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Big Brother 20 – Kaycees Game

Good morning everyone! I’m usually drained at the end of a season and want it to be over. I’m also more productive when BB is over so having the break isn’t a bad thing. Alison Grodner said casting for the Celebrity version has started so we won’t have to wait until next summer to have a little more BB. It’s on in the winter, its very short and the first one was better than most of us expected it to be. (Listening to Marissa was annoying tho) I don’t mind that most of them arn’t what we’d actually consider celebrities. It’s still people playing BB so if you set the bar low for who you think they’ll cast, you’ll be entertained.  BB Canada was renewed too at it’s on in the spring, if you’re interested in giving it a try. (I’ve gushed about it all summer so you already know how I feel) They follow the US format but with their own spin. (lots of silly tasks, way more twists, better comps, lots of alcohol) It’s like the kooky, fun cousin to BBUS.  I don’t like cold weather but during BBCAN, I go to work saying “eh” and telling my husband I want to make poutine and try beavertails! I REALLY get into it and like it alot. It isn’t hard to watch like many people think, for anyone who is interested. I’ll include my Twitter info for anyone who wants to msg me about it since Steve doesn’t cover it on BBJ. I can give you some links on where to see it. You can catch clips of live feeds and past episodes on YouTube too.


Feeds yesterday:

Last night, I realized what I’ll miss the most about this season. It isn’t just the game moves because those ended sometime back. These people are quite interesting and funny and that’s what I’ll miss the most. Yesterday, they talked about Rockstar getting to see her baby. JC said the timing was good because at 6 months old, the baby would just be opening it’s eyes and stuff. Tyler said the baby isn’t a kitten and they open their eyes when they’re born. JC wasn’t buying this at first and finally conceded that he hadn’t been around babies so maybe they did.  They have a bizarre conversation like this almost hourly and they’ve been very entertaining. JC asked Tyler to tell him if he was being cut. He said he would “be a big boy” about it as long as he told him. He said he didn’t want to be blindsided on the couch and it would be ok as long as he told him. So far, he hasn’t been told. Unless Tyler is going to throw the final hoh, I don’t know what he’s thinking. Tyler talks about Angela nonstop so JC takes digs at Angela nonstop. If Tyler doesn’t want to hear it, he could consider letting 5 seconds go by without bringing her up. KC has started making comments about secrets and giving Tyler chances to come clean about any he may have. I thought it was a coincidence a couple days ago but she’s fishing because there’s been alot of it. They discussed who they thought would be bitter and who wouldn’t. Tyler thinks Fessy owes Angela an apology, not the other way around. He said he hoped Fessy wasn’t getting the nice guy edit. JC assured him that Fessy was getting the moron edit. (Lol) They’re sooooo ready to get out of that house!

Kaycees Game:


Going over Kaycees game won’t be nearly as long as Tylers and JCs. It’s no disrespect to Kaycee, she just wasn’t as directly involved in the planning of many of the moves this season. Even if she was involved, it was after the plans were made.

Before entering the house, Kaycee said she wanted to be as honest and loyal as possible because that’s who she is in her real life. She said she wanted to align with people she got good vibes from and when it felt right. Her biggest plan was to use her social skills in the game and try to come off as non-threatening as possible in the beginning. Like Tyler and JC, she did what she set out to do.

She was the only hg who received two punishments this season. The first one could’ve hurt her game since social skills was her biggest asset going into the house. She took both of them like a champ, was a very good sport and we saw our first glimpse of what a nice person she is. I’m just glad singing isn’t required to win BB because we learned during the peanut punishment, she may be one of the worst singers on the planet. (She may be worse than me and I could get a side job clearing out karaoke bars at closing time!) Her terrible singing made her more endearing to me during the health nut song.


The Coast 2 Coast alliance with Tyler was formed before the feeds came on, we didn’t see how it happened. (I hope we will tonight tho) She was invited into L6 in a fairly random way. The first four (Rachel, Winston, Angela and Brett) were discussing wanting 6 people. Tyler was an easy choice because they liked him, he was calm and he was hoh for 2 weeks. Winston said something like “What about KC? She seems cool.” They did this not realizing Tyler and KC were already connected. The rest is “BB history” as Fessy & Haleigh like to say. Far into the season, the members of Foutte continued to talk about KC and said she got in with the wrong side by accident. They said it as if they felt bad for her and she was the victim of an unfortunate situation. They felt she really belonged with them. Since she was successful and is probably going to the F2, I’m gonna say…..no and as usual, Foutte is incorrect.

KC did lay low the first part of the season, so low that fans began calling her furniture. (I did, she bored me too but for the record, I also said she was playing an amazing game, toot my own horn for a second there) She had the least drama and least conflict out of everyone in L6 for a very long time. She wasn’t anyone’s target and both sides liked her, mostly. Haleigh & Fessy didn’t connect with her but they weren’t going after her either.

The first week of the game, she was brought into the situation with Sam because of Tyler and they made Sam feel like they had a trio. Sam continued to feel good about KC thought the game. (I don’t think being gay should be an advantage or a disadvantage but in this case, it probably helped her with Sam. That’s Sam’s issue, not KC’s but she may have benefited from it) Everyone but Sam was there to play the game this year but there were still a lot of jealous, attention seeking women in the house. Sam, Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Rachel all wanted attention from the men. It was easy for KC to step aside and be like “have at ’em girls!” (I would’ve sit back and laughed at them if I were KC and been glad I wasn’t a part of it) The only time KC could’ve been in danger the first 4 weeks was during Scottie’s hoh because he didn’t vibe with her and Fessy didn’t care for her. Luckily, Scottie had bigger targets in Brett and Winston and she stayed off the radar. Swaggy left the week before Scottie’s hoh and KC began forming her first real connection outside of L6 with Bayleigh. (not including Sam & JC because all of L6 were working with them) This left KC free of danger all the way through the first 4 weeks because Sam was the 4th hoh.


This was the week Kaitlyn left and KC played a role in switching the vote to evict Kaitlyn. There was a lot of back and forth that week. Sure, Kaitlyn and Rockstar did alot to get themselves evicted that week. It was as if they were competing to see who could say the worst thing and get voted out because of it. Angela was the driving force to switch it to Kaitlyn but Rachel wasn’t on board with it at all. KC did alot of talking to get Rachel to be good with the decision.

