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Wednesday Feed Updates – One Day Till Eviction

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Good evening, everyone. Sorry about the lack of afternoon update thread. I had some school errands to run (books, etc), and ending up zonking out when I got back.

Now, where did I leave you guys. Oh, right, megaphone man and the story of Nicole and James. I didn’t get time to write about the fallout from that, so brace yourselves for something new that happened this summer. Natalie didn’t get worked up, and she instantly believed it was bullshit, so it brought them closer as a couple. Just kidding! Like expected, the opposite happened.  Natalie and James spent the night fighting about it, and it will likely be the final nail in the James/Natalie relationship coffin (that was already sealed shut anyway). After a night of butt kissing by James, the pair seems to be talking again today, but their entire situation is screwy.

Even before the Megaphone Man decided to spill some gossip, Natalie was already upset all day.  Why?  This is golden, so stay with me here… When Nat/James were nominated, Nat pulled a Paulie and said she would use the PoV on James.  She also said she is going to campaign for him to stay. Real heroic shit.  I’m sure that made excellent TV, just like Paulie’s tearful moment with Corey did. Just like I called it back then, I called bullshit on Natalie’s heroics, and it turns out I was right.  She was upset yesterday because she thinks her campaigning worked, and she feels she is going home!  Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

When James finally got to the root of the issues with Natalie, she spilled it saying that she screwed up by telling Victor to keep James because she thinks it actually worked.  After some more pouting, she told James with a snarky tone “So, congrats, you’re staying”. This is like throwing yourself on the sword, and then as you are bleeding to death, you throw in some guilt trips to the person you saved.. just to remind them one last time why you’re laying there dying.  That story sums up the type of person Natalie has been all season, and it’s probably not something you’ll see on the CBS edits.


  • 3:20pm – James and Natalie are chatting in the kitchen.  The guys are in the living room.
  • 4:00pm – Natalie is telling James about her upcoming speech…
    • She plans on mentioning how she would have used the PoV on James had she won it.  Awesome. Play it up for live TV, because they probably won’t show her crying yesterday
    • natalie-talking
    • If she does that, I’m going to puke
    • Natalie tells James she will legitimately take a bullet for her.  Right, and then she’ll make James feel bad for it.
  • Side Note – Apple is releasing their next phone without headphone jacks. Crazy. Welcome to the world of Apple where every year your charger becomes obselete, but now the headphones have joined the club. Need a new pair of headphones because the originals inevitably break, you need to buy official Apple headset.  Sure, you can risk the generic pair off Amazon, but they probably won’t work as well as the official pair .
  • 4:10pm – Nic, Paul, Victor are in the kitchen studying the memory wall. Something they keep talking about all season is how nobody in the house looks like their picture.
    • 15 minutes later, Natalie is still talking about how she’s going home and how she knew it all along.
  • 4:30pm – Natalie (partially) jokes about how she’s thrilled she is a bigger threat than the veteran James.  Hey, tell yourself that.
    • She then practices tomorrow’s speech where she is going to make sure to mention how she was going to give James the veto.
    • After the end of one of her practices, James jokes how she is really going for America’s Favorite.  He’s not wrong. This is clearly a push for that
  • 5:00pm – James is zonked, and the final 4 are in the kitchen playing games. No dominoes, however, as production took that away. Lame
    • Dinner time for me!
  • 8:30pm – Back after eating and finishing the season of Stranger Things. Good show. Can’t wait for season 2
    • Checking in on the house. The final 4 are in the kitching playing with their candy again like last night, while James is in the bedroom with Nat.  Exactly the way it was when I went to bed. Almsot feels like I flashed back
    • Let’s talk about the CBS episode tonight.  It was good to see production show the selfish side of Natalie. She may be pushing for America’s Favorite with the bullshit veto thing she’s going to say tomorrow night, but tonight’s episode set that back quite a bit
    • Ohh after actually watching what they’re doing, it looks like they got a deck of cards and are using the starburst as currency
  • 9:00pm – The poker game continues. James and Nat sleep
    • vic-poker

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