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Big Brother 16 – This Week Became Interesting Fast


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Before I begin with the recap, I changed my mind on donations.  Instead of buying the xbox I’ve been craving, I am going to give any donations I receive (and have received) to my parents to help pay their medical bills. They have insurance, but co-pay after co-pay adds up very quick, and considering she got me into BB in the first place (cheering on chicken George in season 1), it would be only fitting to have the show (and it’s fans) help her.  Back when I lived with them, I remember waking up some mornings and she would be glued to her computer screen watching the feeds all night.  It was hilarious to me, I thought she was nuts, but look at me now..

Anyway, if you’d like to contribute to their increasing bills, feel free to donate.  If not, I completely understand as your prayers and encouragement are more than enough! I am eternally grateful. Love you all.

So, the live feeds were dead all afternoon.  The house had to wake them up again at 5pm est otherwise they were just going to sleep through their Wednesday.  I was certain the night would be just as dead and I’d be bored to tears watching them make stick houses.

I was wrong.

Just as I was about to give up on the feeds for the night, Donny, Derrick and Frankie started chatting about the Team America mission. They received notice that during tonight’s live eviction show, Julie Chen is going to ask the house what they would prefer to eat if they were a havenot.  TA is going to say ‘Apple Pie’ and Julie will respond positively or negatively to that request.  That response will secretly be letting TA know they passed or failed their mission this week (they were told to make up their own mission we would find entertaining).  I think that’s a pretty cool way to communicate and should be fun to watch, and will be even better if they can continue it next week… but Donny has to remain for that to happen.  (well, I don’t think he technically does, but TA is dead to me if he goes!)

Donny said some words that I think stuck with the pair and helped fuel the night.  He basically said you’re going to have to convince me this was the right move because I’m not seeing it.  Nicole is an easy elimination this week considering she was brought back into the house. For him to leave and her to stay under this situation makes no sense to him, especially with Team America, and ESPECIALLY considering they only need 1 additional vote for Donny to stay. It just takes 3, and Derrick/Frankie make 2.  I don’t remember the words exactly, but that’s generally how the conversation went.

They broke up and Derrick had a talk with Caleb about it who was apprehensive about the idea at first, but then left the room to talk with Frankie and actually sounded more like he wanted Nicole gone before Donny.  This made Frankie very happy, so he did a spin dance move in the pantry thinking Donny may stay…


Well, it was time to speak with the fourth member of their bro squad (my name for them, not theirs) and Cody’s role is apparently ‘Buzz Kill’.  He wanted NO part in the keep Donny plan. No part whatsoever. It was actually impressive to see Cody stand for something, despite it being something I opposed.  He did not waver at all while speaking with Caleb and Frankie about it, despite both hounding him with reasons why Nicole should go first.  Cody has clearly drawn a line in the sand and does not want Donny to cross it.  While I respect that, it was very frustrating to see him be stubborn about it because Caleb started to break down and the war started turning right there.

After their talk, flipflopper Caleb went to Derrick and started chatting about how they should probably keep Nicole instead now. Derrick, being mindful of his own game, didn’t disagree. Derrick simply doesn’t completely trust Donny and nor should he.  Donny is in it for Donny just like Derrick is in it for Derrick.  It was pointed out how in BB14, Dan convinced Frank to keep him one week and then the next week got him out of the house.  That is what made Dan such a great player and feared Donny may do something similar (and he may at this point).  That said, everyone agreed Nicole has a much better shot at winning HoH this week, especially if endurance, so keeping her could quickly bite them in the ass.

The talks died down, and it appear Donny will be leaving the house, but I don’t think it’s the end of it.  Caleb and Derrick will be talking once more today and this could come down to the wire. It may be the first time in a long time I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen during my eviction prediction!

I will be updating you later on as the house wakes up and starts to chat. It will be tough to gain any insight because the feeds go down a lot on Thursday afternoon, but I’ll do my best. Have a good Thursday, the long weekend is almost here!

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  1. Comments (4)

    Doesn’t Derrick have influence over Victoria? Wouldn’t her vote be the one they need? At least she’d be good for something.

