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Big Brother 17 – Saturday Live Blogging



Good afternoon, Junkies! It is veto competition day inside the Big Brother house which could lead to a situation that I’m sure Shelli and Clay will make far more dramatic than it has to be.

I’m trying to think how to explain it because it’s just a weird mess right now… let’s see…

The power group of the house is starting to show some cracks in it. I’d probably consider the ‘power group’ as Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, and Austin with Audrey as the swing vote / shield. While strong, the power group is not very tight, and it is starting to show as Shelli is considering backdooring Austin or Audrey should someone win the PoV today and remove either John or Jason.


Of course, this likely won’t happen, and the real scenario is Becky or Steve will go up if Jason is saved.. especially if Jason is saved by Meg. It is very unlikely that Meg will be on the block next to John because they don’t want to lose John quite yet. Mack versus Meg would probably be another ‘too close to call’ vote, and I don’t think they want to risk losing the guy who has been willing to be their pawn. This basically leaves Becky or Steve, unless they want to start chipping into the power alliance by putting Audrey up and sending her home.

Will Shelli do that? At this point, it’s really hard to say.  Getting rid of Becky or Steve is a throw-away HoH. Getting rid of Audrey is a stronger move, but it also exposes their alliance should a Jason win HoH next week. I’d bet Shelli is quietly hoping the nominations remain the same so they can make a push to get Jason out.  If Jason is saved, this week could get interesting very quick.

We won’t actually know the final results of the POV until the meeting monday, but the winner today will give us a pretty good indication on how the week will turn out.  If Shelli wins, expect noms to remain same. If Jason wins, it will be interesting.  If John wins, Meg will probably go up. The big question will be the other 3 players, and if they win.

One more note. Thank you to those who sent in donations so far. I really, really appreciate it as it goes directly into my LA fund. (read more here)


  • 10:00am – The wake-up call.  Get your asses out of bed and entertain me!
  • 11:10am – Clay is talking with Vanessa and Austin about the possibility of backdooring Audrey. They are going to tell her they plan on keeping the noms the same, and try to make her feel comfortable so if her name is drawn, she won’t try hard
  • 11:21am – Shelli is in the HoH bed crying. I think the pressure is starting to wear her down.
  • Shelli is upset about possibly getting rid of Audrey. Clay is trying to tell her she is likely America’s Player and probably has already won a lot of prizes.
  • 12:15pm – Vanessa and Austin talking about airlines ironically. He is saying Delta is a great airline, but we are taking Jetblue.
  • 12:45pm – Slow afternoon in the house. Many are still sleeping (shocker) while the rest just hanging out and chatting
  • 1:30pm – Feeds down, likely picking players for veto
  • 1:56pm – Feeds back. Veto players in a minute
    • Veto players: Vanessa, James, Meg
  • Shelli is talking with Vanessa and Meg about sending Audrey home. Shelli feels sick because she promised Audrey a bit of safety.
  • 2:45 – Jackie is having a talk with Shelli. Shelli is super stressed about the week so far. Jackie commented about how weird Austin has been, being up in the HoH room
  • 3:50pm – Meg, Audrey and Steve are in the living room talking. He has never seen It’s A Wonderful Life, although to be fair, neither has my wife.
  • And I return just in time, they are gathering around the living room…
  • They were told they no longer need to use the pagers. (The losing trio from botb had to carry around pagers and do dance moves or something when they were paged. I never actually caught them doing it)
  • 4:20pm – Everyone is bored and waiting for veto – me too!
  • Steve called to the DR, PoV should be soon. (he is hosting)
  • 4:45pm – Feeds down for POV competition
  • 6:20pm – Feeds still down for POV
  • Feeds back – Vanessa won PoV
  • It was a messy comp, players are still cleaning up / showering
  • 8:oopm – Going to go watch a Lifetime Movie because that’s what I do. People are already going  back to sleep in the house. Fun crowd.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I am 99.99% certain Shelli is going to backdoor Audrey if given the chance.

    I believe Day tho & know how shady production is so…

  2. danmtruth

    As much as I would like to see Audrey gone. On a personal fun note I would like to see Austin feel karma so sting and be backdoor . This year the alliances have been vary fragil . It does not take much to get these people to turn on each other. To me these are shady people who don’t want to miss a chance to screw an alliance member

  3. Avatar

    If Audrey goes home I’ll be extremely upset :/ I’m liking Shelli less and less every day .-.

  4. Avatar

    One thing true about BB; loyalty is a scarce commodity.

    The right thing for Shelli, is to take down a marlin, forget the tadpoles; we shall see if Shelli’s mild aggressiveness, is but smoke to show Clay she is a strong women ; ) but not

  5. Avatar

    SO many people have told Shelli and Clay about how weird, strange, creepy Austin is! Please, please, please listen and get this creepazoid OUT!

