is such a weird place to be.  As soon as Cody won the HoH, Donny’s game was in jeopardy, and when he also won the PoV, it was basically doomed.  The entire week had the feel of a house waiting until Thursday night and it even got so bad people slept in until 2pm yesterday (!) .. that was a fun blogging day.  Then, boredom must have struck because Operation Save Donny went underway by Frankie and he was on a mission for the last 22 or so hours.  For about 30 minutes this afternoon, I think his mission was about to be successful. Caleb was on board, even Cody broke down and seemed willing to keep Donny. Then Cody went to speak to Nicole and the plan changed back to Operation Evict Donny.

If you want to watch the endurance challenge, sign up to the live feeds here

All that really came out of the afternoon was the amount of Calebism’s said (I made that up today, and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner).  Caleb is the next Yogi Berra with such gems as “We can go with one and see what happens, or we can go with the other and see what happens” and “You need to look at it like a globe. You can’t look at from one side because you won’t see the whole thing. You need to back up, get outside the box and look in to see what you’re looking at”.  Absolute genius. If there has been one person to completely grow on me after being a pretty big douche, it’s Caleb. I actually like him now and hope he’s there until the end.

I still have time before the updates, so let me get some plugs in..

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  • 4:40pm – Still over an hour to go until showtime. Again, make sure you check local listings because the NFL may be on (it is up here in New England).
  • 6:00pm – It’s showtime!
  • We get to meet Christine’s husband tonight. Should be interesting.
  • Julie points out that Nicole has a chance to make history. Going from HoH to evicted to returned to evicted all within two weeks.
  • Showing some highlights of the week.  Derrick telling Nicole she’s safe and Donny is dangerous.
  • Christine and Nicole make up and say they have no hard feelings. Frankie is watching the two of them reconcile.
  • Frankie is paranoid and for good reason. Nicole staying is bad for him. I will laugh if she can pick them off.
  • Frankie telling the group about the Apple Pie mission thing. If Julie says yes to apple pie, they got their mission. If no, they failed.  This was also the start of the crazy ‘Keep Donny’ campaign.
  • Now they’re showing the long talk last night trying to keep Donny. Derrick was too scared to take a stance.
  • 9:20pm – Was a commercial break, forgot to write it. Was tweeting.  Julie is now revealing the Team America thing.
  • Julie asks Frankie about the apple pie thing, and her answer was an overwhelming NO!
  • Julie shows clips of the houseguests family. Cody’s father was like ‘Dude!’ Frankie of course gets Ariana.  Derrick gets his wife and daughter (who was starting to talk) and Derrick had trouble nearly breaking down.
  • Now, time for Christine’s husband clip.
  • They show Tim (Christine’s Husband’s) family watching Christine flirting with Cody. Tim said he thinks some boundaries have been crossed.  Christine’s mom was more direct ‘I do not like it.. at all. I feel like I raised her different. Half of me wants her to win, half of me wants her out, away from Cody’
  • Christine’s father is also not a fan of the way they’re acting.
  • Now, they show Cody’s family to get their reaction. They’re not as supportive either, although his father finds it funny.
  • 9:30pm – Commercial
  • 9:32pm – Back from commercial. Julie said moments before they went live, Frankie made a last minute effort. I am guessing it’s what happened this afternoon.
  • Donny thanks god, he loves his family and gf. He wants to continue.
  • Nicole does shoutouts, loves the house, is grateful, etc.

Christine – Donny
Victoria – Donny
Frankie – Donny
Caleb – Donny
Derrick – Donny

  • 9:36pm – Commercial
  • 9:40pm – Interview time. 
  • Donny has some tears in his eyes.  He gets emotional from time to time. His feelings were hurt, plus he just seen his brother on TV.
  • No one specifically hurt his feelings, but he feels let down by Team America. They broke that, but he doesn’t blame them. It’s an individual game.
  • Donny knew coming in with his age and what he looked like, he was going to be different and befriend people.
  • Julie – Why were you a target. Donny – I don’t know. Maybe likability is not good in this game. Everyone who has come out the door, everyone has loved me. That’s not good for the rest of the house.
  • Goodbye messages – Christine.. you’re one of the sneakiest.  Caleb – My alliance has been trying to get you out but you have suction cups on your fingers.  Frankie – I am 100% team america but I couldn’t sacrifice my individual.
  • Julie tells Donny that The Bold and the Beautiful wants Donny to guest star.
  • 9:47pm – Commerical
  • 9:50pm – Back
  • Slippery slope competition.  They need to run on a slippery thing from one side to another.  Fill the jug, get the coal from the snowman’s head.  The smaller snowman is $5k dollars and 5k hollas.
  • Early prediction – Victoria doesn’t win. Won’t even be close.
  • Caleb is making good movement. He is early favorite.
  • 9:55pm – Julie said next week is a double eviction.  Time to close this and start a live HoH thread.


