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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Night Feeds Updates; PoV Results

Good evening, everyone!


I didn’t bother live blogging the episode tonight because I already had the results so it was basically just another episode.

Quick recap from it – I loved JC’s eviction speech. Him winning HoH was the best thing to happen to the last month of this season. Whether people like it or not, the last month has been boring as hell and watching L6 dominate their way to the final 3 was getting old. JC may not win the season, but this will at least spice up the next week or at the very least the next episode. Having Kaycee choose between Angela and Tyler is going to be a huge moment for Big Brother 20 and that will happen if JC or Kaycee won the veto tonight.

Well, it happened!


Kaycee won the veto yet again. This is the 5th win out of the last 6 veto competitions and between that and what she says when she is forced to evict her ally could be worth $500,000.  I say ‘what she says’ because if she stands up there tomorrow night and gives some lame ass speech (I honestly can’t even think of an example of one right now) then she may lose jury votes. Either way, 2/3 of the final 3 is set and that is JC, Kaycee, and the third will be either Tyler or Angela (for reference, I predicted that final 3 recently – Don’t look at the order of the rest. I bombed there)

You’re probably wondering how this works now that Kaycee won the veto. Is there a special loophole that breaks the system if the person not sitting on the block wins?  No. She simply can’t actually use it to save anyone as there is nobody to replace with so Kaycee will just cast the vote that evicts a person. Of course, you can always pretend there is some rule where a person is saved leaving only one on the block which is an auto-eviction if you want to go some crazy roundabout way. Either way, Kaycee is the sole vote tomorrow between Angela and Tyler.

This also leaves the house in an interesting situation because there are not many competitions that JC can win, but an endurance comp is one of them. This means he actually has a chance to win in the first round of the HoH which will automatically bring him to the third round in a competition style he proved he can win with his last HoH.

Put it simply – JC needs to win round 1 of the HoH competition or Kaycee and either Tyler or Angela will be in the final 2. It’s very unlikely he’ll have a chance in round 2.



  • 9:00 pm – Feeds not up but watching BBAD
    • Angela and Tyler are in the bedroom discussing jury votes
    • Angela wants Tyler to continue on because he has the better chance at winning it all (she’s right)
    • So, my guess is she’s going to ask Kaycee to evict her unless she has a change of heart.
    • If she does that and Kaycee mentions it in her speech (“I’m sorry I have to do this but at Angela’s request, I’m evicting her”), that is the speech that could kill her chances at winning
    • KC is up in the HoH room talking to JC
    • Tyler confesses that he’s a ‘superfan’ of the show.  She is shocked because he played it off. She asks “even more than Swaggy?”  he says yes
    • Tyler says he was a finalist for BBOTT
    • Now they’re trying to decide if they should reveal their showmance but they are not sure about that (they shouldn’t)
  • 9:25 pm – Tyler is saying ‘I feel like I already won’ (because of Angela).  25 minutes into feeds and already want to puke. I’d rather stare at Kaycee staring at the ceiling
    • He says he has another secret but won’t tell her until tomorrow maybe during the GBMs. She keeps asking him to tell her
    • Not sure what his secret is but my guess is the power he got. I don’t think he’ll tell her about the f2 he has with Kaycee
    • Tyler and Angela head up to the HoH room
  • 10:00 pm – The four are up in the HoH room chatting. I don’t expect much to happen tonight so I’m going to bed early

Check back for updates



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  1. FW aka CY

    Danke, senor frijoles frescoes!

  2. Joy

    Some from the previous thread seemed to be confused about the last night of BB. It will be Wednesday night the finale will be after the season premiere.

  3. Joy

    duh, of Survivor

  4. dfdsgs

    I think at this point Tyler had a better chance against JC. Kaycee has quietly become racked up one of the best seasons in terms of wins in a long time. She has 2 HOH, 5 POV, and the Hacker. The biggest thing is that somehow most of Kaycee’s HOH didn’t really seem to get blood on her hands.

