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Wednesday Feed Updates – One Day Till Eviction



Good evening, everyone. Sorry about the lack of afternoon update thread. I had some school errands to run (books, etc), and ending up zonking out when I got back.

Now, where did I leave you guys. Oh, right, megaphone man and the story of Nicole and James. I didn’t get time to write about the fallout from that, so brace yourselves for something new that happened this summer. Natalie didn’t get worked up, and she instantly believed it was bullshit, so it brought them closer as a couple. Just kidding! Like expected, the opposite happened.  Natalie and James spent the night fighting about it, and it will likely be the final nail in the James/Natalie relationship coffin (that was already sealed shut anyway). After a night of butt kissing by James, the pair seems to be talking again today, but their entire situation is screwy.

Even before the Megaphone Man decided to spill some gossip, Natalie was already upset all day.  Why?  This is golden, so stay with me here… When Nat/James were nominated, Nat pulled a Paulie and said she would use the PoV on James.  She also said she is going to campaign for him to stay. Real heroic shit.  I’m sure that made excellent TV, just like Paulie’s tearful moment with Corey did. Just like I called it back then, I called bullshit on Natalie’s heroics, and it turns out I was right.  She was upset yesterday because she thinks her campaigning worked, and she feels she is going home!  Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.


When James finally got to the root of the issues with Natalie, she spilled it saying that she screwed up by telling Victor to keep James because she thinks it actually worked.  After some more pouting, she told James with a snarky tone “So, congrats, you’re staying”. This is like throwing yourself on the sword, and then as you are bleeding to death, you throw in some guilt trips to the person you saved.. just to remind them one last time why you’re laying there dying.  That story sums up the type of person Natalie has been all season, and it’s probably not something you’ll see on the CBS edits.


  • 3:20pm – James and Natalie are chatting in the kitchen.  The guys are in the living room.
  • 4:00pm – Natalie is telling James about her upcoming speech…
    • She plans on mentioning how she would have used the PoV on James had she won it.  Awesome. Play it up for live TV, because they probably won’t show her crying yesterday
    • natalie-talking
    • If she does that, I’m going to puke
    • Natalie tells James she will legitimately take a bullet for her.  Right, and then she’ll make James feel bad for it.
  • Side Note – Apple is releasing their next phone without headphone jacks. Crazy. Welcome to the world of Apple where every year your charger becomes obselete, but now the headphones have joined the club. Need a new pair of headphones because the originals inevitably break, you need to buy official Apple headset.  Sure, you can risk the generic pair off Amazon, but they probably won’t work as well as the official pair .
  • 4:10pm – Nic, Paul, Victor are in the kitchen studying the memory wall. Something they keep talking about all season is how nobody in the house looks like their picture.
    • 15 minutes later, Natalie is still talking about how she’s going home and how she knew it all along.
  • 4:30pm – Natalie (partially) jokes about how she’s thrilled she is a bigger threat than the veteran James.  Hey, tell yourself that.
    • She then practices tomorrow’s speech where she is going to make sure to mention how she was going to give James the veto.
    • After the end of one of her practices, James jokes how she is really going for America’s Favorite.  He’s not wrong. This is clearly a push for that
  • 5:00pm – James is zonked, and the final 4 are in the kitchen playing games. No dominoes, however, as production took that away. Lame
    • Dinner time for me!
  • 8:30pm – Back after eating and finishing the season of Stranger Things. Good show. Can’t wait for season 2
    • Checking in on the house. The final 4 are in the kitching playing with their candy again like last night, while James is in the bedroom with Nat.  Exactly the way it was when I went to bed. Almsot feels like I flashed back
    • Let’s talk about the CBS episode tonight.  It was good to see production show the selfish side of Natalie. She may be pushing for America’s Favorite with the bullshit veto thing she’s going to say tomorrow night, but tonight’s episode set that back quite a bit
    • Ohh after actually watching what they’re doing, it looks like they got a deck of cards and are using the starburst as currency
  • 9:00pm – The poker game continues. James and Nat sleep
    • vic-poker

Check back for updates


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  1. bastosko
    bastosko (45 comments)

    I am not a fan of here by any imagination, however she maybe trying to do reverse psychology on him. She has stated she wants to self exit (though production talked her into staying) so she has planted that kernel in James head. Now major guilt trip (I saved you, now hero boy, walk your ass out the door for me), cock block (sorry getting all mature) and playing on his “love” of her.