    • Comments (1288)

      Yes he does but that would put a wedge between Derrick and Caleb. Derrick wants Caleb on board going into the next HoH comp. He might screw Cody but he will not cross Caleb.

      Derrick is also downplaying his control over Victoria to move the “couple” target away from them. Derrick wants Cody/Christine targeted but would accept Frankie/Caleb being targeted.

      • Comments (19)

        I think Derrick has played a pretty smart game (though I sometimes do want to smack him in the face), but, I think if he truly were as smart as he thinks he is, he’d be targeting Frankie and Caleb first. The Cody/Christine ‘thing’ is just because everyone is sick of seeing them all over eachother, they don’t pose much of a competitive threat. Cody only won HOH by pure dumb luck pretty much, and only got POV because everyone else threw it and Donny/Nicole were trying to play safe. Christine just sucks, she can’t win anything… the only HOH she won was because she was up against Zack who was trigger happy with that buzz-in button. Yes, they’re both annoying and somewhat conniving, but they’re also both dumb and predictable.
        Frankie is the one willing to make ‘big boy’ moves, and Caleb will follow him around like a puppy. They should be the big targets. Derrick needs to figure that out, or else he loses my vote if he makes it to finale.

      • Comments (1288)

        Going with Caleb and Frankie makes Derrick the #3 target of the group. If he instead goes with Cody and Christine he becomes the #2 if not the #1 target. Derrick knows his closest allies have to be picked off by the opposition leaving him free of any guilt for it.

        Now if Christine wins the next HoH Derrick will get on board with targeting Frankie and Caleb. He will support using Victoria/Nicole/Donny {whichever are available] as a replacement as long as Frankie or Caleb is the one to go.

      • Comments (1446)

        I am constantly blown away by Derrick’s gameplay. Not only does he run the house and choose the evictees(even when he’s NOT HOH), but he convinces them before they leave that he is doing everything he can to “fight for them.”
        Has anyone ever noticed how he starts a lot of his sentences with “to be completely honest” – it is amazing to watch him control the house every week.
        I think the reason America is turning on Derrick is because I have noticed that in his DR sessions that they show on the telecast, he also tries to pull that BS on America. He is even trying to convince America that he is playing a clean game…and we know better.
        Also, the fact that he is a police sgt who is able to lie so smoothly makes me (and maybe America?) a little uncomfortable.
        And his relationship with Victoria and his willingness to drag to the end has a lot of us mad. She deserves NOTHING and her neediness and crush on him(which he takes full advantage of) is kinda gross.
        Derrick COULD play a cleaner game and still win – i think he kind of likes(too much) the control he has in that house.

      • Comments (130)

        Great point and comments Jannie. I have no issue with how he’s playing. We’ve certainly seen dirtier players, bigger bullies, and more direct backstabbing in the past. I also think we should leave their professions out of it. The BB house is a different world and game.

      • Comments (38)

        I know it’s silly, but I was fine with Derrick’s game play and thought he was doing an excellent job, up until the point he thought he could play the same game on the viewers. We see him manipulating the houseguests, does he think the viewers are actually dumb enough to be manipulated by him as well?

      • Comments (6)

        I just said this last night! I told my son that Derrick’s DR talk is his attempt to play us,the audience. My son is 11, but, once I really explained it, he saw it too.

      • Comments (1443)

        It ticks me off when what is said in DR is the complete opposite of how they really feel or are doing tring to fool America also. And they are successful with those who don’t get feeds or watch BBAD

      • Comments (38)

        Spot on, Jannie. I have been thinking the same thing as you. I have said to my friends who also watch BB that it is very irritating to see Derrick trying to pull the same moves on America/Canada that he does on the houseguests. Most of us see through it. Once he realized how beloved Donny is, that’s when he started with the “this is for you America”. Oh f*ck off Derrick. We see through you BS.

        At first it looked as though Derrick was trying his best to be standoffish with Victoria’s feelings for him, but yep, he is now taking full advantage of her crush on him. I am thinking he likes her too, as he seems to have really loosened up with her the past week. He may be better at hiding it, but he is without a doubt at least physically attracted to her.

