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Big Brother 22 – Let’s Play Three! Triple Eviction Discussion

October 1, 2020 | 190 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

We currently have 9 people in the Big Brother house, but after tonight we should have 6!  They’re going to need to rent a van to carry the crew to the jury house this week which also means next week will likely mean the beginning of the fairly dull period of the season. What? You mean we haven’t been experiencing that already??  We have, but in typical seasons, we’d be winding down the exciting/drama period as we head into the home stretch. Unfortunately this year, the exciting/drama period was virtually nonexistent due to the feeds being down so much.

We did get to watch the Christman/Da’Vonne blowup on feeds, but that was about it. We didn’t get to see Da’Vonne yell at David. We have no clue what happened between Da’Vonne and Nicole. When Christmas was sitting there talking to herself with her feet twitching about to pull a crazy Christmas on us, the feeds cut away and she wasn’t seen again until well after she had calmed down. Needless to say, production has been brutally awful this season but I’m hoping it’s only because these are “all-stars” who likely worked something in where they’re not allowed to look bad.  If this is the new normal of the feeds moving forward, we’re at the beginning of the end of this show.

Enough about the poor feeds, let’s get to talking about this cast while they’re still there…

Kevin will almost certainly be the first one evicted tonight simply because this house wants him gone for whatever reason. Because Kevin is the second to last floater this season (David the other), this does give me hope that the final few weeks could be interesting as the Committee is finally forced to break apart. While I expected a standard alienating of one person week by week, there will be no choice to do that tonight. They haven’t fully alienated Dani which means there is maybe a coinflip chance that we’ll see Dani, Nicole, Cody, and maybe Enzo break off and go after the rest. There is also a chance the ‘Wise Guys’ remain tight and it becomes Cody, Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas.  I guess it’ll really depend on who survives the night and who has the power at the end of it all.

Before I begin the show, I need to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Michelle for her generous donation! As I’ve made it clear before, we bloggers used to make a lion’s share of revenue through live feed commission (the reason everyone pushes their link) so these donations are a nice surprise to help off-set that loss.  I absolutely refuse to suggest people sign up for the live feeds because the product is terrible and I’ve told them that. I’ll actually be shocked if I’m still allowed to promote the live feeds next season after how bad I’ve trashed them this year. Oh well.  Anyway, thank you again to Michelle and everyone else this season.

Live show updates –

  • Before we begin, who are your predictions for evictions tonight?
    • I will say Kevin, David, Dani
  • They say two weeks of gameplay so it doesn’t sound like it’ll be a weird 2 person eviction for one of them
  • Just clips of the triple eviction speculation
  • Jumping right in…..
  • Eviction 1
    • Enzo – Kevin
    • Dani – Kevin
    • Tyler – Kevin
    • Christmas – Kevin
    • Nicole – Kevin
    • Memphis – Kevin

Big Brother Kevin

  • Head of Household comp
    • Trivia about the Dr. Will appearances
    • Question 1 – Dani, Tyler, David out
    • Question 2 – Nobody out
    • Question 3 – Nobody out
    • Question 4 – Nicole out  (Christmas smiled from this. Keep an eye on this for later)
    • Question 5 – Memphis wins
  • Nominations
    • David and Nicole
    • Seems like Nicole is target if Christmas’ smile is any indication
    • Christmas wins veto
    • She doesn’t use it


  • Eviction #2
    • Cody – David
    • Christmas – Nicole
    • Tyler – Nicole
    • Enzo – David
    • Dani – David
  • David evicted 3-2

Julie – Let’s keep triple eviction a secret!


Big Brother triple eviction

  • Head of Household #2
    • Another trivia
    • Question 1 – Nobody out
    • Question 2 – Enzo, Dani, Nicole out
    • Question 3 – Nobody out
    • Question 4 – Tyler wins
  • Nomination #2
    • Tyler nominated Dani and Nicole

Big Brother 22 - Nicole takes a spill

  • Power of veto #2
    • Similar as the first with the puzzle. Now they need to carry pieces back and forth
    • Christmas fell she’s out
    • Nicole fell she’s out
    • Tyler wins the power
    • Noms remain the same
    • Christmas is going to be so happy, she’ll only be one of two girls left.


  • Eviction Time 
    • Dani calls out Tyler and Christmas’ final 2 and also says Christmas had a power
    • Cody – Dani
    • Memphis – Dani
    • Christmas – Dani
    • Enzo – Dani
    • Dani is evicted
  • As she left, Christmas said “I guess we’re going to be personal” when Dani didn’t hug her. Dani says “I guess soooo”


Thank you to Kari for your generous donation!!! I really appreciate it!

I started a new thread here

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