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Big Brother 17 – Power Of Veto Day Blogging

I’d love for a professional to read their body language

Good afternoon, everyone!  Sorry about the late start, feeling a bit under the weather, so I slept longer than expected.


A quick summary of yesterday…

Vanessa put Clay and Becky on the block because they’re two strong competitors. Jackie put Liz and James up because they’re not.  The plan was for the former to win with ease, be safe from the block and keep Liz up. When the feeds returned, there was an unhappy looking Clay, so we instantly knew what happened. Based on everything I’ve heard, Liz essentially had to carry James through the competition, so I’m sure the CBS episode will play it up like they did when Caleb threw it and Frankie won it alone. (The difference is, James wasn’t AS obvious.. close, though)

This means the twin twist will happen, and Julia is guaranteed to enter the house this Thursday night after the 5th eviction. This also means they increased the chances of Austin not going home. Granted, it was pretty much only doubling the chances, and they were slim to begin with. Had Liz remained on the block, she was guaranteed to play PoV. Now, she’s not. However, had she won, she was guaranteed to use it on herself. Now, she’s guaranteed to not use it.


When you look at it that way, it’s almost better that Liz won because her odds to play and win shrunk tremendously. I think. My statistics professor would be upset with me over this. Had she been on the block, her chances were 1:6 that she’d win and save herself, which would have been good for the house. Now, there is a 1:10 chance (counting houseguest choice) her name will be draw, and then a 1:6 chance she could win, which would then be bad.  (Note: the 1:10 changes every draw).   Perhaps someone who is much smarter in statistics can calculate her odds of playing and winning now that she’s off the block.

Enough rambling. If Austin or Liz win the POV today, the plan is foiled. Anything else, and Austin will probably walk out the door.

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  • 10:57am – The house is up and getting ready to draw names for veto.
  • 11:30am – Feeds down for veto drawing.
  • 12:15pm – Players picked:
    • Vanessa, Becky, Clay, Liz, John, Shelli
  • Things are not looking good for Austin, but Liz can win. If she does, it will probably be a dull week as Austin doesn’t know he’s a target anyway
  • 12:30pm – Feeds went down again with Jeff Loops.  It would be weird for the veto to start this soon after drawing, but never know. We’ll monitor how long they’re down for
  • 12:54pm – Feeds back, Havenot choice (3). They also get to enjoy ‘slopcorn’
    • Shelli, Clay, Steve (Steve volunteered, the other two haven’t been HN yet)
  • 1:15pm – Shelli, Becky, Jackie, Jason are talking about Liz/Julia and Austin. They’re still comparing notes on the two twins, because apparently the confession of Austin wasn’t enough.
  • 1:30pm – The HoH room talking about how they need to get Steve out sooner rather than later. They compare him to Ian. Then they start talking about how the bbtakeover disappeared.
  • 1:50pm – Becky is talking to John, and they realize that Vanessa (and crew)’s plan is to put people on the block. They’ll say one is safe, but one is really more expendable than the other. Neither are happy about the situation in the house, but they’re not exactly doing anything.
  • Becky is talking about how Vanessa never wants blood on her hands. Definitely a theme for Vanessa this season
  • 1:54pm – PoV time I believe. Jason was called to the DR, and now we’re on Jeff Loops. Should be a few hours
  • 4:15pm – Was laying down for a bit, but the feeds returned about 20 minutes ago. PoV reveal:
    • Clay won the PoV
  • The big question is whether or not Vanessa will go through with her plan of backdooring Austin or not.
  • 5:00pm – I am in a panic. This under the weather feeling has turned into a temp of 100+. I will be devastated if I don’t go this week. Is flying while sick a bad idea?
  • In Big Brother news, Shelli is speculating Becky threw botb because she wanted clay out. Paranoia indeed.
  • 7:12pm – Austin is pleading for his Big Brother life to Vanessa. Shelli is pushing for Becky to go home. I will be pretty sad if Becky goes home this week. Not because she’s boring, but because she really does seem like a nice person, and I’d like to see her make it to jury.  Honestly, nobody in the house really bothers me to see them go home the week before jury. They should have cast more villains.
  • Vanessa asks Austin how does she know he’s not America’s Player. He said he can’t prove it, just have to trust.  I personally would have said something like ‘Just tell me what to do and I’ll be a puppet for you to prove it.’.. not like that guarantees anything.
  • 7:40pm  – Austin is spilling the beans to Clay/Shelli about his conversation with Jason. He keeps throwing around how he’s in love with Liz.  oh boy
  • Shelli mentions Austin should stay, and someone should go up who would send Becky home.
  • 8:07pm – Everyone leaves, Austin returns to room with Jason.
  • Meanwhile, Clay/Shelli go upstairs to talk to Vanessa
  • 8:30pm – Shelli, Clay, Vanessa and Liz are still up in the HoH room. They are discussing the options, but it sounds like they want to keep Austin for a week

Check back for more


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  1. Avatar

    Just now watching BB After Dark from last night. Austin’s constant petting and rubbing on Liz drives me bonkers. I actually really like Vanessa, she is playing the game really well.

