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Big Brother 16 – Live Eviction Thread

July 10, 2014 | 26 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

devin-watchingDevin watching the screen – alone – in HoH last night

In about 90 minutes (from writing this), we’ll have two new HoH’s in the Big Brother 16 house, and one of them won’t be Devin. That’s a pretty big deal considering he is the #1 target in the house right now after he killed his game by outing his alliance to the rest of the house.  Now, the ‘bomb squad’ doesn’t trust him for that, and the floaters never trusted him. It’s Devin vs the house this week on Big Brother!


The first real week of Big Brother is about to end (the week after the first elimination is typically when the game starts for people), and it was a pretty fun ride. Devin leaving the alliance twice, then outing the alliance. Devin falling for Brittany. Hayden falling for Nicole. Caleb still head over heels for Amber (note – only one of those guys actually has a chance. Take a guess which one). Zach and Paola in a shouting match. Team America being revealed. Needless to say, it was quite a busy week, especially compared to the Joey week.

Before I begin, quick reminder…

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Ok, here we go… if you’re not watching the show, refresh this page every 10 minutes or so for updates during the eviction.  If you are watching the show, well you’re probably reading this after, so .. umm, hey! What a great show!

  • 5:30pm – Prepping for the live show!
  • 6:00pm – Time for the show!
  • Fallout from the POV meeting highlights:
    Brittany tells the house she knew Paola threw the competition
    Paola would rather drown in a toilet bowl than stay with Devin another week
    Paola denies throwing the competition (despite bragging about it a few days ago)
    Donny is loving the drama
    Zach – Pao, you suck at everything.
    Zach – Everyone knows I’m not going home
    Zach making fun of Devin’s fake house meeting when he cried about his daughter.
  • 6:08pm – There were quite a few things left out of the PoV meeting, but it was quite a blow up. Now they’re showing Zach going around trying to mend fences with those he bashed in the meeting… except Paola, who he had another huge fight with.
  • 6:13pm – Devin giving Caleb the math on the alliance.  They then force Hayden into the bomb squad.
  • 6:18pm – Showing highlights of the damage control and the work Derrick did to keep Zach.
  • 6:25pm – Time for the live vote to begin. First, Julie has her awkward conversation with the houseguests.
    Final speech..
    Paola – Devin, you have 5 personalities and they all suck.
    Zach – Keep me safe, my target is Devin
  • Jocasta: Zach
  • Brittany: Paola
  • Derrick: Paola
  • Donny: Zach
  • Caleb: Paola
  • Amber: Paola
  • Hayden: Paola
  • Cody: Paola
  • Frankie: Paola
  • Nicole: Paola
  • Christine: Paola
  • Victoria: Paola
    Paola evicted 10-2

Interview time, and then HoH after some commercials

  • HoH time.  It’s underwater polo!  They hit a single polo ball down the ramp into the slots at the end. The two highest scores will be HoH.
    Amber – 17
    Cody – 17
    Caleb – 21
    Frankie – 24
    Christine – 4
    Nicole – 29
    Victoria – 12
    Brittany – 16
    Zach – 8
    Donny – 20
    Hayden – 17
    Jocasta – 22
    Derrick – 28

Derrick and Nicole are the new HoH’s!

  • Julie announced that the house are now wearing wristbands that will allow us to track them inside the house. This will help see how active – or lazy – they are.  Kind of weird, I kind of like it. Track their progress here

Check back for more updates

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