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  1. Comments (843)

    Pre-empted by football so you all will have to keep up the chatter to let me know what’s going on! 🙁 Thanks

    • Comments (426)

      That stinks! Our area has a ‘sister channel’ that the regular scheduled programs are shown on when the network channel is pre-empted.
      I guess if you don’t have anything like that, you can go watch it online tomorrow.

    • Comments (198)

      Go to Big Brother because your addicted they have a link. That is what I am going to do because it is pre-empted here also.

      • Comments (843)

        I tried that Connie Sue but you have to enroll, join, or download—something like that. It’s going to be on at 12:30 AM and I have it set to record. I can watch it in the morning, BUT you know how we BB addicts are. LOL

      • Comments (198)

        Sorry to hear that is worked for me. I didn’t have to do anything not even take my ad block off.

  2. Comments (174)

    The show has become to boring to watch. I will change that tonight,i have to watch so i can see Frankie’s reaction to the no on the TA mission. I sure hope it picks up now that they have to turn on each other.

  3. Comments (843)

    I am so mad at Derrick! I hope he’s the next to go.

    • Comments (372)

      I am mad at Derrick too…but his mission is to win it all and make a better life for his family …he knows he has to get rid of the only other brain in the house to do that… If Nicole cant win ,,, LUV her…then I want Derrick to win

  4. Comments (174)

    I maybe mistaken but i believe the other night Donny told Nicole that as he was leaving he would tell her something or who to put up if she gets HOH. I am hoping he tells her Derrick and Frankie. No way she would do Cody.

  5. Comments (3)

    BB needs to change the way they operate #1 when someone deliberately throws a competion they should forfeit a weeks Stipend ,a second time 2 weeks stipend and slop for a week ,throwing comps needs to stop ,also when you bring on competitors they must be who thet say they are ,no BS no hiding who you really are ,so that everyone is on an even playing field ,the show has become so boring ,people who cannot compete and never win anything need to be elimated by Americas vote ,just my opinion but something has got to change.

  6. Comments (492)

    As Lilly wrote before team Zonny would have been fun!

    Pink hats and beards!

  7. Comments (13)

    The fact is Donny is leaving ugh, but hey Nicole is still there(: . Win this next HOH girl !

  8. Comments (1)

    Someone have a link to the live show on a streaming ??

  9. Comments (487)

    I’m watching on an alternate CBS channel on Comcast. They are interviewing Christine’s husband tonight.

  10. Comments (372)

    OK ..any tweeters out there you get to vote on something right now ….I am not a twitterer …kinda pissed I cant do it on CBS BB site

  11. Comments (487)

    The TA Mission final vote NO. It was an overwhelming NO according to Julie. We did it.

  12. Comments (832)

    I loved that Julie stressed it was an overwhelming NO! Now Frankie knows it wasn’t a close vote!

  13. Comments (487)

    They showed message from a family member of each HG. Derrick’s little girl is so cute. And Donny looks like his father. Christine’s husband is a little dorky but has those blue disc in his earlobes. Her family is not happy at all. Her mother and father are very unhappy about her behavior. Cody’s family is not happy either. Lucy you got some splaining to do. LOL

  14. Comments (372)

    IF Donny is the one to go …I hope he gets a standing really loud welcome.

  15. Comments (487)

    SB, Finale night should be really interesting. Tim is not a happy camper at all. He had a smile on his face, but he is really angry with Christine and Cody for disrespecting him.

    • Comments (45)

      I had kinda of given up on this season but I wished they had a whole episode of seeing Christine’s family and their reaction to how Christine is acting. Especially her mother. ” I’ve raised her better than this” or something like that.

  16. Comments (682)

    I am loving watching Frankie (I can’t believe I just said that) while he pouts about the OVERWHELMING NO to the mission.

    Suck it Frankie!


