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Big Brother 20 – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Monday in the Big Brother house and Big Brother Watch has officially begun after Vegas responded to my tweet by announcing everyone in production is worried that the show has yet to be renewed. Well, she didn’t respond directly, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence she came out with the announcement a few hours later.  Could have tossed me a pity mention but that’s okay.

After that, I did decide to do a little further research which is probably something I should have done earlier and noticed the following renewal dates:

  • BB19 & BB20 – 8/10/16
  • BB17 & BB18 – 9/24/14
  • BB16 – 9/12/13
  • BB15 – 9/15/12
  • BB14 – 9/14/11
  • BB13 – 9/15/10
  • BB12 – 9/9/09
  • BB11 – 9/18/08

Only 2 announcements from the last 10 seasons have been earlier than Sept 10th of their years so I’m guessing it was premature to worry (although I do every year). However, this year obviously is a bit different with Julie Chen’s husband and CBS CEO stepping down after sexually harassing like 12 women (allegedly.. need to put that for legal reasons). It didn’t help that Sharon Osbourne opened ‘The Talk’ today by saying Julie is taking a few days off and everyone at CBS is now sweating over their jobs because a new regime always brings change. Most shows will be fine, that part is certain. However, people are worrying – and rightfully so – about any show that is closely tied with Julie Chen (and Les Moonves by association).


I’m well aware that Julie shouldn’t be blamed for what her husband did, but large corporations are always worried about their brand and almost always remove everything related to scandals that can remind people of said scandal. Unless she comes out with a statement yesterday, Julie is quickly going to be remembered as the l0yal wife who went down in flames with her husband. It may already be too late because of her initial announcement, but when 6 more women are announced, that was her second opportunity to break it off clean.

For people who think Big Brother isn’t at all in danger because of it being a money maker for the network, let me remind you of a few things:

  • Louis CK’s entire movie was scrapped
  • Kevin Spacey’s scenes were re-shot with a different actor after the movie was complete and ready for release
  • House of Cards is gone
  • The show ‘Louis’ was working on renewing but that died
  • And many more

However, not all is doom and gloom. Many of the shows impacted by these scandals merely had the person removed from it.

The Today Show went on without Matt Lauer as did This Morning when Charlie Rose was accused. Danny Masterson was written out of his show and House of Cards could probably go on without Spacey although I think that show is/was nearing the end of it’s run, anyway. The fact that Julie is obviously not even the person accused means there is much less stink on her two shows as there would have been had Les himself hosted. Plus, she has a chance to nearly completely eliminate any and all stink by cutting ties with him sooner rather than later.


Alright, I’ve rambled on about this but I know it’s an issue worrying a lot of people, especially after Vegas’ tweet. My opinion is that they will renew Big Brother as they planned to do sometime before now and the end of the season and it will go on with or without Julie. The show is much more than Julie Chen so it would be crazy to scrap this.  However, if it’s not renewed over the next 2 weeks, start worrying.


  • 11:45 am – Feeds returned and the veto was not used
    • Haleigh (or Sam) will be the first to leave on Thursday night
  • 12:10 pm – Kaycee is in her room staring at her photos listening to music
    • Side note – Funny how they had some metal playing while Kaycee couldn’t hear Haleigh when she really had Chris Brown
  • 1:00 pm – People are in the back tanning and Sam is sharing some stories. Fun times
  • 1:20 pm – Sam is in the kitchen talking to herself. She has been doing this more and more recently. The cameras pan around the room to show nobody is there
  • 2:45 pm – Most of the house is still outside relaxing
  • 4:25 pm – JC and Tyler are in the backyard, Brett is running around the kitchen while Sam is in the HN room alone talking to herself again
    • JC says “tomorrow is going to be just like this. Then Wednesday just like this, but worse”.. great, looking forward to it
  • 6:20 pm – Haleigh doing a rare workout, everyone else relaxing
    • Some interesting news is that Sam is constipated. That’s what this week has become. This month. Wow.
  • 9:50 pm – I see some reports on the net that Julie Chen is out. This is nothing but a rumor at this point which nobody with any credibility is reporting. I wouldn’t even mention it but I’ve been asked about it so I wanted to bring it up
    • Fun fact – Tyler may have one or more tattoos on his butt – unless he’s kidding
  • 10:25 pm – Sam is cutting JC’s toenails. WTF

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    Hopefully Julie is home packing his bags to sit on the front lawn.

