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Celebrity Big Brother – Tuesday Feed Spoilers

Ross Matthews Celebrity Big Brother Talking


Good afternoon, everyone!  This is my first official live feed update of the Celebrity Big Brother season and I feel there is so much to catch up on. I completely missed Chuck Liddell (although I wouldn’t actually say I missed him, Bob), and apparently, Rudy is also gone before I had a chance to say hi. Oh well. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything important, but if I did, I will create a post to highlight all the fun stuff I missed from this season so far. Blah, nothing worse than missing the start of the season. I can go away for a week in the middle of the season while I have my groove going, but at the beginning?  Never again.

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  • As I’m sure you knew already, but Rudy was having a hard time in the house and did the classy self-evict where she asked to be evicted
    • I call it classy because there is nothing more disrespectful to the show and the houseguests when people self-evict. It fucks up the entire week and has the potential to screw the HoH (ask Cody)
    • Some people just can’t handle the show, and that’s fine. I didn’t think every celeb would stick it out, but I’m glad to see she left the classy way.
  • I just noticed that my feeds are in EST, but when you flashback, they use PST, so I will be posting everything in PST for easier flashback
  • Side note – Mark McGrath looks like shit these days. Sorry, Mark
    • Mark McGrath looking bad celebrity Big Brother
  • 9:45 am – Not a lot going on. Omarosa is alone in the pantry while a few are chatting in the kitchen
    • Mark is doing some serious ass-kissing to Metta about how he should play in the NBA again. Sad.
  • 10:30 am – Brandi is up while Shannon is still sleeping. I’d make fun of them, but I’m sure 10 am doesn’t exist for most of these people in real life
  • 11:00 am – Ross and Mari are in the HoH room giving advice to Ari on what to do with her nominations.
    • Ross, Mari, Ari celebrity big brother
    • They are telling her to nominate Shannon and James
    • Ross is mentioning how Shannon is still sleeping so she must know something and feel comfortable in the house
  • 11:15 am – Shannon is awake and said she had dreams of being sabotaged. Creepy
  • 12:30 pm – The house is still prepping for the nominations. What’s worse than people getting ready for nominations? D-List celebrities getting ready for nominations
    • Brandi Celebrity Big Brother
  • 12:45 pm – Shannon, James, and Mark are in the bathroom talking
    • James knows he’s going to be nominated, but he is wondering if he’ll be up there with Omarosa.
    • James says he is avoiding being in the same room as Brandi to avoid fights
    • Shannon re-tells how Brandi said Omarosa said that Shannon said Mari was celebrating when she (Oma) went to the hospital. Holy shit read that sentence 3x fast
    • After some talk, Shannon plans to go upstairs just to prevent the group from talking about her. A little too late for that
  • 4:00 pm – Took a little nap (long day yesterday)
    • James and Ross are talking about the game
    • While I was gone, it appears Shannon told Ross she thinks she’s going on the block (she is)
    • I’ve only been watching the feeds for a day, but Mari is ALWAYS talking. Holy shit
    • Meanwhile, Mari is crying
    • mari crying celebrity big brother
  • 4:07 pm – Feeds down for nominations
    • I will start a new thread when they return





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  1. LO1004

    Marissa is talking about fat camp

  2. AIO_7

    Omo. dodged a bullet in last nights eviction. If she is to have any chance then she needs to form a 5-4 alliance with Metta, Mark, Shannon and James.

    • Alda

      She is such a phony and so fake.She tries to portay herself as a classy woman.She is far from it!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m no fan of Omagrossa, but I find it very difficult to believe that she tried to sex up that vile, loathesome creature Piers Morgan…not even in jest (and she doesn’t strike me as the type to kid around about something like that). Piers Morgan has lost every shred of relevance he ever had and I think he’s just trying to reinvigorate his career by jumping on all the attention Omagrossa has been getting lately. I’d be very interested to hear what she has to say about this once she gets out of the house.

      And just to clarify: I find the comments Omagrossa made about Piers’ relationship with his children reprehensible and if she called him that homophobic slur (I’m not sure if she actually did or not), that makes her even more despicable than I thought.