    Hopefully he is smarter than we think.

  2. bastosko
    bastosko (45 comments)

    Sorry should be “fan of hers”

  3. Avatar

    So who do you guys think is actually going.

  4. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    I see it now…that person only made the one comment……

  5. caRyn

    I know people have been on the fence about the conversation Natalie had with Victor and Paul in the HOH room. I didn’t see the conversation until just now on this episode and unless it is editing – Natalie clearly blamed James.

  6. Avatar

    You forget option #3 for the I phone 7 earbuds…..Wireless!

  7. Avatar
    Shawna (1 comments)

    Ok, so I’m watching the show right now. The veto comp had to be rigged!! Cory walked through the door and went straight to the pipe on the wall without even looking around at anything!! Seems a little fishy to me!

    • Avatar
      BB-Mom (1 comments)

      Yea I noticed that too. I replayed it and there’s no doubt. He didn’t even look at the room. Makes you wonder how much of this is fixed

    • Avatar
      Susan B (27 comments)

      I said the same thing last night while watching the show. Production had to have given Corey instructions or something. He didn’t even look around and assess the situation.

  8. Avatar
    Tracy (3 comments)

    POV WAS FIXED!! Im telling u it was freaking fixed. Corey walked in that first room didnt even look around and went straight to the pipes and 2nd room straight to where the key was. To hanky for me. Definitely fixed. 1st time all these seasons i ever thought that. Way to blatantly obvious!!!! PISSED!!

    • Avatar
      Bethany (2 comments)

      I thought it was weird he went straight to the pipe instead of the hatch like everyone else.

    • caRyn

      Black Box comp could have been fixed as well.

    • Ingodog
      Ingodog (119 comments)

      OMG I was thinking the same thing that was a pretty hard POV comp. and Corey is dumb as they come and he flew though it. They had to be telling him what to do. I will be so glad when this season is over.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      I have said in the past,before Paulie was even evicted that CBS has,already written the check out to Corey. What better way to invest in his fan connexion app…….

    • Avatar
      Shawn Watson (38 comments)

      Not to mention Victor picked up the ball with those tongs before they said he wasn’t allowed to use his hands. Seems like a few of them had hints from the Diary Room about the POV competition.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        I noticed a couple of them doing that – picking up the tongs before being told. Maybe what we were hearing was added by Production later, and they were hearing the instructions via the ear pieces? Hope it was just sloppy editing.

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (584 comments)

      As soon as City went for pipes my brother and I shouted WTF!!??!!?? This guy looks so lost any time you see him all of a sudden he’s Mcgyver??

    • Avatar

      I haven’t even bothered looking at it yet. I guess I’ll get to it sooner or later. I’m so sick of the whole mess that I could just scream. I’m not in any hurry to hear Nicole whining Coorreeeyyy, no rush to hear Nat using the old guilt trip on James either. I’ll get to it sometime tonight.

    • Avatar

      It did look a little fishy, BUT if you look at Natalie’s run, she went straight for the pipe too. It was a little harder to tell because of all the edits of her talking about it, but if you ignore the edits and just look at how she came into the room, she pretty much went for the pipe straight away too. I guess I feel better if both of them are cheating…

  9. Avatar

    Just saw tonight’s veto episode. Corey immediately went for the pipes without looking at the manhole cover. Something is seriously fishy about that. If it was fixed, and I believe it was,then that’s a load of crap. I know this season has turned into the island of misfit toys but Why fix the veto? I don’t get it. Thanks a lot BB.

  10. Avatar
    BBShowmance (11 comments)

    Steve, has anyone else brought up the megaphone, and what has Nicole said about it? I was kinda hoping it would get James evicted this week over Natalie.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      As far as I can see on the feeds not much was said at all….I said earlier today that Paul has been odd this week…He has been like a pit bull all season and questioning everything ..until now…you would think after getting “boned” twice Victor would at least be talking to Paul and being a little nervous but yet it’s like nothing??? I don’t get it………

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  12. Avatar

    I said it a month ago, they want Nicole and Corey to be the next Jeff and Jordan. I noticed right off the back Corey going straight for the pipes, FIXED BIG TIME. Remember when Natalie wanted to put Nicole and Corey up and she said production wouldn’t let her( I think she referred to them as mom and dad)Ya’ll may not like him but I think Victor deserves to win and I hope he does.