This was around the time the women’s alliance kept coming up and KC told Tyler about it. Some people felt this was a mistake for KC and she wasn’t looking out for herself. If she didn’t want there to be a women’s alliance, she was looking out for herself. Tyler and Brett having this information allowed them to work Fessy & Scottie and keep them afraid of it happening. KC wasn’t going to be able to accomplish it, Fessy and KC didn’t like each other. One of the things Tyler and Fessy fake bonded over was the fear of a women’s alliance.

Bayleighs hoh came next and not only was she safe, she had Bayleighs ear because of all the sushi dates they’d had in prior weeks. She reinforced Bayleighs good thoughts about Tyler and was a part of getting her to trust Tyler. The info came out about Bay having a power app and Rachel thinking Tyler turned on them. KC already had Angela doubting Rachel’s story before Tyler stepped in to do the rest. It’s like basketball, people are impressed by a fantastic dunk but often forget the amazing pass that set it up. (my son was a point guard from elementary school thru college so I always appreciate the assist) Angela & Rachel had been the duo before this with KC as the third. KC said repeatedly in her calm way “I just don’t think he did that.”


Angela’s hoh was next so KC was able to go thru the first 6 weeks without being in danger. She was chosen to play in the veto by Haleigh, who was the hacker. I think that was her first veto comp so I don’t know if she was laying low or if she didn’t have the opportunity before this but it worked in her favor. KC had an argument with Bayleigh that week but it wasn’t her fault. Bayleigh was being irrational so I don’t fault her game at all for it happening.

Haleigh was the next hoh and this was the week, the hacker comp was crucial. They had to win it and it had to be used correctly. KC won it and they made the correct play by putting Rockstar otb. I thought it was crazy for KC to leave herself otb and let Angela be removed. Tyler won the veto but she was fully on board for this plan. (Maybe I was being too harsh because when Dan put Memphis otb, I thought it was genius) KC was playing the long game, not the short game. She felt safe against Rockstar and they knew they couldn’t trust Sam’s vote if Angela was otb. This was around the time Sam started her “it’s not all about you Angela” jealousy. KC gambled and won. (I’m not a fan of anyone ever allowing themselves to be otb if they can avoid it. I’m also the person who’d win $100 at a casino and stop. I’m not a gambler and wouldn’t be good at playing the long game) I give KC alot of credit for sitting through Rockstar saying how sorry she was that KC would be going home over her with a straight face too. KC lost a few points for having the argument with RS. It was unnecessary and even though I enjoyed it on a personal level, she didn’t gain anything from it.

The next hurdle KC had to get through was Fessys hoh. JC had it handled by getting Scottie otb but again, she was too eager to be the pawn and I didn’t care for that. She also got into an argument with Scottie right after RS left. It was one of the silliest things I saw this season. I understood she was trying to be convincing and help Brett trick Fessy about who voted for RS to stay. It didn’t make any sense because she was fighting with someone for keeping her! People smarter than Fessy and Haleigh would’ve realized it was stupid.

This left us with the last part of the season when the numbers were dwindling and even people in L6 had to go. Except for the veto during the double when Brett was evicted, KC won the hoh or the veto for the remaining weeks of the season. Even if she’d been the person Tyler, JC or Angela decided to cut near the end, they couldn’t because she won.


Kaycees game wasn’t as busy and flashy as Tylers or even JC’S but is that a bad thing? It isn’t as exciting to watch but if you have to be doing everything, that means you have more damage control to do. She didn’t need to cover up as many lies so she didn’t HAVE to do as much. She’s taking a little heat from viewers for winning so many vetos but not doing anything with them. If not using them benefited her game, why use it just for the sake of using it? She’s also taking some heat for not backstabbing Tyler before now. If she knew better than us that he’d be loyal to her, why cut him? There’s no reason to do it now and I think it would hurt her chances of winning. However, I do think she should’ve cut him and kept Angela at the F4. If she doesn’t win the game, that may be the one move she can look back on and know why she lost. That one decision mixed with the fact that she didn’t control the game, may make Tyler the better player. Yes, she worked with L6 but no one can claim the decisions were coming from her. If the decisions being made were going in her favor, maybe she didn’t need to be in charge. It’s a good debate just like debating who should win as they’d both be good winners. Tyler was more in charge but Kaycees game was cleaner. In the new era of BB in recent years, people take things more personally so is being in charge the best position anymore? Dan was rewarded in season 10 for all the backstabbing he did but would he win with that game in season 18, 19 and 20? I’m not sure because jury management is a bigger deal and become a bigger part of the game than it used to be. The game evolves as time goes on and we can’t change that.  Tyler did the most work which traditionally makes me think he played the best but I honestly don’t know and I change my mind daily. The jury will decide who played the best game tonight. For a change, we can defer to what they decide and be ok with it because in this case and in this rare season, they can’t make a bad decision even if they’re bitter and want to go that direction. It’s impossible for them to choose the wrong winner in my opinion.

Depending on how the speeches go,  (not KC’S strength) I wouldn’t be surprised if she got votes from JC, (if Tyler doesn’t tell him) Sam, Brett, Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar. Maybe even Fessy because of all the comp wins. I can also see Tyler getting most of these votes too. We just can’t predict this year and it’s exciting.

My Twitter is @mclick888 if you want BBCAN info or just want to stay in touch. I only use it for BB and don’t get many msgs like I would with my email so I thought it would be the best choice to use.  It’s been a fun summer at BBJ and I’ll be back in the morning for some final thoughts but it shouldn’t be much because I think I’ve said it all. Have a great Tuesday!



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  1. AIO_7

    *…. “I’m also more productive when BB is over so having the break isn’t a bad thing.”

    So true, me too.

  2. AIO_7

    * ” I don’t mind that most of them aren’t what we’d actually consider celebrities.”

    I don’t mind either. My attitude is … throw (new) people in the house and let’s at it.

  3. danmtruth

    would enjoy being able to keep the BBJ family together for CBB Would think most would enjoy the change of pace I only got to watch past seasons on youtube Always enjoyed it

  4. LO1004

    I love this post. I have been a KC fan since her introduction package. I love that she’s an athlete, a tomboy, and so kind. Her interaction with her mom in that opening segment sealed the deal for me. I got super frustrated with her for not winning anything for the first half of the season and was ready to give up on her, and that week she won the hacker comp and thought “oh it’s on!” I think it’s difficult to say who played the better game with comparing her and Tyler because neither played a perfect game, I don’t think it exists in BB. But together, they played an outstanding game and I’m so looking forward to tomorrow night. I’ll be happy as long as they are both in that F2 spot.

