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Big Brother 20 – Finale Recap

Good morning all! I said yesterday was my last post for the season but too much happened last night for me to let my thoughts hang in the air. I had some trouble commenting on the site last night and my phone kept freezing. If that hadn’t happened, I would’ve gotten it out of my system and my head and been ready to move on to Survivor and wait for CBB. (I also have 3 seasons/cities of Real Housewives I haven’t watched yet. I’ll probably binge watch on a rainy weekend)


First of all, congrats to Kaycee Clark for winning BB20. She’s a deserving winner and played a very good game. She wasn’t my choice after evaluating the F3 and I don’t think she did as much as Tyler in the game. However, it doesn’t make her an undeserving winner. She played well, didn’t piss off too many people and all those veto’s kept her from being evicted even if they’d wanted her out, which they didn’t. She’s tied for the most veto wins in a season. It isn’t all about comp wins but winning them and not using them certainly helped her alliance stay in the game which resulted in her keeping the allies she needed in the game. Tyler worked for L6 and to get to the end but so did Kaycee. She was at the most risk of going home in the F4 but she won the veto again. I can say all I want that she should’ve cut Tyler that week and kept Angela (I have) but she beat Tyler so what was a potential mistake that week proved to not matter in the least. Again, congrats to Kaycee!

I found myself becoming very annoyed during the finale. At first, I thought maybe I’d wanted Tyler to win more than I realized. As the finale went on, it hit me the show itself is what had me so irritable. I still think Tyler played the best game but he obviously didn’t play the winning game so I’m at peace with it. (more about the votes later)  I didn’t even watch the backyard interviews and usually I stay up late absorbing all of it. (I was making one of those meaningless protests because I knew I’d just watch them today) I felt I was taking a stand at the time so that’s all that mattered in the moment.


I ranted earlier this week about the finale set up, how I feel it does a disservice to the players and how much I wish they’d change it back to the old way. I didn’t know until last night, they could actually make a bad set up even worse….but they did. I won’t ask for a 2 hour finale because I don’t know how the scheduling works. Maybe they don’t have the extra 30 minutes to give the show. It still makes NO sense whatsoever to use the format they use! This is what they cram into the finale:

  • all 3 parts of the final hoh comp
  • the jury discussion
  • last juror eliminated
  • jury questions
  • F2 speeches
  • the vote
  • catching up with pre jury players and what they saw from home the jury didn’t know
  • funny clips from the show
  • behind the scenes strategy, shomances and other things some players didn’t know was happening
  • announce the winner
  • announce America’s Favorite Houseguest

Keep in mind, they do all this in one episode while simultaneously needing footage near the end for the last couple shows. WTF? Enough already! They could do all three parts of the hoh comp and evict the last juror for an episode. They could do it in half an episode and have the other half with Dr. Will talking to the ENTIRE jury. We used to see clips of two of the F3 talking to each other in the house when the 3rd went to the DR. There was still game being played and players trying to convince someone to take them to the end if they won the last hoh.

If production wants their suspense, they could do the first 2 parts of the hoh comp only, have a lengthy jury discussion with Dr. Will and all but the last juror. They could end the episode with viewers not knowing who would win the 3rd part or who they’d take to the end.

They film an hour or two of the jury talking things over and we see what, 5 minutes or even less? They could also go back to letting the jury question the finalists (2 or 3) and let them explain their games and have the jury discuss what the players said afterwards. Sometimes, in the past, the jury was mad over what they heard and it was really good footage for the show. At least the jury would have something real to discuss.  There’s half an episode for them right there. If they did it that way, they could stick with the rushed speeches at the finale and it wouldn’t matter so much. If they don’t want to do that, they at least need to seperate the final hoh comps from the finale, have it and the jury talk on its own show so the F2 actually has time to speak and explain their games.


Are they really that terrified people won’t watch the finale if we know who the final 2 are going to be or if we’ve seen the jury deliberating already? We’ve devoted almost 100 days to this so why in the hell wouldn’t we show up to see who wins the game? The players have devoted almost 100 days to playing the game. Don’t they deserve at least a few minutes to talk to the jury about it? For Julie to announce that Tyler had 45 seconds (that by itself is ridiculous) and still tell him to hurry midway through was one of the worst things I’ve witnessed all season. She rushed Kaycee too so I’m not playing favorites here.

It’s been bad since they changed it but this year was the absolute worst! They didn’t even fit some of the things in AT ALL that I listed above. No show clips, no secrets revealed, nothing asked of the pre jury who have been watching from home. There was no “what’s wrong with Angela” from Rachel, no mention of Steves 67lb weight loss since leaving the house, no Brett/Winston funny bro reunion, there was nothing from Kaitlyn, who by the way, was a huge part of the show even without making jury. We saw none of it and in a season when there was sooooo much good L6 vs Foutte footage. Amazing players, the good ones and the bad ones but no clips at all, not even any DR reveals.

Yes, there was a BB finale proposal which was a big deal and a first for reality tv:


Yep, there it is. At the BB2 finale, Mike Boogie proposed to Krista! Am I forgetting anything from last night? Nope, don’t think so! Moving on…

The one positive I saw was having part 3 of the hoh comp be something that wasn’t the equilivant of a coin toss. It’s normally something so random, the F2 are simply guessing. (Derrick rallied to have it changed and they love him so it’s probably why they did) No matter the reason, it was a big improvement. Since it was a real comp, it took some time though and that cut into the finale even more. Good idea, poor execution. I omitted a thunder stealing player who also used up some precious time with their own agenda. Yeah, I’m petty that way and today, I dont really care. I’m not giving them any more of what they want. I can’t control what everyone else does but I don’t have to talk about it so I’m not giving my thoughts and opinions on the specifics of where things are headed, the future, blah, blah, blah. I will point out two things that are related to it though. First, since I just mentioned Derrick, last night he said he thought what happened was disrespectful to the game and to players who made it to the end because that time should’ve been about them. I completely agree with him. Second, I think someone was scared Tyler and Angela began a romance and not only did they make it far into the game, they might end up as the most remembered shomance of BB20. I have a few other opinions on it but as I said, I’m not contributing to it other than to say, I actually blame production more than the thirsty attention seekers. Alison Grodner said in an interview from this week, she isn’t focused on shomances at all (bullshit) but they control how they spend the finale time and decide what’s a priority. Shame on Alison Grodner and anyone else who thought it was time well spent. Shame on them for robbing all 16 hgs, who played on the best season in years from having a moment to participate at the finale. Mostly, shame on them for taking precious time away from the final 2 to try and win the game.