      • Comments (50)

        Such great points, Jannie. Derrick is SO good at making himself look good in the house (to everyone except Donny!)… but I definitely feel like he’s trying to manipulate how the viewers see him by saying certain things and coming off a certain way….

      • Comments (1446)

        Poor delusional Caleb…
        He thinks that he doesn’t need to win BB because that’s, in his own words, “chump change” compared to what he will earn as a celebrity/star now that he’s been “discovered.”

        He’s also convinced he will win “America’s favorite.”

      • Comments (20)

        I about died when he said he could win AMERICAS FAV… ABOUT DIED

      • Comments (722)

        Then he wont mind being evicted and sent to jury…

      • Comments (1443)

        He thinks he or Frankie will win afp

      • Comments (487)

        Does Caleb have Amandaitis? She thought she would win it all and ended up with nothing but her stipend and pizza boy.

  2. Comments (843)

    Derrick is the reason Donny is going home! Why ask Cody? He can’t vote. You are correct, Mamaparps. Victoria always asks daddy (sweetheart?) Derrick how she is supposed to vote. Derrick, you think America doesn’t see what you are? Check all the polls. You are one of the most hated HG.

    • Comments (130)

      I disagree. Derrick is not one of the most hated HG.

      • Comments (25)

        Why do people hate Derrick, because he’s a great player? He’s played the game with all houseguests and he’s come out with clean hands. Now that’s good game playing to me.

      • Comments (118)

        Has anyone won this game being honest and true? You may not like how Derrick plays but he’s seized the game for his own and will probably win. But you never know his luck may change and he may get voted out soon…

      • Comments (1443)

        Polls don’t matter but he’s low on them!!

      • Comments (843)

        Go to big brother online and check the poll. Go to jokers and check the poll.

    • Comments (412)

      I dislike Derrick. He’s sucked the fun out of BB16. Every time someone was going to do something exciting or entertaining he squashed that idea and made this season predictable. Could you imagine if Devin was never backdoored by Derrick? The houseguests would probably not be so scared of Derrick right now.

      • Comments (266)

        We can’t HATE Derrick for the casting of terrible, no backbone, followers. Derrick is taking advantage of these people who just have their tails between their legs and probably have never watched this show. Don’t hate Derrick… Hate the show writers who have chosen a LOUSY cast this year!!

      • Comments (412)

        I never said I hated anyone. I dislike Derrick. I dislike his role on the tv show I like to watch. I think no one has had a backbone this season because of Derrick and his ‘wise words'(manipulation).

      • Comments (38)

        Yeah, that’s the other reason why I don’t like Derrick. He has singlehandedly made this season the most boring and predictable one ever.

  3. Comments (1288)

    If you did your Team America voting before midnight you are eligible to vote again 20 times today. Just sayin’.

    • Comments (682)

      Thanks, just voted “no” 20 more times. Especially since at 11:52 last night Frankie said if they don’t win he will take that as a personal attack against him.

      • Comments (1288)

        I hope they tell them the vote percentage, I am betting NO wins 90% to 10%. Frankie will not see that as a personal attack – he will see the mandate. He might think it a personal attack if he thinks the vote was 55% to 45%, then they will just blame it on the “haters”.

      • Comments (412)

        I really hope TA mission is a failure. Especially since Frankie said he would take it personally. I only voted no because of Frankie so it was personal from me.

      • Comments (412)

        I just voted 20 more times.

      • Comments (722)

        Mango should take it personal. It was his stupid idea.

      • Comments (6)

        I voted yes just for Donny to get the money.

      • Comments (412)

        Donny is going to get America’s favorite. He will be fine without the 5k. I think once TA finds out that their mission is a failure, then they might see America wants Donny to stay; it may sway their votes.

      • Comments (1443)

        80 no votes in this family!! 40 after show and 40 after mn!!

    • Comments (487)

      Just voted No 20 more times. I just can’t reward someone (Frankie) who has made himself the center of attention. That ‘play’ was about bashing HGs no longer in the house. It was just classless and rude.

