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Big Brother 20 Finale Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


Here we are. The last update thread of the Big Brother 20 season.  I am going to try to get general Big Brother updates out throughout the winter and figure out if I can get a new blog going discussing various topics but for that stuff, you should follow my Facebook or Twitter because I’m sure I’ll spam there with any news.  (oh, and I really do plan on meeting up with BB19’s Kevin this winter and hopefully Brett, too if I can. So follow along for that)

We’re finally to the end of a relatively boring, yet fun season to watch. One that wasn’t full of much ‘Real Housewives’ type of drama but had us strategy geeks very satisfied as we watched L6 maneuver around a terrible losing streak during the first half of the season to survive with only two evicted members. We watched Brett flat out lie about Rockstar and then just stick with it like a damn sociopath (which was awesome), some really epic eviction speeches, and about 5 straight Monday veto meetings in a row where people were surprised with the outcome.

It took until the 8th week to finally get a unanimous vote and then the same person becoming the second unanimous vote two weeks later (poor Scottie). We survived a few TMZ mentions, and I even got quoted in an article in the NYPost about the controversies which was pretty amazing, and we did have Bayleigh freak out so much that her mouth started to spontaneously bleed


There was only one real ‘showmance’ through about 85% of the season and that only took the first two weeks up. Tyler and Angela eventually hooked up with their own but that was when the house was basically dead and it didn’t change much of the season (although Brett may disagree considering Tyler may have gone with his plan if he wasn’t necking Angela.. probably not, though). We had a boyfriend break up with someone who was in the house because of her actions with two of the guys (Kaitlyn), and Sam falling in love with Brett.. then a camera.

Sam… good ole Sam. I do want to say something about her. I really don’t think she’s as crazy as she seems. Sure, she’s a little .. different .. but I do believe a large part of her actions toward the end of the season was because she is just not the type of person built to spend 90+ days inside a house with a group of people basically dying off every week. That was doing a number on her and for her own sanity, I’m glad she was eventually evicted. I will miss her super awkward and long conversations with Brett that made me wonder if the DR slipped her a few shots of Vodka because one thing she can do is ramble more than me.

I’m going to miss this season, but I’m sure Big Brother 21 will be just as fun!


One last ramble is over, time for some updates on the show….

  • Survivor is still currently on. Looked ok, but I put it on DVR. I’ll watch it later tonight after AHS
  • Tyler saying he wanted to hold his fate in his own hands.
  • Kaycee was pretty annoyed that Tyler didn’t drop like he said
  • Round 2 – Kaycee beat JC by under a minute. Wow. Close. Almost JC’s game
    • Angela says that JC got her out but she deserved it. Everone celebrates
    • Jury says the best move was Kaycee’s floating
  • Final HoH time!
    • Round 1 – Tied
    • Round 2 – Tied 2-2
    • Round 3 – Tied 3-3
    • Round 4 – Tied 4-4
    • Round 5 – Tied 5-5
    • Round 6 – Tied 6-6
    • Round 7 – Tied 6-6
    • Round 8 – Tied 6-6
    • Tiebreaker – Kaycee wins the final HoH!
  • Time to see who Kaycee picks…………
  • eeek!
  • Nervous
  • JC tells the truth that it’s a bigger risk with Tyler but he knows they have a final 2
  • Tyler tries to stick with his f2 deal
  • JC evicted
  • Questions
    • Strategic moves – Tyler highlights his game. Reveals the power app. Explains why he was asking to be backdoored
    • Kaycee says her strat was her social game. She didn’t want to win comps.
    • Tyler apologizes to Bayleigh and says he wanted to make an enemy on the jury for some reason
    • Basic questions after that.
  • Commercial
  • Speeches – Kaycee says she’s been watching the show since the very beginning. She credits Tyler for getting her there. Bold strategy
  • Tyler mentions his ‘superfandom’. Tyler says he kept Sam in the house which got him trending. Rambling a bunch on his game. Tries to squeeze it all in 45 seconds
  • Votes:
    • Bayleigh – Kaycee
    • Rockstar – Kaycee
    • Fessy – Kaycee
    • Scottie – Kaycee
    • Haleigh – Tyler
    • Brett – Tyler
    • Sam – Kaycee
    • Angela – Tyler
    • JC – Tyler
  • Julie reveals the Angela Tyler showmance. Shocker she’d go right into the showmance aspect
  • Asks about the showmance with Haleigh and Fessy.
  • Swaggy walks over to Bayleigh.
  • He proposes.
  • I can’t
  • She says yes
  • I can’t
  • ok scrolling back up to the votes
  • Kaycee wins Big Brother 20! 
  • Tyler wins America’s Favorite

See you February!


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  1. LynnD

    OMG 9 minutes……but who’s counting

  2. AIO_7

    In the immortal words of Kaycee … “LET’S GO!”.

  3. LynnD

    I actually do have a request. If there is an update to the website can you do it so we can use our emojis? It totally kills me when I can’t use them.

  4. LynnD

    I paused Survivor to read comments and make comments. So now I will just watch Survivor later or tomorrow I have more important things to do. (this would be a great place for my huge Emoji smile lol)

  5. AIO_7

    Last years finale thread had almost 700 comments. I just don’t know if there is enough suspense this year to top that. My suspense is who will win AFHG. That comes at the very end.

  6. Mel

    So much happened this season, I’d already forgotten about Kaitlyn getting dumped! Yeah!! Finally!!