As far as the winner, the loser and the votes, I have some final thoughts on that as well. (I didn’t do too poorly with my guessing, I only got Scottie and Fessys votes wrong) I also don’t think this is a bitter jury despite Tyler losing. Placing value on things that are different than we do doesn’t make them bitter. Some of them voted based on the friendships that were made, how someone made them feel leaving the house and placed a high value on the social game. For some, a social game is very important and others value who controlled the game. I’m not even sure control was made clear last night with the limited time they were given. The comps wins were fairly even and they both screwed up in their speeches imo so that’s pretty even too. Kaycee did play a good game so if focusing on the social game made it easier to justify giving it to her over Tyler, that’s the game. They didn’t give it to a bad player just to stick it to Tyler. They gave it to a good player who played a different type of game and one they liked better. This isn’t BB19 and what happened with Josh and Paul. Those votes were votes FOR Kaycee, not votes AGAINST Tyler.  He DID backstab people and he didn’t do much to clean the mess up as they left. No, he wasn’t a Paul by any means as far as jury management but he didn’t make them feel ok with him when they left either. The way the finale is done now, you can’t clean up your game in a few minutes with a few questions at the finale. There simply isn’t time so you have to do some of the work in advance. That could be with goodbye msgs or pulling someone aside and telling them they’re leaving. Sure, we hate it because we love the blindsides but there is strategy in doing it sometimes. Tyler got wrapped up in the blindsides just as much as the rest of L6 and he left too much of it up to an assumption the jury would respect the evil mastermind game. It was a miscalculation and that’s on Tyler. He lived with Bayleigh, Rockstar and Sam long enough to know better.

Based on what many of us already suspected mixed with interviews after the finale, this jury was leaning in favor of Kaycee heading into last night. Most jurors already have their decision made before the finale. (a reason to let them question the F2 before that night) Tyler flipped a vote with his speech last night and that rarely happens. (another reason to give them more time) I’m not saying they should have more time so Tyler could’ve won, although I’m convinced with more time, he would’ve won.  If he flipped one person, he could’ve flipped two. Some of the problem was the pressure to hurry and some of it was the things Tyler said. The opposite could also happen and if he’d had more time and said the wrong things, he could’ve lost 6-3 or 7-2. It’s  easy for us to assume people are bitter when they don’t vote based on what we know happened. I don’t think we would be so quick to assume that if we felt confident they laid their games out there for the jury to judge. After that, we could believe that they got it and chose social over strategic anyway. With the current finale set up, they’ll probably continue to vote more for the social side of things because no one really knows what game moves individuals made until the finale is over in recent years.


Rockstar, Bayleigh and JC had the most potential to be actual bitter voters imo. Bayleigh had an attitude but she always does and she didn’t seem directly bitter towards Tyler. Rockstar was very gracious towards both and JC gave his vote to Tyler. Here’s how I think the votes played out based on what we saw, heard and the interviews after:

  • JC: Tyler- They told him yesterday he was leaving, he had time to adjust and because of that, voted for the person he thought played harder and who he loves the most. He also wanted to share an apartment with Tyler and if Tyler won, maybe thought he wouldn’t have to pay rent for a while.
  • Angela: Tyler- That was always going to happen.
  • Sam: Kaycee- Sam said in exit interviews and in jury she wanted KC for the win. She’s close to RS and Bay, who were also in her ear and justifying what she was already thinking. Tyler stabbed her in the back, she was always going to vote personally and she lost respect for him weeks ago with the Angela thing. She said as much in an exit interview. He called her a wild card last night instead of kissing her ass which is what she needed to hear if there was even a chance she’d change her vote.
  • Brett: Tyler- He was a little bitter and admitted it but at the end, he valued strategy and hard gaming over anything else.
  • Haleigh: Tyler- She confirmed she planned on voting for KC but the speeches flipped her. She’s not a good player but she’s a fan of the show. Hearing KC say the same thing over and over about her social game and being friends with everyone wasn’t enough for her in the end. She respected the person who controlled the game more.
  • Scottie: Kaycee- He said last night that KC winning the final hoh made his decision for him. He’s full of shit imo. He even said his vote was about “loyalty and respect” when he put the key in.  He was upset with Tyler when he left and he didn’t respect KC’s game based on exit interviews. He was probably voting the same as Hay and she’d planned to vote for KC. He was bitter about Tyler having so many F2’s. As a superfan, he’s the only vote that disappoints me.  He also lies to us, himself and Julie. Remember when he tried to say throwing Hay out as a target to Fessy was strategy and he didn’t mean it? We knew that wasn’t true and he only said that after his plan failed. He’s had several moments like that this season. I believe he was either planning to vote for KC in advance like most of the jury or Tyler lost his vote during the finale but not over who won the final HOH. I think it’s when Tyler talked to Bay and mentioned his strategy for telling her Scottie was his best friend in the game. Tyler said this but never addressed Scottie about it so it made Scottie sound like just a tool Tyler used. This could’ve easily made someone on the bitter fence jump right back over.
  • Fessy: Kaycee- This vote was probably going to be the same as Hays but then she switched. Last night, he said it was because she beat him in the ball veto comp. He’s an idiot, Tyler and KC both beat him in comps and like Sam, I never valued his game thoughts anyway so I didn’t expect much.
  • Rockstar: Kaycee- I’ve said for weeks, Tyler was never getting her vote over JC or KC. It would go against what she stands for. Luckily, KC played well so she could vote for who she liked better but also have some games reasons to do it.
  • Bayleigh: Kaycee-  It’s very similar to RS except she and KC actually got quite close in the house. This was an easy choice for her in the same way we knew that Angela would vote for Tyler.

