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Big Brother 25-Recap for Thursday 8/3/23

August 4, 2023 | 9 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning ya’ll! We had our first full day of game chat and it was entertaining. Let me tell you, this group is messy so it should be a fun season. Spoilers ahead….

As you already know, Reilly won the 1st HOH. We saw the room reveal and she seemed genuinely excited. (Not the fake stuff we usually see) She didn’t get a letter or pictures but got the other usual stuff. The only things that stuck out to me was blueberry soup and some socks she’s had since she was 13.

Felicia didn’t waste much time in telling Reilly about the info Kirsten’s been spreading and trying to make her a target. (Felicia’s otb for now too so who can blame her?)

Meanwhile, Kirsten woke up saying she needed to chill because she’d done and said too much the night before. Did she chill, you ask? Of course not. She kept spreading rumors to everyone about a guys alliaance. She also kept talking about how Reilly pounced on Matt when she “knows” Matt was interested in her first.

Apparently, she was sitting by Matt and when she got up and left sitting by Matt, Reilly sat down by him. (The shame!!) Now, according to Kirsten, she’s not into Matt so she doesn’t care but not caring requires repeating this story ALOT and even after Rellly became the HOH.

Red was showing off his style with a mint green outfit and he calls himself a chill-Billy. He’s a hippie hillbilly. (Does that just mean he’s a country boy who likes his weed? Don’t know)

He also REALLY likes to talk about poop. Picture the above image and Red walking a beauty pageant runway and the following as a voice over:

Here’s Red, rocking a mint green look for summer with matching shoes and bandana. He’s from the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, loves using the BB bidet and long walks by the creek near his home. His hobbies include shitting in said creek and letting his troubles just wash away.

Full disclosure: I’ve lived in the Midwest for many years but I also grew up in the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Being from the South, I’ve also walked my share of pageant runways. (It’s almost mandatory down there) For the record, I’ve never shit in a creek.

Corey tried to get some convos going with no luck. He can feel he’s in trouble and you can feel it for him when he trying to talk to people. We had Corey and a rule book sighting: (trying to find a way out of Julie’s nether region?)

Jared went into action to get himself taken off the block. Wow, he talks WAY too much but it seems most of this house does too and it DID work. I’ll give him that at least.

How can they not see the resemblance? Hahaha

Jared started off pretty well by listing off mutual people they trusted, suggested they work together and hinted at Kirsten being a problem. From there, it kind of went off the rails. Don’t get me wrong, Reilly was buying into all of it. It was a contest with the two of them to see who could give up the most game info to the other one.

They talk about loyalty, trust and starting an alliance. (Jared says “trust me” waayyyy too much) They both like Matt and even though Reilly hasn’t talked to Luke very much, Jared vouched for him. He does this by telling her that Matt, Luke and himself are a solid trio. (Whyyyy?) He just feels they need to fill out their numbers with a strong female player. Reilly thinks this sounds great but tells him that Jag is her guy. (As if everyone hadn’t already figured that out, let’s not leave any room for speculation) Jared says he loves Jag too. (Yeah, group hug!!) Jared tells her he has Cirie and Felicia in his pocket and knows they can get Izzy too. He says Izzy is solidly with Cirie so if they get her, they’ll have Izzy. Reilly hasn’t spoken to Izzy very much but said this sounds great too!

The plan for the moment is for Reilly and Jag to team up with the trio of Matt, Luke and Jared. They want Cirie, Felicia and Izzy as numbers and then talked about the possibility of bringing in Blue and/or America.The target for the week would be Kirsten and she would take Jared and Felicia off the block. But wait…we’re not done…

Reilly still has many people to talk to on the list. Kirsten stopped in to tell her more about a guys alliance, women sticking together, etc. It was a very surface level convo with both talking nonstop but saying nothing. The fakeness jumped thru the screen at you.

Blue spoke with Reilly, got filled in on the plan and this convo felt real. I think Blue would like to include America. (At least Reilly realizes if Jared has a 3, she needs a 3 too)

Jag appeared in time to find out how his entire game has already been planned for him. He was receptive but cautious. He also seemed to be the only one to get that merging with a strong guys alliance could be dangerous. (Although he really likes Cirie and Felicia, he may be hesitant to have the extra numbers be someone else’s numbers)

I like the added touch to the room with the hospital gowns.

Jag and Reilly begin moving forward to have a solid 8 person alliance. They also solidify their final 2…

….and seal it with a hug.

Cameron, who’s been sitting quietly for the most part, turned things up a bit. Reilly had a similar conversation with Cameron about a big alliance, trust and loyalty, blah blah blah. (You’ll notice a theme coming.

