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big brother 14 boogie sitting alone

Big Brother 14 – How Will They Fill The Big Brother House Again? (Poll)

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big brother 14 boogie sitting alone

As many of you know right now, the Big Brother 14 house has been losing houseguests faster than The Glass House loses ratings, which means there has to be some type of shake-up in the near future in order to regain balance.   If you missed it, Willie was expelled from the house last night for being a baby, Kara was voted out, and Jodi was selected to leave by her coach on day 1. Keep in mind, we’re on day 15 inside the house, and if other seasons are any indicator, there are at least 60+ more to go.

Needless to say, it’s also been an incredible week on the live feeds (don’t have?  Get it free here) so far because of that.  The game has been played in top gear since day 1, and only now do I feel the houseguests are going to have a little mental break… for a few days at least.  By mental break, Shane and JoJo are still going to be fighting for veto, scheming to stay in the house and keeping their shot at $500k.

However, right now the numbers simply don’t add up.  Last season on day 14 there were two people gone, but 12 people remaining and 1 of those people ended up being voted out twice.   This season on day 16, there are three people gone, but only 9 “players” remaining (plus coaches), and by day 20 we’re looking at only 8 people remaining. The Big Brother 13 house didn’t have 8 remaining until Brendon was voted out his second time – on day 48.

What this basically means is, if nothing changes at all, Big Brother 14 is going to end more than a month ahead of schedule.  That’s not going to happen.

My question to you guys is, what’s going to happen in the house?

What you definitely want to do is sign up for the live feeds because it has been an unbelievable season so far, and you know Big Brother will be throwing a major twist into the game in order to keep it going.  The best way to do that is to watch it live…

(first 3 days are free!)

I am curious to hear your thoughts on how you think the house will fill up again, so leave comments below!


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  1. Comments (2)

    I think they should bring Jodi back into the game to fill Willie’s spot since she never got a chance to establish herself in any way no longer then she was allowed to stay in the house.

  2. Comments (1)

    I think they should have a none eviction this week and bring back jodi to play in the game.

  3. Comments (1)

    I think the two remaining coaches will enter the game, and then they will bring back one or two thru competitions to fluff up the ranks. Not Willie… He’s finished. I hope Jodi gets another shot.

  4. Comments (1)

    Sorry BB14 you should have already thought of this before the season started!!! I would love to see Jodi return since she never had the chance to play!!! Its to soon to bring the coaches in to play. I would wait until at least one coach is gone.

  5. Comments (1)

    I think they won’t do double elimination weeks.

  6. Comments (5)

    WOW! This season is a hot mess! I hear Willie was head butting people? Throwing stuff? How irresponsible of BB to bring these lunatics in the house for ratings. Clearly this guy is not even mentally stable! How scary to be trapped with a lunatic! I hope this officially bans this low class thug and his family from any more shows! Disgusting.

  7. Comments (9)

    Personally, I would love to see Kara return to the game. Or Jodi for that matters, (I still prefer Kara)

    If the coaches actually enter the “real game” in about few weeks later, THIS SEASON MAY AS WELL BURN IN HELL!!!
    I mean, COME ON!!!
    Jodi left, Kara left, Willie left (well expelled,so don’t care anyways), this week’s evictee soon leaves, probably after next week’s evictee gets evicted …
    and then what? Suprise! The coaches enter the game!~UUUGH!!!

    So many newbies left and then they(the coaches) somehow enter the game… THAT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!
    It’s like they’re getting GOLDEN KEYS or something like that, so they can FLOAT till some noobs got booted!

    Besides, I am so tired of watching Boogie and Janelle playing for the million times!!!

    Just have Kara, or even Jodi coming back into the game…

    No Boogie or Janelle or Britney or Dan or any Veterans. Stick’em with the $100K GOD!!!!!

  8. Comments (1)

    I feel Willie purposely did things to get himself expelled because he knew Frank would be putting him up! Being put up would mean he would have to play the game by humbling himself and suck up to other players. He was too chicken… Bullying didn’t work and he doesn’t know how to be charming. He couldn’t handle a whole week of people talking and laughing at him. He probably feels he is still “winning” by getting in people faces by bullying and getting expelled!!! He is a bad looser like his other family members. Look how he stormed off after Frank won HOH! Really it was the chicken’s way out… It takes more than one person to play the BB game… Team work! Intimidation and bullying run deep in the family blood! Just how I see it… My opinion

  9. Comments (22)

    What I don’t understand is if the coaches come in as players, what happens to the $100,000 they were promised if they won? Any thoughts on this? I mean, why would the show tell them this if they were just gonna let them join the game eventually anyway? Would they just lie to them like that to motivate them? IF that’s what happens, that’s really low of CBS to do that!

  10. Comments (191)

    I hope they don’t bring back the coaches, it’s not fair. Jodi has been out for a while and if she has been home watching you can’t bring her back. If they kept Kara on ice you can bring her back.

    Otherwise they could have a week or two of competitions for some $$$.

