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Big Brother 16 – Winking Wednesday Live Feeds


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Yes the title is stupid, but it’s the best I can come up with when the cast gives me no material to work with.  You have Donny randomly winking = winking Wednesday.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll have Throw-Up Thursday Live Feeds.

As I pointed out in my previous thread, I don’t expect much to happen on the feeds today, at least not this afternoon. If you’re waiting for exciting news, just keep your phone handy and check facebook or twitter and I will re-update those places if and when anything happens.  On a positive note for me, this downtime allowed me to finish season 6 of True Blood so I can start watching the final season that’s on DVR.  No spoilers, but what a weird show it’s become over the seasons.  At the end of the season 7, we’ll finally see if all the side stories actually have their place, or if they’re just filler.

Speaking of shows, I have had this craving to start a Walking Dead blog, but would there be any interest?  I know there are forums and probably other blogs to discuss the show, but considering I’ve read all the comics and novels (ie the governor’s origin story), maybe I can start talk about each episode, each comic and try to predict where the show is going to go.  Again, just something I’ve been tossing around, but I don’t really know if there is an interest in a site like that.  Thoughts?

See what this slow week has me doing? I’m talking about other shows when people want their big brother spoilers…  Warning, updates will likely come every 30-60 minutes unless anything changes…

  • 12:30pm – Donny is sitting outside by himself.  Yesterday he told Nicole he spends about 6 hours a day sitting alone. This summer has to be tough on him. I hope he makes it pretty far, but I definitely hope he wins America’s Favorite.  If Frankie wins (because of Ariana), I will lose faith in humanity.
  • 2:15pm – Donny is still sitting outside, but Caleb has joined him.
  • 3:00pm – Caleb and Donny still the only ones awake, talking about nothing.
  • 4:15pm – Victoria approaches Derrick about the 5 person alliance Nicole told her about. Derrick squashes it and insists Nicole is the biggest liar in the house. Derrick said he’s done with her (Nicole)
  • Victoria leaves to go to the bathroom, I will leave to go make dinner real quick
  • Didn’t leave yet – Victoria returns and Derrick hammers home the point how Nicole is apparently a huge liar.
  • 6:30pm – Donny, Nicole, Victoria and Derrick are playing Jenga in the living room.  Gives me time to write the recap on the veto episode
  • 10:00pm – The get-along-gang is hanging out in the HoH room, and they’re telling jokes so we get to hear the Christine laugh every minutes. Ugh.
  • Donny is chatting a little game with Nicole while playing Jenga. They both know they’re screwed but wonder about how the get-along-gang will turn on each other
  • 10:06pm – Victoria joins Donny and Nicole in the living room, so the bashing stops.  It was fun listening to Donny call Cody dumb.
  • 10:14pm – Donny asks Nicole if there is a medical condition where people get stuck in a certain mental age. He is joking with the way Victoria acts at times.
  • Donny talks about how Christine’s laugh gets to him at times. Nicole said it’s made worse by not liking her now. They then go on to talk about how she’s rubbing her hand through Cody’s hair a lot. I will miss this catty chatter between the two.
  • Donny – They were sitting here up on the couch so close. I don’t even see 14 year olds acting like that (paraphrasing)
  • 10:19pm – Big Brother Voice – “Caleb, I recognize that English could be a difficult language to comprehend, but stop still means stop”
  • Donny (back on Christine) – “Is there a medical condition where someone laughs at everything”. Nicole – “There is, it’s called kissing butt”
  • Cody mocks Christine’s laugh and then Cody’s baby talk.  It’s hilarious to see Donny so wound up.
  • 10:31pm – Watched a 5 minute video of the gorilla Koko meeting Robin Williams years ago. She overheard someone talk about his death and mourned the loss.  It’s a good but sad read, you can read the article here.
    Anyway, came back and the two were still gossiping. They think the whole Christine-Cody thing is weird. Nicole wonders if that’s not even really her husband (in pics) and Christine is a saboteur.  She doesn’t even know if CBS is showing it because it’s bad. She’s married.  “They have a weird relationship. Weird. And people are OK with it”
  • Donny – “I’ve always noticed it but didn’t say anything”. Nicole – “And their dirty talk. They were down here all alone and she said something about so hard, and then whispered ‘soo hard’. Sooo weiiiiird”

Check back for more updates!