  17. Comments (487)

    Donny will be guest starring on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful at some time in the future! Donny is going to be just fine! And Caleb will be JEALOUS! lol

  18. Comments (644)

    Seeing Derrick’s daughter saying I miss you and I love you made me tear up. But I’m happy Team America got an overwhelming no to their mission. I’d like to know what the percentage was.
    Glad to see that Christine’s family didn’t like her thing with Cody; I feel bad for them. What she’s doing is not right and on top of that it’s embarrassing. But Cody is not off the hook, he should respect married people.
    I’m sad Donny was evicted but happy for him that he’s going to guest star in the Bold and the Beautiful. Go Donny!!! 🙂

  19. Comments (832)

    I don’t think Donny has any idea what’s coming his way! I hope he gets the biggest kickback from being on BB of any of the HG’S. And, he will be rewarded for being himself, a kind, caring, “real” person. Caleb expects big things, while Donny expects nothing & will be grateful for anything good that comes his way! Way to go Donny!

    • Comments (487)

      And that is why Donny will be the most successful of the BB16 HGs because he understands gratitude and appreciation. I liked his answer to Julie about why he did not stay up all hours to talk with people he had nothing in common.

  20. Comments (372)

    NIC is from MI ….skate girl SKATE your heart out

  21. Comments (1092)

    So bittersweet moment for Donny.

    It’s lousy that he is out, but at least he is now in the jh with three friendly people. This will give him the tim to unwind from the stressful house atmosphere.

    So happy that he has won some money, and how amazing is that that he gets a guest appearance on batb ? Good for him. That is a make me feel good moment.

  22. Comments (1446)

    Watching Victoria and Christine try and navigate the ice paths is hysterical!! So uncoordinated and worthless in any physical comps.

    Donny on the Bold and the Beautiful?? Interesting…

    Also glad to see that Christine’s family is NOT happy w/her behavior. Even her own mother wants her out of the house!

  23. Comments (1446)

    My 12-yr old just said “I think Victoria is going to quit pretty soon and start crying.”(speaking about the HOH competition).
    I think either Caleb and Nicole are going to take it.

  24. Comments (1)

    Thanks for the updates. Our local channel is ‘out of service’ due to ‘technical difficulties’. They are in a stand off with the satellite company. I think this is punishment.

  25. Comments (9)

    Does Caleb have dual citizenship in Canada, look at him hurry hard, could be a curler lmao

  26. Comments (17)

    Oh I hope nicole wins hoh,those guys will be wining&kissen her butt big time!! Frankie will know he did so wrong putten on a stupid play!! Go nicole!!

  27. Comments (22)

    Christine is.. not even close to likeable. Creepy comes to mind.

  28. Cindy Sutherland
    Comments (6)

    Very boring with the hg always voting unanimous. These throwing the comps thing is also very disappointing. I think bb is gonna have to also change some of the challenges. Each week the super fans in the house have predicted it. They need comps that haven’t been used before so it changes it up so it’s unpredictable.

  29. Comments (61)

    I am absolutely crestfallen to see Donny go. That was hard to watch.

    My man went out with pure class, though! I’m sure he has a lot of good things coming his way. From here, I’m pulling for either Derrick or Nicole

    • Comments (372)

      Ditto Hat…,crestfallen… great word

      • Comments (20)

        yes it broke my heart seeing him tear up and be so nice. He is such a guy I would want to hang out with and be friends with. He will def have more things come his way after the B&B.. Good for him and I loved how Frankie realized WE ARE OBSESSED WITH DONNY not you and your talking about your SISTER ALL THE TIME.. I’m over all that crap.

  30. Comments (343)

    I agree — simple-minded Caleb may be my favorite now that Donny is gone. You can’t help but laugh at him. It is now so obvious his so-called stalking (stupid) was just HIM being HIM. He seems to get crushes on any girl with two legs. This just goes to show how sorry this house is this season if Caleb is my choice! For all those Derrick-is-better-than-Dr Will fools out there — Derrick doesn’t even have the guts to ball-up and pick a choice between Nicole and Donny without being “scared!” And this you compare to the greatest BB player in history??!!

  31. Comments (832)

    Glad the TA mission was an overwhelming fail. I wish for this mission that TA would of had to come up with 2 ideas; Fakie’s play or save Donny, & then CBS have viewers vote on which mission they should carry out. I find it hard to believe they couldn’t get the votes to save Donny. I bet if 5k had been involved, Donny would be competing for HOH!

  32. Comments (1276)

    I love Nicole, and wanted her to stay, but I also didn’t want Donny to go. I wish Cody could have just done what he wanted, and pulled either one of them down and put up Frankie. Frankie needs to go, he is so full of himself, and such an unimpressive person. He should be thrilled his sister has made a name for herself, because from what I’ve seen of his this year, BB will be the only name he gets for himself (and I have no doubt he’s on the Show due to his Sister).
    I hated seeing Donny upset, that was just awful. I really hope he gets his job back. School is just starting back in NC, hopefully the school will decide to get his spot open for him for a few more weeks.

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