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Big Brother 17 – Audrey Eviction Thread



Good evening, everyone! It is that time of the week again when another person will be going home, and another (or two, rather) will become HoH. This week, there is no surprise who is going home. I have covered this story ad nauseam this week, but if you are just tuning in, Audrey went a bit crazy.

A 30 or so second summary: Audrey was safe. She got pissed that Shelli told Jason something she told Shelli. Audrey followed Shelli around driving her crazy. Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa did their gang attack on Audrey in the HoH (like they did to Jeff). Audrey spilled the beans (about the power alliance) to the house. The house didn’t believe her. Audrey went into hibernation after spending most of monday in the DR receiving treatment for (what I assume are) mental issues.

While Audrey was in hibernation, the house was boring. Like, completely boring. However, Austin may have spiced it up last night when he revealed the twin twist to Jason for reasons unknown to man. His goal was to secure a spot in jury with the love of his life (Liz), but ironically it could turn around to send him home next week and not even make jury. We’ll have to see how tonight turns out.


A few quick plugs before the big show:

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Ok, here we go…

  • 6:00pm – Julie mentions Audrey skipping the PoV, so I guess they cut a lot out yesterday so they can go into her meltdown more tonight.
  • Julie hints about Audrey’s speculated self-evict. They’re going into Audrey, which makes sense. Other than Audrey, the week was nothing
  • Most of the house is having DR sessions or talking about Audrey. Most are upset about her thinking about walking out the door (self-evict).
  • 6:13pm – Weird first segment. They showed all Audrey before finishing it up with a live picture of Audrey sitting on the nomination chair. Really weird.
  • Back – Julie breaks in and tries to lighten the mood by showing the house a tweet from the backstreet boys saying they liked the whackstreet boys. So, she requests they put on a live show.
  • John asked Audrey if her name was the same before.  Oh, John.
  • Now, they’re showing a clip of her family. They are extremely supportive of her.
  • 6:25pm – Julie announces that Audrey received a penalty vote for breaking the havenot rule this week.
  • Votes:
    • Clay: Audrey
    • James: Audrey 
    • Austin: John
    • Jason: Audrey
    • Vanessa: Audrey
    • Becky: Audrey
    • Jackie: Audrey
    • Steve: Audrey
    • Julia: Audrey
    • Meg: Audrey
  • So, Audrey is out of the house.  They have been focused on getting her out for weeks. Let’s see what the house does now that they got their wish
  • The houseguests mostly give nice messages. Jason was a little snarky, but the rest were nice.
  • 6:40pm – HoH time.  The song competition describing competitions.
    • Round 1 – Steve vs Jason = Jason wins
    • Round 2 – Austin vs John = Austin wins
    • Round 3 – Jackie vs Beckie = Jackie wins
    • Round 4 – Liz vs Vanessa = Vanessa wins
    • Round 5 – Meg vs Beckie = Jackie wins
    • Round 6 – Austin vs James = James throws it to Austin, but wins
    • Round 7 – Vanessa vs Clay = Vanessa wins
    • Round 8 – James vs Jackie = James throws it again, and loses. Jackie HoH
    • Round 9 – Vanessa vs Jason = Vanessa HoH
  • Commercial break, then a chat with Brittany Haynes. I wonder if she’ll be the takeover
  • Nope, just a conversation.  No mention of a takeover two weeks in a row.

Alright then. We’re still 2 hours away from the live show, so check back for updates!


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  1. Jannie

    According to Jokers, not only is Audrey taking hot showers, eating regular food, sleeping on the floor(all as a have not), now she is running around the house without a microphone and engaging the others in nonsense talk about how she is going to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” in her speech tonight. Also dancing around and singing her “Is It Real” song to whoever will listen.
    Seriously – why was she not taken out and disqualified two days ago? Any other contestant would have been. What’s up with the special treatment?
    Very disappointing CBS – I guess anything goes now and there are no rules.

  2. g8trgirl

    Watching the show. Just before first commercial saw Audrey and she looks fine.

  3. Avatar

    To me it is obvious that production kissed her a**, letting her get by with stuff, calling the shots, (maybe even agreeing to pay her the whole stipend, just my suspicion) to get her to stay, since the whole show centers on her with family interview, etc. What would they have possibly done on the live show if she left. Doesn’t make what prod did OK, but just my opinion…………

  4. g8trgirl

    It’s official : James IS a moron.

  5. Avatar

    Jackie is HOH. I don’t even have words.

  6. Jannie

    When Jason won the first HOH song, why in the heck did he put Austin against Johnny Mac?? Made NO sense!! He should have put Austin against Liz, or Austin against Clay…
    What was he thinking??

    And was it really smart of Vanessa to win?? May put a target on her back(2 HOH wins) and she would have been safe with Jason, who she had just saved with the POV. Since Jackie likes to lay low, Jason could have convinced her to let him be the sole HOH. Johnny Mac could have thrown it (again).

    Can’t believe I am rooting for Jackie to remain the HOH, but I am.

    • Rita

      I completely agree. I was yelling at the TV for someone to put Liz and Austin against each other.

      Now I too want Jackie to win. She should put up Austin and James and have James throw it seeing as he likes to throw comps!!

    • Avatar

      I know ! He should have called Austin and Clay.
      such a dumb move. Then he dosn’t even try to beat Vanessa. Horrible decisions. It could cost him this week.

  7. Rita

    I think your round 5 is wrong Stevebeans.
    Round 5 – Meg vs Beckie = Jackie wins

  8. Sweet Bee

    For all you Jackie haters out there: I’m actually really glad she won. I was disappointed when Jason through Johnny Mac up early, disappointed when James and Jackie were put together (because they are the only two people I picture going against the big alliance & I wanted them both to be HOH)and then I was disappointed when Vanessa beat Jason. I’m sick of seeing the same people running the house. Vanessa is smart but playing too safe. I think Jason maybe would have had some courage to change things(but maybe not after what he did to Johnny Mac).
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Jackie actually does something entertaining and that she doesn’t get controlled by Vanessa, which is a huge possibility.
    PLEASE JACKIE, think for yourself and have a brain under that pretty little head!?!

    • Avatar

      Jackie played this comp well. Not only winning. but when she chose the contestants for the rounds, she made sure she put up the ones that are in control of the house. If Jason would have done the same, there could have been a true flip this week.

    • Jannie

      I’m just hoping that Jackie keeps in mind WHO put Jeff out of the house…Vanessa.
      May be the only reason that she(Vanessa) will fight to stay HOH this week.

      But Vanessa is a kick butt($4.5 million) professional poker player who makes a living out of being able to execute and read a bluff. Same skill set that Derrick had last summer. I would like to see Jackie remain HOH and watch Vanessa put her skills to work. Here’s who I would like to see out the door next week: Austin, Liz(to watch Austin go nuts), Clay or Shelli(to watch Clay go nuts).

  9. Avatar

    I am sorry to see Audrey go home. I really liked her.

    Hey Steve Beans, that is sol cool you play Star Wars The Old Republic. I too am planning on playing the game once I get a computer to play the game on. Hope that by that time, I will be able to game with you if your still playing.

  10. Avatar

    I am in the South, and a commercial cut out the first part of Julie Chen’s interview with Audrey. What did I miss?

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