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Guess Willie didn't like his pork rinds

Big Brother 14 – Willie Expelled From The Game And Nominations Revealed

I guess Willie didn’t like his pork rinds

I mentioned earlier in the day that Willie was going to try and get kicked out of the game, and I guess that did happen tonight in what was a wild finish to the coaches challenge. To get a full recap of the events, pull up the live feeds and flashback to 9:10bbt 7/20 as Ian describes the event to the house/cameras.


If you don’t have the live feeds, it’s strongly recommended you get them and click on the button below to get 3 free days. Flashback and hear about the drama.

Spoilers after the jump if you want to wait until Sunday night to see what happened, otherwise continue reading…


According to Ian, the coaches challenge came down to Janelle and Boogie once again, in which Mike ended up jumping off and giving the win to Janelle.  Based on what happens next, I wouldn’t blame him if he threw the challenge.

Janelle was given the chance to save someone as we all knew, and she chose Ashley.  What we didn’t know was that she could pick all the have-nots for the week, and ended up picking Ian (who volunteered) and the Willie trio (Willie, Shane, JoJo).  This completely set off Shifty Willie as he started slamming stuff around and giving everyone in the house attitude.  The feeds came back up and I saw him eating his pork rinds at the table looking very miserable (above), but the feeds shortly went back to trivia and I think that’s when things exploded.

In the bathroom, there was some shoving and headbutting between Joe and Willie, then when he (Willie) was called to the DR, Joe was told not to follow despite Willie egging him on like the punk he is.  On the way there he threw some pork rinds at Janelle who waved him off with a big FU.

Willie quickly ranks up there now as the lowest scum of reality contestants there has ever been.  He went from acting like king of the house to being a spoiled baby as soon as he didn’t get his way.  Trying to pick a fight with Joe was the lowest of low.  Even Russell, the “evil villain” of reality TV didn’t stoop to that level when he lost.  Sure he cried and acted like a major sore loser on live TV, but to try and pick a fight?  Come on.  Terrible.  Russell had a passion for winning, Willie was just a punk that was allowed to enter the house because of his name.


The games must go on, and while they did get a pizza party due to the eviction to try and calm some tension (including the have-nots), nominations were also held at some point.  It appears Shane and JoJo are nominated, and we could be down to the final 8 just two weeks in.  I have a feeling a big shift is going to happen in the house, perhaps Kara comes back, maybe the coaches do indeed enter as players, but there is no way they can continue at this pace.

Again, be sure to pick up the live feeds to continue to follow along this story, find out if someone makes it back in after the eviction.


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  1. Avatar
    FanFan (9 comments)

    Oh my GOD!
    Are they (the production) actually really trying to merge the cocaches into the “actual” game?? I mean come on! Really? REALLY? GOD! Seeing Boogie and Janelle playing for the third time is just …uuuuugh!!!!

  2. Avatar
    Rob (9 comments)

    Hey stevebeans, yoursn idiot and your website blows! Lol. Do you actually pay attention to what’s going on? Janelles a fake ditsy bitch, who thinks she’s queen of BB. Shes the one who first brought up the idea of nominating kera and frank, and everybody thinks it was willie. And willie never bullied anybody. Last i checked, trying to play the game and convince people to vote a certain way, insnt bullying lol
    Jo’s a complete liar and turns nothing into something. And Wil just doesn’t know how to play the game and thinks being gay is all he has to do.
    Willie was the most popular player. Sure he played too hard to fast. But whatever.

    • stevebeans

      Why visit if you don’t like the site?

      As far as Willie, I was rooting for him. I’m annoyed he left because he is a ratings draw. But, I cannot support a coward who can’t accept losing.

      He knew once Ashley flipped, his time was going to be short lived, so he acted like a baby and got himself kicked out so he didn’t have to suffer the humiliation of eviction. Now he can run around telling all his buddies that he just got booted because he wasn’t going to be a ‘punk’ or a ‘bitch’.

      The Hantz family is already running around doing damage control for him, but most people just see him as a punk baby who cried when he lost.. just like his brother did on the live finale of Survivor.

      • Avatar
        Rob (9 comments)

        Lol your delusional… He wouldnt have been evicted, he would have easily won veto and pulled himself off. But he thought he was helping his team by getting expelled…

      • stevebeans

        He probably wouldn’t have been nominated. Everyone but the two people who would have been nominated anyway (JoJo / Shane) wanted him out of the house.

        Willie would have had to hope he was in the PoV, and then win it in order to save himself from being evicted this week. Without that, we’d call him backdoor Willie.

      • Avatar
        Rob (9 comments)

        Ya, that’s why all of Thursday night and all of Friday they were talking of putting up Willie and Shane. If you.ve been watching the feeds you’d know that their too scared to back door anyone. REMEMBER, frank wanted to back door Shane but nobody thought I’d would work and now their kicking themselves. It would have been the same thing if Willie was nominated.
        Thought you were smarter than that Steve. Nah, no I didn’t. Lol

    • Avatar
      Greg Orian (5 comments)

      Troll much? Pepper your comments with more “lol”s next time and you’ll be a lot more convincing.

  3. Avatar

    what a pure coward and bit bull bullie willie is. that dog needed to be put in his place and put down hard. the cast did a great job keeping there cool. i would like to of seen willie pull that crap when russell from jordan’s season was their. russell would of put that dog down and out. once again woman hating homophobic punk coward gone. nothing boils my blood more than a bullie.