  13. caRyn

    I don’t think I realized how cutthroat Natalie was until seeing it for myself on this episode. Telling James if he sides with Nicole and Corey she will never speak to him again. Here she was playing up to the viewers wanting AFP. Not anymore! Not after this episode.

    • Colby

      But what they didn’t show was that a little bit later she apologized for saying that, that she was just mad at the time, and would understand if that was what James needed to do for his game.
      Don’t get me wrong though, I am glad to see her go. Especially since Paulie is probably going to hate to see another woman walk through the Jury house door.

      • caRyn

        I gotcha. I don’t have the live feeds. Just CBS episodes and BBAD. I have seen different sides of Natalie but not the merciless side. I didn’t know she had that in her. It wasn’t a good look on this episode. After all this time in the BB house that side of her finally came out. Too bad it came at a personal expense and not for her BB game.

  14. Shivani33

    Natalie changed her mind about going out graciously and was rehearsing a speech intended to deliver certain points about other players and their games. She has practiced it with James giving her support and listening to her work to get it to best express what she wants to say. Definitely, she has one target especially in mind as a person to expose. This has helped her to feel stronger and to get her thoughts clearer, whether or not she really uses her speech. She’s worked hard on it.

  15. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Natalie and her cheerleading ways can go out the door….with her pom poms. No more of her giggly voice, and acting like she is ugly, dumb, etc. etc. Though I am not a fan of James, it will be nice to see him play without a girl in tow. Earlier I wanted him to go, now I am all aboard the Nat Nat train to jury!

  16. Shivani33

    Victor has been looking more serious and absorbed in his own thoughts today. I think that Megaphone Man hit a nerve and that Victor is having lots of second thoughts – about the upcoming eviction and how he felt that keeping Natalie was best for his game. He’s been looking at Nicole with a different kind of expression on his face.

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      I think Paul is in it pretty thick with Nicole and Corey…..he just made a comment about Victor not being able to play in next HOH to Corey and Nicole……personally although I’m not a Natalie fan she has Nicole Corey and Paul figured out pretty much dead on…….Vic may well be realizing his mistake about keeping James but it’s too late….he has no control over vote really. If what I am thinking is true Vic is in deep trouble…

    • Alda
      Alda (1851 comments)

      I hope so.

    • Mello_One

      @ Shivani33
      I hope Victor is absorbed, because Nicole, & Corey are getting ready to stick a Knife in his back! By Corey giving Victor that 5,000, really made him have nothing but Loyalty towards Nic, & Corey! What does Derrick say, “Always think 1 Week ahead” Vic & Paul aren’t.

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      thabks god Victor is a beast and has a very good chance at pulling out a veto win should he go on the block next week. I feel like the only way he won’t be otb is if Paul wins HoH.

  17. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    Has anyone else noticed how LITTLE of Paul/Vic convos are on jokers? It’s been 95% nicorey and jatalie. I don’t watch the feeds and rely on jokers. Makes me wonder if production is shrouding Paul/Vic strategy.
    Both Paul and Vic are smart and observant. Some don’t give Vic credit, but his social game is shrewd and on point.
    My guess is those 2 are fully aware of the shifting sands and production is not pointing the live feeder cams on them.
    My hope is our boys pull in Corey and James for a season 12 Brigade ambush on Nicole a la Britney Haynes!
    I can dream, right?!

    • Mugummy
      Mugummy (64 comments)

      I’ve noticed the cams have not shown much Vic / Paul convo, other than when they’re joking, plotting, or celebrating with NiCorey. It would be AWESOME if they did have some scheme going on, but can’t really see any value this late in the game. Whomever wins HOH this week will really have all the power.

  18. caRyn

    I do believe that Paul and Victor will return as BB vets. I am not sure if Paulie will if asked. Paulie may to redeem himself but he will only dig his hole deeper if he does.

  19. Avatar

    Thank Steve & Melinda Beans for all that you here on this site for us. Junkies is always home for me & a lot of your other fans. We admit at times we skip on down other pages at times just to see what’s going on but we all always come back to our homes, JUNKIES.