  5. Seattle Kari

    People may not agree but I really hope that she has the guts to evict Tyler over Angela. His chance of winning is much greater than hers.

  6. Sassy

    I think JC will take KC to the F3 for several reasons.

    1. He’s mad at Tyler
    2. He thinks she didn’t connect with the hive.
    3. He would LOVE to have a gay F2!

  7. Jannie

    Talk about Angela letting Tyler off the hook! She is a moron. No way I would throw $500k away and ASK to be evicted. I’m glad she’s leaving, but wow, I would just tell Kaycee “Do what’s best for your game.” Sheesh.
    Kaycee and JC for final 2!!!

  8. Joy

    I can’t believe the words coming out of Sam’s mouth when she was talking to Julie Chen Moonves, saying JC was annoying?! Hellooooooooo, pot meet kettle. I am so very glad she is gone.

  9. Seattle Kari

    Okay, I’m just curious if anybody has looked at JC’s Facebook page. It looks like he hasn’t posted in a couple of years but maybe he cleaned it up before you went on the show but anyway some of his photographs… Well he’s buff as hell! But then again we knew that. A couple of them are funny as fuck including a Smurf!!!

    His profile pic is, well, I have confidence for sure! And pictures of him with his hair? He looks like a mini Josh IMHO..

  10. Avatar

    can’t believe JC is in the finals – mistake, he should have gone long ago.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    Sleep well Steve.

    As far as the feeds go….What he said (Steve) ^^^^

    So far, JC, Tyler and Angela are just sitting around the kitchen island drinking tea. That’s right…drinking tea. KC is in the DR.

    I hope Pop gives them something to do or at least something good to eat.

  13. Tinkerbell

    I’m so glad JC got to be HOH before the season ended. However, it’s sad watching him tonight. He’s stressed and lonely. It is far from the norm for HOH at this point in the season. Unlike the earlier HOHs, he doesn’t get to experience the fun of sharing his reveal with everyone, and having company which he loves. This late in the season it’s just so different. Also, a little earlier he was talking in the kitchen with the other three. He said he doesn’t look forward to the season being over next week. He said he doesn’t know what he will be doing. The majority of the others have all talked about the excitement of seeing their families, have plans, and know where they are going and what they will be doing. I know he has enjoyed the comfort and companionship of knowing there are people around him. In all the seasons of BB, I don’t remember crying over a houseguest. Love You, JC.

    • Seattle Kari

      XOXO <3 For JC. I actually posted something on his Facebook page giving him support and love..

      • jimbo

        Girls are so nice…lol. Hardly any dude would write what you two just wrote! Very cool. And some argue there’s no difference between the sexes (I specifically didn’t use the puke-inducing “gender” word)! Would a vet ever ask the gender of an animal? nope

      • Seattle Kari

        As a mother of a daughter that has currently come out as being lesbian, my heart goes out to him. Do I like the things he has said and done? No not really, but that hasn’t stopped me for feeling for the heart of the boy that needs the acceptance and love of his family. This has nothing to do with sexuality or gender.

    • LynnD

      Thanks Tink you just made me tear up over JC again. I have NEVER cried about anyone on BB in my life. JC has done this to me several times. 🙁

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Damn, I just deleted my entire update…lol

    Well, it went a little something like this.

    They were sitting around waiting to go to bed.

    Angela is getting ready for the DR when KC comes out.

    JC goes upstairs and Tyler tells Angela he’s going upstairs to spend some time with the princess.

    *I’ve already forgotten over half the stuff I just wrote and accidentally deleted, now I’ve lost my train of thought…DAMN, DAMN DAMN!*

    All I can remember is that JC and Tyler had a conversation about KC and Angela. *Mel will fill it all in in the morning*

    JC said he thinks he can beat Angela. Tyler told him to just make her feel super confident.

    JC said he was super sleepy and will think about it in the morning.

    KC tells him to tell KC that Angela has less blood on her hands than JC. Then he said that he has to put the scenario together in his head then he’ll tell him what to say. He then says to make KC think that he (J) is more hated in the JH than Angela.