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  8. danmtruth

    I’m sure between the final vote and backyard interviews we will have a lot to say

  9. AIO_7

    The alterations on the rack are obvious to make it fair for JC.

  10. danmtruth

    Lets see how TY explains this to KC

  11. Seattle Kari


    I’m excited and a little sad at the same time. I just want to thank everybody for being so sweet to me, and I do mean everybody… 😉 I really have a lot of fun with you this summer and I appreciate the support on other subjects that had nothing to do with big brother. If anybody wants to add me as a friend please feel free to do so. I don’t mind staying in touch with people via another format. ( although I am a little bit self-conscious about showing my real photograph.)

    Let’s it’s this party started!! Yeah I’m going to follow hair even though it’s going to be another hour and a half before it starts here in Seattle.

    Hugs and love all around!!

  12. HappyHippo

    I’m really impressed jc stayed on just as long as kc(almost)

  13. mm22

    Tyler looked pretty comfy up there-

  14. LynnD

    I thought I would wait a little while to start the show because I like to fast-forward through commercials. So I waited as long as I possibly could. So during the opening they say “epic confrontations” while showing blockstar banging pots and pans HELLO! That was like so last year!!!!!

  15. Alda

    Omarosa-really? UGH!

  16. LynnD

    Sorry I don’t mean to be annoying. However, I do have a quick question. Last year as soon as the show was over and they had the whole back yard interview thing going on there was a site or something that showed all of them going to the after-party They were even interviewing them. I am totally drawing a blank. Does anybody remember what site that was on or was it on the CBS live feeds?

  17. Alda

    OMAROSA? Really!!

  18. HappyHippo

    Jc really held his own in these final comps

  19. kneeless

    Mrs Moonves looks stunning tonight. Thought .I’d get that in before Haileigh!!

  20. mona77450

    Watching B.B. Tyler looks like he is not going to take KC if he wins part 3. Can’t trust him.

  21. Malia

    Are the backyard interviews on live feeds?

  22. danmtruth

    It came down to the question not that much to do with climbing He did have a problem repelling down

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  24. kneeless

    KayCee’s mom? KayCee will be thrilled!

  25. LO1004

    ‘i don’t like this ride, I want my money back’ lol. Oh JC. We’ll miss your one-liners.

  26. AIO_7

    Looks like Sam just got the word on her F2 with Tyler. She looks pissed.

  27. Malia

    Iy is very nice to see so many Survivor fans on here! Watching it now with hubby. The arrogance of the Goliath tribe is way off putting!

  28. Malia

    My hopes and dreams beyond who wins….please don’t makes this about Bay and Swag…..yuk! Love to see JCs face if and when all showmances are exposed because he doesn’t seem to think there were any.

  29. g8trgirl

    Bailey….STFU! Someone put a sock in her mouth or something!!

  30. AIO_7

    Great group interview!

    • mona77450

      Angela is definitely not liked or respected by the other jury members

      • Malia

        I am disappointed by that. Maybe I missed something by not being in the house. Even Julie had something to say about her…but all I saw…from her own mouth…is that she is a very reserved person and it takes a while to get to know her due to walls she has up. A lot of ppl are like that. To me…and from what I saw, her beauty went far deeper than skin. She seems, to me, like a genuine person who is quiet, confident and reserved. She does NOT come across as a bitch to me… particularly to those ppl who borthered to get to know her.

      • AIO_7

        I always liked Angela. The showmance took it down a notch for me.

      • Jenny

        I never really liked her but I love Tyler so I figure she’s got to be more than what I see. And her talking about having a “little” crush on him, that was sweet. Wish them the best.

      • Avatar

        I call it JEALOUSY!!!!

  31. danmtruth

    wow jury Rockstar and Bay STILL bitter and clueless Like the shock look when Angela told them about L6 and they STILL did not see it Even as they kept coming into the jury house

  32. oowee

    Amazed Bayleigh gave Tyler credit, dare I say she may actually vote for him if he makes F2?

  33. mm22

    Bayleigh big mouth got the spot right by dr will …thanks production!

  34. HappyHippo

    Foutte -still as dumb as they look!

  35. Alda

    They were sure happy to see Angela make jury!

  36. Malia

    Right how, in this very moment…I canNOT think of another single houseguest I destest the sound of their voice more than Bayleigh. She raises my very blood pressure simply by opening her mouth. PLEASE tell me her segment isn’t long and Julie moves on!?!? I am not watching yet.

    • Jenny

      with me it’s not so much her voice as her stupid face! lol I loved her SO much at the beginning of the show, and dang it, her hair is beautiful! I was and am still so impressed to see a black woman wearing her natural hair. But then… okay the Swaggy thing, whatever, she’s young, showmances happen. Didn’t like the thing w/JC when she refused to accept his apology and insisted in being offended no matter what he said. But the screaming hissyfit at the house meeting, that’s where she lost me forever. I just can’t with her.

      • Malia

        OMGish I agree…..I was a fan in the beginning and she is absolutely gorgeous!!! But these reality shows have taught me that hell ya, beauty is definitely an skin deep.

      • Painter1

        I actually picked Bay in the beginning until she got HOHitus WHOLLY INFECTION and she never really came down. I don’t like Swaggy any but he better run.

  37. HappyHippo

    Intense hoh comp!

  38. Mel

    JC doesn’t seem to be on pins and needles, I’m guessing they told him.

