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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Scheduling note this week – The feeds will likely be down from sometime mid-Tuesday until after the west coast episode airs on Wednesday night. It’s the yearly 24+ hours of downtime they do for the Wednesday eviction episode.  If you’re new, they do this because they eviction episode is actually recorded on Tuesday but they don’t air it until Wednesday. To prevent spoilers, they keep the feeds down until the final episode airs on Wednesday night.

I’m really just filling blog space at this point because there is nothing going on in the house as they’re all just hanging around. As you can see from the image above, Sam has her arts & crafts stuff all over the HN room which should keep her busy until she’s given the boot. People are wondering why she’s going to be evicted first but I’d say it’s because Sam is a comp beast…. hold your laughter! I mean next to JC that is! Sam may have only won one competition, but she has displayed fire inside her that shows she’s the type who can will herself a win when she needs it most. JC has only come close in one competition all season long.

The reality is, it’s essentially a coin flip because I’ll be shocked to shit if the final 3 is anyone but Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela at this point.


Another time filler is thanking everyone for coming out in support of Mel and NK. If you missed yesterday’s announcement, I am splitting any donations the rest of the season 50/50 between Mel who has done a phenomenal job with her morning recaps and NK moderates and does an amazing job putting even more updates in the comment section.  If you’re interested in donating to these ladies, here is the link!

Oh, and Bebe Rexha is on the CBS episode tonight, so there’s that I guess?


  • 4:00 pm – Angela and Kaycee are taking a bath because why not?
  • 4:30 pm – Sam is flirting with her showmance again
    • I know she’s not actually in love with the camera but based on the conversation she had with Brett earlier this season, here is what I think. I’m fairly confident that Sam has made up a fantasy about someone in production who is in love with her so they flirt with her as best they can through the cameras. She is probably expecting the person to come up to her when the show ends and confess their love for her and she’ll give him or her a hug and live happily ever after.
    • I wish I was kidding with my theory but earlier in the season she confessed to Brett about this elaborate fantasy she made up that he had a secret final 2 deal with her and was giving her subtle clues by things he’d say to Rockstar near her and was going to confess his love.
    • While I joke that she’s crazy, I wouldn’t call it crazy. She’s really just a hopeless romantic who probably reads too many crazy stories or watches too many Lifetime movies. She may be crazy with her sudden rage bursts, but these things are something we’ve all done. Right?  Or maybe I’m just crazy, too?  Yea, I’m probably crazy.
    • I’m kidding, btw. Everyone has had stuff like that, but most people haven’t been stuck in the same house for 3 months with little human interaction except for a bunch of people who are likely scheming behind your back.
  • 4:45 pm – Sam asks Kaycee what she’s going to do with the veto and she says she won’t use it.
    • I just realized that I didn’t update the header. Fixed
    • Kaycee says she wanted to talk to Sam about this (no she didn’t. She hates this conversation and wants to walk away)
    • Kaycee keeps mentioning blood on her hands if she uses it.  Sam asks who she is going to vote to keep. Kaycee doesn’t know but she loves them both
  • 5:00 pm – Kaycee leaves and Sam doesn’t appear to like how the conversation went so she went to collect herself under her dish fort
    • She is sitting under the dish under the blankets eating what sounds like an apple and talking to herself. I can’t make this up.
  • 7:00 pm – Watched the CBS episode. Pretty much as expected.
    • I do have to say, I’d feel awkward being in an audience of 5 people. I’d also feel awkward playing songs for 5 people.
    • Anyway, Sam is in bed and the other 4 are around the kitchen
  • 8:15 pm – Everyone is in the bedroom chatting. Except for Sam. She’s under the foosball table. Ye, really

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    I’ll ask again here: Does anyone know what this thing is/does?


  2. AIO_7

    * “Angela and Kaycee are taking a bath because why not?”

    Looks like all three of Three’s Company are taking a bath …


  3. hogwild

    I think Kaycee’s loyalty to Tyler and Angela may very well cost her a half million dollars she is smart enough to know neither Tyler or Angela will take her to the final two and she is smart enough to know she can beat Sam and JC in the final HOH comp and beat either in the finals. I believe she can beat both Tyler or Angela in the finals as well but her odds of making to in the finals increase greatly going up against Sam and JC as oppossed to Tyler and Angela. I know there is virtually no chance of it happening but in my view Kaycee should pull JC off the block the only one who can go up is Tyler take him out then go after Angela.