    • Avatar
      Rob (9 comments)

      Pure coward? And bully? He was just playing the game you twit! Lol. Geeeesh. And he has every right to be pissed off. Britney should have piped up and told Wil that Willie wasn’t making fun of him being gay. Plus she should have exposed Janelle AND her team of being 100% involved in putting up Frank and Kera. Janell, joe, frank and Wil all over exaggerated everything, and made Willie out to be some terrible person. Then everybody just hopped on that horse and rode it to death. Then to add insult to injury, that skanky Janelle made Britney’s whole team have nots. Willie was pissed cause his teammates were being punished for doing nothing. I truly think by getting expelled that he thought jojo and shane would be safe for a week. And Jo deserved to be head butte. Walking around with his stupid ass grin, taunting hime and thinking he’s running the show. Lol. And saying “someone’s going home bitch, right willie? And as far as janelle having had pork rInds thrown at her and being called the c word. Lol. Good! Its just too bad she didn’t get a head butte as well…

      • Avatar
        RD (1 comments)

        I am glad his punk a$$ is gone. He got played and couldn’t handle the pressure. Rob i guess you will have to get a man crush on someone else.

      • Avatar
        joe (1 comments)

        Rob, either you don’t have feeds our you were on the wrong channel. Bully Willie went way over the line from game play to sure headed loser. oooo, he was a have not. to bad, so sad. if he really cared about his team he should have stayed. he’d be gone in thus, and his team would have been safe

      • Avatar
        Rob (9 comments)

        Joe, u must also be retarded. Lol. I saaaaaid, Willie wasn’t mad the HE was a have not, he was mad cause his teammates were made have nots. Don’t u watch the feeds. He went up to HOH and bitched not to punish his teammates for his mistakes. And by getting expelled he thought he was saving his teammates for the week. Pull our head out of your ass Joe, your almost as retarded as Joe that’s in the game.
        And to respond to RD. it’s called enjoying some good tv. Willie brought drama and made it enjoyable to watch. And like I said before, his downfall was playing to fast too soon. Oh well. With Willie expelled, BB will need to come up with some unbelievable twist to try and make it more enjoyable, cause its just plain boring…

  4. Avatar
    Loveme (5 comments)

    This guy is disgusting! Thank God no one got hurt so BB could have ratings. How about screening these people first!

  5. Avatar
    Bbfan (14 comments)

    Ole Willie boy was on his way out when he said the “n” word the other night. Actually I’m suprised he lasted as long as he did.

  6. Avatar
    Pierzina Power (4 comments)

    Janelle IS the Queen of BB so don’t get it twisted!!!

  7. Avatar

    I think that in Big Brother these coaches are controlling these peoples brains. If they weren’t Frank would’ve gone home, oobviously. I think that Britany is panicking right now. She just llost Willie (aka the bully) and knows that the ‘boogie man’ and Dan are going to be targeting her now that 1 of her players got expelled from the game (I can’t beleive Willie threw food at Janelle, no offence but that’s a little funny! Willie is a cry baby who is selfish and a punk)! No offence to Britany but why is she a coach? She was a (hilarious) diva in BB12. But, who could stand Brenchel? Britany is just following Janelle’s whole game since she is like, the queen of winning HoH! All these SPOILERS are making my head hurt. I sadly don’t have the live feed, or cable. That is why I go on here! To find out the latest SPOILERS! My family hates it when I blab out a SPOILER. Also, I hope that (since this game is definately falling short) Evil Dick and Daniele get to come in the game. In my dreams. They were just so entertaining in BB8. That was the time when they had really hard competitons.

  8. Avatar
    re (3 comments)

    i will miss whillie he made the game interesting. now its boring as he– no one is as entertaining. did not like the way he went but he was trying to help his team. by the way team concept with coaches is so wrong

  9. Avatar

    Britney was a lousy coach with Willie. She was a little princess in her season because Lane kept protecting her from being evicted.
    She doesn’t have a strong personality and had no business telling Willie her ideas that there might be a merge of the Coaches with the players. That made Willie paranoid and decided to tell the other players not to pay attention to their coaches.
    I also blame Willie because he thought he knew how to play the game. Willie was like a horse with the side blinders and didn’t take into consideration of other options and opportunities that could have opened up to him.
    Mike Booger had said that Willie wasn’t a threat anymore since Willie didn’t have the majority votes anymore.

    When Britney abandon Willie and made JoJo and Shane not talk to Willie anymore that left him to do his own thing of getting violent so he could be kicked out of the house.
    I think that JoJo who wanted to talk to Willie at that moment it would have helped Willie to calm down. Willie wanted to go into some room and just talk with JoJo and Shane. I think they could have talked some sense to Willie and Willie would have calmed down.

    My final words is that Britney failed Willie as a coach.
    Willie is a bully and not a great game player and used brut force to get himself evicted. His pride got in his way of thinking how humiliated he would be to be evicted from the house.

    You know the saying, “Fight or Flight”? Willie didn’t choose to fight to stay in the game instead he chose to be deleted by the producers and he could say it wasn’t his fault because he was defending his pride when he started the fight.

  10. Avatar
    Carter (15 comments)

    This is my first season watching Big Brother, but it seems to me that I started watching it at the right time. A coworker, at Dish, recently told me to check it out, and I’m glad that she did! I don’t get to watch any of the episodes live because I’m normally working, but my Hopper records every episode with the PrimeTime Anytime and then I can play them back without watching the commercials the next morning, thanks to the Auto Hop feature! I really can’t wait to see what happens next, especially since they didn’t show a whole lot about Joe’s and Willie’s fight.

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