  39. HappyHippo

    I thought her number was over

  40. HappyHippo

    You know she stays loyal too

  41. mona77450

    Let’s Go KC. EVICT TYLER!

  42. Alda

    I knew Kaycee would win this final comp.Tyler would want her to evict JC,not him.

  43. kneeless

    KayCee was so close to the correct #!

  44. Jannie

    Wow, KayCee only off by 13 seconds…

  45. hogwild

    I would bounce Tyler out the door.

  46. HappyHippo

    I really wish they got to explain their games to the jury

  47. leafhopper

    I see RS’s accent came back during her “oddcast”.

  48. TeeJay

    KC!!! Let’s Go…
    I’m way too invested in this game LOL

  49. Jannie

    Jury is not bitter.
    Kaycee’s loyalty will cost her 450k

  50. LynnD

    Dr. Will looks so different.

    I just wanted to tell you all that I totally appreciate every single one of you. I appreciate that you all are sitting here and watching this episode with me because unfortunately I sit here in my house watching it by myself. A huge part of my heart breaks because my Mom should be sitting here watching it with me I don’t say this to bring anybody down I just say it to share it.

    Im going to go grab a beer. Cheers

  51. oowee

    We are about to find out how pissed Kaycee was when Tyler didn’t drop for round one.

  52. danmtruth

    As Mel said thats one thing Surviver does better Longer time for final 2 and jury to talk

  53. Jannie

    I liked the Oddcasts better than the scales. Sam’s was perfect.
    Glad to see the ads for Celebrity BB!

  54. LynnD

    Was that Jesse sitting by KC’s family? It’s a really good thing I have a DVR because between all my questions comments and trying to read everybody else’s comments I keep missing things.

  55. HappyHippo

    Jc has a point…Tyler will beat her most likely

  56. oowee

    White tables in front of Tyler, if the pattern holds, JC is out.

  57. AIO_7

    MARCELLUS !!!!!

  58. HappyHippo

    I think she sealed her fate

    • kneeless

      I really don’t think it’s all about the $$ for KayCee.

      • leafhopper

        I am having that conversation with my kids right now. That $500k will be gone faster than you know. But her integrity will always be in place. You can’t put a price on that. She has set herself up for a lifetime of success. As an employer or investor would you back someone who stands behind her word and follows through with what she says she is going to do or takes the easy way out for a quick buck? The money from this game isn’t going to last forever she has set herself up for success in the future.

  59. LynnD

    I am completely shocked and my mouth is sitting on the floor that Angela just outed level 6

  60. BBBonbon62

    Kaycee the female Cody.

  61. danmtruth

    loyal to the end KC more important than the money

  62. Colby

    They pretty much showed the jury saying positive and negative about each. I wish they would do a show showing the whole jury discussion.

  63. danmtruth

    did Sam dye her hair darker ?

  64. Malia

    just starting now…so excited….gonna a hang out with my babe, enjoy my Crown and Coke and relish in the end of a great season.

  65. HappyHippo

    Wow he apologized to bay biotch who didn’t deserve one!

    • Malia

      Are you freaking kidding me? She didn’t deserve that, but I can’t say I am surprised. He is a sweet guy who felt very bad about that entire blow up.

    • Jenny

      Jury management. I remember him walking away from that saying I’m not like this! This isn’t me! Because he doesn’t get in fights like that. He knows it wasn’t his fault but he’s smart enough to know taking the blame is in his best interest.

  66. oowee

    Uh oh Tyler, white tables in front of Kaycee.

  67. dfdsgs

    Is it just me or is Kaycee not really helping herself with her answers

  68. Jannie

    Cutting off what is already a short time for questioning? Grrrrrr.
    And why did they let Sam a question?

  69. danmtruth

    Fessy nice to see you and Scottie get so dress up

  70. Mel

    They’re both doing terrible with the questions!

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  72. danmtruth

    not a segment with the other HG OH poor Swaggy no airtime

  73. kneeless

    Hope that’s the last time we hear Scottie call KayCee, Daddy.

  74. HappyHippo

    I loooooooove that we have not seen Swaggy yet!!!

  75. kneeless

    Beth’s looking very dapper tonight. He & Haleigh would make a striking couple.

  76. AIO_7

    Think about it; KC could have clipped Tyler three times.

  77. LynnD

    Of course they tied so much on the competition of days. They studied them enough together. and I apologize I know my comments are way behind. No more comments until I catch up to everybody else

  78. HappyHippo

    I’m so embarrassed watching their speeches

  79. dfdsgs

    Did Kaycee just straight up say that it is because of Tyler and L6 is the reason she is at the end.

  80. AIO_7

    Here goes the voting !

  81. AIO_7

    Let’s see if Angela’s vote surprises us.

  82. HappyHippo

    Seriously though such a sweet cast this season

  83. dfdsgs

    Neither of them did a great job but after those answerers, I don’t see how you can’t say Tyler played a better game. Kaycee even said she is only there because of him.

  84. Alda

    Hayleigh looks gorgeous.

  85. danmtruth

    well our luck ran out Here comes the attention whore time between Kaitlyn,Rachel, and Swaggey Steve wont get a word in

  86. g8trgirl

    Based on the jury comments when putting in their keys, it sounds like KC is going to win.

  87. pkcable

    I think Tyler SHOULD win, but I think too many are “bitter” and that KC WILL win.

  88. AIO_7

    “I don’t know what the future holds.” Uh oh!