      • Comments (50)

        I agree! It wasn’t even a Play… nor was it entertaining. I can’t believe they (Frankie) thought that would be an acceptable mission!! That was NOT a mission.

  4. Comments (137)

    This is my thing, I went ahead and voted against the choice they made. But then I started to feel guilty because I wanted to at least give Donny 5-grand before he leaves. But I still voted against Frankie and Derrick to get the money.

    • Comments (1288)

      If Donny does go now and gets America’s Fave, he will still be over $50k for his summer. If he stays, this might send a message to Frankie and Donny that they are wanted to stick together with Donny. Did you see Donny’s wink on the show last night after they showed the “mission”, I think he wants a NO vote.

      • Comments (36)

        I would be voting no for that dumb “play” even if Donny weren’t on the block this weekend and saving him hadn’t been an option. It wasn’t so much a play as it was “let’s imitate the evicted HG’s” and most of them didn’t even do a good job of that and it was an excuse for Frankie to wear more make up than Victoria. And how was Victoria grabbing her errr..chest and sticking her butt out imitating Amber? One thing I respected about Amber is that she wasn’t willing to do that stuff to stay in the game and it would have been easy for her to do that w/ stalker crazy Caleb. Victoria just came across jealous when she did that. None of that was by definition a “play.” I did like Donny doing Devin and Derrick’s Jocasta. But it’s not worth 5K. I just did my last 20 votes for no.

      • Comments (36)

        I meant to say Donny on the block this week not weekend. I guess you can tell where my mind is today (hint…3 day weekend!)

      • Comments (412)

        Right. They were just making fun of people. Not cool.

      • Comments (19)

        I voted no as well. I don’t want Frankie getting that money, especially since I have a suspicion that his ‘giving it to kids in africa’ is just some BS he threw at the houseguests to sway them back to liking him again after the Ariana blowup. I voted no, but I will absolutely vote yes to Donny as America’s Fav!

        Plus, perhaps when they fail, it’ll put a little fire under Derrick’s butt, so maybe he’ll go after Frankie. The play was his idea, Derrick said no but Frankie pushed for it, and then it failed. I know if some idiot did that to me and it cost me 5 grand, I’d be pissed.

      • Comments (137)

        I totally agree with all of you, which is why I voted against it as well in the end. But a lot of the comments say to vote for Donny for America’s favorite, and also for Zach. Donny has had the chance to win money, which Zach has not. So not sure who I am going to vote for on that one either. Everybody likes Donny because he does have a such a big heart, but Zach added a lot of humor to this very mind boring season. If it wasnt for Zach and if I need to say Devin I will, this season was nothing but everybody doing what Derrick wants. The comps have sucked, the fights have sucked, the talking about alliances have sucked. I could go on and on about what sucked, so lets just end it with the season SUCKED!!

      • Comments (1446)

        Wow, with 99% of the “NO” vote here, wouldn’t it be great if not only does TA fail, but Julie actually gives them the percentage that they lose by?? Tell them each in the DR. Would love to hear Frankie be told “America voted 90%/10% that your mission failed”. They did NOT like your Broadway show.
        He would have such a hissy fit 🙂

      • Comments (682)

        I just looked at Frankie’s and Ariana’s Twitter and it looks like maybe Ariana has been a little too busy to tweet out for people to vote for TA.
        If this is true most of their “fans” probably don’t even watch BB so they may not have voted.

      • Comments (843)

        Hope she is super busy when it comes time to vote on America’s favorite.

  5. Comments (1799)

    Is Cody listing more to Christine than to Derrick on the Donny vote ? So after a month of these people speaking ill of Donny He is not who he says he is ( oh that’s Derrick and Frankie for over half the show) He has no social game ( did anyone know Victoria excited in the house till the last 3 weeks) He’s old ( Frankie and Derrick hello) He is always scheming ( Derrick,Cody,Frankie,Christine oh wait that’s the idea of the GAME!! )

    Even if Donny were to ask how many people have a final 2 with Derrick No one with a brain beside Victoria will raise there hands

    Will tonight finally be the night the vote will not be just a formality? Might there be a split? We can hope

    • Comments (1288)

      Caleb, Frankie and Derrick were commenting on how the Cody/Christine cuddling is more prevalent even after the ZingBot comment that upset her so. That appears to be the way the divide is going. Frankie pointed out he got Zach out because that was the group decision, he is not happy that Cody refuses to accept the group decision to evict Nicole.

