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Big Brother 20 – Finale Recap

September 27, 2018 | 156 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I said yesterday was my last post for the season but too much happened last night for me to let my thoughts hang in the air. I had some trouble commenting on the site last night and my phone kept freezing. If that hadn’t happened, I would’ve gotten it out of my system and my head and been ready to move on to Survivor and wait for CBB. (I also have 3 seasons/cities of Real Housewives I haven’t watched yet. I’ll probably binge watch on a rainy weekend)

First of all, congrats to Kaycee Clark for winning BB20. She’s a deserving winner and played a very good game. She wasn’t my choice after evaluating the F3 and I don’t think she did as much as Tyler in the game. However, it doesn’t make her an undeserving winner. She played well, didn’t piss off too many people and all those veto’s kept her from being evicted even if they’d wanted her out, which they didn’t. She’s tied for the most veto wins in a season. It isn’t all about comp wins but winning them and not using them certainly helped her alliance stay in the game which resulted in her keeping the allies she needed in the game. Tyler worked for L6 and to get to the end but so did Kaycee. She was at the most risk of going home in the F4 but she won the veto again. I can say all I want that she should’ve cut Tyler that week and kept Angela (I have) but she beat Tyler so what was a potential mistake that week proved to not matter in the least. Again, congrats to Kaycee!

I found myself becoming very annoyed during the finale. At first, I thought maybe I’d wanted Tyler to win more than I realized. As the finale went on, it hit me the show itself is what had me so irritable. I still think Tyler played the best game but he obviously didn’t play the winning game so I’m at peace with it. (more about the votes later)  I didn’t even watch the backyard interviews and usually I stay up late absorbing all of it. (I was making one of those meaningless protests because I knew I’d just watch them today) I felt I was taking a stand at the time so that’s all that mattered in the moment.

I ranted earlier this week about the finale set up, how I feel it does a disservice to the players and how much I wish they’d change it back to the old way. I didn’t know until last night, they could actually make a bad set up even worse….but they did. I won’t ask for a 2 hour finale because I don’t know how the scheduling works. Maybe they don’t have the extra 30 minutes to give the show. It still makes NO sense whatsoever to use the format they use! This is what they cram into the finale:

  • all 3 parts of the final hoh comp
  • the jury discussion
  • last juror eliminated
  • jury questions
  • F2 speeches
  • the vote
  • catching up with pre jury players and what they saw from home the jury didn’t know
  • funny clips from the show
  • behind the scenes strategy, shomances and other things some players didn’t know was happening
  • announce the winner
  • announce America’s Favorite Houseguest

Keep in mind, they do all this in one episode while simultaneously needing footage near the end for the last couple shows. WTF? Enough already! They could do all three parts of the hoh comp and evict the last juror for an episode. They could do it in half an episode and have the other half with Dr. Will talking to the ENTIRE jury. We used to see clips of two of the F3 talking to each other in the house when the 3rd went to the DR. There was still game being played and players trying to convince someone to take them to the end if they won the last hoh.

If production wants their suspense, they could do the first 2 parts of the hoh comp only, have a lengthy jury discussion with Dr. Will and all but the last juror. They could end the episode with viewers not knowing who would win the 3rd part or who they’d take to the end.

They film an hour or two of the jury talking things over and we see what, 5 minutes or even less? They could also go back to letting the jury question the finalists (2 or 3) and let them explain their games and have the jury discuss what the players said afterwards. Sometimes, in the past, the jury was mad over what they heard and it was really good footage for the show. At least the jury would have something real to discuss.  There’s half an episode for them right there. If they did it that way, they could stick with the rushed speeches at the finale and it wouldn’t matter so much. If they don’t want to do that, they at least need to seperate the final hoh comps from the finale, have it and the jury talk on its own show so the F2 actually has time to speak and explain their games.

Are they really that terrified people won’t watch the finale if we know who the final 2 are going to be or if we’ve seen the jury deliberating already? We’ve devoted almost 100 days to this so why in the hell wouldn’t we show up to see who wins the game? The players have devoted almost 100 days to playing the game. Don’t they deserve at least a few minutes to talk to the jury about it? For Julie to announce that Tyler had 45 seconds (that by itself is ridiculous) and still tell him to hurry midway through was one of the worst things I’ve witnessed all season. She rushed Kaycee too so I’m not playing favorites here.

It’s been bad since they changed it but this year was the absolute worst! They didn’t even fit some of the things in AT ALL that I listed above. No show clips, no secrets revealed, nothing asked of the pre jury who have been watching from home. There was no “what’s wrong with Angela” from Rachel, no mention of Steves 67lb weight loss since leaving the house, no Brett/Winston funny bro reunion, there was nothing from Kaitlyn, who by the way, was a huge part of the show even without making jury. We saw none of it and in a season when there was sooooo much good L6 vs Foutte footage. Amazing players, the good ones and the bad ones but no clips at all, not even any DR reveals.