    JC asks him what has Angela told him. He says she just said she’s not going to pick, she was just going to let KC pick. JC asks if she’s hurt. Tyler says no. JC tells him that he knows that Angela’s top 3 were her, Tyler and KC.

    JC says that KC told him not to worry, she’s going to make the right decision. JC says Angela is very smart and he’s told Tyler that since week 8.

    JC says that with the mental comps, he doesn’t have a chance against Angela. Tyler told him that she slipped up today. JC says that Tyler knows for a fact that KC isn’t going to win the mental comp.

    Tyler says that Sam didn’t deserve to be top 3. JC says that Angela doesn’t deserve to be there because he’s been protecting her the entire time in the house (LOL).

    JC told him that he had seen when Tyler started to shift to one side of the house when he told him to stick to plan A and keep the house balanced.

    JC says he feels like no one in the house ever did anything for him. Tyler tells him that’s good to hear, then asks him if he doesn’t think he (T) never did anything for him. JC said he (T) put him on the block. *JC just won’t let it go*

    They start talking about Scottie. Tyler said the only one who got close to finding out about them was Scottie. JC says that if Haleigh was still there, Tyler would be super safe. He said the only one he ever wanted out was Angela.

    JC says that all that planning and walking around the house strategizing and drinking coffee and talking to people was all for nothing.

    Tyler jokes and tells him if he kicks him out he won’t have his vote. JC says if he kicks him out, he’s going to go to the JH and tell them to give Angela their vote.

    JC tells Tyler that Angela and Tyler were walking around the house like royalty and look at them now, they went from the top of the house to the fucking bottom. Tyler says yeah, he knows. *He doesn’t think this would have happened if Tyler had listened to him. JC is taking far to much credit for everything*

    JC tells Tyler, powerful duos, rule #1, destroy them. Then he tells Tyler that he doesn’t want him to think he’s only blaming him, he blames himself too.

    He tells Tyler that he trusts him, he just doesn’t trust his intelligence. *This little booger is rife with power*

    Tyler leaves to go downstairs to bed. He asks JC if he wants the light off. JC says no, he told KC to come up and spend the night.

    JC lays in the bed thinking and watching the monitor. He then says “I’m stressed Bob. I don’t want Tyler to leave. The only thing he had to do was listen to me”. He then says something else I didn’t catch, then says “I’m getting hungry, fuck”.

    Angela is laying in bed in the blue room, alone and thinking.

    JC starts talking to Bob again. (Sorry, didn’t hear what he said…something about if they (BB) had told him something about the week). He’s thinking again. He looks a little depressed. *He did tell Tyler that even though he’s in the F3, he’s not happy*

    He asks Bob if he’s going to miss him. When Bob doesn’t say anything, JC asks him why can’t he just answer, then asks him again if he’s going to miss him. He’s mumbling something but I can’t make it out. *Big help I am. I could get fired for this*

    Angela still alone in the blue room, looking depressed. Not sure where Tyler is. KC is still in the DR.

    Blue room/HOH room….silence and staring.

    Tyler comes into the blue room and Angela smiles. He asks what she’s doing. She says crafting her speech but she’s only got 3 lines. He gets into the next bed and they talk a little. He tells her that JC said KC said she was 50/50 on her decision. She says, or that what he’s telling him. Tyler says he’s going with that.

    Angela tells him she really hopes that he doesn’t have to hear her GBM to him because she laid it all out there. He asks her to tell him, and she says no. She says he knows her speeches are always good, especially when she has to hit home. They vow to tell each other their GBM when they get home.

    She tells him that his hands are cold. He said because he had them in ice. She says cold hands, warm heart. They talk about their veto speeches they’ll have to give.

    JC is up, goes to the bathroom, looks in the HOH fridge, looks at something on his hip, mumbles something to Bob *he’s not wearing his mic*), then rearranges the pillows on the bed, turns off the lights and gets into bed. He hears the camera move and yells stop because he’s stressed. He rolls over to go to sleep.