  11. Jay David Milstein
    Comments (6)

    I think the coaches should reenter the game but not all at once. It would void the $100k and make the game have 4 easy evictions. I think they should have a Double Jeoparady scenario when and only when a coaches players are eliminated then that coach enters the game. It would have the coaches entering at important points in the game and it will affect the way players and coaches play. Will the players change targets to avoid coaches comming in? Will coaches throw their players under the bus for a shot at the half million? Or will they simply seek to grasp the low hanging fruit, the 100 k. At least 2 coaches get a chance to play the game as a player, probably 3 and maybe even 4. But would you evict a player knowing that it would allow Mike Boogie or Janelle to enter the game?

  12. Comments (1)

    OK thru inside sources when a coach loses all 3 of his players than they become as an individual!

  13. Comments (5)

    I think they already have another group of ppl waiting to enter the house.

  14. Jay David Milstein
    Comments (6)

    Way to steal my idea Chad.

  15. Comments (2)

    If Jodi and Kara are no longer in sequester (rumors are that they are not in sequester) they can’t come back into the game. I’ve been waiting at least 5 seasons for BB to come up with a new and original idea that does not include bringing back former house guests (although I think it would be cool do either do another all star season or a season where all the contestants are former house guests who were evicted the 1st week). Also, if they bring back Pandora’s box or any other surprise, I don’t want to see Jessie again!

    • Comments (22)

      Yeah I was thinking about that last nite, Boogie and Frank were talking all kinds of strategy but it really doesn’t matter because they have no idea what’s coming…Pandora’s Box? A double eviction? Houseguests coming back into the game? Coaches joining the game? The possibilities are endless and another thing, I’m sure since Willie got disqualified so early, CBS is working overtime to come up with ways to fix this mess! So no telling what they will come up with!!!

  16. Comments (6)

    We will see thursday how they will do it if not then this weeks evictee is in the jury

  17. Comments (1)

    The Donato’s to the rescue. This house needs some personality and somebody to put Boogie in his place. Evil Dick!

  18. Comments (1)

    1.Coach loases their players, they become a player and no longer be able to get the 100k, but able to play for the 500k. Is what i’am thinking like some people.

    2.This season is a waste, they should have made evil dick and dr will a coach if any.

    3.Willie was screwed once britany made him hoh first week, also along with being forced to putting frank up.

    4.The HG’s are all morons…Sorry to say but they should have voted out frank. Willie is correct they are playing not for themselfs but for the coaches.

    5.I wish they’d stop bringing in vet’s with newbies…if they want to bring in vets do another all-star for crying out loaud.

    6.THis season is now boring, Willie was great for the drama so now what do they got? NOTHING… bye bye ratings!

    7.I’ve lost respect for Janalle..sorry but she showed her true colors, she ditched britany for boogie who she said was a douche and was’nt gonna fall for his things? What does she do? That same thing fall for his things…No not his other thing, lol but who knows…

    8.They didn’t like Willie mocking Will? so what Will mocks celebrities and they don’t get mad from that? Ya whatever…


  19. Comments (15)

    I am very convinced that the coaches will end up entering the game, and will dominate if they do. Of course, this is my first season watching Big Brother, thanks to a coworker at Dish for getting me to watch it, but I’m quite sure that’s what they will have to do. So far, the coaches seem to be holding their teams back more than helping them, but I could be wrong. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home on Sunday to watch the newest episode, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it on PrimeTime Anytime and I watched it this morning with the Auto Hop feature turned on to skip the commercials. I can’t wait to see what actually happens, although I want the coaches to stay out of it, but I really do think they will join the game.

  20. Comments (1)

    So I have a pretty far fetched prediction but one that sounds like it could actually be a possibility. So my idea is that in this week or the next Big Brother will bring back 4 people who have all played the game before. These four people will be from a season in which one of the coaches were on and would join that coaches team. I predict it will be after this next eviction considering there would be a chance that one coach is all out of players, which would put them out UNLESS 4 previous houseguest return. My first reason for this idea is that there is simply not enough houseguest at the moment with them being down to 9 and I don’t think the coaches will play considering they already have a prize to go after and are playing pretty much a diffrent game. Second reason is that big brother promised us the most houseguest ever which so far we have only had 16 which is how many BB9 had. However if 4 return that puts us back at 12 houseguest but with a total of 20 for the season. Now the final reason I came up with this theory when I was searching to find what the orignal twist would be which we all know now is the mentor twist there was a released list of names it could possibly be and there was at least one other name on that list that played in the same season as one of the mentors. In my opinion if this was to happen I could see either Hayden or Enzio coming back to join Britney’s team. Will coming back to join Boogies, and am not to sure who would come back to join Dan and Janelle’s but that is my theory. As far as why there are key holes beside the coaches names maybe it was big brother giving hints to expect 4 more returning houseguest, but keeping under wraps that it wouldn’t be the coaches. This would put the right amount of people in the house and big brother would keep their word about having the most houseguest ever.

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