I’m glad Tyler won America’s Favorite, especially since he was paranoid we wouldn’t like his dirty game. (Most of us loved it and old school BB players would’ve given him the win)  If the Vegas tweets were true about the voting, why bother to vote? If they pick who they want anyway, what’s the point? They said he was far ahead so they at least gave it to the right winner.

Here’s a tweet from Dan which unfortunately, may be true too:


Some random observations:

  • We heard Julie get closer to saying the show will be back but I’d feel better with an official renewal announcement from CBS.  I’m not going to worry. If CBS isn’t smart enough to keep an inexpensive show to produce that gets good ratings, another network will pick it up.
  • I found it very strange Brett hadn’t already told the jury about L6 by the time Angela arrived. Maybe he was still bitter and didn’t want to give credit to the remaining 3 who got rid of him just yet.
  • I follow some of the hg’s until after the season on Twitter. It’s where some of the silly news and updates come from when I recap. A few, I continue to follow but not usually. I wait until the after show drama dies down because that’s when it  happens. I may not be able to wait with Rachel because she’s everywhere and trying to be everywhere. It’s nonstop! She had to be the most devastated to not get a question last night, sitting there in her evening gown all ready for her moment. Somebody give this girl a new gig so she can give us a 5 minute break!

We recently discussed Twitter and I also included an email for when it gets closer to spring and BBCAN. If you don’t have or don’t really want to use Twitter, don’t write it off completely. It’s absolutely fine if you email me but Twitter is a faster way to get the info. You just need an ID name and password just like to do here. You don’t ever have to post anything on it either. I set one up for my mom just for BB. Look for and follow BB sites like I did for her. (Steve’s is a good one because he’s more snarky on Twitter and it’s funny) My mom doesn’t do anything except read updates and BB news when it comes out. I actually strongly recommended she not try to tweet and be interactive with people on Twitter because they get so nasty so easily. Lol I’m laughing but it’s true. She sticks to FB for her friends and only uses Twitter as a news source. [email protected] for email and Twitter is @mclick888

I’m not going to do the goodbyes again since I did them yesterday. Love you guys and take care!







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  1. Houseguest Doug

    Where does one find the backyard interviews. Last year they were on youtube. I checked today and don’t see them on there.

  2. Painter1

    Thx Mel great ending to a good season. Hope to see and read everyone’s thoughts next year.Big thanks to Steve our fearless leader and also to NK for keeping all of us in line and fun.

  3. danmtruth

    Mel thanks for the update I cannot say how disappointed I was with CBS handling of finale night From the rushing of both final 2 Too the botch backyard interviews Along with pushing us to the FB page Why have the superior live feeds web page if your not going to use it Someone might confirm but last year I remember we could chose from 2-3 interviewers on the feeds Than they went to the after show party showing more family and older returning players interviews Just poorly done by CBS
    As for the vote Sam vote was as we thought a dumb emotional one Sam was hurt and jealous of Tylor and Angela Add to that she sat in the jury house with Rockstar and Bayleigh She had no reason to vote how she did She did like KC but to pick her over TY was so out of character for her
    Scottie vote was just a red ass hurt vote As Mel said Tylor played the game Scottie dreamed of playing But was to immature to play He was a big fan that was mad because he got played by TY When he pretend to be his best friend All the while Scottie was trying to get close to Hay
    All in all a personal thank you to all who were on the site and to the people who took time out of there lives to support me Thank you

  4. AIO_7

    * …. “Yep, there it is. At the BB2 finale, Mike Boogie proposed to Krista!”

    I forgot about this. Did she accept? Whatever happened to their relationship?

  5. hogwild

    Can’t believe CBS wasted time with that Swaggy and Bayleigh stuff I would have rather seen more of Rachel and her clevage friendly dress.

  6. Avatar

    I’m kinda surprised that Scottie voted for KC. She played a pretty major role in getting Fessy to nominate him. Remember the house meeting in the HoH room and her “acting job”?

    • Colby

      That wasn’t a vote for KC, it was a vote against Tyler.
      Tyler made the mistake of telling Bay he lied to her when he said Scottie was his best friend, but didn’t have time to explain further. (He did like Scottie.) I’m pretty sure that hurt Scotties feelings because of the look on Scotties face when he said that.

      • danmtruth

        Colby thats why I said Scottie needs to turn in his BB fun card He claims he does not like the term supper fan because everyone says it So no one is special In any case his vote was nothing more than a butt hurt vote because he felt hurt when Tylor said he faked his friendship with Scottie

  7. Avatar

    Totally forgot to mention Steve’s weight loss on the earlier thread! He looks terrific! So disappointed we didn’t get to see more of the pre-jury evicted HGs, reactions from them, bros reunion, etc. Shame on production.

  8. Avatar

    Thank you Mel for all of the work that you and everyone else did this season. You guys make it more entertaining. I enjoy this site because even when I disagree with analysis, You all give me something to think about. Of course, there is many things said that I do agree with.

    Production hurts this game, not the players. They need to be more strict like they used to be, and still are in other countries’ versions of the show.