  2. Joy

    Thanks Steve!

  3. HappyHippo

    Well said Steve. Well said.
    Also can I just say.. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY SUMMER OBSESSION! Please.

  4. Seattle Kari

    Hi everybody!

    Just now watching what last night’s Big Brother and I have to say I teared up when Kaycee read the letter from her brother. ” I want you to be my best man..woman.. whatchamacallit.. thingamajig”

    What a sweet sweet thoughtful thing for him to ask her!! I love the humor that was added to it.

    It reminds me of the time that my brother gave me a dozen roses for my 21st birthday, and because I started to cry he had to make a smartass remark to make me laugh. “I would have got your 21 roses Kari, but you’ve always been a little backwards!” Gotta to love Brothers!

    I lost my own brother like you all know 8 years ago, and it brought him back and how much I do miss him.

    I really do like Kaycee, I’ve never had a problem with her she seems very genuine. I believe she and Tyler are my pick for top two.

    • Robin

      I love KC, but if either Tyler or Ang take her to the final, they have no chance to win. They have the most blood on their hands, so is a tough call, just mho.

      • Holla Derrick

        KC has played the best well rounded game this season. She aligned early on and has been loyal. She has had a good social game with everybody in the house. She hasnt put a target on herself and is stepping up with comp wins now that they are getting more important. She deserves to win, regardless of the amount of blood anybody else has.

        Theres a good chance the other houseguests realize they cant beat her and if they get a chance, she could end up in jury.

  5. Holla Derrick

    Happy Monday! The first five days after the weekend are always the toughest.

  6. Seattle Kari

    I’m again now watching the damn proposal!!

    Dang he looks different with short hair!

  7. Houseguest Doug

    My guess is BB will be picked up for another season but I see some massive changes coming.

    * I can see Julie Chen being out as host.
    * New host will probably be one of the former House Guests or someone younger and more hip than Julie.
    * I can see the house being changed and the show format moving towards the BB Canada version.
    * I am sure a lot of Actors, Writers, Producers et al are sitting on pins and needles right now. New CEO means big changes and new direction. I am sure Survivor and Amazing Race are in good shape since they both get excellent ratings.
    * Does anyone know the ratings on the last 3 seasons of BB? That will determine if they bring it back.

    • Avatar

      I know many might disagree but I think Derrick would be a great host!

    • dfdsgs

      So I have never seen BB Canada. Can someone explain the difference?

      • Houseguest Doug

        Go on to Youtube and watch a couple of episodes. The House is more like a Mansion, The comps are lot more challenging among other things. The show is just younger and hipper and the main thing is Production is not as actively involved they let the players play.

        * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4At-3dhTX_o

      • Avatar

        Plus they really punish if players break the rules. Douger is correct, it is a much better product.

      • Mel

        BBCAN has worse episodes as far as creating fake edits that don’t represent what’s going on in the house. They often have more twists that really effect people’s games. The feeds are free but they’re off 1/3 of the time. You often don’t see the immediate fall out after ceremonies because they keep feeds off longer. That was the bad.
        The good: The comps are far superior and original. There’s usually a more diverse and original cast each year. More people play to win instead of looking for a bf. They have a tradition of casting bad ass women. They do funny tasks and small challenges that are hilarious but don’t change the game. They don’t avoid showing people drunk and often work it into a challenge or comp. The lady who hosts is a huge fan and feed watcher. They punish the entire house sometimes when people break rules and show it on the episodes. The have not room really does suck and is a punishment. If you can handle the twists, it’s fantastic to watch.