  3. Mel

    I like Ross but he’s getting on my nerves. I think it’s funny that Ross is telling Airi she needs to put up James and Shannon when that’s what she was telling him last night. He thinks it’s a good plan now because he fears Shannon will find out what almost happened during his HOH.Ari’s a little gangster and I like it.When Ross asked if she would tell them ahead of time, she said no. Omarosa is so mean even by Omarosa’s standards. They were talking about Shannon’s demise and Omarosa said “she’s probably in the bathroom cutting herself.” I thought it was mean when she called Ross the Pillsbury Doughboy but this is next level.

  4. Mel

    Why do Ross and Marissa have to plan the same plan 50 times a day?

  5. Mel

    I can’t take Joshua. His BB expertise and advice kills me. He thinks it’s way too soon to make a big move and if anyone puts him otb, it’s personal not game. Of course, he’s the same person who said there 7 person group had no reason to make waves for a while. He’s definitely not familiar with this show. Lol Now they’re hoping to coordinate their dr’s so Shannon and James don’t have time to be alone with Ari and Metta has been told not to leave the HOH room. There’s some major HOH blocking happening today. Brandi keeps getting really good digs in towards Marissa but I think they keep going over the top of her big hair.

  6. Mel

    Once Brandi told Shannon that Ari won’t put Metta otb, they started to scramble. Before that, Shannon was telling James and Mark the plan was solid. I could see her thinking that about Ross and Marissa but she’s pretty much ignored Brandi and Ari so I don’t know why she thinks they’re going to do what she wants all the time.

  7. Shivani33

    Metta World Peace is a lot like that old T-Bone Burnett song, “Humans from Earth.” And Celebrity Big Brother is a new planet that he’s just visiting, and he wonders if the beings there have heard of tv or electricity. He’s off the hook. Love that about him. Marissa is 45 years old, can’t utter a sentence uncrammed with the word “like” and is VERY hard to watch, especially in any proximity to food. Please send her home to nurse herself. So I can watch, maybe. Mah stomach is verrrry sensitive!

  8. Mel

    James is figuring things out but it’s pretty painful to watch. He thinks Brandi has got in Ari’s ear (he didn’t know they were a Duo?) and that’s why he may be in trouble. Shannon thinks it’s all Omarosa’s doing. (She didn’t know they were a Duo either?) James thinks it’s only personal if they go after him but simultaneously says they may be trying to get out the stronger players. This doesn’t make sense to Shannon because she says they need the stronger players to get to the end. Well, they don’t if the strong players are out of the house….Ross is very nervous and Mark asked for info which Brandi refused to give him. Now they’re considering just going ahead and telling them so they can stop having to avoid them until the nom ceremony. I wish they would and people like Ross, Marissa and Shannon will be extremely confused because they won’t know how to relate to something so direct and upfront.

  9. Mel

    I’m so disappointed in Shannon right now. She’s starting to think that she and James may be going OTB together and saying if that’s the case, she just wants to go home and she wants to quit. She says she doesn’t even want to try and James is trying to change her mood. If she’s the Super Fan, he’s telling her all the stuff she should be telling him. Did she think they were all just going to hand it to her? One funny thing, she’s blaming the entire thing on Omarosa and James is trying to convince her that Brandi has a lot to do with it but Shannon’s not buying it.

    • LO1004

      UGH this is so disappointing, especially b/c she says she’s a Superfan. I feel like they’re just a bunch of babies who want to quit when things aren’t going their way.

      • Mel

        That’s exactly what it is. I don’t like James, how full of himself he is or that he’s a know it all but he’s a fighter. It didn’t even occur to him to give up. He just started trying to figure out a way out of it while taking the time to give her a pep talk. Hell, I may start rooting for him before it’s over. LOL

      • AIO_7

        Shannon is crying right now.

      • Mel

        Again? She fake cries sometimes but they may be real today.

  10. Alda

    At least tonight I will be entertained by the Olympics and Shaun White.Hopefully,he will get his third Olympic snowboard halfpipe gold medal.No back stabbing,flip flopping or make-up sessions tonight.Did I forget no pasta eating.

  11. LO1004

    Ross basically just confirmed to James that he and Shannon are likely to go up. James is constantly going to be on that couch while they evict whoever is sitting next to him until he starts to dominate and clean house. Ross just said he doesn’t think James is smart. James clearly doesn’t know the game as well as Shannon, but he seems to be catching on.

  12. Mel

    Brandi put Ross on the spot, called him out for flip flopping and said she wouldn’t let him blame everything on Ari and herself. He was already trying to say “it’s your decision” and she told him “no, it ours.” She said it was fine for now because they need a double agent but at some point he has to draw a line and she isn’t going to let him hide.