    I do smile when I read people being pissed because the contestants did not vote the way that people thought they should. Tyler’s social game hurt him. The 2nd half of the season, he sequestered himself almost as badly as Bayleigh did in her time there, or as badly as Fess and Hayleigh did in their times spent in HOH.

    Tyler did play a great game during the first half. He also relied on people doing a lot of work for him and ignored them. I believe that he threw the final HOH. That lost him the Scottie vote.

    People need someone to hate, and they are picking Sam. If she is so nucking futs, why not say that Sam is Tyler’s mistake? He did not do what he needed to to to secure her vote. It would have been better if she was gone before jury, but they all kept her because they could beat her in comps. KC did what she needed to do to get Sam’s vote…simply by not lying to her.

    Tyler is an AWESOME player. I think he will be remembered as an all time great. I believe that Angela and him will not only be on the Amazing Race, but they will win it as well. Incredible competitors.

    • Jenny

      As a few have said, he could do AR with Kaycee. I would much rather see them play together. I don’t usually watch it but if Tyler is on it I will, with either of them as a partner.

      • Avatar

        CBS is all about showmance. Angela is that star, not KC. Not a chance in that happening. No need for Tyler if there is no Angela.

  9. HappyHippo

    Completely agree Mel! The finale set up was ridiculous and a serious injustice to the hard 90 days those players just spent in there.
    And one last time stfu Swaggy!

  10. Avatar

    Yeah, I don’t know why Tyler called Sam a wildcard. She voted the way he wanted her to every single time. A big part of the reason why L6 was so effective is because they also had the votes of JC and Sam.

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  12. feltso gudinya

    thanks for a great summer of recapping…..till we meet again……..

  13. Bastosko

    As I have not commented much this time around (not that I ever do because I can’t remember my password from week to f’n week and my work pc doesn’t do the “remember me” stuff), I felt I had to say thank you to Steve, Mel, NK and the others that put the time into the comments and updates. Without you, I probably would have stopped watching halfway the BB18 with the repeated chances to return.

    For the producer to say that don’t focus on showmances, REALLY!!! I have been watching since BB1 and when the “showmance” started on BB2 it suddenly become a focus and with Racheal and Jeff’s showmances that people seemed so fascinated by, it became almost a gimme. And finally, actual players were playing the game (except Sam) at the halfway point. All the wanna be stars, models, beauty (cough) queens, attention whores were gone early, which to me helped the entire show because it became the game again.

    Once again, THANK YOU Steve, Mel, NK and the others that make this site tick.

    Now I will go change my foil and prepare for CBB! And I do want to watch BBCan, you got me really interested Mel, eh?

  14. Avatar

    I hope next time they do a better casting, nobody wants to watch and hear the pervertedness that JC displayed.

  15. LynnD

    Awesome recap Mel. I agree with Dan’s tweet. It just doesn’t pay to play the game anymore. Also Thank You for NOT giving anymore time or attention to……Ummmm whats his name? Nope! Can’t think of it.

  16. hogwild

    Just watched some of the backyard interviews and all I can say is STFU Marissa.

  17. Avatar

    I think most of us would have voted for Tyler as his game was entertains all season long whereas Kaycee didn’t become interesting until mid season.

    It’s sad that Foute had the power to pick the winner. They hadn’t got anything right all season, so why would they start now?

    Dan is correct, and it is unlikely we will ever see it again in the summer version of the show. The type of millennial that is typically cast won’t be able to handle not winning and will cast a bitter vote. We may only see Machiavellian gameplay from the celebrity version as what will be cast in that show will likely be older has-beens who did not grow up in a world where everyone expects to win a trophy.

  18. Cheryl

    Thank you to Steve, Mel and NK and each and EVERY ONE of y’all here! I don’t post much but I’m a regular reader and all of your comments have made me laugh out loud! (Trust me, my kids really think I’m losing it!!) I DO want to say I agree that it was bad of CBS to give “those two” the extra minutes! Last year they made a BIG POINT to not let Cody and Jess go anywhere NEAR each other til after the vote was read. I agree with everything Mel said – to the point I have to stop and look to see if she’s near me and reading my mind! JK I need to watch the backyard interviews still! I, too, will definitely us the MUTE button on Marissa!

    Til CBB and BB21, may everyone stay safe!

    • Jenny

      Exactly! I remember Cody said he wanted to go hug Jessica and Julie told him no. And he was sincere about it, not trying to take over the show, just wanted to hug his girl.

      • hogwild

        Someone posted last night Swag and Bag along with Tyler and Angela were going to be on Amazing Race if True I would love to Swaggy and Bay be the first ones out.

      • Bastosko

        Hopefully this follows Hog, not only should they be first ones out (like not even starting the race) but watching her f’n lose it at him at the first turn in the road!!!!

  19. Shivani33

    I had a flat feeling during and after the finale, Not because Kaycee won, but there was, for me, a lack of respect shown to the final players. After several months of playing Big Brother, Kaycee and Tyler were given almost no time to discuss their games or to address the jury. Chen Moonves cut them off, interrupted them as they spoke and rushed the Final 2 like a henpecker. I would appreciate some reorganization designed to make the ending more thorough. It was quite a letdown. I found it rude and unconscientious that the players and the game were handled like trivial footnotes to whatever the hell was shown instead.

    Perhaps an additional episode could’ve been used to include remarks from ALL of the pre-jury evictees and to ram the wedding proposal down some receptive throats, rather than to minimize and limit the Final 2 in their bid to win the game. There really has never been such a poor and unrepresentative finale before.

    Furthermore, the backyard interviews were crammed into a specified, limited amount of time. Sardines jammed into a flat, smelly, tight container. Many interviews/interviewers were not shown (yet.) I had the feeling that Ross is not a bad interviewer, but he had to contend with constant interruptions from his partner, Marissa. One could readily perceive his frustration and irritation with her. This in itself is unprofessional. She creates choppiness and seems to love the sound of her own voice.