    • Mugummy
      Mugummy (64 comments)

      BBJunkies is really my live feeds on crack (live feeds was my BB on coke). Why sip tea when you can hit the BBJ pipe?

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Ann,, I’m glad you’re still here.

      • g8trgrl4life
        g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

        Sometimes I feel I’m too old, but I keep coming back. This is my 3rd year here. Can’t stay away I guess. Stevebeans is just too good at what he does. 🙂

      • Jannie

        I’m still here too, guys!
        Just so over this season. Such blatant fixing of the game combined with a horrible cast has just been disappointing…CBS has taken my favorite summer show and ruined it. They don’t even try and hide it anymore.
        But I still love Junkies and everyone here

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Ann, I really mean that!

      • Avatar

        Franko, I promised you I’d stay just for you & I will. We have afew other friends who want to stay also.
        I sometimes thinkI’m getting a little bit too old for this show but then after I read other thihgs from young & older cutumersis giong to take some serious time because

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        Ann, I’m 61 and I kind of feel that I’m getting too old, too. I’m still hanging in till the end, tho. Of course I may be yelling at the TV on the last night. lol
        Glad you’re still here. I’ve noticed that a few people who were on here in the past aren’t here and I miss them. I think this is my 4th year to actually make comments. I’ve read it longer, tho.

    • Avatar

      Aww, thank you so much for the props, but Steve does all the real work. I only do the boring stuff, like troll Twitter all day to see if I can pick up on stuff he may have missed lol. If only I could watch the feeds from work, I would be all over that… 😉

      The BBJ fans are really what keep this site going though. You guys are awesome!


  20. Mugummy
    Mugummy (64 comments)

    Regarding the Corey fix, I still remember week 1 when Glenn lost to Corey. It was the island comp where they had to spell SOS with balls and hit a buzzer when done – the balls could not roll off. I’m still not convinced it wasn’t Corey who should have gone home that first week. Glenn clearly hit the buzzer first on the replay, but Production focused on one of his balls jumping in the air at that point. I don’t think the ball rolled off, but Production used that as the reason Glenn lost (or Corey won). I question whether they would have used that same logic (convenient last-minute rule) if it was Corey’s ball that jumped up (or moved, or wasn’t steady for 5 seconds, or…).

    • Avatar
      bobo (55 comments)

      Off jokers ”
      Wed 10:38 PM BBT Nicole says that she didnt find the key during veto comp until they (DR) told her where it was. She says they told her it floated & wouldnt have – jaguar3″..so yep, production was helping….

    • Avatar

      A few of us have kept that in mind and have definitely brought it up a few times before. Makes you wonder why they were favoring him from the very first week? I could almost understand the Paulie situation because they expected him to be a fan favorite and bring in ratings because of Cody, but why Corey?

  21. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    Natalie really did look bad on the show tonight. She totally hurt James’ feelings with the I’ll never speak to you again comment. James looked like he’d lost his best friend as she walked out of the room. I don’t have live feeds or can get BBAD so there’s a lot I don’t see. Is James still snuggling in bed with her?? I’d be sleeping in another room!! Hope she DOES go home Thursday but who knows with this house and what they will do. I wonder if Victor realizes he and Paul have to win everything from now on or one or both will go home. This house does so much flip flopping it’s crazy.
    OT, sooooo tired of hearing Nicole with her whining. Have you noticed everything has an ah at the end of it, Coooorrrrreeeyyyah, for example.

    • Avatar
      BB Bopper (65 comments)

      @franko:. Yes I’ve noticed that Nicole always adds an “ah” to the end of her words. It drives me nuts! Do you remember the twins from last season? They use to do the same thing. It hurts my ears ;-(

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        BB Bopper, I DO remember that the twins did that and I couldn’t stand hearing either of them talkah. It drove me crazyah. That and the showmance with Judasah. Sorry for all the ahs, just couldn’t resist. No ah.

      • caRyn

        Listen for the word – important. Nicole and Natalie have me laughing when they use it in the DR.

