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Big Brother 16 Twist – Battle Of The Block


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I made it! Julie Chen announced the twist, and I didn’t have to suffer long enough to put me in a mental hospital all summer long.  Big Brother 16 will be like no season yet, and I’m not quite sure if it’s a good thing or not.

This season, there will be two HoH winners and four people nominated every week. That’s not the only thing, there will also be a competition called Redemption Island… oops, I mean “Battle of the Block”. I am not quite sure how it will work yet, but my guess is the people nominated along with the HoH’s will compete to try and save someone, or keep nominations the same.  Oh wait, that’s the power of veto.

Julie did say that HoH’s were not going to be safe, so if I were to take a real stab at the Battle of the Block competition, I would think it would work like this: Both HoH’s compete against the four nominated players.  If a nominated player wins, they can swap with one of the HoH’s. Granted this is pure speculation, but it seems one of the more logical answers based on the clues we’ve been given.  If that is indeed how it will work, I’m not sure how I feel about that at all.  Part of the thrill players get when they win HoH is the safety.  If the competition works out that way, suddenly it’s 4 versus 2 for one of them going on the block?

Again, that’s just pure speculation.

Another twist will be called “Team America” (f*ck yea!) which will involve viewers having an influence in the game.  I’m going to assume this is in addition to the thing I mentioned last week where votes will impact ‘fun’ aspects of the game.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this twist?

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    First of all, I agree about not wanting to watch The Talk. I too, would rather do any of the things you mentioned and figured they’d wait til 2:55 also to get ratings. SO relieved they didn’t. This will be my first year having a live feed, so I hope its a great season. I love having 2 HOH’s and 4 nominees. I will be bummed if HOH can’t be safe, cos like you said, that was a perk. Now, will they each have their own HOH bedroom or will they have to share? Wouldn’t that be a drag?? It’s going to be crazy watching alliances go nuts if they’re split up by HOH’s, or even nuttier if they all on the same alliance so people are sent home super quick. But who knows about the battle then… Sure sounds interesting anyway! Looking forward to this wacky summer.

  2. Comments (6)

    Did anyone else notice Rachel in the audience during the Talk? 🙂

  3. Comments (6)

    They flashed to her while Julie was talking about the twist, and I’m not sure but I think there were a couple other past house guests there, I hope that means that they wont be on the show this year!

  4. Comments (1)

    I would rather have had an ALL STAR season. It’s been awhile and I really loved the last one. 🙁

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