    I think that the conclusion of Big Brother 20 was shaped by the fear and loathing going down at CBS. It is as if a whole pattern of bamboozle was thrown at the screen to stop any member of the press from asking any genuine questions. But that’s another story.

  20. danmtruth

    yes just another bad decision by CBS With the teaming of Ross and Marissa In fact a few times Ross did mention her interrupting him and others In first HG interviews with just Ross they were well done This was what disappointed me with these backyard interviews Melissa was very scattered Wanted to dominate and push HER story line Not listening to the HG just doing superficial questions She was as bad as a 12 year old fan girl As fans we deserve better worse yet was the fact that last year it was done much better I hate to keep harping on that fact

  21. Seattle Kari

    Oh my gosh I am not even reading this until 4 my time and I’m actually tearing up. Thank you Mel! And once again even though I’ve already said it thank you to everyone that I’ve gotten to know this summer.

    Even the brats, LOL

    See y’all during Celeb BB! ( you know you’re bored when LOL) I’m on Twitter as well, you can find me because I’ve commented under the Big Brother page.

  22. Shivani33

    The Hollywood Reporter has put out a good interview with Tyler talking about how he played and other thoughts about his fellow cast members, how the jury functions (or doesn’t) and a bit about his continuing romance with Angela. He said that he calculated that Sam would vote for Kaycee, so it was not a surprise to him. He did think that he would get a vote from either Scottie or Fester, though probably not both. He admits to having lost his feeling of being centered and thus, blowing his speech. He said it was difficult for him to convey how involved he was in most aspects of the game.

  23. TerryD

    Foute said they were going to be the deciders on who won and they finally followed through something! The last several votes (those in the jury first) stuck with the plan. The biggest disappointment was Sam. She doesn’t realize that she would have been first out instead of Steve if it weren’t for Tyler. I think Tyler was very nervous and said some things that came out wrong. I’m glad he won AFP + the $50K. Nice consolation prize and if anyone from this season will be remembered, it will be Tyler. Most cringe worthy moment of the night was that showprosal. What a farce!

  24. Jenny

    Meanwhile.. Entertainment Tonight just made a big deal about they-who-shall-not-be-named complete with an interview where she gushed about it… then showed a pic of Kaycee and were like, oh yeah, Kaycee Clark won the half million… maybe she could use the prize money to buy them a really nice wedding gift.”
    Had to restrain myself from throwing my couch at the TV. F*CKING IDIOTS!!!!! STFU ET!!!!

  25. Jenny

    I absolutely loved watching Tyler and Kaycee celebrating together, and when they even got the same wrong answers how they were laughing about it… It was so nice to see a finale where the 2 were so close to each other. I still think Tyler deserved the win but I’m happy for her, and his reaction to winning AFP was priceless! Also sweet that JC was given enough time to make peace with their F2 and be gracious about it. I’m gonna miss this cast!

  26. danmtruth

    Both KC & TY were both happy for each other on how it ended
    Just an odd thought Does anyone else think Tylor has a strange resemblance to carrot. top ?

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  28. Shivani33

    Kaycee Hollywood Reporter interview is up, too. It’s fun and funny that Kaycee says she’d like to do Amazing Race with Rachel. Kaycee and Rachel had a great hug last night, right after Kaycee won. I thought it was Kaycee’s best hugging except for her dad.

  29. Shivani33

    Thr cast is going to Clifton’s tonight around 9pm BB time, right in downtown L.A. I saw video of Angela and Rachel, now pals again, getting ready together. The ladies looked stunning. Both are happy and relieved to be friends again.

  30. danmtruth

    It’s nice to hear that Rachel has not stayed bitter Acted like an adult and moved on After talking to Angela and working things out Also it sounds like spending time with Winston It sounds like he was just as much of a dud outside the house As he was inside
    It is sad to think it’s time for the band to play

  31. Jeffrey

    Hi All, One positive thing about the finale show for me was the comp where the jury each had their own blog. I was surprised at how well Hayleigh and Sam, of all people, acted their parts. If Hay wants to get into the biz, I could see some producer giving her a chance. I just assume Sam has no interest in it, but she made me laugh with her vacuum skit.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    HELLO! and Goodbye! I thought I’d be in bed by now but dammit, I’m so conditioned that it might take me a week to get back on my regular schedule. So I thought I’d just pop on and read Mel’s final blog for the season, read everyone’s final thoughts and say my final goodbyes until CBB.

    I’ve already thanked Steve and Mel on the previous threads. I’d also like to say a big thank you and say goodbye to the rest of you. Dan, Jannie, Annie, Felts, Helen, Elaine, Tink, G8s, AI, Shoes, Happy, Lynn, Paint, Colby, and everyone else whom I didn’t name but didn’t forget (I swear), thank you for always being here and always having my back and making my job so easy and pleasant.

    Thank you to everyone who donated to Steve and this site and to Mel and me, it was unexpected but much appreciated. Thank you to the hundreds/thousands who anonymously came here every day and read the blogs and comments. I do hope you come out of the woodwork next year and join in the fun. We’d love to hear what you think too!

    I’d like you to know that every time you see me “lol” or “rofl”, I’m really laughing. If you knew me in real life, you’d know that I laugh all the time, so much so that it gets me in trouble sometimes. Also know that when I log in at the beginning of the season and see all the familiar “faces”, it makes me very, very happy and I’m truly glad to see you. Most of us have been together a long time, but it’s always nice to welcome new people into the family. The Newbies this year become the Regs next year and I hope we keep on going and growing together.

    Thank you BB, CBS, Pop and BBJ.