    Back at Lover’s Lane, Angels and Tyler are talking. Nothing specific, just general chit-chat, while he plays with her arm. They start to talk about him knowing the game. She tells him he’s a really good liar and that she never guessed that he knew the game.

    Tyler tells her that he was freaking out when everyone was there for the proposal because he knew who everyone was and had to pretend he didn’t. She says it’s all making sense now. They laugh about it. And once again, they start talking about secrets. Each still thinks the other is holding something back.

    She asks him what else does she not know about this show. He says she pretty much knows everything. He tells her something about when he was on TKO, then tells her she is going to love it when she watches the first time he was HOH and everyone was trying to get him to put her OTB. She asks if she was ever in danger of being OTB. He says never.

    She starts to tell him about a photo shoot and gets a warning from Production. She continues and we get fish.

    All cams on HOH. Baby Boy is curled up in bed trying but not asleep.

    In the blue room, Tyler starts to tell Angela something and gets a warning from Production. He says “It’s not Production. It’s my life”, he sounds annoyed. He tells her it was easy to hide that he was a superfan.

    Angela gets called to the DR. She says she has to pee really quick and he says see her in 5 hours and he’s going to go to sleep.

    On her way to the bathroom, she passes KC in the kitchen. KC asks if they had teatime. Angela says yes. KC fixes tea in the microwave as Angela passes by on her way to the DR.

    KC goes into the blue room where Tyler is in bed. She asks him if Angela said anything. He said they aren’t going to campaign against each other. KC says that that’s what she told her. Tyler says that Angela said that she’s just going to let KC decide.

    KC says it’s hard. Tyler her it’s okay, he says he was just saying goodbye. He asks her if she knows what she’s going to say. She says yesterday JC was trying to push the LGBT thing and said he thinks he can beat Tyler in a mental comp. They hear the tea kettle and he tells her he’ll go cut it off because he has to pee and he’ll be right back. She sits there drinking her tea while waiting.

    Tyler comes back and KC tells him this is perfect since they don’t get to talk much. She says she doesn’t want to make it to easy for JC so she’ll tell him her decision tomorrow so he won’t be so shocked. He says that’s perfect.

    She says that JC swears he has Tyler in his pocket. She says her speech was going to be something like…then we get fished!

    When they return, he’s saying he told Angela he’ll tell her when she’s on her way out the door.

    KC says her speech will be vague about how she feels about him and Angela and she’s going to say it’s not personal and just about the game. She will say this is one of the hardest decisions and she loves them both. Tyler says that will keep JC calm and comfortable and that if they can make him feel confident he won’t try so hard for the HOH. She tells him how the final comps will go. She tells Tyler that he’s better at the mental than she is. Tyler says JC thinks he can win the physical one. KC and Tyler decides to each win a comp. They start to talk about the finals with Derrick and Cody. They decide to do it like they did with a head nod at each other as a signal as to which one feels more confident at a particular comp. They plan what to do if JC wins or loses. She says if its mental and days, she’s not that good. Tyler says JC knows the day pretty good. KC says but JC gets frazzled. They laugh that nobody knows about the 2 of them. Tyler says JC is going to murder him when he finds out.

    KC says JC keeps pushing the LGBT. Tyler says he’s smart. KC says its Tyler and her against JC. She says that everyone will understand about them at the end. They are both astonished that they will be F2.

    KC said if Angela would have won, she would be gone. KC says she and Tyler made a F2 on day 1. She says she wonders if they got it on tape. They discuss their road to where they are now.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    KC tells Tyler that they are each other’s ride or die. Tyler said he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for her. She says she didn’t want to be there without him.

    KC says they are going shopping when they get out of there. They both say they’re so thankful.

    KC says she also wants to say something about collectively the 3 of them won 19 competitions. Tyler wonders if any alliance in history have won that many between 3 of them. KC is worried about Angela but Tyler tells her she’ll understand.