      • Mello_One

        And instead of Zingbot, which appears on Big Brother USA, they have Marsha the Moose. I like Canada’s version of BB, especially the host Arisa Cox.

      • Patrick

        They have a lot of sponsors. Last year was Wendy’s. Every HOH had to order from a menu and go down to pick it up. Then talk about how good it was. Probabyy a third of the comps are sponsored and the entire season is sponsored by a furniture company. And the host, contrary to some, kinda sucks. No offense to Alicia Cox. But Alicia Cox is to Julie Chen as Tyra Banks is to Nick Cannon. They are worlds apart.
        Luckily as Mel said… The comps are awesome and the cast wants to win. It is a REFRESHING change and something to look forward to each episode.

      • ericawesome

        Haha that comp after that big party last season was hilarious! People hardly able to stand up because they’re still drunk or having to walk away to puke in the sink…awesome tv!

    • delabear

      According to tvseriesfinale.com website, as of 5 September, they are down 21.12% among 18-49 demo, and down 14.41% total viewers on Wednesdays; 18.58% and 11.96% on Thursdays; 18.23% and 11.79% on Sundays.

  8. AIO_7

    – “People are in the back tanning and Sam is sharing some stories.”

    More bodies buried down by the crik?

  9. Shivani33

    Julie can go but not the show. Rob Cesternino would be a marvelous host, perhaps along with his team of Brent and Taryn. Rob needs no training. Rob Has a Podcast stands alone. He is totally informed about the game, he can be very funny and he does his research, and it shows. He is personable. Already he has created a space for himself as a fulltime broadcaster, and it’s not easy to succeed at his level. Yet he has that gift of making it look effortless.

    Ross from CBB is too much of a high-voiced fanboy, not to mention, where he appears, can that clod, Marissa, be far behind? Just no. Nonononono. Derrick is too much of a bore, or is that boar. Never mind. Zzzzzzz. There are at least 2 women from BB Canada who could bring more than just strutting the stage and landing on their marks in a dubious fashion show. One is Paras, the champ. She gives gooood tv. The other is a Kirsten or a Kristen, blonde, funny and very observant. Her only trouble might be that It Happened in Paras.

    • Avatar

      I’m all for Rob Cesternino hosting next season and I don’t even know who he is. Sight unseen and this is WITHOUT this controversy involving Julie Chen’s husband.

      Twenty seasons is a long time to host Big Brother. Thank You Julie for your years of service to the show, I remember as far back as the season you hosted while you were ‘with child’ Yes you’re a Trooper, but even then? I was kind of hoping someone else might host that summer.

      You want to freshen a brand? Maybe that’s a place to start. Not getting personal, or kicking anyone when they’re down, just say’n, she’s had a long tenure as host of Big Brother, maybe it’s time to bring in someone new.

      Just my two cents. I’m not watching next season anyways, even is there is a next season.

    • Mel

      Best idea I’ve hear so far!!

    • Wizard

      Survivor Rob, correct?

      I wouldn’t have even thought about him!

  10. Sassy

    I’m hoping we still have cable when the show airs on Thurs so I can see the double eviction. For now, I will be off the live feeds for the next couple of days as we prepare for Florence… tThankfully, my daughters college has closed for the week and she will be home before the storm hits. Unfortunately, my son works at a juvenile detention and cannot leave his area. Since they are out of water at their stores, I will be driving supplies to him tomorrow and make sure he has everything he needs for the next week or so. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers Thurs/Fri,as this could be a rough one!!

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  12. hogwild

    I should be the host if you are going to have crazy loons in the house might as well have one hosting.

  13. ladycobra

    I tried the link to view BB Canada and it would not let me view because it said video is not available in my country. How do you guys watch BB Canada?

  14. Holla Derrick

    Looking forward to double eviction night. I figure Hay is gone which leaves 6 houseguests.