      If by doing that, Caleb considers Cody having betrayed the group they might surprise Cody and Christine with the vote. They would only have to make sure Christine did not win the HoH and then Cody and Christine would be the easy targets for next week.

      • Comments (1446)

        Last night on BBAD, Christine chose to do a little more emasculating of her husband.
        She said that, not only does she CONTROL all of the money, but she was also quite pleased to tell that SHE makes more money that he does.
        No wonder she wears the pants in that marriage. Geez, how has he survived w/out her.

      • Comments (610)

        If she works at Starbucks, she probably makes minimum wage, maybe a tad more, not really big bucks…

  6. Comments (83)

    I think Derrick and Frankie pressuring Cody to vote for Donny
    To stay is going to ruin their plan. Both Derrick and Frankie are in
    On board so that’s two votes and then add Caleb and that’s 3 votes.
    Donny can stay. Why pressure Cody and Christine who are going
    To then try to convince everyone else against it? Am I missing
    Something? Why can Derrick get his way every other week but
    Not this week???

    • Comments (1288)

      They are in an alliance, all is supposed to be a group decision. Cody ignoring that may just be what splits the group.

    • Comments (20)

      I agree…. why now is Der thinking he can’t sway votes the way he wants. They are going to have to turn on each other at some point.. Bomb squad can’t last till final 2!!!

      • Comments (19)

        They can easily turn on Cody/Christine with this vote… it’s not like they’d be a threat this next week… Cody can’t compete in HOH and Christine can’t win anything.

      • Comments (20)

        EXACTLY.. why aren’t they thinking of that?? I read where they were getting hints from production to keep Donny??? I watched bbad and several times while Der/Fr where talking they said you can’t discuss DR things??? SO IDK what that is about.

      • Comments (1443)

        Derrick really does not want Donny to stay cause he is scared of him. Can’t control him

      • Comments (843)

        He can. He doesn’t want to because Donny knows how things are being run in the house and Derrick wants him out. Notice every time they bring it up, he brushes them off then brings up how ‘bad’ it will be for their game. He’s only thinking of HIS game.

    • Comments (1443)

      Derrick really wants Donny to go and that’s the real problem he’s abstained in all voting which got Caleb to change his mind again. Cody can’t vote as hoh. But none have the guts to go against any of the others. So Donny will go. Sad

    • Comments (487)

      Cody can’t vote. He is the HOH. So the vote will be 3-2 to keep Donny if they choose to go that way. Then the fun will begin because they will have to start eating their own.

  7. Comments (20)

    I voted against the TA thing. I didn’t want Frankie thinking his IDEA was better than what DONNY had. Donny will def win AMERICAS FAVE!! he has my vote for sure……

    • Comments (49)

      Here is my only appehension about voting “no”. There seems to be, as of now, a slim glimmer of hope that Donny stays. Obviously, if the answer to the Apple Pie question is “no” AND the plan is to keep Donny, there should be enough time for Derrick and Frankie to register that America just voted against their task and they should be able to figure out that something aired about Donny’s wishes to save himself. Hence, America is pulling for Donny and they need to get him out sooner than later. I know a lot has to be processed in those few minutes…but, especailly Derrick is smart enought to catch on.

      Side note…..even though the audience is probably under direct instructions….if Donny goes tonight I hope the cheers for him are not very loud (a given), i hope they are very long…….giving all the people inside that he talked tp something to think about.

      • Comments (1288)

        Frankie has an obsessive need to be liked. If he thinks he is going against America’s wishes I do not see him doing so willfully. He bended to the group decision to take out Zach, he will bend to America’s wishes. If you believe what he says he will bend for anything.

        Derrick has high hopes for his ratings at Joker’s and other sites – boy is he in for a surprise. He also will be looking to curry America’s favor. He knows how easy it is to save Donny and will not be looking to give America the finger.