  5. HappyHippo

    The finale is tomorrow right? Or have I lost my mind lol

  6. Avatar

    thanks for all you’ve done Mel. i have not posted this year (being a JC fan is way too hard lol) but wanted to make sure to let you know you are very appreciated !

  7. Shivani33

    Telling myself that I wouldn’t watch our Celebrity BB didn’t do any good. Truth in advertising would’ve altered the name of the show. Semi-Celebrity BB or Once upon a Time Celebrity BB. The shortness of the show made is less puke-worthy. But then the one who won it was like seeing scorched earth below while looking for a place to land. Just NO and UGH. And there were many moments when the whole shebang seemed like Celebrity Rehab, minus Dr. Drew. Instead there was Ross Matthews barreling around the house trying not to miss a thing. No one could even take a brief piss without Ross being there, sniffing and trying to share his piebald words of wisdom like the camp counsellor from hell. So of course I’ll watch again, like a disenfrachised queen of Bad Taste.

  8. aka beachgirl

    You mentioned twice that we would see something tonight. To my knowledge big brother is not on tonight. Am I missing something?

    • CY aka FW

      *stands on tiptoe to peer over your shoulder behind you* Well, that big ole’ stick seems to still be in place. I can give it a couple kicks if you think it’s feeling a little loose… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zUA5NospKw

      • aka beachgirl

        I don’t even know where to go with us. You are obviously a very troubled soul and for that I’m sorry. I don’t know why you pretend to like big brother and hang out on this site. Do you even have a job? You’re on here pretty much 24 hours a day. Every other comment seems to be from you, under whichever new name you have at the moment. Why don’t you try to use your energy for some good instead of bad? I’ve spent this entire summer reading your shit and trying to ignore it. So finally a few days ago I said something. So now you’re after me? Go ahead. Bring it on asshole.

      • CY aka FW

        *smerl* Over-react much? I hope your tongue heals well and quickly. Namiste.


        *ssssnnnnniiiffffff….* panties in a wad. If you could only bottle it.

      • Tinkerbell

        Beachgirl, I support you for speaking out. I know many people feel the same, me included. None of us want to argue with anyone. We are here to talk and enjoy. This is an on going problem, and BBJ fun killer. I don’t get it. I’ve spoken out several times. I’m sure I will be blasted – again. I’m full on Military, I can deal with it. However, I will no longer give the satisfaction of responding when the crazy disrespectful words come my way.

        Cherry, FWeed, T&Ranch….whoever and wherever you are – Come on man, give it a rest. It’s simple, just stop with the garbage. I don’t care how you talk elsewhere, but please not here. Just asking nicely, please, enough.

      • FW aka CY

        Tink, I’d like an example of a time you’ve ever been “blasted” here by me, or anyone. I remember one dfrgs, or something, asked pretty mildly if you hated everybody this season, since you were screeching hate and bile and venom hither and yon on a daily basis. I thought it was unfair and, like many others, commented in support of you. Your buttcheeks slammed together and you savaged them pretty good, but it was a shrug-off moment. Tinkerbell being Tinkerbell. What ev.

        You little drama queens can try to homogenize the board into some tight-assed, old lady tea-sipping party where only your fusty little mannerisms and speech patterns are allowed, but it’s not going to happen. You go back to ignoring me. I’ll go back to tolerating you. JC will disappear from the hearts and minds of us all, eventually. Life will go on.

        You have a dandy day, now. And bless your little heart for being thoughtful enough to drop by. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfZTURBnc9E

      • NKogNeeTow

        Beach, you can express your feelings, but no attacking or name calling other board members (the asshole comment). FW/Cherry/Yida, we’ve talked about this, back-off. Tink, stay out of it.


      • FW aka CY

        Love ya, NK. My tongue is as bit up as Hayleigh’s fingers. Happy Finale Eve!

      • NKogNeeTow

        FW and ALL your Alters:

        “You little drama queens can try to homogenize the board into some tight-assed, old lady tea-sipping party where only your fusty little mannerisms and speech patterns are allowed, but it’s not going to happen. You go back to ignoring me. I’ll go back to tolerating you.”

        I’ve told you MORE than once, that this has always been a clean site (curse words excluded). I’ve asked you MORE than once to tone it down, yet you are DETERMINED to change it to what you want it to be. Well in your words, it’s not going to happen!

        If you don’t like the site the way it is, then maybe this isn’t the site for you and as that old airline commercial said: “You are free to move about the country”. This is the last time we will have this conversation, no more warnings, no more discussions. From here on, any further attacks on other board members or sexual innuendos will be automatically deleted. If that’s not suitable to you, tell it to Steve, tell it to your best friend, tell it to Jesus, I don’t care. ENOUGH!!!

      • FW aka CY

        Dear Jesus,

        How are you? I am fine. But, you probably already knew that.

        Everything is cool here. No complaints. Please bring peace and joy to all those with unhappy hearts.


  9. WhereisPablo

    Thanks to NK, Steve and Mel for all of their time and effort this season. I will also miss BB, but need to focus on other things too. I have thoroughly enjoyed this season (minus Haleigh and Sam) and even though I’m in the minority, I enjoyed last season as well. Heck, I’ve enjoyed them all. My ideal final 3 would have been Tyler, KC and Brett, but annoying as he could be, JC entertained me on BBAD every night and I am fine with him being in the Final 3. I have wanted either Tyler or KC from the beginning and it’s not often that I can start the Finale without worry. I could never choose, so either one makes me happy.
    My thoughts on Tyler or KC “throwing away their game” by choosing each other are this. Sometimes, people value integrity or honesty or any number of other things above winning or money. I don’t judge because I am not in their shoes. It will be the absolute right of the winner of Part 3 to choose based on whatever they wish and I don’t like to second guess why.
    I think Tyler and KC will retain the strongest bond of any of the players this year no matter the outcome. I hope REALLY good things happen for them both. I doubt I will remember most of Foutte by Christmas and that suits me just fine. I hope someone will give JC whatever it is he needs to be happy. I hope Angela doesn’t break Tyler’s heart and that if they don’t end up together, they stay friends because he seems to give her something she needs. Brett will be fine and I hope he never loses his sense of humor.
    I haven’t commented on Julie for 2 reasons. I have never cared for her and it is none of my business. I hope they work out whatever they want to happen successfully.
    My time here this season has been fun and I have enjoyed posting and reading most of the posts. I wish you all a happy, healthy year until we meet again.
    I am so excited for tomorrow!!!!! 🙂

  10. ElaineB

    I have enjoyed each of the recaps, Mel. You have done an excellent job throughout the season, and I appreciate your dedication to BBJ!