  89. dfdsgs

    Wow this is so stupid you have know each other for 23 days

  90. AIO_7

    THIS IS THE WORST !!!!!!

  91. Colby

    Puke! That is the stupidest thing they could ever allow them to do.

  92. mm22

    Puke swaggy n Bayleigh engagement

  93. HappyHippo

    Omg I spoke too soon did he really just propose? Stfu Swaggy

  94. Jannie

    Sit down Swaggy…
    We missed questioning time for this?
    They have known each other for 23 days…good luck with that…

  95. Malia

    Just watching ….seeing jury…destesting Bayleigh

  96. LynnD

    Everybody knows that I love JC I just watched him get evicted and I love him even more he did so well with it even though you could tell his heart was totally breaking

  97. dfdsgs

    Tyler got robbed. Leave it to Fessy and Scottie to continue to be the worse players of the season.

  98. AIO_7

    Congratulations Kaycee! I take back the Marcellus comment!

  99. kneeless

    That must be about the closest vote for a winner in BB history!

  100. ladycobra

    Swaggy had to steal the limelight, can’t stand him

  101. Patty

    Yup bitter jury does it again… Tyler ran that season, so should have won.

  102. Alda

    Congratulations Kaycee!

  103. Edsel

    Someone on this board predicted Swaggy proposing to Baleigh a fee weeks ago.

  104. Vikki T

    As we say in Louisiana……Let’s Geaux!!!! Congrats KC!!!

  105. LynnD

    I just cheated and read Steve’s blog. I am totally heartbroken and stunned but I will say congratulations KC

  106. Colby

    Awe. KC’s mom is there! Yay!

  107. leafhopper

    Integrity + $500,000.00 Lets Go KC!!!

  108. Jannie


    Congrats KayCee – you deserved it.
    And now I’m glad Tyler won AFHG.
    Just saw KayCee’s Mom giving her a big hug. Yay.

    • Jenny

      yeah I’m so with you except I LOVE Kaycee, and her winning the vote isn’t going to send me into a deep depression and make me afraid for the future. 🙂
      Love Kaycee. Tyler should have won. But I’m not gonna be mad because I love Kaycee.

      • Jenny

        You are right, brs1, and everyone who gave me a thumbs down. Politics do not belong here, and I am genuinely sorry for chiming in on this thread. Please accept my apology and know that I respect all of you no matter how you feel about politics. Let’s stick to BB. Again, sorry, I wish I could delete my comment because it doesn’t belong on this page.

      • Avatar

        It’s all good Jenny. I also regret my words. Tell you what…water under the bridge! 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Your comment has been edited Jannie. Political references a no-no. 🙂

  109. g8trgirl

    Bitter jury wins. Not taking anything away from KC but based on the votes, they weren’t for KC, they were against Tyler.

  110. Leah-Ann

    My 2 cents… I think Tyler shot himself in the foot when he didn’t take credit for running the game! He could’ve said he flipped Kaitlyn to evict Steve AND have her backdoor Swaggy. That started the steamroll of FOUTTE. He was always a step ahead and never mentioned any of it!!

    As for the finale itself, it needs a serious revamp! Not talking to anyone not on jury except Swaggy was silly. Either don’t include them at all or give everyone a chance. Plus, whatever happened to Julie asking their opinions since they got to witness every aspect of the game?
    I just wasn’t a fan of finale…

  111. ElaineB

    Congrats Kaycee! I would have been happy with either, but for Tyler edged her out. Couldn’t have been two better people in F2. They stayed true to their buns-bandanas deal….what a great pair! Glad that Tyler won AFP! Wheeeeeee!

  112. Sassy

    Will the backyard interviews be on the live feeds?

    • NKogNeeTow

      No Sassy, they are not being shown on the live feeds but they are being shown on Off the Block with Ross and Marrissa on FB and also on jokersupdates.com.

      • LynnD

        I didn’t find the Off the Block thing until they were almost done. I really don’t care for those 2 as interviewers. It was difficult to watch what little I got to see. Then never found the after party feeds I was looking for. Things just did not work in my favor at all last night.

  113. Jenny

    DAMMIT, SAM!!!! Seriously, you stupid hick!
    Ugh she shouldn’t have made it to jury.
    That being said I love Kaycee so of course I have to be happy she won.
    And Tyler’s face when he won AFP, omg I love this kid so much and that was amazing.

    • Jenny

      to clarify… I have nothing against “hicks”, however you interpret that word. People who are closer to nature than most of us have my utmost respect. I shouldn’t have used that word. I’m angry at Sam for not knowing squat about the game and voting against Tyler because he hurt her feelings. Stupid Production for casting her. I think Tyler should have won. But I love Kaycee. And it was sweet to see Tyler’s face when he found out he was AFP.

    • ElaineB

      Tyler got $50K + 25K + trip to Hawaii. Good. Not confident that he ‘got the girl’, but I do think Angela and him will have a special bond. Though I don’t watch AR, I think Buns and Bandanas, Tyler and KC, would make a great pair.

  114. dfdsgs

    anyone have a link for the interviews

  115. Robin

    Anyone know the BMX channel for after party.

  116. LO1004

    How do we watch the interviews?

  117. hogwild

    Yeah I think a little bitter jury played a part in this I was surprised Sam voted KC as pretty much all the Jury talked about having a bitter tase in their mouth I give you my final meme of the season.

  118. SammyD

    A lesson learned moment for Big Brother players to always think of jury members.

    Congrats to Kaycee!

