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Celebrity Big Brother 2 – Week In Review

Good afternoon, everyone.


There wasn’t a ton going on last night so I figured I’d take the time to just go over the last few days in the house.

This week has been the longest week anyone has had power since opening week, and the longest we’ll go without an eviction from here on out (I think). Even under the rushed scenario, that means an eviction Mondy and then the double on Friday. However, under that scenario, it means the crew will be busting their ass most of tomorrow to get a full week in before Monday’s episode and the Super Bowl may slow it down.  If they do keep the schedule I guessed, they’ll probably have another pov competition and eviction live on Monday’s episode. The veto competition will likely be another small and easy comp that takes no more than 10 minutes to play.

I think that’s pretty much what will happen because if they don’t have an eviction on Monday, that means they won’t have much to air on Monday or Thursday’s show. Next Friday’s episode is a 2-hour one, so it is likely a double eviction, so it’s just unlikely they’ll have an eviction on Thursday and then two on Friday. Not enough time. My guessed schedule stands:

  • Tonight – Eviction (down to 8)
  • Monday – Eviction (down to 7)
  • Thursday – PoV episode
  • Friday – Double Eviction (down to 5)
  • Monday – Noms, PoV episode
  • Wednesday – 3 people evicted in the finale.

Alright, this week is a week that Tom and Kato would like to take back. What started off great for the duo ended in disaster and them isolating themselves from the rest of the house after a mid-morning blowup against their former alliance. Tom wanted to make the move of getting out a future threat without the support of his alliance, and that was because the future threat (Ricky) was part of his alliance. As much as I was rooting for Tom, it’s hard to deny that this entire blowup was a result of his paranoia of Ricky.

I will say that he kind of had the right idea that Ricky was probably more of a threat than Joey at the time. He knew that Joey was floating along while Ricky was tight with Lolo and Natalie. Getting Ricky out may have weakened their numbers, but Joey would have still been on an island and easier to pick off. Tom simply failed at convincing Nat and Lolo of that and his mistake was trying to go ahead with the plan anyway. Another mistake was nominating Joey rather than having a planned backdoor which would have allowed him to nominate Ricky, but it’s unlikely that would have made a difference. Ricky likely would have survived the vote no matter what Tom did.

That leads us to tonight where Kandi or Joey will be voted out and we still don’t really have a solid idea who it will be. Joey needs 4 votes to stay while Kandi only needs 3 because Tom will break the tie in her favor. Joey almost certainly already has 3 votes in Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky, so both he and Kandi have been working the two swing votes pretty (Dina and Tamar) pretty hard. Tamar has been flipping wildly between her roommates (Lolo, Rick, Nat) and her ‘frenemy’ (Kandi). She has promised her vote to both Joey and Kandi so she’s guaranteed a bitter jury member no matter which side she goes to now.  Meanwhile, Dina has been doing Dina and just kind of being there. She has been close with Kato and Tom and then close with the other side of the house. She flips by the hour so she may just vote with whatever side speaks to her last.

My prediction is that Tamar will side with Joey as she formed a final 2 with him last night and that will give him the votes to stay. I think Dina will also take the path of least resistance and side with the majority.


The final vote should be 5-1 to evict Kandi. The next target will either be Tom/Kato or Lolo/Ricky/Natalie which means Dina/Tamar/Joey slip into the final 7 fairly easily.  The war between the two sides will continue for another eviction and those 3 will slip into the final 6 unless they’re collateral damage in the war (example: Tom is next and then Kato is nominated after that. If he wins PoV, a floater is gone)

After that, the war should come to an end and we’ll have to re-evaluate when we see who actually survives the war.  I predict Tom or Kato will be evicted and a floater will go.

So, my final 6 is:

  • Tom or Kato
  • Lolo
  • Natalie
  • Ricky
  • Two of Joey/Tamar/Dina  (will depend on comps. Dina would likely be evicted from this group unless she wins veto)

What do you guys think heading into tonight and next week?


Also, programming note – I am likely starting a new job on Monday. It should be flexible hours but I am going to take next week to prepare for summer and find ways to juggle both blogging and full-time work (even if it means blogging while working!)


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  1. Alda

    Steve,Good Luck with your new job.I am getting a headache trying to figure out where these houseguests minds are going.One thing for sure,they all seem to have turned on Kato and Tom.That’s all I’ve got for this minute.Lol.

  2. Mel

    Steve, good luck with the new job and I’m glad to see the blow dryer featured in the top image. It’s gotten quite a bit of audio and video time this season so it deserves to be featured.

  3. danmtruth

    Steve a big thank you to you and the people you have assembled to help you I cannot imagine all the hard work it takes Even tho you make it look so easy
    Sassy a big cheer to you along with a tip of the hat Your perfect comment KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE was perfectly said Working in the construction field I get to work with a variety of different people both men and women There are things we can say to each other That I would never say in front or them and others We have built up a trust & respect with each other In short we have history together I do not need an explanation of there intent before we say something On the other side of that coin I would not say something that others would look at my friend n a unflattering light
    None of this is what was happening here Each side was looking to get an advantage My BS alarm screams when I hear people trying to lay claim to a moral high ground
    Again thank you Sassy for your imput

  4. Sassy

    Good luck on your new job Steve! I hope you find a little time in your schedule to fill us in on your original tease, of meeting BB players.

  5. danmtruth

    With that condensed schedule Different group plans will be put to the test
    This first eviction will come down to Tantrum vote
    Tom & Kato still hanging on to they will win all HOH & Veto Some how they also feel that they have Tantrum vote Not sure what magical words they feel they said to swing her to there side
    One thing they have not figured is what twist might happen next

  6. AIO_7

    I hope Joey goes tonight. I am so sick of his constant self maintenance. If he’s not taking a too looooong shower then he is brushing or flossing his teeth, plucking hair on his eyebrows and beard, or rudely doing jumping jax while talking to someone. All the while looking at himself in the mirror. When he talks he acts like his are the most important words ever spoken in the history of mankind. The little prick has to go.