Yes, there was a BB finale proposal which was a big deal and a first for reality tv:

Yep, there it is. At the BB2 finale, Mike Boogie proposed to Krista! Am I forgetting anything from last night? Nope, don’t think so! Moving on…

The one positive I saw was having part 3 of the hoh comp be something that wasn’t the equilivant of a coin toss. It’s normally something so random, the F2 are simply guessing. (Derrick rallied to have it changed and they love him so it’s probably why they did) No matter the reason, it was a big improvement. Since it was a real comp, it took some time though and that cut into the finale even more. Good idea, poor execution. I omitted a thunder stealing player who also used up some precious time with their own agenda. Yeah, I’m petty that way and today, I dont really care. I’m not giving them any more of what they want. I can’t control what everyone else does but I don’t have to talk about it so I’m not giving my thoughts and opinions on the specifics of where things are headed, the future, blah, blah, blah. I will point out two things that are related to it though. First, since I just mentioned Derrick, last night he said he thought what happened was disrespectful to the game and to players who made it to the end because that time should’ve been about them. I completely agree with him. Second, I think someone was scared Tyler and Angela began a romance and not only did they make it far into the game, they might end up as the most remembered shomance of BB20. I have a few other opinions on it but as I said, I’m not contributing to it other than to say, I actually blame production more than the thirsty attention seekers. Alison Grodner said in an interview from this week, she isn’t focused on shomances at all (bullshit) but they control how they spend the finale time and decide what’s a priority. Shame on Alison Grodner and anyone else who thought it was time well spent. Shame on them for robbing all 16 hgs, who played on the best season in years from having a moment to participate at the finale. Mostly, shame on them for taking precious time away from the final 2 to try and win the game.

As far as the winner, the loser and the votes, I have some final thoughts on that as well. (I didn’t do too poorly with my guessing, I only got Scottie and Fessys votes wrong) I also don’t think this is a bitter jury despite Tyler losing. Placing value on things that are different than we do doesn’t make them bitter. Some of them voted based on the friendships that were made, how someone made them feel leaving the house and placed a high value on the social game. For some, a social game is very important and others value who controlled the game. I’m not even sure control was made clear last night with the limited time they were given. The comps wins were fairly even and they both screwed up in their speeches imo so that’s pretty even too. Kaycee did play a good game so if focusing on the social game made it easier to justify giving it to her over Tyler, that’s the game. They didn’t give it to a bad player just to stick it to Tyler. They gave it to a good player who played a different type of game and one they liked better. This isn’t BB19 and what happened with Josh and Paul. Those votes were votes FOR Kaycee, not votes AGAINST Tyler.  He DID backstab people and he didn’t do much to clean the mess up as they left. No, he wasn’t a Paul by any means as far as jury management but he didn’t make them feel ok with him when they left either. The way the finale is done now, you can’t clean up your game in a few minutes with a few questions at the finale. There simply isn’t time so you have to do some of the work in advance. That could be with goodbye msgs or pulling someone aside and telling them they’re leaving. Sure, we hate it because we love the blindsides but there is strategy in doing it sometimes. Tyler got wrapped up in the blindsides just as much as the rest of L6 and he left too much of it up to an assumption the jury would respect the evil mastermind game. It was a miscalculation and that’s on Tyler. He lived with Bayleigh, Rockstar and Sam long enough to know better.

Based on what many of us already suspected mixed with interviews after the finale, this jury was leaning in favor of Kaycee heading into last night. Most jurors already have their decision made before the finale. (a reason to let them question the F2 before that night) Tyler flipped a vote with his speech last night and that rarely happens. (another reason to give them more time) I’m not saying they should have more time so Tyler could’ve won, although I’m convinced with more time, he would’ve won.  If he flipped one person, he could’ve flipped two. Some of the problem was the pressure to hurry and some of it was the things Tyler said. The opposite could also happen and if he’d had more time and said the wrong things, he could’ve lost 6-3 or 7-2. It’s  easy for us to assume people are bitter when they don’t vote based on what we know happened. I don’t think we would be so quick to assume that if we felt confident they laid their games out there for the jury to judge. After that, we could believe that they got it and chose social over strategic anyway. With the current finale set up, they’ll probably continue to vote more for the social side of things because no one really knows what game moves individuals made until the finale is over in recent years.