  119. delabear

    Wow. I did not think CBS would besmirch such a great season with the cheesy proposal. After knowing one another for all of 23 days, we will see how long this engagement lasts when Christopher (sorry, I refuse to use his self-promoting tag) tries to boss B around.
    I am happy Kaycee won, and hope that Tyler and Angela will have the time to really explore their relationship.

  120. LynnD

    Ewwwwww. Scottie seriously had to say “Daddy”

  121. jimbo

    Well, called this one right on. Said Tyler could only beat JC, and that Kaycee would beat Tyler. Also said since the beginning, that if Kaycee could last through the start of the season, that she would be a huge threat to win the game. So, mic drop! Tyler played good game, but too many F2 promises is never a good thing.

  122. LynnD

    I thought the live feeds were supposed to be up and running when the show is over?

  123. Sassy

    Off the block with Ross and Marissa is suppose to start in 4 minutes. It’s on FB.

  124. Supmomma77

    Thank you Steve, Mel and NK, you guys are amazing, as with all of you!! I love this site and look forward to reading each and every session. You guys all rock And I will miss you all. Can’t wait for next season!! ❤️❤️❤️

  125. Avatar

    Well, CBS will put Swaggy & Bayleigh on the Amazing Race with Tyler & Angela. I’ll watch just to see which team detours the other first.

  126. hogwild

    The season is over there is now only one more thing to say.

  127. LynnD

    Really Sam? You voted for KC! You honestly really had no relationship with her. Tyler might have broke the final two with you but a lot of people break final twos. Apparently you don’t know that because you don’t watch the show.Maybe you should have thought about who was there for you emotional E when you were robot and boo-hooing all the time. THAT WAS TYLER YOU COMPLETE TRAINWRECK! URGH!!!!! Go sit on the stairs with Bob

  128. dfdsgs

    Not saying that Kaycee is not a deserving winner however you have to admit that Tyler got robbed. You have the Hive block minus Haleigh that all voted the same way that all said in the jury segment that Tyler is the reason why they are there. Kaycee in her final speech even admitted that she is there because of Tyler and couldn’t name a single strategic game move other than being friendly and making friends.

    I was accepting of the bitter jury last year since the way he ran the house was frankly disgusting to watch but this year makes me sad for the future of the show that I love. It seems that people are no longer able to separate out game moves that might hurt their feelings. Going forward we will never see another Dan, Evil Dick, or even Dr Will style game since that would hurt too many peoples feelings.

    • FW aka CY

      Tyler kind of robbed himself when he fell deep into the eyes and bed of Angela. Sam, for example, should have been a loyal vote if he’d spent more time with her like he did early on.

      • mm22

        Tyler was warned when Scottie came back in the game bitter jury
        and they hate Angela-Right there he could have changed his game
        and taken his new love to the F2 and KC would have been ok with
        it -maybe not liked it but understood

  129. Sunny

    Did I miss Kaitlyn for the pre-jury people? Of course all the time was stolen by the Swaggy/Bayleigh fiasco. She must be preggers and Daddy is making him propose. Sorry that was a little snarky.
    Thanks to Steve, Mel and NK for all the posts and updates. Thanks as well to those posting that are funny and informative. I bypassed a lot the mean/vulgar posts. I almost quit reading because of some of them. I’m going to pull a “SAM” and say that some of the language and houseguest and/or BBJ posters name calling is unnecessary and not needed to get your point across.

    • FW aka CY

      Glad you were able to swallow your gorge and stick with it. This is a great place. From what we saw, re: Bay’s dad, he doesn’t seem at the bottom of the totem pole in that household. His role is to provide funds and stay out of the girl’s way. He’ll have no say in the wedding plans – just foot the bill.

  130. Avatar

    Congratulations Kaycee!!! What a great season!!! My final thought for this season is that all the HG that voted for Kaycee didn’t make a whole lot of game moves & the ones who voted for Tyler did. Hope everyone has a safe & happy year!!! Until next season,.

  131. Gerardo for AFP

    “He proposes.
    I can’t
    She says yes
    I can’t”

    LOL, damn I missed you Steve. Sorry I wasn’t around much this summer everyone, but I’m looking forward to watching this season back–sounds like it was a great one! My “yatus” is over, so I’ll see you guys for the Celebrity edition (whenever that is). Take care and un abrazo fuerte!

  132. LynnD

    I just can’t! So seriously baileigh and fake ass swaggy get more airtime then Tangela? Especially after he bragged to Fessy on national TV that he had sex with her? Okay BB 20 there is another epic fail

  133. LO1004

    So happy for KC, and Tyler’s reaction to AFP melted my heart. I love them, I love this season, and I wish you all well. See you in February. Goodnight

  134. Zach

    This show has become a joke. 3 years in a row now people have not voted for the best overall game but with an agenda. I was against level 6 this whole season, but everyone and their mother knew Tyler was running the show. Not only is this season over, but I’m done wasting my time watching a show where the most deserving doesn’t win.

