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Big Brother 20 Finale Thread!

September 26, 2018 | 470 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Here we are. The last update thread of the Big Brother 20 season.  I am going to try to get general Big Brother updates out throughout the winter and figure out if I can get a new blog going discussing various topics but for that stuff, you should follow my Facebook or Twitter because I’m sure I’ll spam there with any news.  (oh, and I really do plan on meeting up with BB19’s Kevin this winter and hopefully Brett, too if I can. So follow along for that)

We’re finally to the end of a relatively boring, yet fun season to watch. One that wasn’t full of much ‘Real Housewives’ type of drama but had us strategy geeks very satisfied as we watched L6 maneuver around a terrible losing streak during the first half of the season to survive with only two evicted members. We watched Brett flat out lie about Rockstar and then just stick with it like a damn sociopath (which was awesome), some really epic eviction speeches, and about 5 straight Monday veto meetings in a row where people were surprised with the outcome.

It took until the 8th week to finally get a unanimous vote and then the same person becoming the second unanimous vote two weeks later (poor Scottie). We survived a few TMZ mentions, and I even got quoted in an article in the NYPost about the controversies which was pretty amazing, and we did have Bayleigh freak out so much that her mouth started to spontaneously bleed

There was only one real ‘showmance’ through about 85% of the season and that only took the first two weeks up. Tyler and Angela eventually hooked up with their own but that was when the house was basically dead and it didn’t change much of the season (although Brett may disagree considering Tyler may have gone with his plan if he wasn’t necking Angela.. probably not, though). We had a boyfriend break up with someone who was in the house because of her actions with two of the guys (Kaitlyn), and Sam falling in love with Brett.. then a camera.

Sam… good ole Sam. I do want to say something about her. I really don’t think she’s as crazy as she seems. Sure, she’s a little .. different .. but I do believe a large part of her actions toward the end of the season was because she is just not the type of person built to spend 90+ days inside a house with a group of people basically dying off every week. That was doing a number on her and for her own sanity, I’m glad she was eventually evicted. I will miss her super awkward and long conversations with Brett that made me wonder if the DR slipped her a few shots of Vodka because one thing she can do is ramble more than me.

I’m going to miss this season, but I’m sure Big Brother 21 will be just as fun!

One last ramble is over, time for some updates on the show….

  • Survivor is still currently on. Looked ok, but I put it on DVR. I’ll watch it later tonight after AHS
  • Tyler saying he wanted to hold his fate in his own hands.
  • Kaycee was pretty annoyed that Tyler didn’t drop like he said
  • Round 2 – Kaycee beat JC by under a minute. Wow. Close. Almost JC’s game
    • Angela says that JC got her out but she deserved it. Everone celebrates
    • Jury says the best move was Kaycee’s floating
  • Final HoH time!
    • Round 1 – Tied
    • Round 2 – Tied 2-2
    • Round 3 – Tied 3-3
    • Round 4 – Tied 4-4
    • Round 5 – Tied 5-5
    • Round 6 – Tied 6-6
    • Round 7 – Tied 6-6
    • Round 8 – Tied 6-6
    • Tiebreaker – Kaycee wins the final HoH!
  • Time to see who Kaycee picks…………
  • eeek!
  • Nervous
  • JC tells the truth that it’s a bigger risk with Tyler but he knows they have a final 2
  • Tyler tries to stick with his f2 deal
  • JC evicted
  • Questions
    • Strategic moves – Tyler highlights his game. Reveals the power app. Explains why he was asking to be backdoored
    • Kaycee says her strat was her social game. She didn’t want to win comps.
    • Tyler apologizes to Bayleigh and says he wanted to make an enemy on the jury for some reason
    • Basic questions after that.
  • Commercial
  • Speeches – Kaycee says she’s been watching the show since the very beginning. She credits Tyler for getting her there. Bold strategy
  • Tyler mentions his ‘superfandom’. Tyler says he kept Sam in the house which got him trending. Rambling a bunch on his game. Tries to squeeze it all in 45 seconds
  • Votes:
    • Bayleigh – Kaycee
    • Rockstar – Kaycee
    • Fessy – Kaycee
    • Scottie – Kaycee
    • Haleigh – Tyler
    • Brett – Tyler
    • Sam – Kaycee
    • Angela – Tyler
    • JC – Tyler
  • Julie reveals the Angela Tyler showmance. Shocker she’d go right into the showmance aspect
  • Asks about the showmance with Haleigh and Fessy.
  • Swaggy walks over to Bayleigh.
  • He proposes.
  • I can’t
  • She says yes
  • I can’t
  • ok scrolling back up to the votes
  • Kaycee wins Big Brother 20! 
  • Tyler wins America’s Favorite

See you February!

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