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  12. HappyHippo

    Tomorrow is going to be such a long feeling day!

  13. hogwild

    The one trouble spot I see for KC is she managed to stay off everyone’s radar for so long people could think she just rode Tyler’s coattails for most of the season.

  14. ericawesome

    Yeah made it! Rough week-end with the tornadoes we had Friday but luckily no one in my family/friends were badly affected by it.

    I want to say thanks to Steve, Mel and NK for everything that they do for us in keeping us updated all season long.

    I had a great summer watching (only tv) and reading about all the things that i missed. I really liked this summer and while i agree that the last few weeks had been a bit slow after knowing who won the comps i feel that it’s because they spoiled us with all the back-dooring and puzzle failing early in the game that after it wasn’t as excited.

    This time last year was my favorite moment of the last season (they were few); seeing Paul hyperventilating on his realization on how he treated people in the game was going to make him lose 450k. I laughed so hard that i woke up my kids. This year my pick is Tyler to win but i won’t mind if KC win. They both played the game very well in two different ways and i feel that the answers that they give the jury might sway some people.

    One last thing is that i wish that you (Steve/Mel/NK) would blog about Big Brother Canada here. It’s a great show that I’m sure people from this group would get into if it was covered more (and maybe get more donations?). I would love to be able to do it but English isn’t my first language and i don’t have that much free time with work and two small kids (mostly the reason why i don’t comment that often). Sorry for the long post but i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate all that you do and that I’ll be sad that i won’t have anything good to read on my work breaks for another 9 months! Thanks!

    • CY aka FW

      Glad the news reports of apocalyptic death and destruction were, again, “slightly” exaggerated and you and yours and most others rode it out well.

      I like your post, I like your spirit, I like your diction and parsing – your language skills are superior.

      My left thumb is yellow with admiration, theoretically. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBR2G-iI3-I

      • feltso gudinya

        how about her gumption…….you didn’t mention her gumption……

      • CY aka FW

        I can’t think of everything! That’s why I hang around with a smart-ass like you. Between you and JC, all knowledge is concentrated.

      • feltso gudinya

        my ass looks really smart when hugged by a camel hair blend……..

      • CY aka FW

        “Camel hair blend…” Is that yet another scurrilous euphemism for an unshaved (non-de-odorized) JC? Because you know how I abhor that shit.

        Sorry for the delay. I had to de-stem another batch of grapes for the dehydrator. Oh, “de-stemming” is one of those manual labor thingies you and RS have so much theoretical admiration for. Like what the campesinos on Rancho Rat Bacon are there for. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • feltso gudinya

        speaking of stems, can u ties those two cherry stems in a knot just using your tongue?…….and…off topic…..uc r an acquired taste…stop screwing with people who r not into it…..having a little fun and obtuse vulgarity r not the same thing…….

      • feltso gudinya

        u r very sensitive to slight criticism…….u seem to project a lot….only u r creating the drama and your stereotypical over feminine gay man reactions r offensive to modern day gay men who r not forced to live in roles expected of them by straight society……i thought by being nice to u i could slowly let u know u r accepted here and don’t have to act the fag bitch……welcome to the 21st century and stop playing the fool……stop acting as if u knew all about life before u have even had one…….

      • Tinkerbell

        Thank you, Felts. Well said. I’ve tried as well, to no avail……..

      • FW aka CY

        Ya don’t say. I knew those high horses came from your stable. Didn’t realize they can only be ridden by whine jockeys, though. You can go and be superciliously patronizing some other ignorant rube, now.

        Shalom to you, too, Buckaroo.


      • aka beachgirl

        Thank you feltso and tink. Nice to know I’m not alone.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Tink, Beach, stay out of this please. Yida, listen to your friend.

  15. danmtruth

    With TY leading the AFHG I just wonder if he turns around and takes JC instead of KC how many fans would feel betrayed and let down Also how many would want to change there vote Not saying TY will do that But it must be a thought Than again I was the one who said TY could not live with himself if he chose JC than lost the vote

  16. Houseguest Doug

    Being Canadian I don’t think I have ever said the word “Eh” at the end of a sentence. Nor do I say “Out and about”.

    I tried Poutine once didn’t like it as I don’t like gravy on my fries I prefer Ketchup. Yes, it is Ketchup not Catsup. For those who have never had Poutine it is French Fries covered in Gravy and Cheese Curds.

    I tried a Beaver Tail once. It is basically a Waffle in the shape of a Beaver Tail covered in Nutella or anything else you like on Waffles.

    BB Canada is a more hip and modern take on the BBUS show. 40 other Countries also have their version of BB including Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, United Kingdom et al.

    I will take a pass on BB Celeb Version. Like it says above no A – C List Celeb wants to be on Big Brother for real. They would probably love to play if they’re being honest. But no way do they want to be locked in a house and have their true character exposed.

    There was show awhile back that called “Surreal Life” the show was a train wreck. It lasted for 6 seasons but I am sure the Celebs who were on that show regret it. The show was similar to Big Brother.

    • Mel

      Hi Doug, glad to have your input on Canadians. I’ve been obsessed with all things Canadian since I was probably in junior high. I don’t know why and no one in my family knows where it came from. My parents vacationed there many years ago and visited some friends of theirs but I was house and pet sitting for them while they were gone so I wasn’t even there. You’re right of course, many Canadians never say “eh.” That’s actually been a favorite thing of mine from a silly little movie I saw it when I was a teenager that most people probably never heard of. It was based strongly on stereotypes and making fun of them. It’s called Strange Brew and although quite stupid, a favorite of mine. I love BBCAN and also Canadian home improvement shows. I would also agree with Ketchup, not catsup.