  135. Mel

    I’m so happy for Kaycee! Both speeches were terrible. Scottie’s vote surprised me, the others didn’t. I’m so annoyed, I don’t even think I’ll watch backyard interviews tonight. I’ll catch them later. The finale keeps getting worse every year! To be told you have 45 seconds to sum up 100 days of game play AND told again by Julie to hurry is ridiculous! They film 2 hours with the jury talking but show 5 minutes. They can’t let the F2 speak, really speak to the jury but there’s time to do updates for all 3 shomances. I’m sure Rachel, Winston, Kaitlyn and Steve are thrilled to get all dressed up for the finale and not even be spoken to. Congrats to Swaggy and Bayleigh for getting engaged after knowing each other for 23 days. Perhaps I should congratulate them for the real goal they accomplished. Swaggys been shitting his pants for weeks over the Tyler/Angela romance and he didn’t want them to steal his thunder so….just propose and steal it back. It’s not even original. We had a finale night proposal in BB2. I liked Rockstar again tonight.

  136. LynnD

    If I was Tyler I would curb stomp Sam. J/S

  137. Seattle Kari

    sweet! I only had to read this one last post to know what the outcome was. (Of course I will read back.)

    I will see everyone in February, again much love!

    And now on the Survivor. Already the wrestler is annoying the hell out of me, lol

  138. Mr. Beardo

    Note to self: Be the Watson not the Sherlock..

  139. Avatar

    Please don’t take the posts down here for a few days. Due to work long hours, I can’t watch the finale or read here until the weekend. And I enjoy this site so much. Lifts my days up!!! Thanks.

  140. NKogNeeTow

    For anyone interested, the BY interviews are being shown live on Jokersupdates.com.

    Ross and Marissa just finished interviewing Kait. It’s unbearable to watch, between the 3 of them, all trying to out talk each other.

    Winston has just joined them. He said he would have voted for Tyler.

  141. Avatar

    Perfectly fine with Kaycee winning, although I have been a Tyler fan for a majority of the season. Worked out well for both as I see more Tyler in a future BB season or Survivor, and perhaps Tangela in Amazing Race. Tyler was the most emotional at the end when he won America’s Favorite. That may have meant as much to him as a top 2 finish.

  142. Avatar

    Everyone is blaming Sam for the vote. Just watched the Scottie interview and he said he was voting for Tyler all day until he heard that KC won the final hoh.

    I personally feel that Tyler threw that last HOH and let KC win, just so that he was not the one that tossed JC. I could be wrong.

    But, Tyler would have had Scottie’s vote if he had won. 2,000 seconds. That is throwing it.

    • danmtruth

      that is a possibility but also go low like people do on price is right Hoping that the other person goes high

    • Avatar

      Tyler had plenty of opportunity during the course of 8 questions to “throw” the competition. He could have missed any of those questions early on if that was his intent. He lost this comp fair and square. He also didn’t drop as promised to KC in round 1 so I don’t think his goal was to throw competitions in the end. He wanted to secure his final 2 status but simply failed.

  143. danmtruth

    this suk with just the FB feed on BMX and Jokers Why don’t they use the live feeds?

  144. Mello_One

    Hayleigh is such a Gorgeous Girl, I didn’t realize she was adopted until I read her Bio recently.

    • ElaineB

      Hay was one of my top four for quite awhile. Though she ‘caught on’ to what was going on, she remained clueless. It often amazed me, after each blindside, Hay was ever the optimist, that things would get better for ‘their team’. Their delusion is why, in part, I liked several FOUTTE/Hive/F**k-Up Crew members, excluding Bay and RS.

  145. danmtruth

    it was so much better last year with the backyard interviews very disappointed with only these two

  146. Painter1

    JC cracked me up , when i could understand him lol

  147. FW aka CY

    Angela did not help Tyler’s chances with the jury. She didn’t come of as genuine – and they hated her already. It would have gone better had she remained the aloof ice queen.

  148. danmtruth

    Last year you had two or three different interviews to watch also I thought they went to the after show party with the HG friends Hope the live feeds turn on for that

  149. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, BB must have broken the internet. My computer kept freezing anywhere from 5-15 minutes at a time. I have an 8:30 doctor’s appointment tomorrow and wanted to wrap this up so I could get to bed early. At this rate, I won’t finish updating until it’s time to take a shower and leave out the door. It took so long between freezes that the interviews are now over. But here is what I’ve got:

    Ross said that Sam was still in the house cleaning the kitchen. He also said that Omorosa recorded who she predicted to win and it will be on CNN later.

    KC’s Interview:

    She says something about her wrinkled shirt and Marrissa says it’s ok, Sam wasn’t in there to iron it. She said she thought her Mom was still in the Philippines and it felt amazing to see her parents there.

    She said her winning late in the game wasn’t intentional, she just wasn’t picked for Vetos and that she didn’t throw any comps. Ross said that once she won the Hacker comp, she never stopped winning. She said she was fortunate to link up with a strong alliance and coming into the house she wasn’t going to trust anyone.

    She said she never once considered taking anyone to the end but Tyler She said she was sticking to her word because that’s who she is.

    Tyler’s Interview:

    Angela is standing off to the side smiling at him. *Very proudly too*

    He said he felt America didn’t like him but he decided to stay true to his game. He said KC deserved to win but knowing that he was AFP meant everything to him and that’s why he cried.

    Angela joined him and she was only mad for a minute when she heard about his F2 with KC but it’s okay now. They agree to move in together then kiss.

    Angela’s Interview:

    She said that Tyler is the first guy she has ever said I love you to first. She said she started to have feelings for him when they started talking about home and then they started talking about other things and it grew from there.

    She says she really loves him and can see a future with him. She says she has a boyfriend (T) now and that he wants to move here with her and she has the space.

    Scottie/Steve’s Interview:

    Steve doesn’t have much to say (mainly because that pesky ass Marrissa won’t let him get a word in). He said the F3 was exactly who should have been there.

