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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


Scheduling note this week – The feeds will likely be down from sometime mid-Tuesday until after the west coast episode airs on Wednesday night. It’s the yearly 24+ hours of downtime they do for the Wednesday eviction episode.  If you’re new, they do this because they eviction episode is actually recorded on Tuesday but they don’t air it until Wednesday. To prevent spoilers, they keep the feeds down until the final episode airs on Wednesday night.

I’m really just filling blog space at this point because there is nothing going on in the house as they’re all just hanging around. As you can see from the image above, Sam has her arts & crafts stuff all over the HN room which should keep her busy until she’s given the boot. People are wondering why she’s going to be evicted first but I’d say it’s because Sam is a comp beast…. hold your laughter! I mean next to JC that is! Sam may have only won one competition, but she has displayed fire inside her that shows she’s the type who can will herself a win when she needs it most. JC has only come close in one competition all season long.


The reality is, it’s essentially a coin flip because I’ll be shocked to shit if the final 3 is anyone but Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela at this point.

Another time filler is thanking everyone for coming out in support of Mel and NK. If you missed yesterday’s announcement, I am splitting any donations the rest of the season 50/50 between Mel who has done a phenomenal job with her morning recaps and NK moderates and does an amazing job putting even more updates in the comment section.  If you’re interested in donating to these ladies, here is the link!

Oh, and Bebe Rexha is on the CBS episode tonight, so there’s that I guess?


  • 4:00 pm – Angela and Kaycee are taking a bath because why not?
  • 4:30 pm – Sam is flirting with her showmance again
    • I know she’s not actually in love with the camera but based on the conversation she had with Brett earlier this season, here is what I think. I’m fairly confident that Sam has made up a fantasy about someone in production who is in love with her so they flirt with her as best they can through the cameras. She is probably expecting the person to come up to her when the show ends and confess their love for her and she’ll give him or her a hug and live happily ever after.
    • I wish I was kidding with my theory but earlier in the season she confessed to Brett about this elaborate fantasy she made up that he had a secret final 2 deal with her and was giving her subtle clues by things he’d say to Rockstar near her and was going to confess his love.
    • While I joke that she’s crazy, I wouldn’t call it crazy. She’s really just a hopeless romantic who probably reads too many crazy stories or watches too many Lifetime movies. She may be crazy with her sudden rage bursts, but these things are something we’ve all done. Right?  Or maybe I’m just crazy, too?  Yea, I’m probably crazy.
    • I’m kidding, btw. Everyone has had stuff like that, but most people haven’t been stuck in the same house for 3 months with little human interaction except for a bunch of people who are likely scheming behind your back.
  • 4:45 pm – Sam asks Kaycee what she’s going to do with the veto and she says she won’t use it.
    • I just realized that I didn’t update the header. Fixed
    • Kaycee says she wanted to talk to Sam about this (no she didn’t. She hates this conversation and wants to walk away)
    • Kaycee keeps mentioning blood on her hands if she uses it.  Sam asks who she is going to vote to keep. Kaycee doesn’t know but she loves them both
  • 5:00 pm – Kaycee leaves and Sam doesn’t appear to like how the conversation went so she went to collect herself under her dish fort
    • She is sitting under the dish under the blankets eating what sounds like an apple and talking to herself. I can’t make this up.
  • 7:00 pm – Watched the CBS episode. Pretty much as expected.
    • I do have to say, I’d feel awkward being in an audience of 5 people. I’d also feel awkward playing songs for 5 people.
    • Anyway, Sam is in bed and the other 4 are around the kitchen
  • 8:15 pm – Everyone is in the bedroom chatting. Except for Sam. She’s under the foosball table. Ye, really

Check back for updates


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