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Big Brother 20 – My Final Thoughts & Predictions

September 26, 2018 | 68 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! After almost 100 days, we’re finally here!  I couldn’t list all the things I liked about this season and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed it like this since BB10. I’ve liked seasons after 10 but not to this level. Here’s a last look at another level…Level 6:

After the joke we call BB19, (officially the worst ever imo) this was our reward for sitting through it. The bar has been set high after this year and I hope the next one can live up to it. (Truthfully, if it’s only half as good, it will be fine) Maybe production will finally give BB16 a rest and show this season to all the new instagram recruits they put on the show next summer. (I’m assuming it will be on next summer because I haven’t heard that it isn’t) Even the recruits and people who didn’t know much about the show were still playing the game and that’s all we can ask for. (except Sam) It’s usually about half in recent years so 15 out of 16 was great!

We saw blindsides from week one, secret flipped votes, funny speeches, a messy house meeting and very little game interference from twists. We got to witness L6 at work, watch Foutte fall apart, (which was equally entertaining) and see Kaitlyn lose her puzzle to get back in the house. We were introduced to Kaitlyn and whether you love her or hate her, she was fun to watch. Sam was also fun to watch for a while because she was so different. (Her refusal to play the game turned me off, not her crazy, I kind of liked that about her) I usually don’t remember the bad players but Foutte was so incredibly bad, I liked and will remember them too. This season wouldn’t have been the same without them. We saw a lot of backstabbing but also some fierce loyalty in a game where people can’t trust each other. We’re going into a finale where we can’t predict who will win. What more can we ask for? Here’s a last look at Foutte….in the jury house:

Actually, I could ask for one more thing.  I dislike the finale/ jury format so much they’ve done in recent years. I’ve harped on it more this year because these people have played so hard, it makes it even worse. I’ve said the show would be better without twists but that’s a personal opinion, nothing more. The jury set up is different. It affects the end game for the players and does them a huge disservice.  Survivor lasts only 39 days but their jury gets to question them at length and the final players have the time to tell them why they should win. BB expects these people to do that in about 5 minutes of talking time. The F2 in BB has to describe 100 days of work, not 39. They also have to use up a big amount of that 5 minutes answering stupid, predetermined jury questions that aren’t even specific to each person.  That leaves them with less than 2 minutes to tell the jury why and how they earned the 500k. They don’t get to address each juror because they’ll both only get 3 questions a piece plus the bonus one from the last juror, who has to come up with it on the spot. Production likes to have the live tv moment of the final juror walking on stage but is it worth it? Hell no, its not! Having all the jurors asking the final 2 questions, letting the jury deliberate on their answers and then going to the finale to cast the votes was so much better. Dr. Will meets with them to discuss it before the last juror is even there. They don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t heard from the final 2 yet!  Players used to have the time to explain their games and the final juror didn’t have to vote while they were still reeling from being evicted. It was always a fun episode to watch too. The last week is so boring, does it really matter if it’s 2 or 3 people in the house? Sometimes, it would even add a little excitement. After they talked to the jury, the F2 were in the house together and at times, have gotten mad over what the other one said during the discussion. It’s just something I wish they’d rethink and all 3 have played very well so it’s been on my mind.

Ross and Marissa will be doing backyard interviews this year. (get the Marissa mute button fired up again) BB19 winner, Josh will also be doing them for Pop Tv. There will be several others that you’ll be able to see right after the finale or find them online the next day.

Last full day of feeds:

  • The three of them have talked about everything they can think of at least 100 times. They’ve simply ran out of material. They did climb the rock wall and after many attempts this summer, JC finally made it to the top, past a section he couldn’t get past before. Tyler really cheered him on and said they weren’t leaving the living room until he’d done it.
  • They also took the living room sofa for a spin. Bob told them to “please stop rotating the living room.” (I remember the first week when I was so impressed with that spinning platform and furniture. That’s seems like forever ago!) During the joy ride, JC said “Thank you Big Brother. It was an amazing season. Thanks for your cooperation.” (My favorite is when he says “only…..on CBS.”) Too bad he was such a shit all summer, he could’ve probably gotten some CBS promotional gigs but I don’t see that happening now.
  • Bob (BB voice) talked to them all day long and it was almost like having a 4th hg. It was pretty funny at times.
  • All of them say DAILY how they can’t wait to hang out with Rachel. Actually, almost the entire cast has said it ALL summer. They really love her. (Haleigh couldn’t stand her but I think she’s the only one) Sam even gave her a pass and liked her when she walked around in a sports bra all the time. (We know Sam isn’t a fan of those without morals and well fitted clothing)
  • JC gave KC another talk about the F2. He said he would understand if KC thought she would beat Tyler and took him. He also told her Angela would be working hard for Tyler in the jury and how he didn’t do well with his own jury management. (Can’t blame him for trying) JC asked Tyler again to tell him if he wasn’t taking him and that he’d understand. (I think he’ll kill him instead of understand but it’s only a guess)
  • JC told Tyler for the 2nd day that he has his vote if KC wins the hoh and evict JC. (He doesn’t say he has it if Tyler cuts him)
  • JC shared his BB knowledge once again by telling Tyler all about how Angela was in the jury house. (She  isn’t, actually none of them have been since Sunday but she never was) He told Tyler all about how the next one out would go to the round table discussion. Tyler said he thinks they just walk on stage and vote but JC let him know he was wrong. (We know Tyler’s correct) JC really picked up the torch for the role I gave Haleigh this season as the BB misinformant.
  • They began naming capitols of countries and states. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing the hoh comp isn’t about capitols. The three were pretty split on Vancouver and Toronto as the Capitol of Canada. (Sorry housepets, it’s Ottawa) They tried to decide if Philidelphia is a state and JC insisted that Virginia has no beaches. (Someone should tell Virginia Beach to change its name. They could call it Virginia Beachless, I guess?) Bob gave them “no” answers when they were wrong and started giving them letters and hints. It was a very messy geography class.
  • They went room to room and talked about the memories they had from each one, told the live feeders bye and made a whole show of it.
  • KC was very stir crazy for a time and was having the kind of evening Tyler had the day before.
  • JC asked Bob what the taxes were on 500k. Bob said “Zing!”
  • I didn’t mention this yesterday because it happened very late and I’d missed it. Tyler finally spoke to the cameras. (We’ve been waiting all damn season) It wasn’t about the game or his plans for the F2. He was talking about his insecurities over Angela. He’s crazy over her but worried she may not feel the same. He said he was trying to get it out of his head because he needed to be thinking of his speech but couldn’t concentrate. It isn’t helping him that JC reminds him every 5 minutes how they’ll never be a couple. He said to himself (or us) “I’m gonna win, I need to win and she’s going to understand.” He said he couldn’t lose the game and the girl.
  • Tyler and KC decided to tell JC about their F2. They said they may do it after the feeds go off today so we’ll miss the fall out. Tyler seemed like he wanted to cause JC less embarrassment so maybe that’s why he wants to do it after. (He may also be afraid JC will go nuts and Tyler doesn’t want JC trying to kick his ass while the feeds are still on)

The hg’s who didn’t make jury were interviewed together:

  • Swaggy thinks Tyler played the best and should win, he doesn’t seem bitter anymore…finally!  He still thinks the shomance of Tangela isn’t great because they said they’d cut each other to win. (Example 1 for why Tyler is in the house and Swaggy isn’t)
  • Kaitlyn, who had a great attitude originally, is very bitter now.  She said Tyler emotionally manipulated her and it wasn’t game manipulation.  She said he didn’t have to tell her he loved her to get her to make a game move. (I thought it was the reverse for who said what) She also tweeted after the recap episode that the show left out a “major story line” which was Kaitlyn being “emotionally manipulated…”  I’m guessing this will be her focus during the finale. (Naturally, I found it necessary to comment and tell her there was no such thing as a “major story line” for someone who left before jury. I would never be offensive to one of the hg’s and go after them the way some people think is ok. My comment was educational, right?)
  • Rachel wants KC to win but she feels good about all 3 of them. She will try to be seen and photographed as much as possible tonight. That girl is thirsty! It shouldn’t be a surprise because it’s no secret she went on the show for career exposure. She played the game tho so I’m fine with it. She’s funny and I can see why the hg’s like her. Rachel’s that person who would jump in the middle of wedding photos even though she attended as somebody’s ‘plus one’ and didn’t know the bride or groom.
  • Steve has the best attitude but has the biggest reason to be unhappy about the show. He was asked what he missed the most and he said it was the entire season.
  • Winston gave all 3 credit, has a great attitude and was very impressed with JC’s game.

Prediction for the win and who I think should win:

This was hard so I’m glad I’m not a juror. I’ve spent the past three days looking at their games and making a case for each one of them to be a good winner. I still feel they would all be acceptable winners and I stand by what I said yesterday about not having a bad choice.

JC worked his butt off riding the middle, balancing two sides while not being able to win comps. Since he couldn’t win comps, he had to persuade people to do what he wanted and quite often, he did. He was too loyal to Tyler and couldn’t win around the final 5 thru 7, the crucial time to shake things up. He gets points for being willing to do it if he’d won but loses some for never considering Tyler as one of the people who should leave.


Kaycee was very loyal, didn’t make many (if any) enemies and won comps when she needed. She gains points for all of those things but loses them for not keeping Angela at the F4. It was a very bad game move. She may still win but she could’ve won easily and she either didn’t see it or didn’t care.