    Scottie says he’s not a superfan but a big fan. He said all day he was going to vote for Tyler but decided to give it to KC after she started beasting the comps.

    JC’s Interview:

    *I missed over half of it because my computer kept freezing.*

    He says he loves everyone in the house. He said the hardest part for him was the schedule because he’s a schedule guy. He said it was also hard on his pooping time.

    He said he’s nervous about what’s happening in the outside world. He said he just wants to sleep and get drunk.

    Interview show is over.

    For anyone still interested in talking to fellow BB fans during the year, in the Feed Chat someone posted a site/app where you can go to chat live. Someone else in the chat said it wasn’t a real link/site and that it was malware. My dumb ass went ahead and visited the site anyway. You have to give your email address then create a password, which I did and surprisingly enough, there is an actual chat room (I have it running in another window as we speak). Here is the link:


    Once you log on, it will take you to the vestibule and you can see all the chatters.

    Alright Kidlets, that’s it for me tonight. I have to get some sleep so I can get up early tomorrow. I’ll check back tomorrow. If Steve and/or Mel post a blog, I don’t want to miss it 🙂

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

  150. Tinkerbell

    This was my favorite season, and the most interesting for me personally. The houseguests I liked in the beginning, I didn’t care for later in the sesson, and vice versa. Houseguests I never liked were Christopher, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Sam. There’s always a void when a season ends….missing feeds, and our BBJ family. The greatest group of people here. Steve, NK, Mel – You guys are the best, the Terrific Three. Thank you for your long hours of hard work, and for your unwavering dedication. You are appreciated so very much. It’s always feels so good to know we can come here to share our thoughts and to be together. Thank you so much for that. Love you guys, and our loving, and fun loving, BBJ family xo 🙂

    Happy trails to you, Until we meet again.
    Happy trails to you, Keep smiling until then
    Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?
    Just sing a song, and bring the sunny weather.
    Happy trails to you, Until we meet again.
    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans.

  151. CY aka FW

    Wear fuzzy wool socks.. Stainless steel can get cold on the ankles.. Thank you again for being my secret surcease on these long nights. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HgknAaKNaMM#searching

  152. jimbo

    CBS needs to make the after-show an hour like Survivor. There is too much to go over with the guests, and it simply would be interesting. In this show, Swaggy/Bailey sucked up all the little time they did have. Ridiculous…nobody cared. And give the final 2 more time to state their case. 45 seconds? Cmon, man! Totally flubbed show by CBS.

  153. LynnD

    I can’t wait for Mel’s recap. I will def log in later & look for it.

    I had a lot to say last night (and this morning). The thing that I think bothered me the most was how TY & KC kept getting cut off by Julie while trying to answer questions & while doing their final speeches bc of “time”. They probably got flustered and were screwing up what they wanted to say bc of her constantly cutting in. I know I would have been a little tongue tied by then. The biggest disappoint was the reason she kept cutting them off. To give that dirtbag gold digger time to lock in his “suga family”.

    I hope to see TY & Angela make it far in life together and would also love seeing them on AR (I saw a couple people mention TY & KC on AR that would be awesome too)

    I will sadly say goodbye for now. I must go Adult. The bills don’t pay themselves & the kids apparently still need occasional supervision. XOXO

  154. ingodog

    I am glad that Kaycee won! She was very nice the whole season. I liked Sam, can’t understand why people hate her so much. See u next season

  155. Avatar

    After Level Six was put together, my 2 favorites for the finale were Kaycee and Tyler so I am glad they made it to the end. It was unfortunate for Tyler that the people who spent the least amount of time with him in the house sealed his fate. When he was up 4 votes to 1, the last 4 houseguests were obviously the ones who spent the least amount of time with him in the house (those 4 votes all went to Kaycee). So they had the least amount of time to possibly see him control the game and run “Level 6”h they would learn about in jury. Bayleigh left on day 51, she spent 48 days OUT of the house, Rockstar left on day 58, she spent 41 OUT of the house. I know that is how it’s always been but those 2 spent almost as much time in jury as they did in the house. How would they have any clue how the last 40+ days went in the house? The finale was Sept. 27 Bayleigh left on August 9th. I’m still not convinced the Faysal understood to put the key in the box of the person you want to win. It’s likely he would have voted how Hayleigh did (for Tyler to win). I guess we’ll never know. He was always a bit confused on what was happening in the house so why should the finale be any different. As far as Sam, she was all about girl power (unless she was HOH and nominating) and she hated Angela so her picking Kaycee to win wasn’t a surprise. I’m sure the jury reminded her that Tyler and Angela will enjoy spending that 500K so she wasn’t gonna let that happen. I wonder if the jury dislike for Angela cost Tyler a vote or 2?

  156. delabear

    Thank you to Steve, Mel, NK and everyone who posted during the season. This was my first year here and I really enjoyed reading the recaps and comments.
    As far as the finale, I agree that the production was terrible in many ways. CBS could greatly improve it and should listen to the comments and suggestions of fans, but I doubt they will.
    One thing, however, that production could not mess up, and that is that the vast majority of viewers were pleased with the final 2 and, while some had a favorite to win, most were content that the 2 people most deserving were sitting on the couch at the end. How much more can fans ask for as far as outcome? Definitely a great season for players of the game, and hopefully a sign of seasons to come. See you all next time, my friends!