        I was hoping they would get the outcome as soon as possible for the weight of America’s wishes to fall on Derrick and Frankie sooner rather than later. I fear that finding out during the show will instead not give enough time for them to realize the advantage of keeping Donny and then doing so.

      • Comments (49)

        There are a whole bunch of them that are going to get hit by the frying pan when they get out and their families tell them they were rated in the bottom 6 in popularity for at least half of the season.

      • Comments (610)

        I wonder if they will have receive the news before or after the votes are cast. If its before, will they have enough time to flip the votes to save Donny? It will be quite interesting to watch, that’s for sure!

  8. Comments (1799)

    No BBCuby they said the mission was the play Also it had to be done before the veto So I say keep voting NO to show Frankie & Derrick the mistake they made

    • Comments (49)

      I agrre with that…but voting no will make them realize their mistake…hence, they will realize that America would have rather them have a mission to keep Donny (rather than the play)…..thus America is really pulling for Donny…and they need to vote him out instead of Nicole. I think we agree…just saying from a different angle.

  9. Comments (19)

    Sad to say it, but all in all I think Donny is going home tonight.
    The same thing happens every single week… they’re all gung-ho about geting ___ out, then somebody starts some chatter about swaying the vote and taking the other person out for whatever reason… it seems like it might happen, but never does. They all just stick with the original plan. They’re all big talk and no big game.

  10. Comments (644)

    I voted NO 20 times last night and 20 times this morning. I don’t want Derrick and Frankie to think the “play” was a good idea.
    Yesterday I got a “Zach” pink cap at Kmart for $1.50, that’s cheap! It was half priced. I almost never wear a cap but I just couldn’t resist the price and probably will wear it to the beach. (I live in Florida).

    • Comments (492)


      You melt my heart!!!!
      I wish everyone wears a pink hat at the end for Zach!!!!
      How nice!!!!

      This might show show how mean Victoria was….

      Thank you,

      • Comments (644)

        mom, Zach was one of the best HGs ever. He was fun and different, after he left the house feels kind of empty. I’ll remember him every time I look at my pink hat.
        Team Zonny would have been a great team. But I don’t think I could wear a beard!!!

      • Comments (492)

        You are too funny!

  11. Comments (610)

    Has Cody been throwing comps most of the season? He seems to know all the dates & times, etc and then he pulled out an HOH win and a POV win all in the same week?

  12. Comments (875)

    The real injustice here is Donny leaving the BB House well before Victoria, it makes no sense whatsoever! Donny has fought hard to remain in the house, and all Victoria has done is be a self centered brat, that can’t get enough of herself in the mirror, and she has played the role of the rat for Derrick in the House.

    • Comments (644)

      I remember Brittany, Amber, and Nicole saying they couldn’t believe they were being evicted before Victoria. But this game is all in Derrick’s hands, for now.

  13. Comments (98)

    I voted NO for the play. Derrick appears to be smooth as silk with his game but he working with a bunch of wannabe BB players therefore making it easier to run his game.

  14. Comments (53)

    I voted NO x40 on the team America mission
    –looks like I’m not alone. It’d be interesting to do a poll and see just how many ppl feel the same

  15. Comments (722)

    Steve Beans… good decision to forego the Xbox.
    Youre a good son and will make a good husband..

    Hey theres always Christmas!!

  16. Comments (69)

    Voted No 20 times this morning

  17. Comments (453)

    Derrick isn’t really pushing to keep Donny because he knows that Donny would win over him. His goal is to get everyone out who might beat him in the end, while making it look like it is everyone else doing the evicting. Voted no, the play was horrible, what ever happened to Frankie’s great broadway skills? These immature people remind me of bullies in middle school.

  18. Comments (266)

    Still voting No… No one will convince me that doing a dumb play (err.. I don’t know what to call it but it wasn’t even a play…) is worthy of $5,000. Donny will be rewarded in other ways., ie fan favorite.

    Let’s get the message sent that we are not amused by Frankie .

    • Comments (266)

      Stevebeans are you able to set up a poll on your site? Would be interesting to see how your followers are voting.