Tyler would win hands down if it was based on the amount of hours clocked for playing time with JC coming in 2nd. He controlled almost eveything going on in the house all summer. He made the most moves, directed other peoples moves and got intel on the ones he wasn’t controlling. He gains points for running the house and having the best odds of everyone to get to the F2.  He loses some for wanting KC in the F2 with him. She may be the worst person for him to sit with in the end out of his many choices. Granted, she won the F4 veto and evicting Angela is on her. I don’t know what Tyler would’ve done so he can’t lose points for it.

JC is out so I’m only looking at Tyler vs Kaycee and after thinking about what they did, I have to go with Tyler. I absolutely love Kaycee as a player and as a person. She’ll make a good winner if she wins but Tyler simply did things that Kaycee didn’t. I don’t think she should lose because she didn’t do as much or wasn’t as busy as Tyler. Her social game and comp wins are both positives and she played a really great game without needing to do everything. For me, it came down to intention and control. Her game wasn’t flashy but it was smart. There was nothing wrong with Kaycee letting Tyler take the lead and get the “blood on his hands” if it had been intentional but I don’t believe it was. Kaycee was happy as long as L6 was winning and all her diary rooms were “L6 and we.” If she’d said, even once, “I’m letting Tyler do my dirty work,” I’d be 100%, Let’s Go!! She didn’t sit back and let him do it as a strategy, it happened because he called the shots.

Control of the game was my other reason for feeling Tyler should win. Kaycee got what she wanted most of the game but they weren’t her decisions that caused it to happen. She didn’t make any decisions because Tyler made all the plans. As great of a game as she played, I can only find one move and decision she made on her own. Unfortunately, it was evicting Angela. Kaycee would be a good winner to represent the season but in my opinion, Tyler wold be a great one. I’ll be happy either way. I also think they are both amazingly mature and truly kind people who are great representatives for BB20.

Selfishly, I also want Tyler to win because the more often we have jurors not take things personally and be rewarded for it with praise from fans, the more likely we are to steer away from bitter jurys. The more often an active player who’s playing hard is rewarded, the more of it we’ll see in the future. Hg’s use the recent seasons as a guide for how to play. As much as I love Kaycee, I don’t want to watch 16 of her playing next season. Hey, I said it was selfish.

My guess for votes and it’s definitely a guess:

  • JC- I think he’ll vote for Tyler. He could be mad today but I just have to believe he’s too crazy over Tyler not to vote for him.
  • Angela- We heard some rumors that she’s a little upset with Tyler but I still think she votes for him.
  • Sam- I believe she’ll vote for KC. Tyler could say something during the finale to get her back tho.
  • Brett-I think he will vote for Tyler and give him more credit than he gives KC.
  • Haleigh- I think she votes for Tyler but this ones very hard to call.
  • Fessy- Like Brett, I think he’ll credit Tyler more than KC and vote for him.
  • Scottie- I think he votes for Tyler.
  • Rockstar- I think she’ll vote for KC no matter what Tyler says tonight.
  • Bayleigh- Even if she gets her apology, I think she votes for KC.

The votes may go nothing close to what I’m predicting because I don’t know what they’re thinking, what they value or how the few days of sequester could affect them. I feel a little confident about Bayleigh, Rockstar and Angela. The rest of them are guesses and I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way. Nothing will surprise me tonight!

I talked to some of you yesterday about staying in contact for BBCAN in the spring. My Twitter is @mclick888 and the email is [email protected]. Put Big Brother or something similar in the subject line if you email me so I’ll pay attention to it. BBCAN should air after CBB and I’m guessing Steve will cover CBB here at BBJ since he did last year. Maybe he’ll let us know this evening. We have lots of time and I’ll be here commenting with everyone for CBB before BBCAN happens anyway.

This is it for me guys, my last thread for the season! Steve will be here for the finale and I’m sure he’ll do a post after tonight is over wrapping up the season. (I’m pretty sure he does that but my mind just blanked on it for some reason) Steve, if you read this, we really need you to do that, just putting it out there. Also, while you’re taking requests, could you tell us if you’re covering CBB again? (What can I say? It’s my last thread so I’m really pushing my requests today)

My jokes aside, I want Steve to know how grateful I am for his site and for all his hard work on it. He gives us great BB coverage and a great place to discuss it. I can’t imagine BB without Steve and BBJ. I appreciate NK so much too for keeping all her children in line and providing such thorough and funny commentary every night, sometimes when she doesn’t feel up to it.

I’ll be here tonight chatting away at the finale so for the ones who don’t join in but have been here this summer, I love you all! Thanks for my positive reviews and comments.  It’s just my second season writing for Steve and BBJ and your kind words have made me less self-conscious about my morning ramblings. Until we meet back here for the next one, I’ll miss all of you! Have a great Wednesday, a great Finale and a great Fall & Winter!


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