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Nomination, Road Kill and other fun stuff



Frank may be safe this week, but he has been digging himself in a deeper hole by the minute. Over the past week, the house has been comparing notes, and realized that Frank has been real friendly with pretty much anyone he can. I think he has told nearly everyone in the house he’d like to sit with them at the end, and in generally spreading himself thin. Why is he doing that? No clue, but that is the type of move rookies make.  Yes, having multiple deals is alright, but you have to have about 2 max, and they have to be airtight. I think Frank doesn’t know how to play when his back isn’t against the wall, so he’s overplaying the game, to an Audrey level last season. I wonder if we’ll see Frank like this in the next week or two…


In addition to being the multi-alliance man, he has also been acting kind of like a dick. He even joked that people didn’t get to see the real him because he had to play nice due to always being on the block, and now he’s letting his guard down. The problem is, he let it way too far down. For example, he has apparently been pretty friendly with the girls butts in the game, especially Da’Vonne. I guess he has smacked or pinched her butt on multiple occasions. Last night, Day had enough and started to complain to people about it, and that got back to Frank. To his credit, Frank did try to apologize to Day, but he doesn’t think she really accepted it. Frank was sitting with Corey telling him that’s ‘just how he grew up’ with his mother and grandmother pinching his butt (weird), and growing up as a wrestler father likely had the testosterone flowing in the house, but that’s a lame excuse. He knows better. You can’t go pinching butts, especially of people you just met a few weeks ago. While Day may not have said anything, which gave him the impression it was ‘ok’, it wasn’t. I was on team Frank this season, but I think I’ll slowly step away from that train wreck and find someone new. I am kind of liking Paulie, and Nicole is always sweet, but Amy is Team Nicole, so we need to continue a rivalry 🙂  I’m leaning toward Team Paulie, especially with his underdog status… please Paulie, don’t let me regret this.


With all of that, there is still a game going on, and nominations were today. Here they are…

Paul and Tiffany were nominated for eviction

This is Frank’s nominations hands down, and I’m sure the entire house knows it. Bridgette is his Victoria, except she actually can win a comp or two. This plan is purely aimed at getting Tiffany out, and it wasn’t a back door because they think putting her on the block as a target from the start will rattle her into self destruct mode. It’s a good theory, but a gamble. She may be rattled, but she may also be more focused during the PoV, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she’s wearing that necklace tomorrow.

Alright, rambling over, here are feed updates….