      • feltso gudinya

        speaking 0f strange brew….doesn’t brent kavanah look exactly like dave thomas?…….

      • Houseguest Doug

        Strange Brew is a cult classic. It was a movie that John Candy (Canadian) and Rick Moranis (Canadian) got their start. They belong to a comedy troupe called “The Second City”.

        Second City started in Chicago and many of the people who went on to star on Saturday Night Live got their start at Second City. Some famous Canadian alum… Dan Akyroyd, Mike Myers (Austin Powers fame), Eugene Levy, John Candy, Martin Short, Rick Moranis, Catherine O’Hara, and Jordan Peele.

        In the 70’s the Canadian Second City started a skit show called “SCTV” all filmed in Toronto Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas started a skit called “Bob & Doug Mckenzie” They played up to the Canadian stereotype and the skit was extremely popular. The Canadian band Rush did a song called “Take off” which was based on the two Hosers.

        They coined expressions like “Take off Eh!” & calling people a “HOSER”. Of course wearing lumber jack jackets, toques, and drinking beer out the old stubbie bottles and eating and frying up back bacon.

        Canadians are a lot like Amercian’s just more polite after all we are the home of the unnecessary apology and we have less guns.

        If you were to vist downtown Toronto you would swear you were in NYC. People dress, talk and act the same as New Yorkers just don’t have the Bronx accent.

        I would invite you all to come up and visit Canada. Everything is on sale for 25% off due to the favorable exchange rate for you American’s.

      • CY aka FW

        The McKenzies are good. But the Trailer Park Boys are genius! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQc-ldoX3yI

      • Mel

        Yep, that’s the one Doug! It was so ridiculous but hilarious! The stereotyping was such comedy! I loved it.

      • Jannie

        I loved John Candy.
        “Summer Rental” is a great classic 80’s comedy.
        I also loved Bob and Doug McKenzie. Take off, eh! I think I had an 8 track tape of their “Great White North” bits in my old Ford Pinto. 😀

      • danmtruth

        SCTV was WAY ahead of its time Dining out with Jonny LaRue

  17. LO1004

    Can we get a Brett AFP so Bob can zoom in on RS’s face to see how pissed she’d be.

  18. Robin

    Does anyone remember the movie where flesh eating zombie attack a B.B. set? At first they think Bob is messing with them…..

  19. Jannie

    Thanks, Mel.
    The most shocking thing in this entire post is that JC thought that Rockstar’s baby “probably” would have it’s eyes open.
    Shouldn’t any grown human being know these things?

  20. AIO_7

    Just had to fit this in before the season is over. You can’t not like it …


  21. TeeJay

    I’ve been a KC fan from the beginning but since I’m a BB newbie I didn’t get the lack of obvious game play anger that some people had. I read here (sorry I don’t know who to credit) that part of the Level 6 success might be accredited to their experience in team sports. I think it’s similar to the assist to a layup analogy Mel used, KC didn’t need the spotlight but she was vitial to the alliance especially when she started winning the comps.
    I’m cool from my couch with her or Tyler winning but in my heart I want KC to win. LET’S GO!

  22. Mel

    Sorry for the confusion about saying tonight in the recap. I did the entire post this morning, messaged Steve and said it was done and after that, I realized that today wasn’t Wednesday. I just woke up thinking it was Wednesday for some reason. I had to message Steve again, ask him to hold on and go through it to delete all references to today being Wednesday. I thought I got them all but since I didn’t, I figured I should come clean.

  23. Houseguest Doug

    To be honest I would like to see Tyler win only because he has played a great game from day 1. He didn’t sit back and wait for moves to be made he was making moves. KC has played a great physical game and won a lot of key POV comps on behalf of L6.

    Comps is only one portion of the game. There is also the social aspect of the game and strategy. I firmly believe Tyler mapped out the plan and the rest of Level 6 executed it to perfection.

    A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Tyler recognized very quickly which members of L6 had out grown their use. Winston, Rachel, and then Brett. He was smart enough to recognize KC is a Pro Athlete and she is going to dominate anything physical and she did.

    Every Orchestra has a conductor and no doubt in my mind Tyler was the Conductor.

    I will not be upset if KC wins. She was quiet and invisible in the first half of the season which is a good strategy to keep a low profile and not win too many comps early, that leads to an early exit.

    KC kicked her social game into gear in the 2nd half and started to dominate when it mattered most at the POV comps., including a very key HOH.

    Tyler just has more charisma and is someone future House Guests will be excited to see when he comes back into the House to host a future comp. Not sure KC has that same charisma.

    As a straight Male and someone over 50 I know it is a new world out there and it might be good for BB and for TV and the views to see KC win to show that Female’s and members of LGBQT Community are equal and just as capable as hetro people at winning this game.

    For all its faults production did well to get someone like KC to represent the LGBQT community. Stay away from the stereotype and just see KC as a strong powerful female who is a force to be recognized and respected.

    The fact she is also a visible minority is a plus.

    Congratulations to either KC or Tyler which ever wins wins. It is well deserved.

  24. GoodGame

    I am already having Big Brother withdrawals this week because the show is over in 1 more day! I will miss it and this website! Hope you guys have a good Winter and maybe we will all meet again next Summer! Hurricane Florence has me behind 2 weeks on the shows and BBAD but I guess it all comes down to these 3 and I don’t really mind who wins now but I kinda want KC to get the money. Take care every one!

  25. ingodog

    Mel darling, just a few facts about Canada and Canadians. 1. It is not always cold here we do have summer, spring, and fall too. 2. It depends on what part of the country u are from if u say eh! I’m from Newfoundland and some people think we have our own language here, but I never say eh. 3. Don’t even know what a beaver tail unless it’s the one attached to an actual beaver. 4. As for poutine I hate it but that’s just me. Enjoy facts about Canada brought to u by Ingodog! LOl

    • Mel

      Lol! I loved listening to Will on BBCAN 6. You’re so right. His accent was completely his own and sounded nothing like anyone else or more importantnly, a stereotype. I loved how the hg’s were sunbathing with the Temps in the 40′ & 50’s too. So much of Canada looks sooooo beautiful! Other parts of the world are too as well as many places in the US but for me, I’m Canada obsessed only! I’ve made it to Alaska during a couple summers and that’s the farthest north I’ve been but haven’t hopped countries yet. All my country hopping in the past has been South. Lol

    • CY aka FW

      Goofy Newfie! Best episode of Manhunter ever was the one on Newfoundland with the girl who talked more than JC – and the guy as much as Silent Bob. Another example of superior Canadian television. Have my thanks on behalf of who all deserves credit up there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWQf13B8epw

    • Jannie

      I love Canada! Been to Thunder Bay(home of Paul Schaeffer) a few times while on Minnesota’s beautiful Lake Superior North Shore. .
      Hi neighbor!