    KC can’t play
    Does Tyler have a move as HOH or will he let his final 2s battle it out? What is his end game?
    JC/Brett may take a shot at KC/Angela
    Angela noms Sam/JC, possibly Brett
    Sam noms Ang/JC

    Sam may be next in line but she could be fine unless Ang wins HOH. After some boring times in the house lately, hopefully things pick up this week as the final 6 will make moves to position themselves to the end.

    • Shivani33

      If Brett gets evicted during DE, JCkass has no one left to incite. Being left in a house with Sam and JC looks like even easier pickings, minus Brett. And his one veto comp win doesn’t disguise the fact that he studies days, events and details and could be a worthy opponent in the endgame. I don’t think that the jury hates him. He is not the generator of their defeats. Rockstar laughed at his goodbye message shade. She did not laugh at Angela’s. Brett and JC need to go, for smoother sailing. Sam may clean and talk to herself for awhile longer. There’s always the mute button. The trouble is, who goes between Kaycee, Tyler and Angela in the expect (the unexpected) F3? If things turn out to be more unexpected than that, woobie doobie!

    • caRyn

      Since Tyler knows what JC and Brett intend on doing if they win HoH, my thoughts are Tyler will try to win HoH if Angela gets knocked out. Tyler cannot trust what Sam might do.

  15. caRyn

    I did enjoy the episode last night, but I like all BB shows. I like BB and I will not lie.

  16. Avatar

    JC needs to go. IT would be a shame for him to win. He hasn’t contributed to anything
    and when Sam was going to put him up he went nuts – so she changed her mind.
    That was a mistake, he is an annoying self-centered smart mouth little punk.

  17. Avatar

    After experiencing Harvey last year, sending love and prayers to Florence expecting people.

  18. hogwild

    So Jc says tomorrrow and Wednesday will be just like today.

  19. GoodGame

    Since I am in North Carolina I am sure I will miss Wednesday and Thursday’s shows so please post on here any crazy flips in the game. Like is Sam finally shows all her multiple personalities and self evicts before they vote Haleigh out. Keep me in the loop!

  20. Leah-Ann

    I think getting a past player to be the new host will be sticky bc they already have a negative fan base. For example: if Rachel became the host, I would have to seriously contemplate watching the live shows. I just can not stand her or her voice. I’m sure there’s a fan base like that for every previous player and it may affect ratings from the getgo. Also, I keep hearing people complain about Julie being “uninformed” about the house, but I kind of like that too. A good journalist has zero opinions; they just deliver the news & I think that’s what she (& any other host) should do. How many people would dislike her if she favored a houseguest they didn’t like? We already hear about production favoritism enough, let’s not add another person into the mix. A better segment with the evicted houseguest would be nice, but that’s 5-7 minutes once a week. It’s not that big of a deal to me since it’s such a small percentage of time.

    • Avatar

      Julie already did do that as she made it known that she liked Bay and gave her more info than she was supposed to. She also made negative comments about Angela which were uncalled for. So Julie is not unbiased and has shown what a moron she is for liking Bay and I believe RS as well.

      • Leah-Ann

        Calling her a moron for simply liking a specific person or alliance is exactly my point! And I didn’t mean to imply that she was fault-free. She has had some small/ brief favoritism, but nothing it could be if they got an opinionated person who watches the fees or knows (& cares) about the game.

      • Wizard

        I’ll be honest that I took some pleasure in the fact that production had NOTHING ready for the Kaitlin exit interview… Even production knew how badly she was in that easy comp!

  21. Avatar

    There is a lot of Celebs that love the game and would be fantastic hosts. What would be fun is to have a celebrity big brother again, and have the winner of that be offered the contract to be the new host.

    That celeb big brother season would be cut throat and fun to watch.

  22. Colby

    People complain about Julie being “uninformed” about the house because she does give interviews about the players and their games, yet she does not watch the show or the feeds and really has no first hand information about them.
    And no, as just the host she should not have to watch, but then she shouldn’t give opinions about them either.