  • 12:05pm – Frank is sitting in the safari room with Corey explaining the whole Day butt pinch thing. This is where he says he grew up like that, blah blah
    • They talk a little more about it then Nicole enters
    • Frank re-tells the story to her and says Day seemed like she was having no part of his apology, so he doesn’t know what to think
    • After more casual talk, it turns to James and Natalie. They think something may actually be brewing between them
    • Nicole tells a story how she was drinking coffee with James, and he said if Natalie comes by, he has to get up. I guess he thinks Natalie is jealous of Nicole, so he can’t be around her. Okkkkk
    • They chat a bit more, got away with some DR talk. Frank said he always feels baited in there, like they ask him if he thinks it’s his HoH. He doesn’t want to answer questions like that. Nicole said they don’t really ask her much, just ask her to tell them what’s going on.
  • 12:25pm – Feeds cut. Roadkill comp time?
  • 3:00pm – feeds still down
  • 4:15pm – Definitely Roadkill comp.  Feeds are still down
  • 5:15pm – Feeds still down.
    • So, apparently Pokemon Go is a big thing now? Who plays it?  I was just watching someone on Twitch live stream it.
  • 5:30pm – Feeds back. Let’s see what we can find out
    • Tiffany thinks Frank or Bridgette won
    • I think this gives us our answer…
    • Frank won the Roadkill challenge.  Bye Tiffany
    • Meanwhile, Tiffany doesn’t look happy
    • Paulie, James and Michelle are talking about a plan to have a fake backdoor on Paulie to tempt Frank into throwing the HoH competition next week.
  • 6:05pm – The Spy Girls are in the HoH room chattin while Frank was chatting with Day
    • The vets talked about general game stuff. It sounded like Day was hinting around to see if Frank won, but he didn’t say anything
    • Meanwhile, Gidget promises her spies that there is no way she’s putting either of them up
    • Gidget says if Tiffany pulls herself off, she wants to get Corey out. Ohh, spicy.
  • 6:15pm – Feeds down, probably for the Roadkill Nomination
    • While you wait, I haven’t plugged it much, but a majority of the donations this season are going to go to guest writers. Obviously Amy who has been handling the overnight shift, and whoever takes over for me in August when I go on vacation. So, if you want to read more about it, check out the donate page here
  • 6:45pm – Feeds are coming and going. No RK Nomination yet
  • 7:20pm – Feeds back, sounds like Bronte is the 3rd nom
    • Bronte is alone with Natalie and is about to tell her a super secret then Z enters… thanks Z. 🙁  I guess we wait for this secret
    • Van2.0 enters, Nicole enters, Z leaves. We’re down to two people before we can hear this super secret
    • Bronte leaves to shower. Not sure we’ll ever know the secret.
  • 7:45pm – James is talking to Michelle and hears Corey talking to Natalie in the background.  He jokes about how Corey is moving in on his girl, but I think he was only half joking. He kept peeking over at them after that
  • 7:58pm – A bunch of side conversations going on. Nothing major, but the big thing is Paulie working James for a secret 2 person alliance. He is trying real hard to find a Derrick/Cody situation
    • Michelle and Van2.0 enter. Michelle tells them that Corey and Natalie are in the living room talking about showmances. James is clearly jealous but trying to hide it. He jokes how he has to ‘cut her loose’. Poor James
  • 8:45pm – Bronte and Gidget are in the HoH talking. They get randomly mad at Victor and Jozea for lying about them.
    • Gidget is upset that Bronte may go home on her reign. She said if she wins PoV, she’s taking her (Bronte) off.
    • With that, taking an eye strain break
  • 10:45pm – I’m back. It sounds like Bronte revealed her super secret to the spy girls.
    • You can see the flashback of this amazing secret at 9:49pm. It is….
    • …. suspense ……
    • …. can you handle it ……
    • Bronte actually went to college and isn’t a child care worker.
    • The girls reaction….
    • My reaction…..
    • Then Natalie revealed she was an NFL cheerleader, and it just wasn’t as exciting. Bronte kind of set the bar pretty damn high with that secret.
      • Secret twin? Pfft.
      • Secretly related to a massive pop star? Child’s play.
      • Secretly a detective that has been trained to adapt and fit in which helps tremendously in Big Brother? What a joke!
    • Nothing will ever compare to Bronte’s big reveal that she’s actually good at math. Nothing.  Shut the show down now because Bronte just broke the internet.
    • After Bronte leaves, Gidget and Nat go on about how smart she is!  Gidget – “She wants to work for national security!” .. Nat – “What is that??”
  • 11:00am – I am going to cut it an hour short tonight. Note – I have to take my daughter to a concert tomorrow (I need ear plugs), so I will likely miss who won the veto and won’t be able to post it until late. Hopefully Amy will be around and can give you a brief update when it happens.

Overnight in the morning!


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  1. AmyElizabeth

    That is totally cheating! You can’t pick someone new just cause your pick didn’t pan out! =P

  2. Avatar

    This is the only site I turn to for all things Big Brother! Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. Elaine

    They need to put a “Reserved for Paul” sign on a nomination seat…poor guy. I am having Van flashbacks regularly so I am ready for my dose of medication for it…..Tiff out the door.

    • Jenny M

      omg if you put black eyeliner and green eyeshadow on her, I wouldn’t know it was NOT Vanessa.
      I can’t imagine anyone not knowing she’s V’s sister… unless they were recruited and have never actually watched the show. ha!

  4. Avatar

    First post this year, but it’s good to see Stevebeans and family again!
    I’m glad Frank is finally showing his true colors. Granted he was under Mike’s strict orders the last time he played, but I didn’t care for him much that season, and even less this.
    I am all about Paulie and Nicole, and of course James is usually a pretty good guy. And even though Tiff for sure can cause some PTSD from Vanessa, I actually like her. I just wish she would pull Paulie in a try to play up the sibling thing, they could be a pretty strong alliance.
    Side note, I wasn’t a Da’Vonne fan before, but I’m liking the more mature version!

  5. Alda

    I am surprised to say I like Day this season.I still love my James and Nicole.Can’t stand Frank or Bronte.Tiff is just odd.Paulie is fine so far.I don’t dislike Paul or Natalie.Jury is still out on the rwst of them.

    • Elaine

      I like Day this season as well. She is having good strategic conversations and observing what goes on. Her DR sessions are the best. I do like Nicole, except for when she gets nervous, whiny, and second guesses her decisions. James is still the same and while it was unique last year, I am tired of him this season. I am disappointed in Frank. As for the newbies, I like Paulie the most at this point and Z the least at this point.