Rockstar, Bayleigh and JC had the most potential to be actual bitter voters imo. Bayleigh had an attitude but she always does and she didn’t seem directly bitter towards Tyler. Rockstar was very gracious towards both and JC gave his vote to Tyler. Here’s how I think the votes played out based on what we saw, heard and the interviews after:

  • JC: Tyler- They told him yesterday he was leaving, he had time to adjust and because of that, voted for the person he thought played harder and who he loves the most. He also wanted to share an apartment with Tyler and if Tyler won, maybe thought he wouldn’t have to pay rent for a while.
  • Angela: Tyler- That was always going to happen.
  • Sam: Kaycee- Sam said in exit interviews and in jury she wanted KC for the win. She’s close to RS and Bay, who were also in her ear and justifying what she was already thinking. Tyler stabbed her in the back, she was always going to vote personally and she lost respect for him weeks ago with the Angela thing. She said as much in an exit interview. He called her a wild card last night instead of kissing her ass which is what she needed to hear if there was even a chance she’d change her vote.
  • Brett: Tyler- He was a little bitter and admitted it but at the end, he valued strategy and hard gaming over anything else.
  • Haleigh: Tyler- She confirmed she planned on voting for KC but the speeches flipped her. She’s not a good player but she’s a fan of the show. Hearing KC say the same thing over and over about her social game and being friends with everyone wasn’t enough for her in the end. She respected the person who controlled the game more.
  • Scottie: Kaycee- He said last night that KC winning the final hoh made his decision for him. He’s full of shit imo. He even said his vote was about “loyalty and respect” when he put the key in.  He was upset with Tyler when he left and he didn’t respect KC’s game based on exit interviews. He was probably voting the same as Hay and she’d planned to vote for KC. He was bitter about Tyler having so many F2’s. As a superfan, he’s the only vote that disappoints me.  He also lies to us, himself and Julie. Remember when he tried to say throwing Hay out as a target to Fessy was strategy and he didn’t mean it? We knew that wasn’t true and he only said that after his plan failed. He’s had several moments like that this season. I believe he was either planning to vote for KC in advance like most of the jury or Tyler lost his vote during the finale but not over who won the final HOH. I think it’s when Tyler talked to Bay and mentioned his strategy for telling her Scottie was his best friend in the game. Tyler said this but never addressed Scottie about it so it made Scottie sound like just a tool Tyler used. This could’ve easily made someone on the bitter fence jump right back over.
  • Fessy: Kaycee- This vote was probably going to be the same as Hays but then she switched. Last night, he said it was because she beat him in the ball veto comp. He’s an idiot, Tyler and KC both beat him in comps and like Sam, I never valued his game thoughts anyway so I didn’t expect much.
  • Rockstar: Kaycee- I’ve said for weeks, Tyler was never getting her vote over JC or KC. It would go against what she stands for. Luckily, KC played well so she could vote for who she liked better but also have some games reasons to do it.
  • Bayleigh: Kaycee-  It’s very similar to RS except she and KC actually got quite close in the house. This was an easy choice for her in the same way we knew that Angela would vote for Tyler.

I’m glad Tyler won America’s Favorite, especially since he was paranoid we wouldn’t like his dirty game. (Most of us loved it and old school BB players would’ve given him the win)  If the Vegas tweets were true about the voting, why bother to vote? If they pick who they want anyway, what’s the point? They said he was far ahead so they at least gave it to the right winner.

Here’s a tweet from Dan which unfortunately, may be true too:

Some random observations:

  • We heard Julie get closer to saying the show will be back but I’d feel better with an official renewal announcement from CBS.  I’m not going to worry. If CBS isn’t smart enough to keep an inexpensive show to produce that gets good ratings, another network will pick it up.
  • I found it very strange Brett hadn’t already told the jury about L6 by the time Angela arrived. Maybe he was still bitter and didn’t want to give credit to the remaining 3 who got rid of him just yet.
  • I follow some of the hg’s until after the season on Twitter. It’s where some of the silly news and updates come from when I recap. A few, I continue to follow but not usually. I wait until the after show drama dies down because that’s when it  happens. I may not be able to wait with Rachel because she’s everywhere and trying to be everywhere. It’s nonstop! She had to be the most devastated to not get a question last night, sitting there in her evening gown all ready for her moment. Somebody give this girl a new gig so she can give us a 5 minute break!

We recently discussed Twitter and I also included an email for when it gets closer to spring and BBCAN. If you don’t have or don’t really want to use Twitter, don’t write it off completely. It’s absolutely fine if you email me but Twitter is a faster way to get the info. You just need an ID name and password just like to do here. You don’t ever have to post anything on it either. I set one up for my mom just for BB. Look for and follow BB sites like I did for her. (Steve’s is a good one because he’s more snarky on Twitter and it’s funny) My mom doesn’t do anything except read updates and BB news when it comes out. I actually strongly recommended she not try to tweet and be interactive with people on Twitter because they get so nasty so easily. Lol I’m laughing but it’s true. She sticks to FB for her friends and only uses Twitter as a news source. [email protected] for email and Twitter is @mclick888

I’m not going to do the goodbyes again since I did them yesterday. Love you guys and take care!





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