    • Mel

      He probably won’t now because Tom can’t keep his damn trap shut for longer than a minute!! Kandi had the votes and Tamar was even telling Nolo and Ricky or at least trying to prepare them. They keep telling Tamar that keeping Kandi will Help Tomato. Tom keeps meeting with Kandi and Dina to tell them “the plan” for AFTER the hoh comp. He said he also wants to meet with Tamar. If he does that, Tamar will get pissed and tell Kandi “sorry, you gotta go” and just say she’s a casualty to justify voting her out.

      • AIO_7

        I haven’t watched closely since BBAD ended last night. So you’re saying that NEM, Lo and Ricky want to keep Joey?

      • Mel

        Yes, they’ve wanted to keep Joey almost since the noms were made. At one point, Tomato wanted to keep Joey too. Neither side knew they both wanted the same thing. It’s what caused some of the crap from last night. Tamar was leaning towards keeping Kandi and Nolo needed a way for Tamar to vote with them.

      • AIO_7

        Got it; though I disagree with L,N&R on this one.

      • Mel

        They think Joey is better in comps and they have tunnel vision about winning the next couple and having help to get out Tomato. Kandi was also friendly with Tomato so they think there’s a bigger chance she’ll work with them, at least more than Joey would. The part they arn’t really saying is how they took Tamars side the first week and didn’t speak to Kandi until recently. Lolo and NEM don’t have a relationship with her. It’s the same with Dina. Tamar is the only one who hangs out with all the women on a regular basis.

  7. AIO_7

    I wonder if Tom is playing “Pray For The Dead And The Dead Will Pray For You.”


  8. danmtruth

    Tamar was told Kandi would need to make a deal with the devil to stay Saying if she stays she will go and join tomonto
    Yes Joey with everything going on is still the roommate from HELL I could not stand 1 week with him I think the second night of his shower routine I would choke him out

  9. Mel

    Ok, I may be officially sick of Tom Green. It isn’t just that he’s ruining Kandis chances of staying, he’s also a terrible player. He didn’t learn one thing from this week. He’s still telling people what the plan will be going forward after the eviction. He told Kato he’s afraid Dina, Kandi and Tamar won’t see what should happen so he needs to discuss it with them. First, that’s his plan and maybe not THE plan. Second, he’s an idiot to think Tamar wants to work with Kato. Third, he has 5000 ideas and it’s arrogant not to think the other players might have at least 1 of ther own. Fourth, he’s ruining any chance Kandi has of staying and he wants her to stay. Freakin’ dumbass!

    I don’t usually care who stays and just like the people who are playing the best games. I didn’t realize how much I wanted Kandi to stay until today. I think it’s because they’re all terrible players so for once, I’m just rooting for the people I like. It used to include Tom and Natalie but she’s acting lIke Lolo and Tom doesn’t have enough sense to find his way to the DR. I still kind of like Ricky.

  10. AIO_7

    Production strikes again: Lolo and Tantrum start to get in an argument … and we get fish.


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  12. Mel

    It will be hilarious and a perfect fit for this group if the price of seabass saves Kandi.They all play so badly. Lol

    CBB1=Level 6

    Both enjoyable to watch but for very different reasons.

  13. danmtruth

    I do like Kandi Yet her game is more for the long game She is just trying to play the calm sit on the side and let the other players cannibalize each other The problem with this is she is on the block She does not have that much time to sit back
    Conflict resolution must not had been a class offered at LSU Tamar must have missed that part of the Bible BOTH these women suffer the same downfall Neither LISTENS or will even consider they might be part of the problems Add that they hold on too and let that anger stew This started out simply I’m not sure if the HG get a food budget Tamar was talking about a list Lol put some sea bass on the list Tamar felt it was too expensive if only one person was eating it Looks said she would change it so she would get a smaller portions Great issue over ,,,,, Nope Love needs to throw out their it does not cost more than the lamb chops Now we have a fight These two are one in the same

  14. hogwild

    Lets do a two person battle back and start this season over and see if they can do better the second time.

  15. danmtruth

    Let’s see how well everyone plays nice with each other Put those fake smiles on you actors Ohh wait Lolo says she has never taken acting leasons

  16. Shivani33

    Kato came back upstairs from his DR session to Tom waiting in the HoH room late last night. Kato hasn’t been feeling well physically. Tom kind of gives Kato the HoH bed a lot. Anyway, when Kato walked up the stairs, he was carrying one of his bags, as if he’d packed up a few things prior to his DR. This is how come it looked to me as though Kato was ready to split last night and was convinced to stay.

    Shortly after he arrived back in the HoH room, Kato told Tom that he was going to be very happy with the next HoH comp. It was obvious that Kato had learned something about it. The scene was quickly shifted. It appears that Kato and Tom are confident that they’ll win the next HoH. Also, Tom said some things earlier today that make it obvious that production has told the cast ” no personal attacks.” He is feeling somewhat more optimistic than he did last night. (However, certain people in the house are distinctly not interacting.) But as Mel said, Tom doesn’t know when to shut up. He is like a torpedo aimed at destroying his own ideas.

  17. Mrs. Frisby

    Woahh needs to go

  18. Mrs. Frisby

    Joey seems so much cooler outside the BB house, maybe it is relief to be out of there.

  19. Cat Lady

    I just saw Tom and Kato talking..they know they’re the next to go..but I have to get this off my chest..I can’t stand Natalie and Lolo… What loud mouth bitches. I know Tom did dumb stuff..but he was just trying to play the game..those two got personal..

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