  2. Avatar

    I just finished watching BBAD too and all I kept saying was, “Jackie QUIT talking! You’re digging your own grave.” She actually thinks Liz/Julia have no one except Austin and doesn’t know what’s going on. Jackie isn’t safe and could actually be put on the block even if Vanessa did promise not to. Promises don’t last long in BB. steve beans, hope you feel better before your trip and have great fun! Tell anyone who will listen we hate double HOH and Botb!

  3. g8trgirl

    Stevebeans, when do you leave?

  4. Avatar

    The odds just got better ( or worse depending on your point of view) …Liz got picked for the comp.

  5. Avatar

    Clay won POV. Now we wait to see if Vanessa will keep her word and put up Austin. Wonder what Liz’s reaction is going to be when she is told he is going up? She admitted whoring herself to keep Austin’s protection though why she needed it is questionable. I’m sure her parents are very proud.

  6. Alda

    I can’t believe I’m glad Clay won POV but I am.I think Vanessa will keep her word and Austin will be out of the house.At least he won’t be going to the jury house.So his plan to be there with Liz are null and void!!

  7. Avatar

    Maybe next year they could have 2 sets of twins switching in and out at the same time.

  8. danmtruth

    Now that Clay has won you think it would be a no brainier . Take Clay off put Austin up backdoor compleat . Nothing is easy with this group .Now Shelli and Vanessa are over thinking things. Coming up with reasons to mistrust Becky . Why waste a perfect backdoor opportunity . No they keep over thinking . The rest of the house is still not unified in a voting block against them just look at the votes. Steve is trying so hard to be with the cool kids. Jackie just follows along Meg is clueless . Jasson is trying to get in with the cool kids instead of organizing an opposition group

    • Avatar

      As a viewer, this is a real pissoff. But I’m not surprised Vanessa has found a way to not go through with it, and at the same time tell everyone else that Austin should go up next week.

      Another easy choice for Vanessa. She wont have to dive into a pool of blood afterall. She can get rid of a have not, securing the numbers for the alliance.

    • Sweet Bee

      You’re 100% right. Do it now before he is part of the jury.

  9. Avatar

    How dare John say he would use POV on Becky instead of Clay! He isn’t bowing down to the queen’s wishes so he is now toast! And Becky…..wow Becky decided to throw BOB so she could keep Clay on the block? That doesn’t even make sense. So sick of Vanessa’s waffling and finding ‘reasons’ to do something. Stick with the plan and quit the drama. Now Becky and John are in trouble with the queen. And Jason has been ‘acting funny’ so he’s probably close to the block too.

  10. Clangley

    Flying while sick isn’t a good idea. I flew to Vegas awhile back with a minor cold I chalked up to allergies. By the time I got home it turned into double ear infection, bronchitis on the verge of pneumonia and a major sinus infection. My dr said flying back home made it all come to a head bc of the change in air pressure plus the recycled air in the cabin of the plane. I really hope you’re feeling better by the time you have to leave. Like I said mine was a minor cold or so I thought until I flew back home then the next day I couldn’t even breath without my whole body aching.

    • Avatar


      Bring a pack of gum with you. No joke.

      The air pressure affects some people really badly. You really feel it in the ears. By chewing gum, it relieves the preasure a bit.

    • stevebeans

      If there is one thing working in my favor, it’s time. I’ll have a pretty good idea by Monday which would still give me time to beg for a reschedule

    • Avatar

      Recycled air is a problem for everyone on the plane if you fly sick. Not only is it bad for you personally, but do you really want to give what you have to a plane full of other people and then a bunch more they are going to interact with when they land?

      Go see a doc. tomorrow morning and find out what you have then get on some meds and go to bed. If you take care of yourself properly you’ll probably be right as rain by Tuesday.
      Feel better!

  11. Avatar

    So I can’t log in on my phone. But had to chime in about flying when sick… I too flew down to Louisiana with a minor head cold. It ended up turning into bronchitis and an ear infection. I too was told I was on the verge of pneumonia. So I would steer clear of flying while sick… 🙁 hope you feel better

  12. danmtruth

    Sorry to hear about how you’re still not feeling good. Nothing worse than trying to fly with a head cold Good luck
    Paranoia rules Vanessa and Shelli as I said they were all set on Austin. Than they started over thinking. This will be the downfall of this group if ANYONE can pull the other side of the house together. Yet everyone wants to be friends with Shelli and Clay. Why!! So Becky was promise protection and just be a pawn Shelli gets a wild idea Becky thru the comp to hurt Clay ?!?! Now she ants her out . Shades of Austin wanting Jeff out because he was getting close to Liz. Watch yourself Johny Mack your next on Austin list of people getting to close to Liz
    Not even sure who to cheer for in HOH anymore . Is there anyone in the house who will not do what Shelli ,Van, or Clay want?

