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Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Before I forget, I put a link above to the ‘BB23 Cheat Sheet‘. This is my static page that I’ll be updating throughout the season. I am behind on days because I was re-designing the site almost specifically so I can make pages like this and other custom pages but I’ll be updating this page almost like a little wiki on the season so if you’re ever bored, check it out.

Oh and another thing – Sorry about the e-mail spam this weekend.  That was a mess up on the server when I launched the new design. I was able to cancel any pending emails that were still to be sent out so any future emails you receive about updates should be back to normal.


Alright, it’s Monday in the Big Brother house which means time for some tears when the veto meeting comes and goes with nominations remaining the same. I’m seeing a lot of people online upset over X’s nominations but I’m going to back him up here because my question is, who do people think he should have nominated that would have been ‘good’ for his game?  Within an hour or two of him winning the HoH, I posted how he had just 3 options to choose from if he wanted to keep his two alliances out of it. That was Brent, Britini, and Whitney. While I personally expected him to just copy Kyland and do a Brent and Whitney, he wanted to surprise Brent on Thursday night and chose the best way to do it.

I’m sure people are saying “oh well he could have nominated anyone in the house. Even Azah volunteered”, but that’s not his style. He knows pawns can go home and in no way, shape, or form did he want to risk an alliance member by making them a pawn just so Britini isn’t upset. He even told Azah he couldn’t live with himself if he nominated her as a pawn and she ended up going home somehow. He is loyal to the cookout first and royal flush second.

I’ve also been saying this is a blessing for Britini because she has the opportunity to be a good sport about it and become the season pawn. Why is that a blessing? Because she has the physical and mental capabilities to actually win comps. So when she is actually a target, there should only be a few remaining houseguests and she can win her way to the finals. Now, it’s not actually going to happen like that because she’s destroying her chance at becoming the ‘Victoria’ of the season by crying every week, but this was a gift she is just tossing away. I know it’s much easier for me to write about it knowing what I do know about the house rather than sitting on the block, but she’s going to regret not just going with the flow when she’s eliminated at like 9th or 10th position and sitting in the jury.

The house is still waking up and preparing for the veto ceremony which typically begins around noon and ends around 1 so I have some time.  This is a personal part so skip if not interested – I checked my mail today and want to give a huge thank you to Joy, Malinda, and AIO_7. Your donations are so incredibly generous and I am humbled by them!  I am seriously speechless at your generosity. Thank you so much


Okay, back to the feeds –

  • 11:40 am – Brent makes a bet with Whitney that he didn’t break the coffee pot.  Wants feeders to find out who did so he can collect.  Anyone know how to photoshop images of him breaking it??
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds down for the ceremony

Note – I updated the mobile header of the site.  If you see the light blue icons all running down your screen instead of dark blue, clear your phone’s cache.   The mobile menu should be horizontal and not vertical

If your mobile header does not look like this after clearing your cache, please contact me

  • 1:00 pm – Looks like things are on schedule today.  Feeds return. Veto not used
  • So get this, before the veto meeting, Brent came up with a ‘plan’ to not use the veto.  This is because he ‘knows’ he’s staying against Britini and wants to blindside X on Thursday night when he stays over Brit.  Now, we know this is wrong, but poor Brent is going to walk around all week thinking he has the upper hand. Yikes
    • After the veto meeting, DX and Kyland go to play some foosball (it’s the devil’s game!) and chat about who they trust out of the women in the house.
    • Brent comes up and they are forced to stop talking. Brent starts bragging about how his plan is all coming together and Alyssa is totally on his side. Wow

    • This is incredible. It is so cringe. He legit thinks his ‘mafia’ alliance has his back. His alliance is the Queens and Aces.
    • Brent says this move may go down as the biggest in the game’s history
    • Let me take a minute to explain the ‘mafia’. My timeline is all messed up but sometime over the last week, meetings were being held in the HoH room of course. Because this house loves their team meetings.  I think this was under Kyland so it was him holding the meetings. The Queens called the Aces into the HoH room to basically set up a one-week truce to cover their bases but before they could really even get all that out, Brent jumped in and called it an alliance and wanted to name it. Of course, the Queens weren’t going to awkwardly say no, so they went along with it. They are called the Mafia.
    • After that meeting, the Queens met with the Kings to secure their actual alliance the Royal Flush and laughed about the Mafia.
    • So, Brent is guaranteed he has his team and the Queens behind him.  This means in his mind, he has Claire, DX, Kyland, Tiffany, Hannah, and Whitney. That’s 6 votes from his ‘alliance’.  He has been bragging about Alyssa because he thinks he also secured her vote so he’s going into Thursday expecting 7-8 votes for him to stay at a minimum.  Keep that in mind when Brent goes over his DR segments and stuff

Oh, and I updated the donate page.  I explained that I dropped my link and pushing for people to just donate to Mel if you’re going to donate. I explained it all here.

  • 1:30 pm – Tiffany, Claire, Alyssa, and Hannah are talking in the bedroom
    • Tiffany teases Alyssa about her showmance with Brent.  She says ‘I wonder what America is calling ya’ll.  Brentlyssa?’.  Production then tells Alyssa to fix her mic and Tiffany says ‘uh oh, he knows you’re in the house now you better get up out of here before he comes to us’.  Oh man. Tiffany obviously messing with Alyssa. I feel I have to type that so people know she’s joking
    • But she was right. Shortly after production called out Alyssa, Brent goes and sniffs her out to talk
    • Brent wants to secure Alyssa and let her know that Xavier is probably going to try and persuade her and Christian to vote against him.  She says there is no way.
    • And to put the final touches on his awkwardness, he can’t even cam talk properly.

    • He tells the camera how he almost did something stupid and possibly told Alyssa something. Didn’t elaborate but it’s just funny he talks to the wrong camera to put the icing on the awkward cake
    • Brent has moved to the kitchen to talk to Big D about what they’ll be doing in the jury house – awkward.

And again, if you’re still receiving old e-mails, it’s all been sent and queued so I can’t stop them. But I stopped the 50 other emails that were due to be sent out lol.


Check back for updates


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