    • Rockingrealtor

      KC just needs to win the final HOH and she wins it all. She will beat both T&A in the end.

      • hogwild

        I agree KC will beat any of the remaining player in the finals I just don’t see why she wouldn’t want to try and get rid of the two people who would have the best chance to beat her in that final HOH.

      • Joy

        I agree Rockingrealtor but it would be really funny to see Tyler go to the jury house, no one would be expecting to see him!

      • Rockingrealtor

        KC will not turn against her alliance. She is a team player and loyal to the end. I also think it is a huge risk. T&A will both get rid of her if given the chance. They know they cannot beat her in the end. She just needs to keep killing the comps and she has it.

      • hogwild

        That’s a hell of risk to take with a half million dollars on the line best of luck to her but for me at this point in the game loyalty be dam I’m doing what increases my odds of accomplishing what I came there for winning that money.

      • AIO_7

        “That’s a hell of risk to take with a half million dollars on the line”…..

        I sooooo agree with that. Remember Derrick’s loyal buddy Cody? (Paulie’s brother) I just wonder how many times he has kicked himself kissing away that $450,000.

  4. hogwild

    I have no idea why that double posted whish there was a delete option when that happens.

  5. AIO_7

    * “Sam asks Kaycee what she’s going to do with the veto and she says she won’t use it.”

    Remember this to see if it costs KC 500k.

  6. AIO_7

    I’m haven’t been listening, but if JC is as game smart as he thinks he is, then he should be talking some BB sense into KC.


  7. Alda

    When it comes to this point in the game, it comes to what is more important to you.Is it winning $500,000 or two people that you only met a few months ago?

  8. Alda

    Does Kaycee really believe Tyler will stick to their final 2 deal? Maybe she is putting all her trust in him.Foolish girl.

  9. LynnD

    Come on JC seriously can you please stop singing it’s bad enough our feeds are going to be cut for a few days this week. The last thing we want is to sit here and watch 4 cameras on Sam talking to herself and or sleeping so STOP SINGING!

  10. AIO_7

    I just realized who Tyler reminded me of every time I see him do a DR …


  11. Avatar

    They really need to speed up the evictions from the final 6 until the end of the season. After Celebrity BB, production has proven it is possible to do as they often evicted 2 guests a week. It would cut down on the monotony for all: guests, production, and the viewers.

    Of course, after this season it may not be something anyone has to worry about…

  12. Ritchie

    The big brother Sister Act across the pond is giving its final act this year both for regular Big Brother as well as Celebrity Big Brother. After their 19th season it’s a wrap later this year.

    For those of us who have always felt that CBS was all about the money regardless of what kind of the scandalous inappropriate behavior by some house guests displayed over the years, take a look and how the UK has dealt with some of their bad housemates…

    … Read the whole article especially halfway down article in highlights is really what you want to pay attention to ——->


  13. Avatar

    I could have done without that private concert. I guess they have to pass the time and make some extra income somehow.

    I don’t mean to stereotype but I didn’t buy that Sam knew the singer at all. Then again she was singing along.

    • danmtruth

      GREAT BIG YAWN for the whole concert thing

    • Jenny

      I was kind of wondering if they played the song for the HG’s first… or had her sing it more than once so people could sing along. She did have a very pretty voice.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Jenny, you had a duplicate post below that was attached to someone else’s. When I tried to remove one of the duplicates, it deleted both your comments and the one that was attached to it by someone else. I can’t restore them, but I do want to apologize that they were removed. For some reason, if I delete a comment, sometimes the system removes the ones above and below it, not all the time but I never know until I switch back to this screen. If you want to repost it, it was in reference to Sam seems to know the words to Bebe’s song. Sorry 🙂

      • Jenny

        lol NKNT – no worries. something about if they’d heard the song before in the house, or if they had Bebe play it more than once so she could sing along…

      • ShoeLover

        In reference to the music. They have been playing on the radio before the houseguests entered the big brother house.I know several of her songs as well. She just launched a new album so I am assuming CBS had BeBe on the show to help promote the album. She has already done Good Morning America and Today.

  14. ShoeLover

    AWWWWW!! Sam singing along!!! It looks as if she is the true fan!!!

  15. Avatar

    So were their wake up songs Bebe all week?

  16. Jenny

    oops, my comment got posted twice. Anyway yeah I’m guessing they were given the songs to listen to ahead of time. And yeah it would be super awkward to sing to just 5 people, and probably just awkward to be one of those 5.