  23. Seattle Kari

    *Hands Sam an anti constipation med*


  24. Avatar

    If this is the final season of BB then so be it. I think the show has run its course. It’s not that great anymore and this season is particularly bad.

    • Malia

      Ok…I LOVE BB. It is my simmer addiction and I do NOT want it to go….BUT….I really *really* think they need to return to some basics. Bring back the food comps. The luxury comps. They don’t do the have not comps anymore and even worse….they show nothing about it really. It’s just a rotation now. Refresh the HOH and Veto comps….enforce the rules of the house….and for the love of all that is Holy..,.show a TRUE edit of love feeds on the show!

  25. Malia

    A lot of them are sunburned today! Lol

  26. JD

    I DON’T watch The View. Unfortunately at the Drs office today they do in the waiting room. Anyway Sharon Osborne addressed the situation. I didn’t hear exactly what she said but cried. She also stated that Julie will be taking a few days off in light of everything going on. It’s their premiere. I am wondering if Julie isn’t doing her own show right now if she will show up for BB. Started thinking when she told Bay extra info she might have been told to do it by production. We all know production has been like a bunch of interns trying to wing it all season with nothing working out. As far as what she said about Ang she might have just taken her frustrations out and Ang got the blunt of it. Julie for the most part has been impartial but she’s all over the place this season. Between production writers and her personal life she just might not be on her own game. We know she only knows what’s going on by what she’s told before she’s on air. She looked extremely uncomfortable when Scottie hugged her. She doesn’t want to be touched other than a hand shake. In light of her personal life the last thing she probably wants is nothing more than a handshake. Even Hay told Fessy not to hug Julie. Just my thoughts.

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  28. JD

    Sam cutting JC’s toe nails!? Eeewwww!! Work for that vote girl!

  29. NKogNeeTow


    Earlier Hay was in the HOH with Tyler, KC and Angela, so no real talk going on.

    Brett and JC in the hot tub. Bretting bitching about BlockStar, JC bitching about Angela. *Same shit, different day*

    They talk about how Hay won’t stay out of the HOH. Brett says if someone put him up, he’d never take his ass up there.

    Hay leaves the HOH and Manny, Moe and Jack (Pep Boys reference), start laughing at her as soon as she leaves.

    Tyler tells them he has a tattoo on his butt. They want to see, but he says that maybe he’ll show it to them after the show.

    JC is in the bathroom getting his little gremlin toenails cut by Sam. *Ummm…..Eeewww*

    Hay is at the hot tub blowing smoke up Brett’s ass. He told her that he thought that Fessy didn’t like him because of their showmance. She said they weren’t in a showmance but maybe it’s because she was always defending Brett to Fessy. *That’s the ass-smoke blowing I was talking about*

    Angela leaves the HOH to go to bed and Tyler and KC start practicing days.

    So far, that’s almost 2 hours of BBAD.

    I forgot to mention, just as I was switching cams to the HOH, it sounded like Tyler was telling KC about JC and Brett (Angela wasn’t in the room at the time). KC asks Tyler if Angela knew. He said he hadn’t told her yet. *When she came back into the HOH, he still didn’t tell her. Neither of them did*

    After practicing days, they tell each other not to worry, because what one of them doesn’t know, the other one does, so they’ve got it covered. *Sounds like they are somewhat leaving Angela out of the loop*

    Tyler tells KC he’s going to bed, then leave. He stops briefly in the kitchen to talk to Sam, then leaves.

    At the hot tub, Hay is still getting her nose all discolored trying to gains Brett’s trust…and vote.

    Not sure where our Spike (the mean gremlin) is. *At least he’s been declawed…partially*

    Sam is in the kitchen alone, looking up towards the ceiling and either talking to God or the Ghost of Christmas past.