  22. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    I so hope James is ready to bounce his biggest check yet in BB……pretty sure the snake and her boring blinking boyfriend are putting all their eggs in the James basket and would not surprise me a bit to see Corey throw the HOH to him if it came down to it thinking that James will put Vic and Paul OTB keeping the two of them from doing it themselves…..would LOVE to see James turn it and put snake and Borey OTB together. Can you imagine the look on their fake faces? Now THAT would make these painful last few weeks worth watching!!!!!!

  23. jimbo
    jimbo (450 comments)

    The writer may not admit it because the Paulie hatred everywhere is so over the top, but Paulie seemed to have pegged Natalie early on. “Jersey Girl” was first outted by Paulie, and he turned out to be dead on. Her need to talk to Z right before eviction was typical Natalie crapola, but people didn’t seem to mind it then since, of course, it was against Paulie. All fair in love and Paulie, whether the boy had a point or not. Just like it was okay to be “bullied” by three jury house girls, the same girls who complained about Paulie being a bully to the house.

    • jimbo
      jimbo (450 comments)

      Also, James looks really bad, in retrospect, “defending” Natalie to Paulie. You should have listened to Paulie, James.

      • AIO_7

        Baloney, Paulie was never “right” about anything; and besides, GNat is not a Jersey Girl” per se. She has only lived there a little while. She is from Venezuela and speaks fluent Spanish.

      • Helen
        Helen (5158 comments)

        Have to agree with AIO on that one! Natalie is the stereotypical pageant girl, very concerned with her weight and her outward appearance. Quite honestly I think she actually does care quite a bit for James. James has been the one throwing Natalie UTB to anyone willing to listen the past few days.

  24. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (191 comments)

    Which is smarter? A rock or Corey?

    • Helen
      Helen (5158 comments)

      Well. I think we could draw straws on that one! Seriously, any competition he has “won” the look of sheer surprise on his face is priceless. The funniest thing I have seen in a long time is when they open the show with Corey saying Harry Potter over and over in his sleep!
      CBS has stooped to an all time low backing that boy and his fake snake girlfriend. Although I am far from being a Natalie fan Nicole has Natalie beat hands down when it comes to male manipulation and being phony.

      • Avatar

        I usually do a BB drinking game every year, but I failed miserably this year. However, I was thinking the other day that we should take a drink every time Corey’s mohawk is off-center.

        Seriously I can’t be the only one bothered by that.

  25. Avatar

    In response to previous comments. Paulie can only tolerate woman like Nicole who never verbally went against him and fit a certain profile.. He cannot play in a game where you need tolerate woman with different personalities, it’s not in him. If Paulie said he flirted w Natalie out of bordom, didn’t have any intent on following through and just focused on her being conceited instead of her FBs he could have squashed that whole situation. But he was not able to think rationally. Natalie manipulates men for her benefit. While it is not an admirable trait it can be good game play in BB.

  26. Avatar

    I think Victor should win. He’s really had to play the game. He’s not the jerk he started out. Corey, ugh. I’m voting for him for viewers choice. James and his childlike pranks got old last year.

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  28. Avatar

    Not Corey but Victor for viewers choice.

  29. danmtruth

    Again this double stranded Nat is a bitch and evil person who is manipulating people Yet Paul says how he is going to [email protected]#ck with peoples head so they cant think straight while competing This is fine or not the same? Nichole backstabber everyone she was ever in an alliance with and this is just smart game play First she told Frank anything that was going on to save herself In the words of the HG this year Nichole is queen shetch
    Paul is so fake he is trying to be a hipster version of Evil Dick Looking to be OUTRAGEOUS to win Americas Favorite player Or a spot on Amazing race or another season on BB How often does he say that? If he would slow his roll and think he would see Nichole and Corey need James to stay in to shield themselves But more importantly to take a shot at Paul and Vic Paul does not have Vic playing for HoH this week With a Corey or Nichole win The nom is James and either one Tie vote than HoH dumps one of the F4 Or if One of them win POV once more nominate the two P/V and bye bye Vic Both Nichole and Corey have talk about this
    So dont wash Nat as the only or biggest dirty player Nichole and Corey as we say in the old BB world Have Blood On There Hands

  30. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    Besides 1st , 2nd and AFP, CBS should give an award for most competitions won in the season. That will give inventive for contestants to play hard for the wins. People could still throw a comp, but would they want to….. Bigger stakes to PLAY!

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