    • Avatar

      I suspect that everyone at this point just wants to make it to jury. Hopefully things will change then if they can get the numbers. The six have to ‘really’ turn on each other at some point.
      As of this minute I still have hope that Vanessa will stay true to her promises. She seems very concerned about not staying true to her word and still seems to doubt Austin. But this is Big Brother, things change in a heartbeat.

  13. Avatar

    Steve, I haven’t seen you mention any symptoms, but from the comments above it is assumed that it is URI/ cold symptoms. And your responses seem to confirm that.
    I would advise you to go to a Doctor. I know tomorrow is Sunday, but there are plenty of after hours clinics. Or even sometime Monday depending on what time you would have to reschedule by, if necessary.
    If it is something an antibiotic can take care of you should be good to go in 24 to 48 hrs.
    If it is a virus, they can advise you on stuff to handle the symptoms.
    Either way, they can advise you on whether to fly or not.
    But on a personal note, please be considerate of exposing others. Inconsiderate people are probably the reason you are sick. Traveling on a plane, sitting in a studio audience, etc., you will be in the presence of many, many people.

    • stevebeans

      Sorry, last year some got upset when I talked about myself too much in blog posts. I woke up with a stomach ache and felt blah all day. Very achy and temp went up to 100 (which I usually run low, 97.5 or so). No symptoms of sinus issues, so it’s quite possible it is a type of stomach bug and the fever was my body fighting it.

      My temp is back down today, aches are much better. Hopefully it was just a brief thing!

    • Colby

      Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully it was just a 24 hr. bug.
      I actually miss the more personal side of both the blog posts and the commenters posts and have wondered how everyone is doing.

  14. Sweet Bee

    I hate a predictable season. I wish something exciting would happen.

  15. Avatar

    I can’t believe they had such a great plan to get rid of Austin and now all this drama has happened in the blink of an eye! Austin is sounding psycho! He’s in love and blah blah blah…its a game people! Its not like he will lose her forever and never speak to, see or hear from her again! They all need to calm down and get a grip!

    • danmtruth

      This is turning into the worse case scenario for many women. A show with women holding the power turning into small petty cat fights. These ladies instead of having a clear plan keep over thinking. Add that they add personal perceived hurt feelings it only makes it worse. A big stereotype is women hold grudges longer . This show seems to be proving this
      Fruit loops I don’t understand how you can say this is predictable ? Outside of Audrey last week . Every plan to evict someone was changed at the last minute. Granted Austin thought with his little head in wanting Jeff gone . Fear that he would lose Liz to him. After that Vanessa and Shelli changed there minds on each evicted person right before the nomination
      This can end up with Liz her sister Juila , Vanessa, and Shelli in the house with Clay as the only boy toy

  16. Avatar

    Making the trip is MUCH more important than burning the energy to keep up with THIS ‘blog’. We understand. Get some rest or something. Your ‘stressing’ over it CAN’T be helping. Turn off the phone, stay away from the computer….and get some serious sleep or something. I predict you’ll be in good shape by Tuesday morning at the latest. Tell us all about it NEXT week. For now……enjoy this opportunity you’ve been given. You’ve got this.

  17. Avatar

    Steve, many years ago I was in Washington DC and the night before I was supposed to fly home I got extremely ill and has the worst pain in my ears and started running a fever. we had to come home the next day and I was very sick while flyingand to make matters worse we missed our connection in Chicago and had to spend 7 hours waiting on a connecting flight to get us to Memphis. I was miserable the entire time and hurting really badly. I got into a doctors office as soon as I got home. the flying with the infection I had in my head, in my ears caused major damage because of flying. I ended up in the hospital having surgery because of it. I highly advise getting to a doctor as soon as possible before you try getting on a plane and flying anywhere. just be very very careful!

  18. Avatar

    I knew Becky was in trouble when they put her up. Vanessa doesn’t like her and is just looking for any excuse to take her out. Disgusted with Meg and Jason and their sucking up to Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa. John is the only one open about who he is supporting and that may get him on the block. Cannot believe Liz is campaigning for Austin to stay.

  19. Avatar

    I am so confused. What was the point of considering putting up Austin in the first place ?

    If Vanessa is so good at numbers and strategy, why wouldn’t she put the ” Austin target ” in her back pocket for a week or two, and for now keep the alliance safe and backdoor Jackie or Jason ?

    It comes across as someone who wants to be in charge eithout getting blood on their hands. Sorry, but nobody can repeat Derrick’s masterfull performance of last year.

    The lousy thing though, the best thing for her to do is to get rid of a weak player. It sucks as a viewer, but she wants to win.

    The interesting thing is now Austin knows he was a target, and Vanessa told him the whole house would have taken him out. So now the question is : how loyal will he be to his alliance knowing they eanted him out ?

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