    She’s been cooking up a storm. *There will be no shortage of goodies for the little Gremlin from now on*

    Back at the hot tub, Brett is asking questions of Hay about what she knew and when she knew it.

    Hay must have practiced with a good Defense Attorney before entering into the house because all she does is deny, deny, deny.

    Brown-Nose Betty calls herself trying to help Brett. She tells him that he has to win the next HOH. But if not, JC has to win. *Whaaaa…she doesn’t want any of her newfound friends in the HOH room to win?*

    She asks if Sam wins, what did he think she would do. Brett says he knows she wouldn’t put up JC because she thinks of JC as her little child.

    BNB says that she thinks Sam would put up Angela because Sam is always making little snide remarks to Angela or about Angela.

    Brett asks her if she told them that. She says no, because if there is a decision to be made, it’s already been made.

    She asks Brett if he was working with them. He says no. She asks then why was he celebrating with the three of them when she walked in that night.

    He tells her he has voted with them but he’s not working with them. She says she thought he was.

    He asks if she thinks they are working together. She says she thought it was a square (Tyler, Angela, Brett and KC) but she guesses it’s a pyramid with Angela at the top. She says she doesn’t think it’s a very strong pyramid, but it’s a pyramid. *She smartens up then goes in reverse*

    She says she thinks her best bet this week is if she can get Angela (that Angela can persuade the others to vote to keep her)…lol *The movie Gone Girl comes to mind…*

    These two keep going round and round picking each other for information and lying to each other.

    She says that Angela has a hold over Tyler because of the way he follows her around.

    She said that Kait had the same effect on him too. She said she knows this because whatever she said to Tyler, always got back to Kaitlyn, so she made it a point never to tell Tyler anything important.

    She says she thought Brett was trying to get her to say something about them so he can go back and tell them.

    He tells her no, he’s still alone in the house.

    In the bedroom, Angela and Tyler are laying in their beds and she’s still trying to get secrets out of him. *Sorry folks but I am SO not interested in their pillow talk*

    They’re still on that kick about telling each other a secret. *Girl, get up and shave that mustache to save some time and stop wasting mine*

    Let me just say for the record, at this point I’d rather that little loud obnoxious JC to run in there to keep them from talking. *Where is that little bugger anyway?*

    At the hot tub, silence for a few minutes. *Guess they ran out of questions and lies*

    BNB starts the conversation up again (*surprise, surprise*). *Don’t ask me what she’s saying because I’m at this point, I’m like the difference between ignorance and apathy…I don’t know and I don’t care*

    She tells Brett that she feels the closest to KC. She says she knows she’s closer to her because she’s told KC a few things that could really f*ck her if they got out, but KC hasn’t told.

    JC comes out and tells them to come to the LR because Pop sent them some more stuff.

    Brett starts to get out of the hot tub then JC laughs and tells them he was only kidding.

    Hay asks him where everybody is. He says that Tyler and Angela are on the edge of the bed talking about Tyler’s butt tattoo.

    Brett and Hay are laughing and ask JC if he’s seen it. He says no.

    Brett is called to the DR. Hay says maybe they’re getting something else from Pop.

    JC and Hay goes into the kitchen. She asks him again what is Tyler’s tattoo. He says it’s a big d*ck. She gets up and heads towards the bedroom and says she’s going to ask him. JC tells her not to ask.

    She asks Tyler what the tattoo is but he won’t tell her. JC and Hay leave.

    Sam is in the bathroom sitting on the sofa. KC is in bed. JC and Hay are doing laundry and she is discussing Tyler’s tattoo.

    That’s 2 1/2 hours down…

  30. CY aka FW

    Thanks NeeTow, for enduring the tedious inaneity for us and being our faithful moonlight chroniclist. I would lave your wounds with sweet oil and ply you with the most succulent viands for your service, were I able.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    JC is in the bathroom talking to Sam. She doesn’t seem too interested.

    He is talking about sh*tting in his pants. She says she has been trying to all day. He tells her to drink some water and take a hot shower.