    [email protected] (BBJ in the subject line)

    Now I’m going to STFU! 😉

    • Tinkerbell

      Awwwwww, NK. Now I’m in tears. How could you do that to me 54, 63, or 74 days after RockHead’s daughter’s birthday. I love your post. I feel your post. It’s always a heavy-hearted feeling when our BBJ summers all together are over. It really is a feeling so difficult to describe to people who aren’t smart like all of us People who aren’t BB fans. What’s wrong with those people anyhow. lol Going on adrenalin, lack of sleep, dusty furniture, stacks of undone laundry, and loving every minute of it. At times showers have to wait because something “critical” is going down. lol I even miss sleeping with our houseguests. At times, when my lesser-half isn’t home, I take my IPad to bed trying to go to sleep. However, watching our silly Sleepless in Studio City houseguests usually never puts me to sleep. I know it’s an addiction when I “Bless You” the houseguests when they sneeze, quit wasting water, stop picking your nose, close the refrigerator door…..the list is endless. Hahaha

      I’m so glad we agree on the #STFU people. For a minute I was afraid our friendship might be over. lol Thank you again for always being here with us, and for us. You, Steve, and Mel are Tony the Tiger…..Gggrrrreeeeaaattt.

      I just love all of our newbies. I’m so glad they were brave enough to join in. I hope they keep coming back, and that we have lots more. Now, have to run and start doing all of the things I haven’t done since June. I have been cleaning the litter box every day though. Hahahaha Luv ya, luv all of you xo

    • AIO_7

      You’re welcome, NiK; and thanks again for your dedication and updates.

    • ShoeLover

      Awwwww!!!! I love all yall!!!!! NK and Steve. THANK YOU for checking in on me!! I will always be around!!! Some days quieter than others and days where all you can think…. “Shoes… enough already!! This Is BBJ not shoes and housepets and their shoes!!” Look for me next Summer and BB CELEBRITY!! This site is freaking bad ass and the last 7 or so years here, mannnnnnnn… I love it!! And I always ALWAYS look forward to the next time we all meet here with the rest of the junkies that love BIG BROTHER!!!

      Steve, Mel. NK… and errrrbody!!! Thanks for the well wishes, occasional whatsup, and “Are you Ready?” texts. They absolutely mean the most!! So yep yep yep… Shoes is ready for next time!!!

      BB 21!!!

  33. IamChaya

    As one of the newbies I look forward to next seasons. New to posting, not new to reading it all
    Thanks for a great season from all of you!

  34. Shivani33

    Having observed some of the after-party videos, JC was not there. Sam wasn’t there, at least from what I saw…unless she showed up very late (?) Angie RS flew right home to her kids before the party even started. Brett and Winston showed up in matching shirts and made lots of noise. Kaitlyn and Rachel were Kaitlyn and Rachel. Tyler and Angela were looking very happy together. Kaycee was so warm and accomodating towards everyone who came into her orbit. Fester was his usual boring self, and it looked like a somewhat schnockered Haleigh is already planning her graceful escape from him while letting him down easy. I’ll spare you all the BS (Bay/Swag.)

  35. danmtruth

    The post show videos I have seen of JC He seems to be taking things ok He was hurt to hear people thought he did anything inappropriate Tylor also said the at NO time did JC ever offend him That production pulled them all in to talk about it In any case JC was very happy with his game play and loves everyone

  36. danmtruth

    Just saw Swaggy and Bay say that yes Bay was pregnant but had a miscarriage in the jury house This is the story they are putting out there Hate to add but just for the sake of full disclosure

  37. Shivani33

    JC tweet from earlier today: ” I wanted to sleep and eat last night that’s why I didn’t go celebrating. I couldn’t be any happier, I feel free again. Today I will be heading to Las Vegas with the rest of the BB 20 cast. Woohoo!!!” The Vegas party time will go from this evening until some time Sunday. By the way, Sam drank her behind off the night the show concluded, so she might’ve been pretty partied out before last night’s get together.

  38. danmtruth

    In one of the tweets Sam had brought a jug handle of booze in her suitcase that production took before she got in Than gave it back to her on finale night When I saw her a 1/3 was already drank it was some kind of brown whisky it look like The girl was ready to party
    Smart for JC to hold back and let himself collect his breath on his terms
    As for B/S just don’t understand how you can be so calm and announce that It’s there life They are already trying to boost there youtube subscribers by promising them on road trips with different HG It is sell sell sell Sorry I’m just not the audience your looking for No money from me

  39. Edsel

    Survivor fans, CBS now accepting Canadian applicants for Survivor! Casting is underway for seasons 39 and 40. I hope we see some Canadians.


  40. Jannie

    Thanks to everyone for another entertaining summer. Catch you all in February! Enjoy your holidays!

  41. LynnD

    Does anybody still come in here and just look to see if anybody’s made comments? Just wondering because scrolling through Twitter I see the most laughable story. “Those who shall not be named” apparently had a miscarriage. So I’m trying to tread lightly here. If it’s true I will act like I feel badly? But 99.9% of me says BULLSHIT! Nothing but another lie from attention grubbing whores. So if you’re on here I am on Twitter @LynnD2002 not that I post much but I’m going to post this ridiculous BS about the miscarriage. On a sadder notes something that makes me very very sad: Is anybody else going through serious JC withdrawals?

  42. FW aka CY

    Found a good place to watch BB Canada, season 6, for free on the interwebs. Warning: The site throws pop-ups and re-directs at you on initial clicks. My connection is slow enough that I am always able to close them before they get downloaded/active, so I am enjoying. I’m on episode 8 and it is so fun/good.


    • mm22

      Oh so excited-I tried a link to bb Canada someone
      else posted but it didn’t work-I too want to see season
      6 ! Thanks I’ll try it FW-I hope Dan sees this he wants
      to watch it

      • CY aka FW

        I hope works well for you too. Not to spoil it too much, but it sure looks like they have a likeable lesbian comp beast as well. I hope she goes far. And the 7-ft Newfie is almost as amusingly indecipherable as JC. Bizzaro universe Canada, or production casting for “types?”.