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  1. Comments (10)

    Oh how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Walking Dead….I’ve actually thought in the last few weeks that time is dragging by (because of this boring summer BB16)! If you start a Walking Dead blog, I’m in! 🙂

  2. Comments (182)

    You have to hand it to Nicole last night, she lobby hard, negotiated and campaign to all she thought would turn her way, it came close to begging and pleading a sort turn-off, but the sympathy vote has work in previous seasons, I think.

    I was concern she might even sleep with Cody to get his vote and influence Christine for a tie-break if needed. I wonder if that thought ran though Cody’s mind :), Nicole threw out some body language I thought.

    But you got to admire Nicole’s attempt to self-save, but she still gets an ‘F’ for naivety, the girl is too country to understand the conniving city-slick ways

    • Comments (682)

      I agree, she did a great job. And Zach tried to get the votes. I don’t think it’s over yet they still have all day today and tomorrow. I see a confrontation (house meeting?) to call out who is the real liar.

      • Comments (182)

        Yea, Nicole is an outside horse.

        Zack was convince early this morning that Nicole is out and they are going for unanimous votes. Even Cody said that Nicole contradicted herself so many times at their last night conversation. So she is done.

        Check Joker’s, looks like they didn’t call it a night until around 5:50am, when Zack said OK.

  3. Comments (12)

    you should definitely do a walking dead blog!! I love that show and it would be great to see what your opinions on where the show is going. I would read that blog everyday!

  4. Comments (17)

    Yes to TWD blogs!!!

  5. Comments (1446)

    Can’t hardly stand to watch BBAD anymore – last night when Cody and Christine were spooning and rubbing each other on the lawn furniture outside I felt nauseous.
    I am afraid the final four will end up being Derrick/Victoria and Cody/Christine.

    • Comments (412)

      Her husband posted on Twitter saying ‘i sleep a lot and cry’. Poor guy, I feel so sorry for him. I wish I could give him a strictly platonic hug, unlike the hugs Christine and Cody share.

  6. Comments (1446)

    You’ve got to give it to Derrick. He not only sets up and orchestrates every eviction, but then he “mists” the evictee into thinking he’s the nicest guy in the house before he sends them packing!

    • Comments (9)

      Yeah, Derrick’s got it in the bag unless he screws up big time

    • Comments (182)

      That’s the way I have been seeing it.

      I also like the way ‘he is the good guy’ to his evicted victims for their jury vote. Derrick is one of the smartest players ever, his low-key approach is masterly done.

      He deserves the big prize, I switched my cheering for him awhile back, it’s no longer Victoria 🙂

      • Comments (182)

        Of course I was kidding about Victoria, who should win, ‘Most Useless Floater for all BB Seasons’.

      • Comments (182)

        Ok you got the joke, but you are a fan of Victoria. Is this ‘Buffalo Bill’ doing the ‘thumb-down-?

      • Comments (15)

        What has derrick won! He is a big floater to Donny is the only one that can see thru his lies.

      • Comments (224)

        Derrick won an HoH. Regardless of that, he is not a floater, even if he hadn’t. A floater is someone with no real alliance, no strategy or plan, and lets other players make decisions for them. A good BB player MAY win competitions, but the really great players don’t need to. Derrick has controlled most evictions so far without ever having to actually be in power. He can be a bit of a jerk, but he’s definitely playing a great game.

        Don’t forget that Dr. Will won his season without ever having won a single HoH.

      • Comments (16)

        To be fair he is a cop. (If I remember right he was an undercover cop)he is use to manipulating people into doing things he wants without them realizing it. It is part of the whole police training. Add the point that no one knows his real job he can manipulate them with out them even suspecting he can.

  7. Comments (27)

    Yes, do WD and please also do Survivor. You are better than the BB show itself.

  8. Comments (10)

    You should definitely start a Walking Dead blog! I would love to hear your comments on the show. Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows. With BB being so boring this year, I am counting down the days until it starts (not literally). But really, I am a big fan of this blog and would love to get more of your unique commentary throughout the year.

    Donny is my favorite player this year. it is locking less and less likely that he can win. If me does not, fan favorite would be the next best thing. Especially over Frankie!

