Everyone hanging around chatting after the party. Snoozer.

34 mins ago

The girls are in the bedroom and Taylor is complaining how Joe hasn’t even kissed her on the cheek

58 mins ago

Feeds come back and Jasmine saying it’s her birthday week fml

1 hour ago

Halfway party so feeds down for a few hours

3 hours ago

Britt tells Taylor that Indy was upset because Jasmine originally said she’s locked in

3 hours ago

Then during the conversation in the room, Jasmine said she’s undecided

Britt is talking to Taylor

3 hours ago

She is re-telling her conversation with Indy

Everyone but Michael and Jas leave

5 hours ago

Michael starts hinting at a sympathy vote for Indy before she returns with Kyle and the two (M/J) leave them alone

Jasmine makes a comment “this is tough, I didn’t think I’d have to do this on my birthday”

5 hours ago

Holy…. shit… how can someone be that self-absorbed? Indy is seriously bugging out because she is reading the house and she may go home and Jasmine is stressed because she has to hear a campaign pitch on her birthday? This isn’t about you, Jasmine. Read the room.

Jasmine “I feel like I’m pretty good at picking up when people are lying to me”

6 hours ago

Minutes after saying she doesn’t think Joseph talks game

Britt is good

6 hours ago

Indy pulls Michael into the HN room and immediately gives Michael the signal by saying ‘correct me if I’m wrong, girls, but we’re all still deciding’ (their vote) .. this is so Michael immediately knows Britt hasn’t confirmed anything with Indy yet and to approach the conversation from that angle. She’s very calculated with how she speaks it’s nice to see

Britt asks about the fourth and they confirm they think Michael would vote her way

6 hours ago

How lost is Jasmine?

6 hours ago

Britt asks who would be the 5th vote if the four of them (girls + Michael) voted for keep Indy. Indy thinks Joseph and Jasmine laughs and says ‘does he even talk game??’

Does he ever NOT talk game? 40something days in the house and Jasmine still believes Joe is some mindless dude just there to have fun.

Remember future cast members

6 hours ago

If people are ever asking you questions, there is always a chance those answers will be used against you later on

Indy’s pitch is she always had their back

6 hours ago

Ohhh, and then Britt says “no other alliances?” and Indy confirms.

She said this because earlier in the HN room when she was practicing her speech to Indy, she leaned heavy on Indy being in an alliance as the reason she’s voting against her. I don’t know when she planned on using that speech (good-bye message?) but she made it a point to even name the alliance and say she learned about that and that’s why she realized she couldn’t trust Indy

The girls (minus T) all meet in the HN room

6 hours ago

Indy is giving her pitch to stay. They pretend they’re all undecided (we know Britt isn’t). Britt asks what it would take for them to decide

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