  17. LynnD

    I know she does this quite a bit. And Brett has even made comments about this. But just the last two nights alone I have watched Sam pass up having dinner with the rest of the house and then it’s like no sooner are they done with their dinner she’ll go in there and cook her own food and then eat alone. And then she wants to talk to herself and say how she feels so alone and like she don’t fit in and says no one talks to her. Look in the mirror Sam you completely do this to yourself.

  18. LynnD

    Now while she’s talking to herself she says: I really like to cook and I just don’t get to do that much here. Where have you been the last 80 some days? I’ve been watching you too probably 75% of the cooking duties because you don’t want anybody else in there cooking. I will be so happy when she is not on the feeds irritating me

  19. LynnD

    She is seriously back on those stairs again SMH

  20. jimbo

    It was hard to listen to Tyler in the DR on tonight’s show trumpeting how he made a big blindside in getting Brett out. Brett had a Final 2 with Tyler, and was plotting to get out Angela and KC. This is what real Final 2s do! They get the others out! Fact is, Tyler played Brett and lied about his Final 2 with him. So, Tyler, your big blindside was causing the eviction of someone who agreed to go the end with you?! Huh? If anything, the move just highlighted to Brett (and JC) that you lied to him about a Final 2! And, this helps you in the end how? Tyler could have EASILY thrown that HOH because there was nobody putting him up or evicting him. Tyler could have let someone else win HOH and let other people show their cards, and piss people off. Instead, Tyler is proud of his ill-advised “two steps ahead” comment. Yeah, good comment, Tyler. I’m sure Brett will recall that in the Jury after you evicted him after lying that he was your Final 2. This is Paul-esque gameplay (not really – even Paul was smart enough to TRY, to no avail, to smooth things over after screwing his Final 2s)

  21. LynnD

    Pop gave the house guests the machine and the ingredients to make homemade ice cream. Ty/KC/JC/Ang all put in the effort and made the homemade ice cream together. Sam decided while they were making ice cream she was just going to take some Ben & Jerry’s out of the freezer and eat that. Pretty much shows she just wanted nothing to do with the rest of them. When the ice cream was done the 4 them were eating ice cream and really enjoying it. While the ice cream was being made Angela had went and made some homemade Cool Whip. So while they were eating ice cream they put some Cool Whip in it some of the cheesecake and stuff so they were all having their little 11:30 sugar fix going on. Somebody mentioned about seeing if Sam wanted any and JC had said he went in there to ask her and she was already asleep and they had the lights out for her. There was a bunch of the homemade cool whip left JC was doing dishes and I don’t know which of the four of them started it but they had a huge Cool Whip fight. They were running around chasing each other and having a good time. Not one of them came out clean. It was quite entertaining to watch now they’re all 4 cleaning up the kitchen. Ty slipped and fell.

  22. CY aka FW

    I think same is purposely encouraging her own eviction as a way of “punishing herself” since she’s not sure who to blame – and boot into a shallow grave with a hole in their occiput – for her deranged and humiliating actions throughout the season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvSOsldlClU

  23. CY aka FW

    Thanks for the recapping, LynnD. I gotta roll outta here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc5iTNVEOAg

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Thanking Steve and everyone who donated this year and even those who couldn’t. Not everyone is financially able and that’s fine too. 🙂

    I have to remind myself by the calendar that the Feeds will be down Wed.-Thur. or I’ll be ready to curb stomp POP. Guess we’ll have to find something else to entertain ourselves. Potball anyone? (I can’t believe I just said that)

    From Mel’s recap, I completely agree about JC. He has sometimes been the bane of our existence with some of his antics that keep us watching fish. But he has never ceased to be the main one who has kept me entertained throughout the season, whether intentionally or not.

    I also completely agree with Steve. Sam does crazy things sometimes, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. A little eccentric maybe?

  25. Shivani33

    Sam at 11:21 BB time, lying down in the have-not cave: “I guess that it would be really hard to explain if I just got up, got dressed, put my boots on, grabbed the lead pipe that I took off of the locker in the bathroom and smashed every single one of those glass tvs across from me.”

    Sam continued: ” And then shredded all of these drawers, picked one of these saucers up and threw it through the fucking window right there. That probably wouldn’t be good. It would take me about 45 seconds to get up and get everything that I needed.”

  26. NKogNeeTow

    I fell asleep before the broadcast show came on and woke up in the middle of it. I went ahead and watched the ending then started from the beginning of the show up to the part where I came in. I also got a late start on BBAD so I had to playback (I record both), so I could fill you in on what’s going on. Don’t expect much and expect even less from here until the end of the show.