    She tells him he has to think of a speech. He says this is his first eviction speech. KC says it’s Angela’s too. He says he’s going to keep it simple.

    Tyler asks her if she’s sleeping upstairs with JC. She says yes, so she can leave the 2 of them down here. They laugh. They laugh because Tyler tells her that JC told him he trust him but not his intelligence. They say he’s so funny and they can’t wait to tell him things.

    They hug goodnight and she leaves to go upstairs. Tylers says he probably won’t get into the DR until 3 in the morning. He rolls over to go to sleep.

    JC gets up, puts on his little hat and goes out and looks over the balcony. Production tells him to put on his mic. He calls KC. She tells him that she’ll be up in a minute. He goes back into the HOH and says he’s hungry.

    He comes in the room and says “Hi Honey”. He says he’s hungry then goes to the bathroom. She yells “Slumber party”. They get in bed and turn off the lights. She says what a day. He asks her what she talked about in the DR. She says just the competitions and they get a warning. They laugh.

    JC tells her he hates it in the HOH room and says he doesn’t know how any of them did it for a week. He says he can’t fall asleep. He says he’s not even her and he can’t fall asleep *this is his way of trying to steer her into a convo about her choice again*

    He tells her that he loves Angela and Tyler and doesn’t know what he’s going to do. She says they’re almost out of there and only have 6 days left. She tells him goodnight. He tells her goodnight and congratulates her on her win. He says they didn’t give them the laundry (he mentioned earlier that he was running out of clothes).

    Out of the blue she says “superior”. He says what? She says that a word that they didn’t say (when they were playing the game the other night). They laugh, then start to fall asleep.

    In the blue room, Tyler is in bed with his bandana over his eyes and the lights on. Angela still in the DR.

    Looks like that’s it for a while. I was going to wait for a bit, in case there was anymore convo when Angela comes out of the DR but just realized that when she comes out, he goes in so there won’t be much else tonight. I’ll leave the feeds open for maybe an hour or two, just in case.

    But if nothing else happens, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  16. Painter1

    Thx NK for keeping us updated at night. Mel in the morning, SB in the afternoon, and you at night were a lucky bunch indeed.

  17. CY aka FW

    When in the night the pain seeps in/
    Takes root and starts to gnaw/
    I turn to sultry NeeTow for distraction, listen to her whisper what she saw/
    Her words take away some sting, like plucking a thorn from out my paw

  18. CY aka FW

    CCR in the wee hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrj5Kxdzouc

    I’m glad KC won the veto. It would have been a real shame if she had gotten booted to the Jury house at this point. I think she’s gonna crush everyone. Who will vote against her? Nobody.

  19. Avatar

    Will tonight’s episode include the start of the 3-part comp, or just the eviction..if she’s smart Tyler will go to jury

  20. Houseguest Doug

    Tonight we get to see how smart KC actually is. If she evicts Tyler she will win the show with ease. If she opts to evict Angela major mistake. KC should win the vote to win the show vs Tyler, Angela and JC with ease. Having said that Tyler is a Wild Card.

    Some of the Jury Members may feel Tyler played the better game and KC got a good run of POV in the end having won now 5 of 6 POV.

    Safe bet is to evict Tyler, then she has an easy road to $500K

  21. Avatar

    I think I underestimated how close Ty and KC really are. Looks like KC is going to keep Tyler. I’m ok with either of them winning.

  22. Avatar

    Anyone noticed we don’t see any of the jury segments this year???

  23. mm22

    I waited n waited last night for a jury segment!
    I was wondering if the jury was so bitter that it
    would be a dead give a way as to how they were voting
    finale night n thats why they haven’t shown us more

  24. mm22

    Why wont production just show us what we want to see!

  25. Shivani33

    From Sam’s exit interview with TV Guide:
    Question: Why do you think Tyler didn’t do more to follow through on your F2 deal?
    Sam: Because Angelanhas abs and they are both really tan.

  26. SammyD

    Who will be evicted next?

    Angela = thumbs up button
    Tyler = thumbs down button

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