  26. Tinkerbell

    Steve, Mel, NK, The link below is from Joker’s. If I shouldn’t be posting it please delete, and I apologize. I found it a little bit ago. From June 2016. Q & A, pretty interesting. “Bob” aka Don Wollman, answers some questions. I had forgotten that one of the punishments for sleeping late was no hot water. Love that. One of the questions I loved was if 2006 would be the last year for BB. He said he was looking forward to BB20. That’s so cool. I hope they never take away our fun summer escape……and our precious friendships here.


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  28. Lynn

    I would like to add my sincerest thanks to Steve, Mel and NK for keeping us updated and doing it in a fun and entertaining way! Special shout out to NK because I have the live feeds, but I am also really partial to my sleep, so I’m so glad you do what you do at the times you do it! I am completely terrified and out on the ledge that Tyler won’t get to the F2! Mel- you said Kaycee is questioning him today about his secrets! Nooooooo! I just need Tyler to make F2 over JC! He was my pick from day 1 and I cannot believe he’s made it this far! I’m totally fine with him coming in 2nd- just so he makes F2! I also think he should win because he’s super cute, nice and his Mama lives in what I call a “regular folks” house! What? Those aren’t good reasons? Well he also played a pretty great game! Kaycee did as well, so go Kaycee too. She’s also super cute, kind and her Mama seemed sweet on her intro lol. Now I’m going to vote for Tyler the maximum amount allowed as I do every day…….and try not to think about the possibility that he may come in 3rd.
    PS- whoever commented that JC won Part 2 the other day and then quickly corrected it to Kaycee! I think you just about have me a nervous breakdown! Fun times though! Bring on the finale!

  29. Mr. Beardo

    So pumped for tomorrow night! Sad it’s almost over but it’s definitely been a super fun ride with y’all this summer!

  30. Tinkerbell

    CBS, Tyler and KC for Amazing Race. More fun than Tyler and Angela.

  31. GoodGame

    Tyler and Scottie for Amazing Race would make a team!

  32. FW aka CY

    Interesting poll and commentary about most hated houseguests. https://www.thetoptens.com/hated-big-brother-us-contestants/

    I agree with #1 for sure.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Included in that Top 10, I’d add Bayleigh, Dick, Jozea, Andy, Rachel R., Paulie, Gina Marie, Kent, Christine, Alex Ow, Raven, Austin, Willie, Swaggy, Cody, Chima, Christmas, Vanessa, Corey, Brendan, McCrae and Victoria…oh wait, that’s more than 10…Sorrrrryyyy

      • FW aka CY

        Forgiven. It was an accident, I’m sure.

        I wonder how those numbers will change as the season gets discuseed over time and we get to see who CBS may try to promote beyond their station. If they try to push a lot of Swaggy and Bay, their stock will go up in the Most Hated ranks. I was a little surprised that JC ranked so high already. Will his noteriety build over time, or will he and his antics fade into obscurity? I can’t see him becoming a more popular or sympathetic figure, but I guess it could happen.

  33. FW aka CY

    So are there feeds or BBAD tonight, or have they already been whisked awa from our prying gaze?

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry, late start on BBAD…spent to much time putting out little board fires…

    KC, JC, and Tyler basically just sat around talking. They mentioned that JC’s name is Joseph Charles Mondouix (I didn’t know that).

    They did a house tour and talked about a memory in each room. The tour started in the HN. They talked about how many had slept in there and who they were.

    They moved to the pink bedroom. JC said that the corner was Swaggy and Bay’s love corner. He also said that everybody that originally slept in that room left the house first.

    The blue bedroom: JC said it was Tyler and Angela’s love nest. He also pointed out his “blindspot” in the room.

    The SR: JC tells them about the time after one eviction, that he was in there with Fessy and Fessy was so mad he kept hitting things and JC had to calm him down.

    The LR: They went over where everyone who had been blindsided was sitting when it happened.

    The entrance: Laughed about Brett smashing the door.

    The Loft: JC and Tyler vs. KC in the last Foosball game. The boys won. They looked over the balcony and talked about the things they viewed from there.

    HOH: The door was locked and Bob told them to stop trying.

    Finally, the bathroom. I missed that part of the conversation.

    They sat at the counter and ate and thanked everyone for watching. If they pass anyone on the street, they want them to stop them and say hello.

    Bob told JC to clean up the kitchen.

    They each give a personal thank you to everyone who watched.

    I forgot to mention, they did a special performance of Tyler’s song. They also did the Peanut song and dance.

    JC and Tyler are in the bathroom, getting ready for bed.

  35. FW aka CY

    AAaaahhhhhh…. Cool. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxZInIyOBXk

    I guess she’s saying “light,” but I always thought it was “night.”

  36. Shivani33

    Tonight JC said that he never lives anywhere as long as he has lived in the BB house. Really? The last three are feeling anxious, cooped up and then, add some more anxious. Tyler said last night that he hasn’t lived with his mother since he was 18. He said until now, his mother hasn’t known how he’s been living as an adult. He said that she doesn’t know the game of Big Brother and she’s shy. He wondered what she thinks of it all. I sensed some distance. Not hostility, but distinctly, distance.

    Kaycee’s dad calls into Rod Has a Podcast every now and then. He is one proud dad, very happy for Kaycee. He’s been following the show closely, along with most of her family. The mother stays out of it. Evidently her religion gives her some conflicts about her very own daughter.

    One kind of odd thing is that both Kaycee and JC talk a lot about how much they (each and separately) want to be with Tyler after the show is over and kinda make a life with him. Of course JC seems to think that he and Tyler will get an apartment together in L.A. Tyler will turn gay and be his girlfriend who supports him. He will spend his time in bed all day watching the new tv he plans to buy out of his stipend money. Happily ever after. He told Tyler that Angela won’t want any JC at her place after she hears the things he’s said about her. Tyler had a half-baked solution for that. Anything to keep JC from flipping right now.

