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Big Brother 25 – Another Week, Another Flip

October 14, 2023 | 39 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s a late one here, but I am bored and it’s Saturday night so may as well write up what’s been going on in the house.

Today, they played two veto competitions back to back. It sounds like one was the spinning competition where they hold onto a rope, and the second was some guessing number game. Jag apparently won the first competition which means he’ll have priority when using his veto over Blue (who won the second game).

What this means is, Blue will use her veto first and then Jag will be able to use his after the new nomination takes place. So let’s say Cirie was the actual HoH, and noms were Blue and Felicia, here is how it would go:

Blue saves herself, Cirie picks the replacement nom. Let’s say Matt. It would then be Matt and Felicia on the block and time for the second meeting which Jag will then have the ability to save Matt.

Considering Jag is both the HoH and second PoV holder, he has all the power other than getting Blue out, and it sounds like that decision has changed a bit tonight. Matt and Jag had a conversation, and it sounds like Jag is going to tell Cirie and Blue that he won the HoH and that Blue was his original target, but he is now going after Cory.

So what may happen on Monday is Blue will save herself and Jag will likely put America on the block. Jag will then remove Felicia and replace her with Cory who will almost certainly be the next person to leave the house.

From a game perspective, it’s not a bad move for Jag to get out Cory. Sure, his fans won’t be too happy about it, but Cory is a big threat to him. However, by telling Blue the truth and then nominating both America and Cory, he’s going to be going back on his word to those two, he’ll have pissed off Blue, and likely lose some jury votes right there should he make it that far.

And the fact that he told Cory and America about his HoH means he can’t even just play dumb and kind of push it off on Matt should that situation ever come up. Sure, Jag wouldn’t want to betray an ally and I’m not saying he should point to Matt, but if he plays dumb and they believe him, the house would naturally just assume it was Matt. But, Jag had to tell everyone about his HoH which is absolutely hilarious.

As a fan of the show, I think it would be good TV if they completely blindsided Cory and America, but that is unlikely to happen with this crew that can’t keep their mouth shut if it meant saving their life. Again, nothing against Cory for those who love him, but I’m just talking good TV. Imagine their reaction when Jag nominates America and then Cory. Drama city.

On the bright side, this does open the door for potential drama tomorrow when the play inevitably leaks. Let’s just hope production actually airs it rather than saving it for the show.

What do you think about this move by Jag?

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