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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Evening Updates

September 5, 2021 | 41 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s really unfortunate they moved the double to this week rather than have the traditional double eviction week bringing them down to the final 4.  While I’m glad they scrapped the triple eviction, moving it to these two doubles is still a mistake.    On normal seasons, they typically have a final month like

  • Double Eviction
  • Eviction
  • Eviction (Tuesday) / Eviction (Thursday) down to final 4 or 3

This is because the house is obviously incredibly slow under 5-6 players so they speed it along, but they seem to forget that the final 8-9 is when things really heat up because that’s when alliances are forced to turn on each other.  I personally would have had this for this final month:

  • Thursday – Sep 9 – Down to 7
  • Sunday – Sep 12  (move Wed show to Monday and show it then pre-recorded)
  • Thursday – Sep 16 – Down to 5
  • Sunday – Sep 19 – Down to 4 (move Wed to Monday)
  • Thursday – Sep 23 – Down to Final 3

This way it gives us viewers an accelerated finish which is needed during the boring parts, but not so accelerated that we miss the entire drama between evictions.  I really can’t stand double evictions late in the season and especially triple evictions. This is the best part of the season and it needs to play out slow enough to bring us the goods but fast enough where there aren’t 4 people sitting around the house for a week playing patty cake.

Holy shit that’s a long intro, I’m sorry.  I thought of that because this afternoon, Tiffany and Claire gave us some of the best feeds this season and that’s only going to continue the more people are forced to cut ties with close friends. We never would have had that if Alyssa didn’t win the veto and then they rip the band-aid off Claire and send her home 2nd during the double.   Just like how we missed the beautiful situation in BB19 when Alex went from king shit HoH to nominated and evicted just a day later because that whole experience was cut from feeds. We never got to enjoy watching Alex as she settled in misery learning she was going home next.

Obviously, this is different for Claire as today was emotional due to Claire being a wonderful person compared to Alex, but the point is the same.  You miss out on these great moments by the way production typically handles the final month.  Do better, production!


  • 9:00 pm – Azah finds Big D in the HoH room and says they need to finish their talk
    • Azah asks if X thinks she’s mad at him.  He says yes
    • D says you can tell that she has been annoyed with him
    • X told Azah (earlier) that they (X and A) shouldn’t be hanging together to keep up with some ruse. Plus the zingbot thing (zingbot mentioned X in Azah’s zing)

    • Big D says if he wins HoH, he’s going to nominate Tiffany next to Alyssa because Tiffany fucked up this week
    • He says if Alyssa wins Veto, he’s putting up Hannah next to her
    • Azah says she’d do Kyland and Alyssa with Hannah as the replacement nom.  Uh oh Hannah.
    • D casually drops that he expects Azah to vote to keep Kyland over Tiffany if that situation comes up.  Azah is having no part of that.
    • D then rants about how badly he wants Tiffany out
    • Nicole F joins…oops, Hannah joins and kills the conversation by making them talk more vague rather than direct like D wanting Tiff out
    • D gets back to specifics and asks Hannah who she wants out first. She says Kyland. X is really cruising to the end
  • Meanwhile, outside Tiffany is talking about the plans on who Claire can campaign to.  Claire HAS to know why she’s on the block tomorrow because she’s putting up no question asking why.

    • If you lived with a group of people and completely bonded with 1 person. Best friends. Go out all the time, etc, etc. Then one day that person says ‘Oh btw, I’m kicking you out’ the first thing you’d say is ‘why??’ and the second, third, and fourth thing you’d say is “that doesn’t make sense. What’s the real reason why?”.   Claire barely asked why after the way Tiffany explained it when she said “I refuse to be the first person to kick out [lists all cookout members]” and I’m sure at that moment her talk with DX came to her head and said ‘yup, they definitely have an alliance and I’m next on the list’.
    • She asked Tiffany if they were in an alliance and Tiffany said no, but alliance or not she knows the real reason.
    • The big question of the week is what Claire will actually say to Alyssa when they have their one-on-one.  If you’re hoping Claire spills it all to Alyssa, don’t hold your breath because keep in mind, Claire is aware this is a race issue and Alyssa is half Puerto Rican (if I am correct. If not, someone correct me).  So for all Claire knows, Alyssa is part of the group.  However, Tiffany didn’t mention Alyssa when she went through her list of people she could not morally evict so it’s possible that Claire may realize Alyssa is on the outside looking in.
    • Again, it really doesn’t matter because it’s not going to make Alyssa play any harder for the HoH than she’s already going to be playing.  She’ll likely lose and will certainly be following Claire to the jury house when that happens.  Then we’ll have a week of the 6 celebrating in front of each other and doing some massive scheming as soon as they’re with their group.  I’m going to guess it’ll turn into guys vs girls and that will mostly be because of the guys in the house. They’re fully aware there is a 7-4 female/male advantage and will be outnumbered in the final 2 should the females all stick together. They’ve already said as much so they are going to want to sit next to another guy in the final 2 even if that means X keeping Kyland even though he may end up with a chance to evict him at some point soon.
    • The women will certainly be far more willing to sit next to anyone in the house because they have the advantage, so if there becomes a gender divide next week, it’ll be solely due to the guys creating it.
  • Alright, Grandpa Beans is going to make his way to the recliner because Tiff and Claire are still outside talking about junk and Alyssa joined the HoH room which broke up any talk there.

Check back for updates

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