    He tells her he doesn’t like his profile. She tells him she thinks he’s cute as a button.

    In the bedroom, Brown-Nose Betty has planted herself with Angela in the bed. Tyler covers his head with the blanket.

    In the bathroom, Sam asks JC if he thinks she’s going to be okay on Thursday. He tells her yes and don’t worry about it.

    JC starts talking about days. Sam asks him why he keeps asking her about days. He says because it’s going to be one of the comps. She says that they might keep Hay because she knows the days and Sam doesn’t.

    Sam gets called to the DR.

    Sam says Hay was always with them. JC tells her that Hay was never with them.

    Sam says she just doesn’t feel well. She has a headache, she’s constipated and she just feels bad. She says she is just going to take a shower after DR, then go to bed.

    Brett comes into the bathroom and JC yells at him “BRETT, YOU NEED TO GO TO F*CKING BED”.

    Brett tells him he has to go to the DR. JC laughs and tells him that Sam was just called to the DR.

    Brett goes into the bedroom with Tyler, Angela and Hay. JC comes in and tells Brett that when Sam comes out of the DR, he (Brett) is going to take a f*cking shower and go to f*cking bed.

    Angela says she wants to go to sleep. JC tells her to tell him a story. She says once upon a time, there was a little man named JC and he went into the pink room and went to bed with Haleigh…lol

    They all say goodnight and BNB tells Angela and Tyler that she loves them. *Bet she’d still cut a bitch though*

    As soon as they leave, Angela and Tyler start playing around again, and staring into each other’s eyes, and making hand signals, and…Oh I just CAN’T!

    Hay suddenly opens the wall and leans over and says “This is what I got kicked out for?” Then says “I love you two”, then closes the wall again.*If ever there was a blocker…*

    No sooner does the wall close then they’re at it again. Now they’re whispering. I can’t make out what they’re saying. *There IS a God!*

    In the pink room, JC is in bed and BNB is laying across the other bed talking to him. They are talking about Wi-Fi service in her town.

    I’m trying really hard here. I’m so, so, so, so happy that Mel exist.

    JC hears talking through the wall and yells at him to shut up.

    Production tells Tyler to stop obstruction his microphone.

    Brett comes into the blue room from his shower and starts talking to Angela and Tyler.

    Tyler tells him he’s (Brett) is f*cked up.

    Brett says he’s just one sick f*cked up guy.

    Hay and JC opens the wall and are hanging over the pink room.

    Brett announces he’s sleeping with Hay tonight then puts on his Superman cape. He says he’s Clark F*cking Kent.

    JC asks “Are we f*cking done now?” Hay yells again “I love you Angela.” Angela says she loves her back and JC closes the wall and tells Hay they can continue talking.

    They’re talking about her hometown and she asks him if he ever thought of going to law school.

    On the other side of the wall, the Annoyance continues…

    In the pink room, Hay tells JC she though about being a case worker. He ask if she means social worker and she says yes.

    Alright, I’m giving Pop one half hour to give them a case of beer and a vat of wine or my ass is outta here!

    Blue room, nothing’s changed.

    Brett comes back into the blue room and talks to them for a minute about being cast in a movie as a super hero or some crap like that. He starts talking about super heroes. He gets called to the DR.

    Angela gets up and changes her shirt or pants or, I don’t know, she changed something.

    She asks Production to turn the lights out and thanks them and says she loves them.

    Production finally cuts off the lights and Angela gets in bed with Tyler. As soon as she gets in there, Hay comes through to go to the bathroom. As Hay walks out the door, Angela quickly slides back into her bed and covers up…lol

    They lean over and start whispering. Their mics are off so you can’t hear what they’re saying. They turn over facing away from each other.

    Once Hay comes back through and goes into the pink room, they turn towards each other and start whispering again. She grabs his arm and he kisses her hand. He lifts his head up the hear what JC is saying in the other room, then they put their heads together and start whispering again. They lay back down and start holding hands. *I feel like such a voyeur*

    Just peeked in the pink room. JC is laying there awake, staring off into space. No sign of Hay. Don’t know where she slipped off to.