Reilly turned into Devin from BB16 and told almost everyone she wants a loyal 8 person alliance. ( She told people who won’t be in this alliance but we’ll see how it goes)

Cameron jumped right in but with a twist. He wants the alliance to be himself, Reilly, Jag, Blue and Matt. She explained that if she pulled Jared off the block, she would have his complete loyalty. (I’m not sure why she would tell him this, just as I’m not sure why she told so many other people this) As a bonus to the convo, Cameron REALLY thinks Cirie should go soon. He says she’s had her chance at tv 3 times already. (I think it’s actually 5 if you count Traitors but whatever) He also said Cirie, Bowie, Izzy and Felicia were a group. He said he didn’t want to call them floaters (That was big of him since it was day 2) but said when you put them all together, they were rowers. Hahaha

I don’t agree with his grouping because Bowie keeps trying to talk to Izzy but keeps getting shut down. (Funny side note about Bowie. She popped in the hoh to tell Reilly she’d like to talk. She said that she didn’t really have anything to say but didn’t want to be that 1 person who didn’t talk to the HOH) Bowie amuses me!

Corey took his turn and this was where Reilly was supposed to break it to him. She’d let him know that he was staying on the block but Kirsten would be the target.

Corey was able (correctly) to pull at Reilly’s heart strings. First, he pointed out that everyone liked Jared and he wouldn’t go home if he stayed on the block. Once he saw this was a no go, he switched it up and said no one would vote out Felicia. He also told her his brother was on Survivor. They bonded, Reilly suggested they were Nicole and Ian and now she wants to work with Corey too.

Cirie took her turn, played Reilly like a fiddle and now they have an alliance. Reilly filled her in on the convo with Jared, They discussed both being empathetic to people and extremely loyal. Cirie even made Reilly tear up a little.

Riley had one moment in the day that did actually make sense. She explained her concern (that Corey planted) over people going rogue and voting Corey out over Kirsten. She said she sincerely wants to work with both Cirie and Felicia but she thinks Felicia might need to be the pawn. Cirie said she felt Felicia would understand if she explained it to her. (Cirie wants Jared off the block. She’s too smart to push for Felicia) Corey did a good job convincing Reilly that no one would be the asshole to want Felicia out.

There was some dinner with a chow line:

There was also some group games:

An America sighting:

Jag and Blue expressed some concern about who would be in the new group. Blue also thinks Luke must be a doctor and/or a tik tocker. (Luke, the guy who had to have it explained where Tennessee was located and he lives in Florida)

After enough info got back to Cirie, she had a mother/son chat. It was basically the equivalent of ‘keep my name out of your mouth.’ Jared assured her he hadn’t given up any info to anyone. She told him the entire house was letting her know that Jared wanted to work with Cirie, Felicia and Izzy. (I’m worrying less and less about the family advantage on this season. I’m starting to think Jared needs to go so mama can do her thing)

Reilly finally had a talk with Izzy so she could be included in the alliance too.

Reilly, Jag and Blue went over the new plans from their point of view. The final 3 (according to them) is Reilly, Jag and Blue. There’s an outer layer where they pick up Cameron and Matt. (Not the plan she worked out with Jared) Next comes another outer group with Jared and I think America and Corey. After that, the outer layer adds in Cirie, Felicia and Izzy. (They’ve basically planned out the next 90 something days before the 1st eviction) Don’t get me wrong, I really like these people. They’re just a mess at the moment.

I found this on Twitter. I’m a visual learner so this may be more helpful to those like me:

For now, Jared and Corey will come off the block with Luke as a replacement if Kirsten wins the veto. Felicia is just a pawn. (They’re not feeling Luke in spite of all Jared’s assurances)

Jared thinks the new group is himself, Matt, Luke, Reilly, Jag, Cirie, Felicia and Izzy.

Summary: Most know Jared’s with Matt and Luke. They all know Jag is Reilly’s #1. They all know Reilly wants an 8 person alliance. Most know Jared wants to protect Cirie, Felicia and Izzy. People are getting wary of Hasim and Red. Mecole is just living life and not on anyones radar yet. America isn’t being mentioned much either except Blue wanting to include her.

Julie’s nether regions in lieu of memory wall pics:

Jag kicking his own butt before he can leave the room:

This is a messy group and I like it! There’s alot of overplaying but some good stuff too. Hasim may be getting in with Cirie, Felicia and Izzy as he’s been gaming too. There was a conversation with Hasim and Jared that was pretty funny. Hasim gained tons of info and didn’t have to give up any. He’s more of a listener than a talker and that’s greatly needed in this game. (So many people talk right over people WHILE their spilling game info) I’m looking at you Jared, Reilly, Izzy and Kirsten.

I’ll give one thing to Izzy. She’s the one who kept telling Cirie not to trust Cameron and based on his convo with Reilly, it appears she was right.

Jag is another one with potential. He was quick to recognize the danger of Jared, Matt and Luke as a trio and linking up with them for real. If he can reign in Reilly and her mouth, he could do very well.

Although I won’t be doing weekend recaps, I will this weekend since Steve will be taking off. It’s also the first week so there may be a lot more to cover. Because of that, I’ll just end with see you tomorrow and have a great Friday!


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