    Here is where I came in…

    Sam is sitting on the steps saying a prayer over her food. She asks to please let her maintain a positive attitude and look over her Mom and Dad and let them know she loves them. It looks like she has a tray set up on the stairs like a table.

    Angela is in the DR.

    KC, Tyler, and JC are in the blue room, bored. JC keeps singing. Production keeps warning.

    JC taught Tyler how to say “I’m a bitch” in Spanish, but Tyler doesn’t know what he just repeated. JC translates and Tyler tells JC he hates him and the three of them laugh.

    Sam was cooking earlier. I don’t know what she’s eating in that bowl but it’s crunchy. Since most of the house eat at least semi-healthy, Tyler, Angela, KC and JC have said that she uses too much butter, sugar and salt. *She joked with Tyler about that last night and said, unlike the rest of them, she couldn’t live without it in her food* I haven’t seen them eat her food in a while.

    Pop sent the HG an ice cream basket. It’s a make it yourself kit. They are either going to make ice cream or a mess. It took them a while to figure out how to use the machine. The kit included enough rock salt to make two batches but Angela used all of it on the first batch before they realized it.

    Sam got a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s and sat back on the stairs and ate it. One of them joked Baskin-Robbins has got nothing on them.

    While everyone is in the kitchen making ice cream, Sam has already gone to bed. Right now she is just laying in the dark staring on and off. *Her room makes a lot of clicking noises. It was really noticeable last night. She was almost asleep and the noises became quite frequent. At one point she sat up, looked around and listened, then finally laid back down and went to sleep.

    In the kitchen, everyone taking turns to whip the cream in a bowl with a whisk, while JC sings and gets a warning. *Makes you wonder how they stood that manual labor back in the old days*

    Ice cream is ready but they had trouble getting the whipped cream mixture to the right consistency.

    Whipped cream problem resolved. They are having fun eating ice cream with whipped cream and cheesecake.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    I stepped away for a minute and came back to everyone having a whip cream food fight. The kitchen is a MESS and so are the HG! Sounds like JC started it.

    Tyler and KC are taking turns using the mop and Angela is cleaning the floor in front of the sink with a towel.

    Angela said good thing Sam wasn’t there. Tyler said she would die, she would be pissed.

    JC is on his hands and knees cleaning the floor with a towel.

    Angela says the floors were dirty anyway and needed to be cleaned. They keep laughing about who got hit the most and the worst. Tyler said this is why they can’t have nice things.

    The entire floor is now clean. Can’t say the same for the HG.

    Angela sprayed Tyler with the sink hose. He tried to run and slipped and fell. They got a “STOP THAT. SAFETY FIRST. NO HORSING AROUND” from Production.

    Tyler tells Angela he will remember that and she’s got one coming. He tells her she doesn’t know what she just did. She tells him game on.

    Angela washes the dishes; JC goes to take a shower; Tyler and KC in the blue room getting clean clothes. She asks him if he’s alright. He says he’s fine and he’s going to get Angela.

    Angela cleaned off the counters and sink mirror. She said she just washed her hair yesterday and now she has to wash it again. She goes upstairs and passes Tyler in the hall coming out of the HOH. She goes in and says to herself “What did he do”, then starts looking around.

    In the bathroom, JC and Tyler are trying to switch out Angela’s conditioner with mayonnaise. Tyler gets a turkey baster to try to get it into the tube. JC says they have to hurry before she comes back. They try everything to get it into the tube and finally succeed. Tyler says Angela is probably in the shower now so he’s going to wait until later and switch the tubes so she’ll use the mayo tube tomorrow. He says he’s going to hide it for now.

    Tyler goes to the HOH while she’s in the shower, runs back downstairs and tells JC he’s going to dump ice water on her. He made a glass of ice water and took it upstairs. He goes to the HOH bathroom and asks her if she’s done yet. She asks him “What”? He throws the water over the top and misses her. He says dammit, he can’t do anything right around here.

    He went back downstairs and told KC and JC that he missed. He fixed another glass of water and went back upstairs. She’s still in the shower and he tells her he’s done and won’t do anything. She says she can’t hear him.

    He sits down on the floor and watches the monitor. He picked up the headphones but changed his mind and put them back on the bed and continues to watch the monitor. Production asks him 4 times to turn the music down. He ignores them and continues to stare at the monitor until Angela comes out of the shower.