    • Rita

      I hope Adrey goes up this week and then next week Austin and Liz on the block side by side.

      Liz/Julia should have made deals when she was HOH to keep her safe for one week then her sister could have come in. But she didn’t do anything but flirt with the creeper and drink her wine.

  6. danmtruth

    As one of the older people their you would think Shelli would have an advantage. Yet she seems to want to hang onto her EARLY 20’s Grow up ! Austin would be nice to see being eliminated . Is it me or does this season seems to be the season of no solid alliances .

  7. Rita

    Why do I feel Vanessa will do something shady now that she holds the power?

    • Avatar

      I am feeling that way too! Seems like she keeps thinking she’s in power when she not and now she has a little power so wonder what she’s gonna try to scheme up? I want to like her but I still kinda don’t know yet!

    • Rita

      She wouldn’t put Audrey up when she was HOH because she’s transgender so she’ll come up with some story about how she can’t justify taking John or Jason off the block and will leave the noms the same.

      I was looking forward to Audrey scrambling. Maybe next week. Or the next. Or the next…

  8. danmtruth

    Not sure if she would use the power unless she is assured Shelli won’t nominate Audrey. I hope John reminds her of her promise to keep him safe till jury . Hopefully the other alliance people will agree it’s time to get Austin . Just don’t want to see a vote between John and Jasson. Vanasa Liz,Becky, Austin , and Clay vote Jasson. Than Meg , Jackie, Steve, James, and wild card Audrey vote to evict John It is left to Shelli Long shot but maybe Still make it easy and remove John and evict Austin

  9. Jannie

    If Vanessa does take JMac down to repay a favor, Shelli will renom Becky or Meg.
    It would be nice to see Austin or Audrey go on the block, but I don’t think Shelli has the balls to do it.
    Sadly, I think Jason will be going home this week.

  10. danmtruth

    No long term game play . That is what is missing So yes Jasson, will probably be going .

  11. Avatar

    If Jason does go home I only pray that James will win next week. He’s the only one with balls enough to take out one of the other side of the house. No one else will do it. These house guests are the most pathetic I’ve ever seen. Everyone is hiding and throwing comps left and right. Come on people kick it into gear and let’s play BB not your grade school house games. Just do something. You know what would be really great next week? Two of the disappearing alliances people winning the HOH ( a girl can dream ) and putting up Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Clay. Wouldn’t that be dandy? Won’t happen but like I said a girl can dream.

  12. CLangley

    Have to share a funny moment from my house.
    My husband said he hates it when I watch BBAD in the bed bc people talking gets on his nerves when he’s trying to sleep. Apparently all the other shows I watch in bed are silent movies without talking or maybe only I can hear them?? Lol

    • Rita

      That’s funny. Sometimes when I watch the feeds it makes me sleepy and I come close to taking a nap but I am afraid to for when they switch cameras to something loud.

    • Avatar

      There is a difference listening to BBAD and other shows. I’m not sure myself what it is but I notice if I’m trying to go to sleep I have to switch it to something else.

  13. Avatar

    If anyone has the feeds can you explain why at the beginning of tonight’s episode of BBAD Jason , John and Liz were all dressed in white and acting like they were a boy band upstairs. I’m assuming that Jason , Becky , John and Jackie are the have nots for the week too. Does anyone know if they were appointed or did they volunteer?

    • Rita

      Watching the feeds it seems the boyband attire is some sort of punishment for losing BOB.

      Jackie, Audrey, John, Becky are Have Nots. Shelli assigned them. They got gravy and sponge cake in addition to slop.

  14. Jannie

    Hurray! Looks like plans are in the works to backdoor Audrey!
    Van wants to use the Veto on Jason, and Shelli is leaning towards putting up Audrey…hope it all works out.
    Both JMac and Jason will stay in the house – yayyyy!

  15. Avatar

    For all of Shelli’s big talk about being strong and independent, she sure is easily swayed by others. I wouldn’t count on her using the POV to backdoor Audrey. It would be great, but I don’t think she will do it.

  16. Avatar

    I wouldn’t mind having Audrey stay. The longer thar she survives, the more it will look like she has a final two with Shelli. That will be another one of those things that can start putting cracks in the alliance.

    It’s going to be interesting veto meeting for sure.

  17. Avatar

    I hope Audrey ends up not being nominated.

    The longer she sticks around, the more paranoua will set in. Assuming Jason comes off the block, if someone else is nominated, everyone will want to know why is Shelli protecting her, and perhaps if they have a final two.

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