    Meanwhile Kaycee already has Tyler and herself running a t-shirt business in her head. Coming soon! Lol. Neither JC or Kaycee seem to want to make room for Angela in their future equations. It’s all Tyler all of the time. Today, Kaycee is more “out of sight, out of mind” about Angela than ever. If things keep going this way, there’s going to be quite a period of adjustment as the Final Four try to adapt their rather possessive interconnections. Poor Tyler might have to get on a plane to the Himalayas to escape all that love. He san gaze out the window and sing “oh look at all the lonely people. Where do they all come from?”

    • feltso gudinya

      do none of these people have a life to go back to?…..it’s really very sad …….

    • TeeJay

      It reminds me of the connections made during “rehab” or treatment. After living in close quarters and no outside influence it does feel like the bond is strong and permanent. Some are, some aren’t but you don’t know till you are back in the real world.
      I think JC is going to have a harder time accepting the change than KC. He doesn’t have as much support or stability when he is out.
      After the game part ends Tyler isn’t going to have to manage JC’s reactions and I think they will have a falling out, probably about Angela first, but there will be other stuff involved too.

  37. Seattle Kari

    Just waving hello on pre fiction night. Not much more to add really, Everyone have a great day, be good to each other, and I will see you tomorrow! 🙂

  38. Shivani33

    Sorry, Rob Has a Podcast, not Rod. That was a phallic lapse. F*ck you, Sigmund Freud.

  39. CY aka FW

    I should change my name to Sigmund Freud now, then cry and say, “Ummmveeer!”. Do they say ” umber” anymore? Anyway – interesting info, Shiv. Grazzi.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    KC is in the bedroom changing. She has already packed. JC and Tyler said they will do it tomorrow morning.

    *I also forgot to mention that earlier, JC and Tyler were kicking the blow up bowling ball around and deflated it. JC also said that the BB house is the longest place he’s ever lived in his life*

    JC is taking a shower. KC is telling Tyler that JC told her that he has Angela in the JH campaigning hard for him. Tyler says that if she is campaigning for him, it can’t be in a good way…lol

    They discuss what to tell him when she picks him (T) tomorrow. They say that either way, it’s all going to make sense to him. They decide to tell him everything tomorrow.

    Tyler says that JC also keeps bringing up Sam.

    KC says win or lose, she’s just happy she’ll be sitting next to Tyler. They say sitting next to anyone else just wouldn’t make sense.

    KC says she can’t wait to tell JC tomorrow and he will be so shocked. She says that she and Tyler will only have a few more uncomfortable times with him before it’s over. She says, whatever happens, happens.

    She says she’s probably going to just give a general speech tomorrow and tell what her strategy was coming into the house. She asks should they mention L6, then says she just wants to get it over with.

    Tyler says what a summer, then they start talking about her allergies. She says she’s having some sort of reaction and it’s acting up. She looks in the SR to see if there is anything there she can take, there isn’t.

    They get into bed and say that yesterday they said they would be in bed by 10. Tyler said they weren’t even close (they were in bed by 11).

    KC and Tyler are trying to decide on pancakes or waffles tomorrow. KC says they should walk out holding hands tomorrow. Tyler likes the idea.

    They say it’s going to be a good day tomorrow. He says it’s going to be a good day, month, week, year. He says tomorrow their lives will change then tells her “let’s go to sleep”. He says he really wants them to show a clip of the 2 of them at the beginning.

    JC comes in from his shower and asks them what’s up. He says 30 more minutes and its a new day. Tyler asks him if he doesn’t want to read the back of the heat pack to them. He says no.

    JC dressed then went back to the bathroom. KC has her face covered with her emoji pillow. Tyler is peeking from under the shirt over his face and picking at his chest.

    KC ask Bob to cut the light out one last time. Tyler says Bob can’t do it because he’s to sad. She gets called to the SR.

    JC comes back and gets in his bed on his knees and picks at Tyler over the wall. Tyler tells him goodnight. JC whispers something to Tyler and gets told to put on his mic, which he does. The tells Tyler that he really doesn’t want to go to bed.

    JC tells Tyler he’s so nervous. He says that if KC wins and picks him (T), that it’s alright. He says he told KC to do whatever’s better for her game. He says he feels he really should have won that (the other comp). He tells Tyler that he really thinks he’s going to win tomorrow.

    KC comes back and JC stops talking. JC tells them they’re never going to fall asleep there again. KC says they’re never going to sleep anywhere again.

    JC asks Tyler if he’s excited to see Kait again. KC says she’s excited to see everyone. JC asks Tyler who’s he most excited to see. Tyler says Winston and his brother, Rachel, Kait and Brett (but he’s a little scared), Angela, Scottie. JC says oh, of course, she hasn’t even been gone for a week. Tyler says it’s been a year since he’s seen her.

    JC asks KC who she’s excited to see, she says Rachel. Tyler says he’s guaranteed they’ll see Winston and his twin. JC gets called to put on his mic. KC ask Bob again, to turn out the lights. JC gets called out to put on his mic again and he tells Bob he’s going to sleep.

    The 3 of them say goodnight to Bob and the live feeders. JC thanks BB for giving him a boyfriend…lol. He talks about Tyler and Winston being good looking.

    Tyler rolls over to go to sleep. JC says he’s thinking about tomorrow Angela will find out that he called her a witch, but that Production made him do it. He got called out for it but he keeps talking and Bob puts “You’ve got to be kidding me” on a loop, then ask “What part of stop do you not understand”, followed by “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions”. JC keeps telling them everything he said about Angela in his DRs.

    Tyler and KC are laughing at him. Tyler says Bob will need a vacation once JC leaves. JC says he’s going to make that bitch work. He says that when he gets out and people asks him about Tyler, he’s going to say that Tyler was very jealous and evicted his side Ho. He said when they asks him if Tyler is really gay, he’s going to say “HELLO”.

    JC starts to talk about KC and we get fished. Whoever they were talking about, when we get unfished, KC is telling JC that she’s really picky, Tyler says he is too. JC tells KC to trust him, he’s going to get her some of the best p*ssy in town. They all burst out laughing and KC tells him she doesn’t think he can say that on TV.