    • Comments (137)

      it was a bashing session. I was thinking the same thing. I didnt know plays were done on the couch. I was expecting them to be outside actually doing a performance. No wonder Frankie didnt last long on broadway.

  19. Comments (12)

    Voted x20 last night and x20 this morning No to the mission. Only wish the mission was to put the Detinators on a spzce shuttle to Mars.

  20. Comments (57)

    I don’t like the way they’re letting Team America know the results. Frankie might think it was a close vote when in reality it’ll probably be a landslide. I want Julie to let them know that only 2% (Grande fans) thought the play was better than “Save Donnie” so that they know America is not on their side with this one.

  21. Comments (19)

    Christine should want Nicole out because you know darn well she would pay back and put Christine up if she had the chance. There’s vote 3 if Frankie and Derrick vote Nicole. These people are so stupid this year, I just check facebook and can’t even watch the show. I want to slap all except Donny and Nicole

  22. Comments (4)

    Expect the unexpected Victoria is Derricks wife. Lol

    • Comments (487)

      My sister had an interesting take on the Vic/Derrick thing. What if, IF, Victoria was in the Final 3 with Derrick and say Christine. If Victoria wins the first and the last comps she would pick who sits next to her in the F2. Could/Would it be possible that Victoria takes Christine to the F2 instead of Derrick thereby ensuring her winning 500K? Interesting thought. Unlikely, but all it takes is one wrong move on Derrick’s. My sister doesn’t think Vic is as dumb as she appears.

      • Comments (137)

        you have a lot of chances on that one. Victoria winning a comp, you must be dreaming. I have yet to see that girl move much besides when she was acting as amber. I highly doubt Victoria is going to win any of the final 3 comps. Christine has a better chance at winning on than 2 does. Hell, I will even go as far as saying the fish in the fish tank have a better chance. Okay that might have been too far. NOPE

      • Comments (247)

        her jealousy of Amber really came through on that little show they had, it was sooooo obvious. Amber never said or did a mean thing to Victoria yet she hated Amber, guess she was jealous of her figure and how she drew the attention from the boys. Victoria probably goes out with an ugly group to make herself look better.

      • Comments (137)


        you are so right with that statement. If you ever notice when Vic does who she wants to evict on Thursday nights, she was is nasty about it, especially when it is a women up there. Women who hate on other women are usually jealous of them and their looks. Have to say Wil Heuser’s video of her just in the background is so funny. spot on of her, especially with the house guests asking who that is. GOTTA WATCH THEM!

      • Comments (487)

        If you read my post, it’s my SISTER’S opinion not mine. I don’t see Victoria getting to the F2 especially if Caleb would final win HOH and stop talking about winning. Caleb would put her up in a heartbeat. If Derrick campaigned to save it her it would expose his game, so it would be bye-bye to Victoria.

  23. Comments (247)

    Frankie better make a move fast, everyone he could potentially work with are being voted out…Victoria, Caleb in Derricks pocket…

  24. Comments (174)

    SB i want to wish you and your family strength and patients. Went through cancer with both mom and brother and they both said us treating them like we did before they got sick help a lot. It keeps some normality when nothing is normal at the moment. Best of luck to yall.

    Just a question. IF Donny stays do you you guys think he can win a endurance challenge. He does his exercise everyday. Just curious what other think. Thanks

  25. Comments (137)

    I think Donny would give it his all to try and win it. Unlike the people who are left who are just throwing it to one of the alliance members.

  26. Comments (492)

    Nice idea by Lilly…
    Wear pink hats for Zach!!!

  27. Comments (53)

    I just saw a poll on another site showing 93% NO votes on TA mission
    Derrick has wondered WHY they are being told the mission results THIS time whereas they were not informed on any previous missions……is America sending us a message??
    derrick says he bets Julie will ask Frankie the ‘code question’ because the play was Frankies idea……..
    it will be fun seeing Frankie close up when he hears that his ‘play’ was a fail. Frankie says he will be crushed…….
    hmmmmmm does he consider if the people he was mocking were crushed???
    maybe we can build Frankie a school and teach him how not to be an annoying boorish slob

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