  6. Avatar

    I just started Pokemon go. Interesting but really forces you to go outside and do a lot of walking. Although I have found one strange place to see a Pokemon (didn’t catch it) a bathroom at a restaurant. I’m hoping James wins roadkill because he might be able to nominate someone interesting

  7. Avatar

    Maybe Frank will nominate Bronte?

  8. Avatar

    You are not alone regarding Frank. I was a fan and hoped he’d win but not anymore.
    I wonder how much of his game play is influenced by Boogie. I can see Mike telling him to make alliances with everyone.
    Day has been holding back saying anything out of fear of retaliation from Frank and sure enough he’s already threatening to put her up if Tiff comes down. If so bye, bye Paul (or roadkill nom).

    Side note: Franks defense about the butt slapping of Z and Day is that he did not pinch their butts, nothing sexual.
    I’m surprised nobody has corrected him and shaming Nicole for her eating and her body. His humor may be good on the outside but he’s trapped in a house with people that cannot escape. He should know better.

  9. Jenny M

    Gotta admit, Paul is growing on me. Dammit! I hate his beard, his haircut, and those stupid tattoos. But he’s 23, and still young and stupid and trying to find his place in the world. Annoying as all heck but, not a bad guy at all.
    Loving Day. Nicole is okay – not a huge fan but I do notice she’s the only one who doesn’t swear, and she isn’t nasty to anybody. She’s a good kid.
    Bridgette… I loved her at first and hope she shows me she deserves to be there. She needs to quit with the baby voice though!
    Bronte – ugh. Go away.
    Paulie – seems like a good kid, just boring.
    Natalie – not a bad person but way too worried about her looks and as a result she wears too much makeup and has giant fake boobs. She isn’t stupid but needs to get some real self-esteem and realize there’s more to life than being a cheerleader.
    Corey – I honestly thought he was dorky looking at first. Had no idea anybody would think he was hot. His hair is stupid and he always has that dopey grin on his face while his eyes dart in all directions. Hope Nicole sees past what she seems to think is good looks and realized he’s a shallow POS frat boy.

    • Avatar

      I agree, Paul is growing on me too. I am feeling kinda bad for him, he is always on the block. And I’m loving Day too, she is playing a much better game this season.

  10. Avatar

    I am SO over Frank! His ego has gotten up there with Jozea and Vic’s! He needs to go! I really hope the house will vote out Bronte this week (super annoyed with her too) and keep Tiffany so that Tiffany can help them go after Frank. I know they can go after him even without Tiffany there but I would like to see her stay around for a little while just to continue to get under Frank’s skin!!

    I really love Nicole, Day, and James and Paulie is my favorite newbie. I couldn’t stand Paul in the beginning but he is really growing on me too! I hope to see Nicole and Day in the final 2 and would be happy with either of them winning!

  11. Shivani33

    Interesting about Bridgette having Corey in mind for a backdoor option. Is this thinking of hers sealed and approved by Frank, her master and commander? Or is she showing independence of mind?

  12. Avatar

    I am over people throwing comps. Once in a while is fine, but dang it seems like the majority of the house would rather control who the HOH is than actually be the HOH. Let’s get some blood on our hands people!

  13. Avatar

    Paul has definitely grown on me too. He got mixed in with the wrong side of the house and has toned down his initial douche bag persona.

    I like Day and Paulie for now. My mind sways back and forth.

    Frank was my fave but he has ruined it for me with the titty and booty scandal.

    • Avatar

      he needs to chill, and shut the fuck up…..tomorrow is another Day…..hanging on…

    • Colby

      I still don’t care for Paul at all, though he has toned it down and gotten more tolerable. Initially he thought he was leading that side of the house and thought everyone was against the veterans. He and Josea fed off of each other.
      Once Josea left he realized he was a nobody and had to go into ‘kiss ass’ mode to try to save himself, so he had to tone it down.
      I would bet money that if he ever gets back to feeling like he has any type of power that he will revert right back to that douche bag persona.

  14. Jannie

    NKogNeeTow – yes, I am here! Guess we seem to keep missing each other ?
    Teaching summer school with 4 yr olds is exhausting! Will try and check in more…miss you too ??

