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Julie Chen Is Officially Done With The Talk

In the least surprising move of the day (or week), Julie Chen-Moonves has made her exit from The Talk official today with a taped message at the end of the episode.


I’m guessing the taped message was to prevent her from pulling any more shenanigans like using her husband’s last name for the first time ever while signing off last Thursday.  That Julie, always the prankster.

I know the question everyone here is wondering is her status on Big Brother and to that I can say I still don’t know. As I said last week, when she took that obvious shot at CBS during her sign-off, the chances of her actually returning to anything CBS related were very slim. I actually said that I can’t see her actually returning to Big Brother after that, but it appears she’s going to give us the 3 remaining episodes on her contract. Her future with the series is strongly in doubt.

People are already speculating who would host the show next year, and my opinion is that it shouldn’t be anyone they’ve tried to push on us recently. No Jeff. No Ross. No Marissa. Other than the fact that they’re all terrible, I’d like to see them go in a fairly new direction. Any new host should go through the casting process just like anyone else and not get shoved in front because they’re fan favorites despite being horrific with interviews (Jeff).


The new host, however, is the least of my worries. I’m growing more and more concerned about the lack of renewal notice for a show that CBS just bragged about…

How are they going to tweet something like that but leave us all worried about next season?  The show is still crushing summer ratings and it’s not like the prize money is killing them. They haven’t increased that since the show began. What’s the delay?  8 days ago, I posted a rundown of all the recent renewal dates and said that I overreacted because this was par for the course. Well, looking at that list, we’re now tied for the second longest delay in announcing a renewal since they announced BB11 on 9/18/08. They still have 8 days left in the season and didn’t announce BB17 and 18 until the season finale of BB16, but Julie’s husband wasn’t recently let go by CBS that year.

I still can’t see CBS just letting this show go out of spite. I’m sure the delay has a lot to do with Les/Julie and they just need to make sure their ducks are all in a row before officially signing on for another season. For all we know, the show is being held up by Julie’s contract and they have to wait until the season is over before announcing a new season without her. I’m sure her contract is pretty ironclad and may actually have something in it that prevents them from renewing the show without her signed on to host.  I believe it was Scottie who said their contracts with CBS end around the first week in October, so perhaps that is when Julie’s ends as well and they’re just waiting for that to announce a new season.  I don’t know, I’m just looking at it optimistically and guessing what the holdup could actually be.

If Big Brother is not renewed by mid-October….


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  1. AIO_7

    * “In the least surprising move of the day (or week), Julie Chen-Moonves has made her exit from The Talk”

    Never watched The Talk. Is it a good show?

  2. Joy

    the talk is like the view, or that one on channel 11. Pretty much fluff and very little content. A platform for these “talk show hosts” to have a job.

  3. Seattle Kari

    Can’t remember where I saw it or if I read it, but it said that Julie was leaving the talk but she wanted to do big brother for a very long time. That’s all I remember and I am sorry I don’t have any more details. Perhaps some of that stress could do a little research on that. I’m not feeling well today or else I’d do that myself

  4. Avatar

    All the focus has been on whether we see a 21st season of Big Brother next summer, but Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 was announced way back in May. Unless CBS buys out the contract, isn’t that still on? If if that show is still going to happen, why wouldn’t BB21 not happened next summer?

  5. kneeless

    Anyone know why the realvegas twitter account was suspended?

  6. mm22

    Oh it is -haha-maybe realvegas was Julie

  7. hogwild

    Looks like Julie is going to be cutting all ties with CBS looking like this might be it for BB as well if so they had a good run.

  8. JD

    If it turns out that BB is cancelled (personally I don’t think so just revamping show before announcing) Can we all still meet here next summer to continue our summer BBJ’s family reunion?? I’ve said before coming here and talking to you all is my favorite part of BB. We are spread out across the country and never met in person but I consider you all friends. Through the years we’ve come to know each other and go beyond BB for we care for one another. If one of us doesn’t show up or sick we all worry. I don’t know if many know me. I don’t chat too much. Most of what I would say has been said. I’ve been around for years and years. I’ve come to know all of you and think of you guys throughout the year. I would miss the conversations and my BBJ family. Long winded sorry. I just really enjoy all of you and would hate to see it all end. *sniff sniff

  9. hogwild

    If this is it for BB it’s been pretty impressive run unlike survivor and amazing race which can go to exotic locations and have more space to come up with new comps and creative twist BB is limited to a house and backyard.

    • Jenny

      It would be kind of cool if they switched up the house and rebuilt it in a totally new design.
      I liked that the comic book competition was different this year. Maybe they should get rid of some of the usual comps, like OTEV, and if they’re doing a double eviction, do it earlier in the season when they aren’t expecting it. Get rid of the have-nots. Get rid of Zingbot… or at least upgrade it to a new voice that doesn’t make me have to mute the TV!

  10. Mel

    I agree with Steve about other hosting possibilities. I’d rather an unknown person who is a fan of BB get the job if one is available. I can’t handle Jeff or Ross. Jeffs questions were something like “if you were an animal, what would you be?” I’d love someone like Arisa Cox who hosts BB Canada. It’s so obvious she’s a real fan of the show and even the feeds.

  11. AIO_7

    Bookmark this one, fellas, you’ll want to hear it more than once …

    “I’m trippin’ over dumb drunks at a party
    My girlfriend just ran off with the DJ …

    Fifty silhouettes tumblin’ on the dance floor
    Pink elephants fallin’ through a trap door …

    Big Jim says the second comin’s comin’
    I think he’s seein’ double or something
    Or something” …


  12. Seattle Kari

    Mel and Steve..

    Would you consider doing a Survivor chat blog?