    JC starts to talk about someone’s neighbor and we get fished again.

    Back from the aquarium and Tyler and KC are trying to sleep but JC keeps talking. Bob tells JC to clean the bathroom mirror. JC asks him why he doesn’t clean it. Bob then tells him to put the furniture back in it’s place.

    JC says that he thinks when they wake up tomorrow, Bob won’t be there anymore. Bob says no. JC asks him if he’s going to be there until the last minute. Bob says yes, then says “You’re welcome”.

    KC and Tyler are still trying to go to sleep. JC is laying in his bed staring at the ceiling or whatever it is up there. He is wide awake. *Poor fella, it’s like being all dressed up and no place to go*

    Production still hasn’t turned out the lights. JC tells Bob goodnight. KC and Tyler tells Bob goodnight and also says goodnight to the viewers and tells everyone they love them.

    Production finally turns off the light and Tyler gets up and goes to the bathroom then back to bed.

    All are in bed now and Orwell/Orwella is perched on his rainbow throw, wearing his rainbow headband on the LR sofa. Production turns off the light on him too.

    And that concludes our final night in the BB house. I was hoping that Pop would give them one last surprise but that’s pretty much out now.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

    • Seattle Kari

      Thank you for what you did all season for us, I know it wasn’t easy, Especially the last few nights.


      • mm22

        Hey kari I sent u a message yesterday-did
        u get it? I’m still trying to figure out
        how to use this site-thanks NK -u must have
        to “friend” someone first n then u can send
        them a message….??

    • Ann

      Thank you NK for all of your hard late night work. I didn’t even bother watching BBAD most nights because reading your updates was much more interesting.
      This is a sad day because I will miss everyone so much. Be safe, take care & love one another.

  41. CY aka FW

    JC -being a pain in the ass to the very end. Sadly, I identify with that just a little bit…

  42. HappyHippo

    I hope jc finds out about us that do love him…

  43. Patty

    Just heard on the radio tonight is the last night Julie Chen is the host of BB. I guess time will tell.

  44. Avatar

    I feel like I’m going to cry tonight watching the finale. So happy for these 3! This cast has had me so emotional and I’m so sad to see this season end. I feel like I’m going to have to adjust to it being over LOL! Luckily, I’m going on vacay next week so that will be something to look forward to!

  45. LynnD

    I posted this last night. In the wrong thread. SMH:

    I still have been unable to catch up on everybody’s comments. You all have been some very busy people. About 30 minutes ago I finally finished the comments on the Friday recap thread. So I just looked and I believe I still have 3 (make that 5) more to go. I have read all the recaps except for the Kaycee’s game so I’m just trying to do the comments. And I’ve had so many comments I’ve wanted to add that’s totally pointless because you’re not going to see them. But I do want you all to know I have been thoroughly enjoying reading most of y’all’s comments.

    I have also had the feeds running tonight. And it was such a beautiful night I decided to go swimming for a while. That lasted only 30 minutes because I wanted to get back to the feeds. I was really enjoying listening to “Bob” interact with the three of them tonight and throwing them little trivia tidbits was cute. Watching them do the Rockwall and I do want to say: Way To Go JC for finally being able to maneuver past the one part of the rock wall that was giving him such a hard time. I’m going to be very sad to see the season end for several reasons. Mainly like a lot of people here I’m totally addicted to BB so maybe instead of looking for another show to blog about I think we should all stay here and try to be a support system for each other as we go into withdrawals.

    However, in other news that is not BB related I was super excited to see that “This Is Us” has returned tonight. (Im so happy for the invention of the DVR. Without it I would most likely miss most of my shows) So to all my fellow BB’s: Happy Finale Eve Everybody <3 and fingers crossed I can get the rest of these comments caught up tonight. You know sleep is highly overrated.

    Side Note: I did NOT get through the comments. Epic fail, still working on them.

  46. mm22

    “think we should all stay here and try to be a support system for each other as we go into withdrawals.”
    So funny I was just thinking of what to do with my free time now- I was way too connected to my phone
    this summer because of this site -love it

  47. Houseguest Doug

    The End.


    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend
    The end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes again

    Can you picture what will be?
    So limitless and free
    Desperately in need
    Of some stranger’s hand
    In a desperate land

    Jim Morrison

  48. mm22

    Doug is that for the house guests or bbjer’s or Julie?

  49. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn to the Hollywood Reporter yesterday, along with Steve, Rachel, Winston and Swag: “We all know what Tyler did to me on an emotional level. He didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to pretend he was in love with me to get me to make moves.” I hope she isn’t given time to revise history on the finale. This is too skewed. “We all know…” She sounds just like Phaedra Parks from RHOA, who used to begin many of her deceptions with those 3 words.

    • Ann

      Kaitlyn has got a lot of nerve talking about Ty acting like he was in love with her. She threw herself at every man in the house talking in that stupid baby voice that irritated the living hell out of us all. She was nuts when she got to the BB house, she can’t blame Ty for her emotional problems.

      • Shivani33

        Does Kaitlyn forget that viewers watched Tyler keep batting away her advances? Repeatedly he had to struggle with her, to maintain affectionate vibes and to get her to leave sexuality out of it. She was similar with Faysal and Brett. Did they “pretend to be in love with her” too? Kaitlyn is no bombshell, and she’s not a great pretender (yet) either. At least she knows enough not to get pregnant on tv, though. Big whoop.

  50. Shivani33

    Steve said he hopes Sam gets the AFP prize because she went through such hell on BB. Um, Steverino, that hell was rather self-imposed.

  51. LynnD

    Were any of them watching the same show & feeds we have been watching? Shiv & Ann you are both correct. They sound like they are just bitter that they could not play the game with the same integrity the others have. Tyler may have flirted with Kaitlyn but I never saw him lead her on or ever say he loved her. She is just as BSC as Sam. Winston posted a video of a facetime between him & Kaitlyn & I could not even listen to her annoying whine. For you Steve: Everything that happened to Sam was self inflicted. In the beginning Tyler went above & beyond to make her feel comfortable when she was stuck as a robot. No one else did. He does not owe her ANYTHING!!!

  52. LynnD

    In the words of AIO: NEW THREAD

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