  9. Comments (1799)

    Once more showing a slightly older person can come in and control these people with less life Experience I wonder how his alliance members will feel when they find out they were all played by a cop As the other players were looking to become reality stars Derrick kept his eyes on the money Frankie knew that he has increased his media exposer Christine has been in a fog with the first with being ask to join in with the cool kids Than when Cody started to show some interest in her Victoria was just happy to have her protecter Derrick looking after her Zach will show up at any bar opening for a few thousand Caleb sees himself as being wanted by everyone What a group So yes Derrick has done well keeping them in line

  10. Comments (69)

    While I am definitely not a Frankie fan – I will say he at least cooks now and again for people and washes the dishes – unlike Caleb – did anyone notice him last night go over where Frankie and Donny were washing dishes and Frankie said he could help – and Caleb just went into a daze like did he really think I would do that – or never see Christine do anything like Amber and others did – neither does Derrick – its someone elses responsibility to clean up after them –

  11. Comments (412)

    I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THEY TURN ON CHRISTINE! I would love to hear her talk about betrayal, to see the look on her face. She wrote in her HOH letter that Cody was her bestfriend in the house, go figure. I would love to see the interact between Christine and Cody when she realizes they[Cody& Derrick] are planning on keeping Victoria longer than her. That’s going to be priceless. And I don’t feel bad for Christine after how she treated Nicole& Hayden. Especially Nicole! What goes around comes around.

  12. Comments (123)

    YES to The Walking Dead…Im In !!!!…i have read all the comics and novels and have played all the video games and seen every episode of the tv show…I’ll be here for your every Blog on TWD… 🙂

  13. Comments (644)

    I think the HGs shouldn’t be allowed to go to sleep so late. That way people who watch the live feeds don’t miss much. All of them go to sleep so late, except Donny. Who stays awake until 6:00 am???

    • Comments (123)

      BBCanada had a great system…if any HG tried to sleep during the day…they would get called out or some sort of LOUD bell would ring to wake them up…

      plus they would ALL be in bed before midnight every nite cause BB would wake them up at 6am every morning, lol… 🙂

  14. Comments (412)

    Caleb= Crazy Delusional
    Christine= Accidental Villain
    Cody= Ultimate Floater
    Nicole= This Year’s Jessie
    Victoria= One Extra Vote
    Zach= Wannabe Villain
    Derrick= Undercover Mastermind
    Frankie= Attention Whore
    Donny= America’s Sweetheart

  15. Comments (644)

    They just locked down the backyard; Nicole won’t see it anymore. Sad 🙁

  16. Comments (13)

    Big Brother US should adopt some of the ways that BB UK plays the game they give the housemates no chance to have a boring season they allow no daytime sleeping it is such a good version that they have I do recommend it along with celebrity BB UK the best celeb involved reality show

  17. Comments (83)

    You are right. Cody is an ultimate floater.

  18. Comments (644)

    Judd from BB15 interviewing Amber:

  19. Comments (19)

    Honestly, after tonight, as much as I hate Christine for turning on Nicole,
    the bigger CREEP in this house is DERRICK…. OMG, after watching Frankie
    spill his guts about the truth, Derrick just sits there. Someone needs to take Derrick down. HE is playing all sides, the girls, the guys, the girls against the guys and so forth… I wonder if will reveal himself.. I doubt it
    but wow, he hasn’t even won one comp, veto or HOH… really…he turns every situation around… I can’t believe noone has figured him out yet…so frustrating 😐

    • Comments (843)

      Derrick won an HOH with Nicole. He’s figured out it’s best to manipulate behind the scene so nothing can ever be blamed on him.

    • Comments (210)

      Derrick IS playing the game. This is BB not romper room. Manipulation, half truths, lying is what it takes to get to the end. He’s even got the socialization part down. People may not like him but he is mastermining the entire season. Kudos to Derrick.

  20. Comments (843)

    I don’t get live feeds. I’ve quit watching BBAD. Tonight I couldn’t even get through the show without fast forward! I simply cannot stand to watch Frankie anymore.

  21. Comments (383)

    OMG. Anybody else catch Victoria saying Frankie was using his sister as “an escape goat”? I had to watch it back 3 or 4 times. So funny!
    To be fair, I don’t think English is her first language… not knocking her intelligence. Just thought it was really funny.

  22. Comments (1799)

    I laugh when I hear these house guest complain about someone trying to backstab them One most were started by Derrick two EVERYONE of them has done it to someone and have tried to do it to each of the remaining HG ! Stop this blood on my hands crap That is why Derrick do’es not want to win HoH yet Figure one more week till one or two jury members come back Yes the Canada & UK version are interesting the way they keep the HG moving during the day It’s a nice trick to have people vote for who they want evicted Knowing that people are more likely to take the time to vote for someone Insted of taking the time to vote someone out

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