      • danmtruth

        will give it a try can you all keep posting here on the show

      • CY aka FW

        Danny Babee! Just finished an episode where, after a stressful double eviction night, they sent in a ton of beer and some “frat boys” to get the party started. Just about everybody got super-trashed – then they did the HOH after they’d gotten about 1 hour’s sleep. Hung-over, hurting, puking, stupid – it was hilarious. Very much enjoying each episode. For more America/Canada analogue comparisons – they each have/had an athletic muslim, an old fat guy and a nerd. Their nerd is not as nerdy as Scottie, and a pretty good competitor. Haven’t identified a showgirl or country hick/borderline psychotic yet.

      • mm22

        Uugh can’t get that link to play either-wants me to download something? FW are u on phone, laptop or tablet? I’m on my phone so maybe thats the problem? I’m just about to give up heeeeelp!!

      • CY aka FW

        I’m on a laptop browsing with Chrome. I didn’t have to download anything. When you initially click anything there it usually throws up a pop-up or re-direct. Those are traps or malware, just close them right away, then try clicking the same button again. On some sites you have to try it a few times.

        This is the link to episode 1. You should be able to play it directly from this page. Your first click will be a redirect – so close it right away – and try clicking the play button again. This has been working for me. I hope it’ll work for you. 🙂 https://www4.cmovies.io/film/big-brother-canada-season-6/watching.html?ep=1

    • CY aka FW

      I just tried that episode 1 link from my tablet. I had to shut, like, 5 pop-ups and/or redirect windows in a row before it finally played, but it did play. You just have to be persistent and speedy.

      • FW aka CY

        Just FYI for people: I’ve noticed in the last yeaar or two that Google; once wonderful, “do no evil,” Google, doesn’t bring forth the wealth of great and pertinent answers to all questions anymore. They definitely filter, mis-direct – and out-and-out deny – results to searches of all sorts these days.

        In this instance when I searched for: “Watch Big Brother Canada online, free,” Google provided no useful results – or at least none on the first two pages. So, I switched search engines to Dogpile, and was immediately rewarded with the result that I reported above.

        So, just an FYI. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, don’t trust Google, don’t trust Bing – try some of the old, once reliable go-tos: Dogpile, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves. I’m sure there are more. Don’t let “them” dumb you or your thirst for knowledge, down

  43. FW aka CY

    Stevebeans said he was looking for ways to improve the messaging format here. The only things I can think of that might be helpful are:

    A. A way to edit/delete posts within a minute-or-so of posting. Some of us – me in particular – sometimes post in haste and wish they could repent in haste as well.

    B. Maybe a block feature that I’ve seen on other chatrooms where, if you don’t like someone, you can make it so you see nothing they post. I’ve never used one, but it might be a comfort to some.

    That’s about it.

    • feltso gudinya

      fuck u……………..lol…….

    • Shivani33

      An edit button would be a big help, but people have mentioned it here every season. Nine years of piano lessons as a kid designed me to never ever be a typist. The concentration is entirely different, but those piano, dance and stageacting educations have taken me everywhere, here included, with zero secretarial skills. Really thankful to @stevebeans, no matter what. And @CY aka FW, I am very fond of you.

      • CY aka FW

        Ah, that’s nice, Shiv. I would have to say, as we do in these parts, that my heart pumps a bit of purple panther piss for you as well. heh

        Your Finale Party sounded so great that I ordered in Indian food to vicariously enjoy a bit of your conviviality. Biryani (they didn’t have goat, unfortunately) and mango lassi (bhang added after the fact) and some dessert naan they sent along with cinnamon and fenugreek and coconut butter inside. No pooches were screwed – at least none at my party.

        Thanks for the update below. The information is always appreciated, and despite your self-derided typographical skills, your parsing is fun and readable. 🙂

      • feltso gudinya

        fuck u once again my friend……..

  44. Shivani33

    The weekend in Las Vegas included a big bash at the Omnia where Zedd was the headline act. There are tons of photos and videos with former houseguests and BB20 cast. Kevin (BB 19) was the godfather. He has adopted Brett, lol. Boston boys. Day and Zakiyah, even Dominique from BBOTT, all dolled up and having great fun together. An entire troupe of Canadian BB players came, too.

    Angela and Tyler went shopping for some dressier duds for him to wear to these events without sacrificing his own kind of style. The NERVE of people asking who paid! Whatever happened to etiquette?! Kaitlyn has morphed, at least temporarily, into a mini-Angela, to update her style. Only half-kidding here. She was hacked and had to change account(s) just as the weekend started. She might have shared a bed with her hacker on Saturday night. Remember Brett? Not being serious here, but these two have been bunking together.

    Tyler and Angela have signed on with Jessica and Cody’s management “agency.” This will do them a solid to capitalize on their new mini-stardom. That happened very fast, probably on the finale night itself. Jessica is all in going to bat for the New Couple. And Kevin is ready to introduce Brett to every mover and shaker on his already packed list.

    Sam pulled up in a car with a couple of other gals not known by any of the former houseguests and seems to have left the whole scene, just as the others were getting ready to set off for the trip to Las Vegas on Saturday. Whatever about whatever.

    Tyler and Angela have had family and friends with them, ever since the finale. Angela doesn’t want to work again until after the new year, and Tyler is moving to her place in Playa Vista. Tyler looks happy but tired, and so does Kaycee, who has friends and family with her, too.

    Love and happiness to everyone, as I get through the little withdrawals from a marvelous, vicarious summer. I’ve been a bit haunted by NKog’s observation quite awhile back, when she asked how come Tyler and Angela reminded her of Romeo and Juliet. So I say little prayers for smooth sailing. To life!

