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Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates

August 30, 2021 | 72 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Monday in the Big Brother house which means time for another veto ceremony!  But, unlike the last few weeks, this one won’t be a backdoor, and nobody will be the replacement nom, yet it will be used. How does that work? Simple. Hannah is going to use the veto on Xavier and because he’s the 3rd nom, there won’t be a replacement. So, after today, it’ll just be Kyland and Sarah Beth on the block with SB clearly the person who is going to leave on Thursday.

While Kyland is giving a valiant effort to get saved from the block for some reason (as I type this, he’s having his long conversation with Claire working her), minds are already set and the house already knows why Kyland is trying so hard to get off the block. He just wants to be able to give SB a sympathy vote to lock in some jury management which is odd considering there is nobody in the house right now she’d ever vote for to win other than Kyland. Maybe he’s also trying to get some practice in for when he really does need to get off the block. And if this is his practice, he’s failing horribly because he hasn’t budged anyone’s game this week.

In a somewhat surprising development, talk really hasn’t started on who is going to go home next week. Usually, by this point, most of the house has moved on from this week and are already focused on next, but there isn’t much of that going on. It’s likely because they all assume Alyssa won’t win the HoH which means it’s a virtual guarantee that she or Claire are leaving next?  I mean even if Alyssa does win, there really is nothing to talk about until they actually see who she decides to nominate.

I expect a fairly slow week in the house as SB seems to have already accepted she’s next because I think everyone can pretty much see what’s going on at this point but can’t really say it for fear of being ‘canceled’ which is weird in my mind. Even a blind person can see what’s going on by now regarding the cookout.  DX and Claire hinted at it, but they were clearly too scared to talk details and almost certainly would never approach Alyssa and SB to explain what they are seeing.

Let’s get to updates:

  • 11:15 pm – About 45 minutes until feeds drop for the veto cerenomy.
  • 12:05 pm – Feeds down. Should be back around 1

Thank you for your generous donation, Erma!  I really appreciate it!  And I love the card you mailed it in! Remember, all donations for the remainder of the season will be split between my local feline shelter and Mel (unless you specifically mention me).  I have a story about why I’m donating to this shelter on my donation page.

  • 1:25 pm – Feeds return later than usual. Kyland and SB already in the HN room sulking
    • I wonder if something happened with drama or they just forgot to turn on the feeds?  Hard to tell with this production crew.
    • Anyway, as expected, Xavier is now off the block. Kyland or SB will be next to jury (spoiler: it’ll be SB)

    • Kyland has a brief talk with Tiffany otw to the bathroom.  She finishes by saying ‘comfort her and send her home so I can have you back’
    • Listening to Kyland is just pure torture, I just can’t do it.  Need to switch feeds.
    • In the other room, Big D is chatting with Azah
    • D says he’ll put up Tiff and Claire next week if he wins
  • Outside, Claire, Alyssa, and X talk

    • They speculate on the next HoH.  Alyssa says it won’t be endurance because there is no HoH and there needs to be one there to host (don’t quite understand that logic. Why? I’ve never seen the outgoing HoH do anything other than cheer people on).  She says it won’t be luck because it’s hard for the anonymous HoH to throw. And they won’t have another trivia one back to back. I guess she’s forgetting the puzzle style competition. Her team literally won one of those and Julie hosted it.
    • I have no idea what HoH competition it’ll be. They’re not promoting an endurance comp to us bloggers yet, but they don’t always promote them in advance.  I think it’ll be a puzzle style comp that Julie hosts.
    • They quickly change the conversation to BB19 how bitter that jury was.  X was shocked nobody went after Paul.  Claire points out how he was given 4 weeks of safety but X says they should have gone after him when that expired.  True, but this is why I say Paul is one of the better BB players because he went back to back final 2. Paul completely changed his strategy from the friendship crew to just a dictator style but both worked.
  • 2:00 pm – In the bathroom, X is alone talking to himself about the conversation.
    • He is annoyed because Alyssa pointed out how Claire was going to be the last white person in the house.
    • He says now Alyssa has to go next because they want to keep Claire off the scent.  And that means X will probably have to go on the block again
  • 4:00 pm – During that painful conversation, SB told Kyland her real job. Cool?
    • Meanwhile, X and Big D are chatting and starting to plan about the future. They are worried that Kyland is going to win soon and likely take the first shot.
    • D wants Kyland to throw the HoH competition to him or Azah and if he doesn’t, he’s going to ‘send him packing’  How? You can’t win a fucking comp. How are you sending him packing?
  • Kyland enters the conversation which kills the momentum of it

