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I Used To Think Porsche Was Sneaky Smart..

So in a few recent blog posts I was beginning to doubt Porsche.  I began to doubt the whole dumb floater act who was just hanging out and waiting until she needed to turn it on.  The words she’s been using to people sounded more like a gamer and less like a floater.  She’s been paying attention to things, thinking up some strategies, and actually doing better in competitions.  When she won the PoV then HoH, I was leaning more towards being a really good player just acting dumb, until I saw what really happened in the HoH room during the Pandora’s Box part.

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See, during the live feeds, they cut away some stuff which forces us live feeders to watch CBS.. DR sessions, most challenges, etc.  This was one of the things we had to sit around and wait for, which is why I’m posting about it now.

Anyway, I wasn’t ready to throw her under the bus quite yet.  Pandora’s Box is a tricky thing, and even the way she described it was like a golden chest shaped like the deal or no deal cases.   Would I have opened that?  That’s really tough to say.  However, when you see on the screen two things of $5k and a few glasses of champagne, and you’re sitting in the BB house with numbers in your favor, you don’t open the door… period.  What you see above could very well be described as Porsche pushing away her chances at winning $500k because without opening that door, I was giving her a solid 80% chance to win.   Everything was in her favor, and a smart player would have seen that.

There have only been two newbie HoH winners for a total of three wins (Kalia won twice).  In  her first run, Kalia completely screwed up her strategy, was intimidated by Jeff and ended up voting out her own alliance member.   In Porsche’s first run, her results may end up being worse as there is a very good chance she’s going to find herself on the block next week sitting against her best friend Kalia, and pushing the door is the main reason.

Every player seems to make a key mistake a season, some hurt their chances, some don’t end  up too bad, while others are crucial.  I think long after that $5k is spent, Porsche will look back on that day and have deep regrets.

It likely cost her $495,000.

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  1. Comments (3)

    Think of all the twinkles 5k can buy though 😉

  2. Comments (7)

    I like Porsche and I don’t think she is the bimbo she has been portrayed as.

    That being said, it has been my experience when you assume people’s seemingly dumb behavior is actually brilliantly sneaky game play… They always end up proving you were right the first time.

    I admit Porsche made a bad move that might have cost her the game. But at the same time she is very young and they dangled a 5,000 dollar carrot in the face of a waitress. That isn’t an insult to waitresses at all, but I am betting she doesn’t get many $5,000 tips. That was 1/5 of what I made in a year when I was her age.

    I also would not put it past BB to whisper in her ear over the speaker during the five minutes they gave her with no one to talk it over with.

    She made a dumb decision there is no question. Honestly, the newbies should be familiar enough with the show to know BB loves their vets. And any twist coming at the point they are totally screwed was probably designed to help them.

    But I can see why she did it.

  3. Comments (14)

    When Big Brother calls people in the diary room what gives? Are they
    scripting them for the next day? Are the telling Adam that his home
    state is in a hurricane? I also think it’s weird when BB yells “no
    singing.” Or that they tell everyone not to talk about production.
    If I was trapped for three months with these facists, I’d be out
    the door screaming. Good luck to whoever wins this mess!

    • Comments (407)

      The diary room is where they talk to production about what’s going on in the house. There have been rumors about players getting close to production, and also some manipulation by the crew to try and get votes in a way that would benefit ratings.

      No singing is likely due to copyright laws.

      Not talking about production is there for a number of reasons but mostly like the wizard of oz, don’t talk about the man behind the curtain.

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