  45. AIO_7

    “Zedd was the headline act.”

    I know at times that I can be behind the times, but I had never heard of Zedd Grey until I found this song last March. I first heard the chorus of this tune in advertising for Target, and just had to find it. I was familiar with Maren Morris, and was surprised (happily) that she was the vocalist. Still am not that familiar with Zedd Grey’s work, but, I guess, I like it.


    • FW aka CY

      I could listen to summa dat for awhile. I wish this had been the band brought in for the backyard concert. Thanks AIO 7.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ve never heard of Zedd either but I loved that song from the Target commercial so much, I looked it up on YouTube to listen to the entire thing. I later saw Maren Morris on some show where she sang it live. I’m also haunted by that Volvo commercial with the updated version of “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”. The only thing I could find on YouTube was the same snippet from the commercial. It said that the woman who sings it is trying to put out an album and include the entire song, but so far, no luck.

      Have fun guys. FW, behave 😛 lol

  46. mm22

    Did get BB Canada – started with season 1 – a big thanks to FW
    for the link n extra help!! Love so far : the house/set – host – no commercials
    – most of HG’s- Hate : my 2 favs got nominated at the first eviction

    • FW aka CY

      Great – glad you could tiptoe through the boobytraps to get it to work. Yeah, don’t get too attached to anybody in that house (which is fabulously insane, amiright?). It seems like as soon as I start to form a fondness for someone they get pulled down by the wild vagaries of House politics and/or Big Brother Canada’s wicked “bombshells.”

      The next episode on my list is supposed to be a surprise triple-eviction night. I’m having a bit of trepidation about watching it without someone whom I might clutch in fear and share screams, tears and gleeful laughter with. The dogs have become wary and the fish does not take well to clutching, etc.

    • FW aka CY

      mm22: BB Can season 1 – Not impressed by the bro’s. Hated Gary Glitter at first, now I’m kind of cheering for him. Jillian, Topaz, Talla and Liza are all cool and ought to fly far while the bro’s hormonally destruct. Even Peter, who reminds me of a buff-er version of Survivor’s Cochran and is currently pulling the most strings in the game is too easily distracted by the twitching of the tail. It’s a girl’s game to win.

      Canadian slop seems to be specifically concocted, among it’s other attributes, to give the imbibers horrible gas. The Have Not room isn’t that bad. Wait until you see the torture chamber they come up with for season 6.

  47. mm22

    The have not room is a horrible 1970 hotel room and I
    would cover up creepo clowns! Glitter is growing on me
    and jillian she seems so lost at times. I’m just getting
    ready for episode 4. Is it me or is that slop green? What
    the **** is it? I really liked tom n cowboy at first
    not sure now-cowboy is smarter than we think! Talla
    is growing on me too hated her at first. Danielle sometimes
    looks so ugly mean! Think big brother on the phone is
    hilarious! Jillian lovingly rubbing her tree during hoh
    comp -hahaha-the HG’s strategy sometimes….fools!
    Does bb canada have after dark or live feeds I think we
    are missing alot of info!

    • FW aka CY

      Yes, they had live feeds. The current episode I’m on they’re having a house melt-down because one bro whipped the shower door open momentarily on another bro and may-or-may-not have exposed his peepee on the live feeds. Oh the horror! Oh the angst and tears and caterwauling! Sheeezus….

  48. jimbo

    Wow, I couldn’t stand Mike Boogie. And this with Dr Will being my all-time favorite and best game-playing reality star EVER. I actually only started liking/admiring Will AFTER Boogie was evicted season 2. I agree with Mel on format of finale — a mess. I’m also glad she noted that this wasn’t a bitter jury. Tyler played a good game, but with dangers. The dangers were the multiple F2s, and they bit him. Yes, the game is about lying, but lying about F2s is a very specific lie that is DANGEROUS. You can lie about a lot in BB, but F2 lies are a bitch. I don’t agree with Dan Gheesling. Dr Will, for example, played a dastardly but cunning/charming game. You can still win that way. Dan doesn’t realize the difference between THAT and promising multiple F2s like mentioned above. That was such a glaring mistake by Tyler, that I cant believe Dan didn’t perceive it.

  49. Avatar

    To the Artist formally known as FW: Thank you very much for the link to BB Canada. After I watch season 6, I will see if I can find the other seasons.

    Speaking of other seasons, is there a way to watch the former seasons of BB USA without paying?

    • FW aka CY

      Try this again: Glad you were able to make the site work. For other seasons of BB USA and BB Can, just type “Big Brother” into the search field found in the upper, right corner at the Cmovies site.:)

      I’m just about finished with Season 1, BB Can. Man, they really whipsawed those houseguests. Double eviction, Canada saves a one from the block, triple eviction, “sudden” eviction (no veto comp), then another double eviction. And there might be more coming. Sheesh!

      • FW aka CY

        Minor correction: their search field only shows limited results. “Big Br” will display a bunch of BB USA. “Big Br C” will show the 6 seasons of Big Brother Canada. Successive letters of the alphabet will bring up Celebrity Big Brother, BB after dark and probably more. I didn’t do an exhaustive search.

      • Avatar

        the have not room in season 6 is unreal! Thank you for all the help

  50. mm22

    no thumbs up or down just a word
    press message-??
    Yay I hope I never see thumbs down again!!
    Thumbs up Steve!!

  51. AIO_7

    “And on the days that followed
    I listened to his words
    I strained to understand him
    I chased his thoughts like birds”


  52. AIO_7

    “In the winter time
    When all the leaves are brown
    And the wind blows, so chill
    And the birds have all flown for the summer
    I’m callin’, hear me callin’, hear me callin’ ”


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