    JC has finally drifted off the sleep. *The little devil actually looks kind of peaceful when he’s asleep. Guess mayhem can wear you out*

    4 minutes left…
    3 minutes left…
    2 minutes left…
    1 minute left…

    I’M WALKING! WHEEEEEEEEEEE! Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

    • Seattle Kari

      My God how do you even do that? I feel like I want to take a headache medicine in your honor..

      No wonder ratings have plummeted. Hopefully they’ll wake the hell up do things right next year.. (if there is a next year..)

      Goodnight BBJ’s!

  32. Shivani33

    Haleigh let Brett in on details she’s gathered about Tyler and Angela under the covers. Brett got an earful. Haleigh was wide awake one night in a bedroom and said she heard the lovebirds “slurping like Swaggy and Bay” while “adjusting the covers” and moaning away for about 25 minutes. She had asked Kaycee awhile ago if Kaycee was concerned about the showmance. Haleigh told Brett that she tried talking to Kaycee about it, and Brett said he wondered if Kaycee had noticed a change in the dynamics.

    Brett better not share the slurping story with JC or he’ll have another fit. Better not tell Sam, either. There are lots of things that Tyler doesn’t tell Angela. Is he setting her up or trying not to set her off? It’s late enough at night now, and Angela only looks interested in one thing, and that’s investigating Tyler’s ass tattoo.

  33. CY aka FW

    Thanks Shiv. Sleep like a baby, NKNT. Tyler’s ass tattoo. I wonder if it might be a big ear of corn with an arrow pointing to his anus? For the “cornhole” gag. Or perhaps a chocolate starfish.

  34. jimbo

    Call me old-fashioned, but I like things to be proven and not just alleged. The Founding Fathers were pretty smart when they came up with that old idea that you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. He very well is guilty. If so, so be it, and let him get what he deserves. But, there are lynch mobs now instead of juries. I don’t like that. Pure numbers don’t mean anything. In the Old South, I’m sure plenty of numbers wanted to be judge/jury/executioner to black people. Numbers aligned together don’t make them right. Proof makes them right.

    • FW aka CY

      Yep! Much as feltso’s brother and I enjoy jumping to conclusions at times, when it comes to accusations of such heinousness we need to require actual proof and not what seems the most titillating, juiciest and scurrilous speculations.

    • ElaineB

      Folks need to think about if they were being accused, or someone they cared about was being accused. I guarantee you that “innocent till proven guilty” would flow quickly from their mouths.

  35. Avatar

    “JC is in the bathroom getting his little gremlin toenails cut by Sam. *Ummm…..Eeewww*”

    I swear Sam treats him like he’s her child. Lmao!

  36. Houseguest Doug

    Just a note to step away from BB for a moment. It was 17 years ago today that the tragedy in NYC, Washington DC, and Indian Lake, PA.

    It is said that time heals all wounds, that maybe so but the scar remains and the gut wrenching feeling of what happen on that day when the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. The innocent victims, the first responders and the millions of lives that were forever changed on that day.

    It is a black spot in history that religious believes and live style choices would have such a profound effect to drive people to such a hateful act. Lets hope this never happens again and we never forget to remember the people who lost their lives that day.

    The World has changed due to that day. We now have to under go so many security measures and our lives have a little less privacy and security and faith in our fellow person.

    I am Canadian but I too lost friends on that day in NYC. My heart still breaks when I think back to that day and to all the families that didn’t get to see their Mom or Dad or friend come home that day.

    Lets all take a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

    From Canada with love to my American friends. UNITED WE STAND! FREEDOM!

  37. CY aka FW

    That’s an avowal of friendship that I am happy and grateful to hear. Canadians: our good example of etiquette and civility to the North. Wild hosers couldn’t get me away from liking them, eh?

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