    • They are talking about how to handle noms this week. It’s funny because they’re obsessing over it today when I mentioned earlier how they haven’t talked much of it.  It’s like they forgot to plan so now they’re spending all day playing catch-up on the useless planning
    • What I don’t understand is, why do they really care so much at this point?  It’s obviously great to plan but they’re still terribly scared of the cookout being revealed. Why? It’s literally impossible for Claire or Alyssa to win this game at this point if the cookout remains solid until the end.
    • Claire and Alyssa would have to alternate HoH wins AND also alternate opposite PoV wins the remainder of the season for either to have a chance. And by opposite, I mean Alyssa has to win PoV the weeks Claire wins HoH and vice versa.  The odds of that actually happening are slim to none, but I mean there is nothing really else to do in that house other than plan.
  • 5:15 pm – Claire is working on Hannah’s talons in the bathroom

    • Meanwhile, I updated the remaining TV schedule on the cheat sheet

Oh, and while the house is slow, time to rant. Something I’ve seen so many times this season (can you guess why?).  There is no such thing as ‘reverse racism’. Stop sending me messages about this crap.  Using that term is actually a bit racist and I’ll explain why. The idea of ‘reverse racism’ is to imply a black person being racist against a white person. However, that’s just called racism. You don’t need to add in the reverse part.  If you add that, it implies that whites are so far above racism that anyone racist against them is some reverse backward world where we need to create new terms just to describe it.

The only way ‘reverse racism’ can be an actual term is if the definition of ‘racism’ was “white people hating black people”. It’s not. Racism can exist with any race hating any race and every single time it’s just called racism.

Before you get triggered, I’m not saying blacks can’t be racist against white people. I’m just saying the term ‘reverse racism’ is stupid because it really means not racist. ‘Reverse’ means to go in the other direction. Stop using that phrase and definitely stop messaging me about it 🙂  Thanks!

  • 9:00 pm – Feeds were down for a solid 2 hours for reasons unknown. Gave me time to catch up on AHS at least.
    • Let’s see, without saying any spoilers (this is a Big Brother Spoiler site, not an ‘everything spoiler site’) it was a pretty predictable beginning to the season (AHS) but overall decent. Boston accents on TV kill me, but fortunately, it seemed like they had to throw in a token Bostonian with a thick (and fake) accent to really remind people where the show is taking place. Then like all shows, they kind of just forget about having people use the accent and I’m okay with that.  Besides, P-Town is so far away from Boston that it’s super rare to find people with a super thick accent there.  You can almost drive to New Haven, CT in the same time it takes to drive to Provincetown.
    • I will also say, it was certainly refreshing to see a horror story take place in Mass that didn’t involve Salem. We get it, Salem, witches, blah blah.
    • But yea, most seasons of AHS begin really interesting and then get super crazy and borderline stupid over the last 2-3 episodes so I’m not surprised that the season is decent so far. Let’s see if I feel the same way by episode 7 when they have like flying sharks and demons coming from the ocean to carry out some plan by an underwater sea goddess played by Lady Gaga (I’m seriously joking here, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if that ends up being the plot of the season)
    • Sorry, trying to kill some time because feeds are back down.
  • 9:30 pm – Feeds still down, so I’m going to step off the PC and watch more TV I guess

Check back for updates

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