  157. Lindsay1973

    Tyler — who can be seen next guest-starring with Brett on The Bold and the Beautiful on Oct. 23 as guys who “owned a high tech robotic startup, have sold their company, and now focus of philanthropic endeavors”

  158. Houseguest Doug

    Congratulations, to Kaycee well earned and I felt all along she was going to win if she was in F2.

    In my opinion Tyler should have won the game but we said the same thing about Paul. All about Jury Management. Bayliegh, Rockstar, Sam, Scottie, and Faysal all felt like Tyler did them dirty and embarrassed them on National TV and their votes were more against Tyler then they were a vote for Kaycee.

    I don’t want to take anything away from Kaycee she is full value for her win she was a comp beast in the 2nd half and did a great job with her social game and managed the Jury. (Didn’t piss anyone off).

    Oh well it was a masterful game played by L6. They have now made a template for future competitors on how an Alliance needs to work. Foutte showed the blue print on how not to play.

    I think Bayliegh didn’t do anything to improve her likeability she came across as a resentful nasty person. I wish Swaggy C (God I hate that name) best of luck dealing with her as his Wife if they actually make it to the alter. That is one high maintenance woman he is taking on. Oh by the way Swaggy, once you’re Married if you think you are going off to play B-Ball with your home boys instead of spending time with Bay and your kids. Guess again.

    I am still not sold on Hayliegh and Faysal. She is a Texas girl and yes he plays football and is a teacher but the State of Texas and Muslim are not a good combination for success. I hope it works for them but I have my doubts. I saw enough of Faysal in the house with all the arguments to know this is not going to last beyond 6 months.

    Angela and Tyler I believe they will be the new showcase couple for Big Brother and I think we will see them on the Amazing Race next Fall. No doubt Tyler will be back next season to host a comp and he will be remembered more than Kaycee. No offense to Kaycee but Tyler just has more charisma and charm.

    I found it interesting that the Castoffs that didn’t make it to Jury House had their moment stolen by Swaggy C. Julie had no time to ask them any questions or at least give them 20 seconds of time. Instead we had to watch Swaggy C “Put a ring on it” before the baby comes in 7-8 months from now.

    Now there is a show called The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which have very low success rates. Yet, Big Brother has had more successful Marriages and Kids. Maybe the new concept should combine the two shows. Clearly the Bachelor / Bachlorette concept is not working.

    Looks like Rockstar has lost some weight or at least hiding it better. She was not as bitter as I was expecting and I watched her face when Brett was in the top 3 along with Tyler. I was not surprised Hayliegh was in there she was the only member of Foutte that was worth TV time.

    Since we are talking about Hayliegh she looked stunning and is just as gorgeous as Angela who also looked stunning.

    Speaking of Angela I think she got a wake up call with Zing Bot called her a Cold Bitch. I think it clicked that America felt that way and that is how she was being portrayed. I noticed after that she gained a sense of humor and BB Production went out of their way to humanize her by showing her DR takes and asking her about Tyler.

    Tyler’s came out a winner in all this in my opinion. He got $75K which is way more money than he will get as a Life Guard. He got a fitness model who is as gorgeous as the day is long inside and out. He got some fame out of the deal and I am sure he will be on Amazing Race with Angela and or Kaycee next fall. Who knows CBS may pull a Paul and have come on next season as a late add. Sound familiar?

    Thank you to Mel and all my fellow bloggers who made this season fun. This was a treat compared to BB19.

    I am going to take a pass on BB Celeb. I find the show a waste of time and life.

    See you next summer for BB21. I wonder who will be the host?

  159. Avatar

    I don’t even know where to begin with this finale. So very disappointed with the time frame they gave for Tyler & KC to give their final speeches & allow those losers Baggy D & BSC Bay to get engaged! YUCK!

    Disappointed that Tyler didn’t get the win, but happy for KC. She was my second pick and I think she did have better jury management. Although, Tyler did more strategically.

    I really think Tyler and Angela are the real deal, unlike the losers who are now engaged after 23 days of knowing each other. SC is just into her because he’s sees a golden ticket to get out of the ghetto, IMO.

    Great season all in all! Can’t wait for BB21!

  160. Avatar

    I am so pissed off at Swaggy. What a selfish jerk! Because of him we didn’t even get to hear from any of the other pre-jury evicted house guests. Let alone the fact that he tried to upstage Kaycee and Tyler’s big moment. Hopefully Bayleigh will realize what a big mistake this is and not go through with it.

  161. Avatar

    Sam’s vote was such a betrayal. Tyler single-handedly saved her from being evicted in week 1.

  162. Avatar

    Haleigh deserves major props for changing her vote based on how they answered the jury’s questions. Kaycee’s answers were terrible!

  163. Houseguest Doug

    Does anyone know if there is media backlash about Scumbag C stealing the thunder of Kaycee and Tyler.

    I give Scumbag C & Bayooch 6 months max. My Wife gave me the deep eye roll when I said I can see Sweaty C and BayITCH being on “Say Yes to the Dress”. She threatened to stop watching the show if they put those two and I am quoting here. “Those two A-Holes” on the show.

    Good for Ty & Brett being on The Bold & Beautiful I can only assume that is a Soap Opera or sorry excuse me “Day Time Drama”.

    • Avatar

      I don’t know about major media but there is definitely a lot of backlash on twitter. Swaggy is a 23 year old kid with no job and no employable skills. Bayleigh will dump his butt as soon as she realizes that.

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