    She stood there clutching her towel and asking him what else did he do. He keeps saying he didn’t do anything but she won’t move from in front of the sink. He finally gets into the shower and she tells him she’s going to rip the door open.

    She goes into the bedroom and starts looking around. She gets a container of cereal and starts throwing it over the top of the shower. She stops and starts looking around the room again while asking him what did he do.

    She keeps asking, he keeps denying. His clothes and towel are hanging over the shower door and she takes them and puts them on the tub. When he realised it, he tells her that her clothes are in the shower and he swears he will wear them.

    He told her that he would never spray her with a hose and make her fall on national TV because that’s love and that’s what people in love do. He said he’s so taken aback that she would think that he would do something to her.

    He asks her for a towel and she laughs and tells him to use her robe (she got a short one for her HOH). He said it’s too small and won’t fit him. He tells her he “literally” hates her right now and reluctantly puts on the robe. He said it “literally” doesn’t cover anything.and is as short as a shirt on him.

    She gives him a towel. He says the shower is filled with cereal.

    She gets back in the shower and he starts throwing stuff over the wall. She got out of the shower and told him he made such a mess in there. She said she shouldn’t have given him his towel and she’s mad at herself.

    She said there is no reason he should have soap and facewash in his pocket unless he’s going to use it for something other than what it’s meant for. He says he has it because the other was running out. She doesn’t believe him.

    They are laying in bed talking and he asks whether or not KC suspects them. She says KC just thinks they’re just f*cking with JC.

    She starts asking him again what did he do (prank). He still says nothing and she tells him he’s a really bad liar when it comes to talking to her, but a good liar when talking to someone else. He swears again he didn’t do anything then says “Just hug me’.

    Everybody’s in bed now.

    Tyler wakes up and starts to get up. Angela wakes up and asks him if he thinks he’s going somewhere. He lays back down and they start to kiss. She tells him they have the Veto thing tomorrow and asks if he thinks they’ll get the backyard. He mumbles something. She tells him today was so much fun.

    Tyler kisses her again and she asks if that’s his attempt to leave. He says yes, but still lays there. He says again that he’s going to go. She says no. He gets up, kisses her then lays back down again. He finally rolls out of the bed (literally), gathers his things, kisses her goodnight and leaves. *Finally!*

    That’s all folks!

    On a side note:

    The Feeders were in a frenzy tonight, saying that Sam was alone and making some sort of threat about the other HG around 11:21 pm on cam 2 or 3. They said she was pretty violent and she should be removed from the house because of it. It was something about she had disassembled a locker and was hiding a pipe to use as a weapon. I don’t do timestamps so maybe one of you can elaborate on it.

    • Avatar

      Just commenting on the last paragraph: People are crazy when it comes to Sam. Yeah she is nuts, but so are they for pissing their pants every time that she “scares” them. She is annoying, that is no need to act scared. Just call her what she is.

      Kaitlyn was the guest that was the most bat shit crazy. I would have mentally beat her down on a daily basis with just a few sentences simply to entertain myself.

      Bailey with her constant snorting, hay with her mouth breathing into the microphone, Rock with her constant scowl because of her being a snob to anyone that was not in her alliance, Fess constantly grooming himself and his petting sessions that were seriously creepy….all of these people were way more annoying than Sam.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    A few final thoughts…

    My mother always said I’m the most cynical person she’d ever met, and she started saying that when I was a child so it goes waaaay back. Not that I believe in conspiracy theories but mostly I have a tendency to sometimes look at things with the side eye. Because of this, I sometimes wonder…

    Are Tyler and Angela playing each other?

    Is KC playing Tyler and Angela?

    Is Sam playing them all?


    Alright guys, I’m outta here for real, for real this time. Until we meet tonight, same bat time, same bat channel, have a GREAT day tomorrow/today!

  29. mm22

    Thanks NK – love to read your nightly comments !!!!

  30. danmtruth

    This has been Sam’s MO all season Isolate herself Do the poor pitiful me routine Confuse the other HG Let them plot against each other and try to blend in Than when all else fails Bring on the crazy Just send her packing wed

  31. pkcable

    Although I had already sent my yearly donation, I made an extra, special donation just for the ladies! Mel does a fantastic job with her overnight updates and she gives a different and interesting opinion, then Steve. Also NKogNeeTow (I JUST got that! lol) does a fantastic job here in the comments!

    Just want to shout them both out, and encourage others to give a little extra for the ladies!

  32. Avatar

    They are crazy at this point for not getting KC out…

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