  15. Shivani33

    This eyebrow problem between Michelle (the offended party) and Bridgette (the snarky offender) is beginning to blow up the Category4 team’s unity almost as much as Frank’s various acts of perdition. Girl Power too had better cut out the infighting and remember Abraham Lincoln’s point about how “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Paul has huge eyebrows, but he isn’t freaking out over it. He’s 3 times on the block and isn’t freaking out about that either. Eyebrows, for crying out loud? Get a life.

  16. Jannie

    Stevebeans – thanks for the Audrey memory…I actually miss last year when there was a little more action and crazy in the house. Would give anything for something or someone to shake it up a little.
    Hoping Van2.0 wins the Veto and Gorey goes on the block. I am liking Paul more and more, just wish he would clean up his potty mouths bit. At least he is playing the game, unlike Natalie, Gorey, and Zaki.
    Now if only Gidget would find out that Frank won the RK and put her Spygirl Bronchitis up…would she see a the light?

  17. nkogneetow

    Okay, I’m watching BBAD. It’s only an hour in and I want to pluck my hair out strand by strand.

    So far, Frank the Snake is in the Safari Room trying to convince Nicole that Gidget is “a good girl”. Shaddup Frank.

    BUT…..What made me want to go bald is…..
    The Bobblehead meeting in the HOH Room. Bronchitis has a secret that she can’t tell without “The Magic Wooden Spoon”. They search frantically for it……EUREKA! They found it!….Now the secret can be revealed!
    She is not a tutor, but the secret Nerd. She is a math wizard. She is working on her Doctorate so she can work for the NSA to solve the cyber problems of the world. She is crying profusely as she tells them her secret…because ‘math is her life”!….They all scream uncontrollably and hug and high 5 and tell each other how much they love each other. When did they graduate from high school????

    OH SWEET MARY, MOTHER OF GOD, BY ALL THAT IS HOLY!…Being a woman myself, I’m all for female empowerment….BUT…..
    I want them ALL gone…NOW!

    The entire time they were talking, or rather squeeling, all I could think about is how I wished I were a Ninja. I’d swoop down from the ceiling and assassinate them all! Am I going to hell for that thought? Probably. Do I care? HEEEELLLL NO! Can someone out there save me from self destruction?!?

    Okay, I’m going to take a few deep breaths and try to watch the rest of the show. Hopefully I won’t have an anyurism (sp) or a stroke.

    • Jannie

      Serenity now!!
      I think I am happy that I don’t get POPTV…this cast is driving me nuts! Can’t even watch the live feeds for more than a few minutes.
      If Bronchitis is in charge of saving us all from death and destruction…God help us all.
      Please bring back “America’s Choice” I want them all to be beaten severely with “The Magic Wooden Spoon.”

  18. Colby

    On tonight’s episode of ‘Gidget got a Clue’ she figured out that Frank is controlling her HOH and is mad about it. She and Bronchie came up with all kinds of scenarios of what to do about it (that all ended in shouts of ‘girl power’), and they think they can get all the other girls on board to get out either Corey or Paul. Pretty sure none of that will happen, but it might be interesting to see them try. I might actually be impressed if it did.

    • Jannie

      Probably won’t happen, Colby, although it would be nice. Unfortunately, CBS is casting fame whores who have no idea how to really play the game. Too many newbies who are intimidated by the vets. BB is getting more predictable and boring…Zzzzzzzzz. ?

  19. nkogneetow

    Why the heck is James The Joker getting so bent out of shape because Gorey is talking to Natural Nat? Hasn’t she said more than once, that she has a boyfriend? What does James think is going on there. If he thinks Nat actually wants him then he truly IS The Joker…And she’s playing him for all he’s worth.

    And their telephone conversation, well let”s just say he’s talking way to much again. And she’s swearing to him that she NEVER repeats anything that he tells her….(Isn’t a Joker a fool?). Now she has him trying to save her, Bronchitis and Gidget. Better start worrying about his own ass instead of theirs because once they’ve gotten out all the other boys, he is going to start looking like a porterhouse steak to a starving man…..Devoured, bones spat out and digested.

  20. Avatar

    I like James as a person, but as a BB contestant, he is just as clueless this year as he was last. Day at least learned from her past mistakes and is playing a solid game. You can tell it was hard for her not to go off on Frank. I didn’t like Frank in his original season, mainly because I don’t like Boogie. I thought I could like him without his puppet master, but that has quickly dwindled to nothing. The spy girls as a group are annoying as heck. Michelle, Corey, and Z are pretty much forgettable, just numbers for the big alliance. Hoping for some excitement with Tiff on the block, but so far crickets…

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