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Big Brother 25 – Jury Time Eviction!

October 12, 2023 | 43 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Thursday night! Time for the first person to head to the jury house in what has felt like an incredibly long season. I mean it’s a longer season in general due to the length, but the shortened jury and the zombie twist, starting to see people heading into the jury roughly 3/4 through the season is just weird.

The first person going to the jury house will be Cameron, but I’d like to salute him for a fun season. Sure, he may have come off as pretty condescending to almost everyone he spoke with, but he is honest, blunt, and a damn good competitor. His social game was absolute shit which is why it’s weird anyone would want to get rid of him so soon, but this has been a weird season.

I mean a reality is, anyone in the house could have been the Josh to his Paul. If Cam had another really good comp beast partner, they could have had a fierce duo and then the person sitting next to them likely wins it all because of his disliked Cam ended up being.

Of course, that partner would have to contribute at least to the point where they can say they saved Cam a few times. If Cam carried someone like a Felicia (which would have been hilarious, btw), he probably could have won. But most of the other people could likely have won due to a bitter jury – ironically something he wanted to prevent when he tried to get Felicia out.

On the bright side, he really wanted to make jury, so these next four weeks of free money was well earned. And he may actually have an outside chance at AFP. Assuming Matt starts doing dumb stuff in the final weeks. Him leaving now on a high note gives him his best chance at that. Let’s say Matt betrays Cirie which would make him disliked by the Cirie fans, those votes could end up splitting and Cam slides in and wins. We’ll see!


  • Wow Tuesday was such a blur to me that I don’t even think I finished this episode. I don’t remember it being a cliffhanger
  • I just remember making some zingbot memes trying to occupy my mind but that was about it for the night.
  • Clips of Cam spilling all the beans this week
  • Segment on Matt struggling with all the whispers in the house
  • Now a segment on Cirie suddenly becoming popular in the house
  • How annoying was the segment with Blue talking to the DR and calling Cameron dusty? Tone it down a bit
  • Everyone calls Julie exquisite, most struggling with it lol

Votes –

  • Jag – Cameron
  • Cory – Cameron
  • Matt – Cameron
  • America – Cameron
  • Blue – Cameron
  • Felicia – Cameron
  • Uh oh, we have controversy! Cory re-told his jury segment where he said Julie looked ‘good’ and for some reason he told the house he said she looked unbearably exquisite (or something like that)
  • Now people wondering why he lied lol… I think he just forgot (I already forgot the word he used before exquisite) because I’m sure being on live tv is nerve-wracking. Or maybe he just lives to lie?

Power of invisibility shields the identity of the HoH. Soo… what?

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