  13. Avatar

    I’ve never see the greatness of Julie. Nothing against her but just not a huge fan.

    I’m I the only one seeing the irony of her bbad afterdark intro when she says “life’s short, bbad”? Surprised it hasn’t been used all over for memes. Maybe it has and I just haven’t seen it.

    That being said, like most of you I think this is the best season in a long time. And I much appreciate this site and y’all running it. Thanks.

    • Jenny

      Yeah I could not care less about her staying w/the show. I don’t think she adds anything to it, really. If she leaves I’d like to see her replaced with someone similar, who is more a reporter than a host.

      • Alda

        Julie’s personality is dull,sorry.

      • feltso gudinya

        Elizabeth II-moonves……….

      • NKogNeeTow

        I might be a minority here, but I still like Jules and would like to see her continue as host. To me she’s comfortable, she is Big Brother. When I see her on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, I know something good is about to happen. For the next hour I don’t answer the phone or the door and if anyone is here, they are ignored. There’s no one but me, Julie and Big Brother. I don’t want to get use to anybody else. I hope she stays.

  14. Edsel

    Anyone watch The Glass House, a one season TV show similar to BB? ABC may be rebooting it per the following tweet. Evidently it is the official Twitter account of the voice of the house. I don’t remember watching it. Anyone know if it was any good?


  15. Avatar

    They should create an edgier version of BB and have someone like Jack Black as the host.

  16. feltso gudinya

    i still haven’t recovered from the cancellation of ”thirtysomething”…….

  17. jimbo

    So, now using your real (legal) full name is a shot at CBS and a no-no? Oh, the horror! Whatever.

  18. Shivani33

    I have just heard that JC has won his first HoH. Change that landscape! Excitement has arrived.

  19. Edsel

    Per Vegas, JC won HOH. Sam evicted.

  20. Jay H

    The channel that brought you Joe Millionaire will happily pick up B.B. This show has too many viewers to be ignored.

    We’ll be alright.

  21. Shivani33

    Are you ready now, Sam? Clap your heels together three times, close your eyes and say “there’s no place like home.” But first, a press junket and jury house visit and a vote, if you please.

  22. Tinkerbell

    My man JC. Yaaaayyyyy!!! If we had feeds tonight and tomorrow I would be forced to renew. We are missing some good stuff – FINALLY! It can’t happen, but I wish JC could evict Tyler and his chick at the exact same time. A person can fantasize. JC and KC final 2 would be fun. I would be happy for either one of them to win. I know people don’t agree, but I think JC has done a good job of infiltrating both sides this season….and he makes me laugh. Good comic relief. He also has a kind heart and the money would give him a jump start on his future when he gets out of the house. On another note, I cannot believe Haleigh is leading second for AFP. WTH. I hope that does not happen.

  23. Avatar

    If this is true, I freaking love that JC won. The most interesting jury battle, in my opinion, would be JC vs KC. KC still wins of course.

    At least this way, Ty/Ang can not back door KC. I would have been really disappointed in that.

  24. Tinkerbell

    Darn it, I want feeds. Due to JC winning HOH, and finally something exciting to watch, production needs to make special arrangements. They have a chance to redemn themselves for the crappy job they did this season. We wants feeds, we want feeds, we want feeds.

    • Tinkerbell

      Several nights ago JC and KC were talking in the kitchen. That night they said they were two of the final five, and represent the gay community. They both would love to be on The Ellen Show. That would be fun to see them together on Ellen.

      • CY aka FW

        Whattt!?!?! Production was finally able to gimmick a comp so Rumpledforeskin, the Butthurt Bandito gets a win? Bad news, T&A. Hell hath no fury like a Mexican Hairless Human Chihuahua spurned, or so the saying goes.

        I am, surprisingly, less discomfited by this news than I would have been if it happened a few weeks ago. T&A (T in particular) “made their bed” by (literally) laying in bed. If one has to make an early exit, oh well. *shrug* KC fo da winz!

        The best part is how humiliating for Brett this will be. To not even been able to out-HOH comp “Midgets, Gimps and Other FON,” magazine’s “Speech Impediments” poster child… tsk tsk.

        Now all JC need do is impregnate Tyler and the 7th seal will be broken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1dquH_KOQc

        It’s nice to see our manic fairy pissin’ her panties in rapturous glee due to her fellow mythological creature gettin’ ahead. Enjoy, Tink!

  25. LO1004

    This Veto should be the days comp which Tyler should have. KC doesn’t know her days and Angela doesn’t know them as well as Tyler. JC isn’t even in the running. Let’s see which F2 he goes with and who he’s about to piss all the way off to jury.

  26. Tinkerbell

    I’m a broken record – of all times to be deprived of feeds. Nooooooooooooo

  27. Colby

    I think JC may put up Angela and Tyler. He wants Angela gone. And he can justify putting up Tyler because Tyler put him up. He is mad at Tyler for that.
    IMO, JC does not deserve either the win or 2nd. I hope whoever stays boots him 3rd, but they may keep him figuring they can beat him.

  28. Rockingrealtor

    Realvegas Twitter account has been suspended. Not sure why this gives me such joy. She has been a cry baby, drama queen and intitled this season. So the fact she is suspended makes me chuckle. Maybe here and JCM are all the same person….

  29. yissa624

    Anyone watch Ross and Marissa interviews? They were asking the evicted HG who they wanted to appear in B.B. celebrity but I noticed they stopped talking about it the last 3 evictions.

  30. Tinkerbell

    Vegas…..Noms – Tyler and Angela. Ceremony was longer than usual, and retakes.

  31. Joy

    Wow! This sure woke me up. Now things are really getting interesting!

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