    I’m already over Shannon saying she’s been attacked and had everyone against her since day 1. She controlled Chucks week and Keshia is who she wanted out this week. Omarosa may have intimidated and scolded her but no one has attacked her. She wasn’t even otb yet when she started in and if she is, how is it different from what she did to Omarosa and Keshia? A backstab is a backstab. I said she was acting like she should win every comp and can’t beleive it when she doesn’t. She should have spent time with more people than James lately. She wanted Ross to talk to Ari for her because she said she “isn’t close to her.” If she isn’t close to her, why is she so shocked she could be put otb? When this started, I never dreamed I could be over Shannon and rooting for nutcase Brandi but I think I am.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Wow. I didn’t know much about Brandi before the show, other than she is on one of the Housewives shows and that LeAnn Rimes stole her husband (I think?). So I didn’t expect much from her, but so far she’s playing a hell of a game. She said in the beginning that she REALLY needs/wants the money, and she is clearly not messing around! I love when HGs come to play and are hungry for that grand prize. I think she’s one of the frontrunners to make it to the end at this point. If she doesn’t win, hell cast her for the regular summer edition. She’s already much more interesting than 95 percent of last summer’s cast.

      Mel, I also agree with your earlier comment about Shannon being a disappointment. She and the other alleged superfans (i.e. Ross and Magrossa) are certainly not playing like superfans right now. They should take a few lessons from Ari and Brandi (and hell, even Metta at this point).

      • AIO_7

        From earlier today; James and Shannon asking Ross to talk to Ari and Brandi for them…


      • LO1004

        Agreed, Brandi right now is playing the best game, but she’s got an advantage b/c she has played the game before. She was on CBB in the UK. I don’t know how she did but I’m wondering if anyone else in the house knows this.

      • Mel

        Yes she is! I do know a lot about her because…hello, my names Melissa and I’m a real housewives watcher.
        I never liked her. She’s rude, trashy and a train wreck but she’s got some BB game. I did like her saying on the feeds that she wouldn’t blame editing on housewives. (Many of them do) She said that what they show is what she did, it’s accurate and she has to own it. I can’t beleive how calm she is all the time, I mean except when she’s drunk. Her game has really impressed me.

      • Mel

        Nk, they know, she talked about it. They get voted off by the audience. I was wondering if that helped her with this or not much since it’s different.

      • LO1004

        @Mel, did you know Andy Cohen wants her back on RHOBH but the ladies won’t agree to hang w her, so his hands are tied. She was a MESS on that show, so I’m really shocked how different she is on BB.

      • Mel

        I didn’t but that makes sense because she said on the feeds that she would go back but her friends arn’t on it anymore. I guess that translates into- she doesn’t have anyone who’s willing to film with her.

  13. Mel

    Shannon telling Brandi she’s the only one alone and only one that has nobody. She says Omarosa has Metta. Brandi says she has James. Shannon says she’s not with James, he’s with Mark. Brandi says that’s who she talks to. Shannon says it’s because James has nobody to talk to. Brandi says “you just said he has Mark.” Brandi was upfront and told her she was strong and Brandi was trying to make money. Shannon says nobody likes her, she tries but doesn’t know how to get people to like her. (Except for Omarosa, I don’t think they dislike her, at all)

    • LO1004

      Shannon playing the victim right now is really annoying me. She knows this game better than anyone, how could she not have known she was going up when she doesn’t talk to Brandi and Ari. Brandi is owning her right now.

      • Mel

        I really think she thought she was going to breeze thru and every week would go her way. That’s why she’s so pissed everytime she loses. What was she so pissed for if she didn’t think she was a target? It’s just because she wants to win them all. The sad thing is, she knows as a fan this is the worst thing she could do but she can’t stop herself and she could win the damn veto tomorrow and flip it all around.

      • LO1004

        Now she’s saying she won’t even be able to watch BB when she gets out of the house b/c she doesn’t love the game anymore?? This is painful to watch.

        Also, who’s Simon?

  14. Mel

    Brandi says she can’t get butt hurt and she could win veto tomorrow. Shannon says “what’s left to fight for?” Ummmm, the game?
    Brandi told her that even if her alliance won hoh, it would have gone the same way. Shannon says “good to know.” Lol

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