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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Updates

September 5, 2021 | 135 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which is usually the slow day in the house as the house anxiously awaits the veto ceremony tomorrow to see who the final noms will be.   I am going to a rainy cookout today so I’ll be gone for a few hours this afternoon, but I’ll update this thread when I return.

Before I leave, let’s talk about the house. Alyssa won PoV yesterday which is the absolute worst thing to happen to Tiffany because she now is forced to choose between her alliance and her friend.  It’s actually fairly poetic that Tiffany is the one who pushed the ‘having a person’ thing and now she is the one who is forced to nominate her person due to nobody else in the house left to nominate. Really the only way around all of this would be to lie and say Claire is the best pawn to get X out and then as the week progresses, tell Claire the house has been flipping and now want her out.  Tiffany can act pissed like the house lied to her and she can pretend to be furious by Thursday.

However, that strategy then comes back to bite Tiffany once Claire actually learns of their alliance – and she will – and realize not only did Tiffany lie to her the entire game, she made up this fake dramatic fight just to try and secure Claire’s jury vote at the end.  Another route Tiffany can go is to just be honest with Claire now which would really piss off her alliance.  And finally, she can go the route of actually just sending Kyland out the door by nominating him next to X.  That would solidify Tiffany breaking rank against her alliance which makes a victory much tougher regardless of who she is sitting next to.

She’s really in a shit position this week and in the end, she needs to think about jury votes. Remember, her screwing over Claire like this may also put a bad taste in DX’s mouth and his locked vote for her could also shift.  If Tiffany is in the f2 with say Hannah, who would DX actually vote for? What about X? Would he vote for a super strong competitor who didn’t lie to him, or someone who pretended to be the best friends of him and Claire only to cut them loose?   Rough.

Needless to say, Tiffany has a LOT of thinking to do before tomorrow, and I’ll be here to cover it once I return from my own cookout.

Oh, and fun fact before I leave – Tiffany and Kyland spent the night together in the HoH room.  I guess he’s working her to not be a replacement nom lol

  • 2:25 pm – Alright gang, I’m home.
    • The house has been scrambling all afternoon. The guilt is real today because Tiffany really doesn’t like the idea of nominating Claire.  Azah and Tiff really want to tell her the truth
  • Upstairs, Kyland, Tiffany, and Hannah are talking
    • Just as I was about to recap them, Claire comes up so I want to just start with that

    • The mood suddenly goes to fake happy having small talk about her clothes and shit
    • Yup, Claire killed the conversation so I’m going to rewind to see what they were saying before she came
    • Back to pre-Claire, Tiffany is talking about how she really wants to tell Claire the truth mostly because she really doesn’t want to lie to her friend (thinking jury management).
    • Tiff says the only person who really has a major issue with telling Claire is X and she doesn’t feel X is even close with her (Tiff). X is worried about his partnership with Alyssa
  • 2:45 pm – Big D heads into the bedroom to talk to Azah
    • D asks why she is in there, and she says she doesn’t need to talk. They’re going through with the plan
    • Azah says she’s over it all and just tell her when to leave
  • 3:30 pm – Everyone finally left Tiffany and Claire alone and they finally start talking game… let’s see….

    • She (Tiff) says her personal decisions are going to affect her gameplay
    • She says Claire has been a target in the house
    • Tiffany says now she’s more of a target than Claire because of the recent HoH win
    • Tiffany says she doesn’t want to be the person to send out (lists cookout members). She doesn’t want to be the first person to send one of them out
    • Claire knows something is up by the way she is answering and just saying ‘yea’ ‘yea’
    • Tiffany tells her she is going to put her on the block.  Claire is hurt

    • Tiffany says she has the best chance to beat X.  Claire says they’re just gonna vote me out. They’re just gonna vote me out.
    • This is painful to watch
    • Tiffany keeps saying she’s hurt and she wanted to win veto to send out Alyssa, etc, etc
    • Tiff lies and says Claire has the opportunity to stay in this game
    • Then says ‘I don’t want to lie to you’  but you pretty much are
    • Claire is really getting hurt

    • Tiffany says I’m also high on the radar and if you go I’ll probably follow you and that’s fine with me.  Jesus this is pathetic.
    • She keeps saying she thinks she has a chance with Hannah and Azah and maybe even Ky.  Stop lying.
    • Claire says ‘if they send me out, they send you out next’ and Tiffany says ‘I know and I’m okay with that’ but maybe Claire isn’t okay with it?  Fucking fight lol

    • This would actually be sad if Tiffany didn’t have a choice but she does. We all know that.  She just chooses not to have a choice because of an alliance that is likely going to get her out 6th or 5th.
    • Tiff keeps saying she doesn’t care if she (T) goes home next week. But CLAIRE DOES – Note to self: Never go to war with Tiffany.  “We’re surrounded, what do we do?  How should we fight?”  .. “Fight? I’m good with dying so good luck on your own!”
    • Claire keeps crying and is having a REALLY hard time with this. It’s so painful to watch.
    • Vote for Claire for AFP please! She is getting screwed over royally despite being 100% loyal to Tiffany all game.  She even kept her noms the same.
    • Tiff keeps telling her she hopes she fights.  Here is a crazy idea, don’t nominate her?  Seriously, back to metaphor land.  Claire and Tiffany run from zombies and escape by finding a house with a few others already inside it.  The others like Tiffany more than Claire and say ‘Claire has gotta go’ so Tiffany pushes her out the door and says ‘Please fight!  I’ll miss you!  But if it makes you feel better, I’ll probably get pushed out next so life is good right??”
    • The way Claire is talking to Tiffany and not really questioning her ‘why’ means she knows what is going on and she just can’t say anything.
    • Tiffany says ‘nobody is going after X’… not helping.  You can literally go after him this week by nominating Big D.  I love X, he’s a great player, but I also like Tiffany and she’s just handing him the win
    • Tiffany keeps pretending she wants X out this week.  If only she had the power to make that happen.  Well, I’m sure Claire understands that Tiffany’s hands are simply tied. Tiffany has absolutely no power to do anything this week at all (sarcasm)
    • Tiff says ‘Only person that is going to send X out is me’  SO DO IT
  • 4:30 pm – Tiffany and Claire are still talking.  Tiffany is still saying how important it is to get X out and how he’ll win the game if not.  I just can’t.
    • Claire called to the DR
    • Tiffany camtalks and says how tough this is.
  • 5:45 pm – Claire is alone doing some light cam talking

    • Claire is talking about her chances (zero) but how lines will be drawn this week (they won’t be).  She thinks Ky needs her and not X, and while that’s technically true, it’s not going to change anything.
    • Going to watch the CBS show now
  • 9:00 pm – I fell asleep on my recliner after watching BB.  I guess that means I’m old now?

Started a new thread here

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