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Big Brother 25-Recap for Wednesday 8/9/23

August 10, 2023 | 89 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, I’m wondering if some of you live feeders finally got some rest with the feeds being down. The pace of the feeds has been wild. Taking a forced break after a week of them may have been accidentally good for us. (It may give Steve a chance to get caught up too)

I’m not going to get mad anymore at the things we expect them to do based on past experience. It happens, we know it so I’m just gonna blame Luke….and his brother! (Joking, there isn’t a twin) Wouldn’t it be weird if that HAD been a twist tho? Would they both be removed? Would the other one get to stay and play? Would they both just blame the other and say “he said it, not me?”

This was the looks on Hasim and Cory’s faces when it happened:

Obviously, I’m joking about the twin stuff but I’m not making light of the situation. It made me sad and angry that it happened but he’s gone, production did the right thing, (finally) so I’m happy about that. This is an ugly blip in an otherwise fantastic week of BB so lets forget him and move on with the season.

As for the feeds, I actually get why they’re down. (Don’t like it but I get it) They needed to get Luke out, have the hg’s pack up his stuff and explain to them why he was ejected. After that, the hg’s are probably a little shook because they’ve been getting to know someone and suddenly, they’re gone….and the reason he’s gone takes a minute to absorb too.

Next comes the conversations over being shocked at what he said and surprised he’s been ejected. Last, their probably talking about their feelings over his ejection and comparing notes over other comments he’s made that rubbed people the wrong way. They want to get all of that out of the way before turning the feeds back on.

If the feeds went down for a medical issue, would we be this irritated? No, we’d probably understand. Luke’s ejection isn’t game related, any more than a medical emergency would be, so that’s how I’m looking at it. (Maybe I’ve entered the zen era of my life, I don’t know. It’s also possible Izzy and Cameron have caused me to be ok with a little breather!)

Reds outfit choice for the day:

Anyway, there isn’t much to go over from the feeds yesterday but there’s a bit so let’s do it. You’ll be disappointed if you’re tired of Izzy because it’s mostly her activity in this recap.

The morning began with Felicia trying to strap her mic to her back like a backpack. There was a whole struggle with alot of cussing when she was trying to figure out how to do it. (She’s trying production, she’s REALLY trying!)

It looks like she succeeded:

She also got distracted while making the coffee in a convo with Izzy. She didn’t have the pot situated properly and this happened:

This woman is tv gold! I said on day 2 or 3, (can’t remember) the highlight of my day was turning into finding out ‘how was Felicia’s day?’ (I don’t see that changing anytime soon)

She was talking to Izzy about Izzy’s hatred of Cameron. Izzy, who is VERY emotional was crying. She was saying “I hate him.” She also said “he’s a self centered, egotistical….cult leader vibe.” Feicia was telling her she didn’t actually hate him. Izzy said “I hate that I can’t hate him!” (Lol) Right in the middle of Izzy crying, Felicia began laughing her ‘Felicia laugh’ and it was hilarious!

I know some of you are sick of Izzy already but personally, I thinks she’s an amazing mess to watch on the feeds. The level and speed she’s operating at would cause me stress if I was living in a house with her. Watching her on the feeds is simply entertaining. (I do get some anxiety watching her sometimes tho) I don’t think she has any emotions that are invisible. She’s up, she’s down, she has a plan, then another plan then back to the last plan. Izzy is a whirlwind of everything! (Don’t turn on me guys but I think I need an Izzy hoh before she’s evicted) It would be a fantastic mess to watch!

Cirie was talking about how it’s too soon to be so annoyed with people. She said it wasn’t like this on Survivor and how you could get away from people. She was also talking with Jared and Izzy about an alliance name for the 3 of them. Jared said he’d came up with “Mama knows best, or does she?” They all laughed but said it was too long.

One of them said maybe that could just be their catch phrase. Izzy suggested their alliance name could be “Jamie.” This was the name Cirie gave her 3rd son to replace Jared when talking to the others. (I like this idea. It actually means something instead of some stupid word a HG came up with before even entering the house, Phalanx??)

Jared and Izzy talked more about the way Cameron behaves and talks to people. They said Cameron goes on and on with long monologues just to hear himself talk. (He does and he’s very condescending) Jared said you may only get to make one or two comments in the convo and Cameron keeps going like you didn’t even say anything. (He does that too)

One of the reasons Izzy was so irritated was from the night before. Felicia was talking about being the first black family to be in her town. She said there weren’t any activities for them or places they could go back then. The one place they could hang out was an old bar that still had a dirt floor. Cameron chimed in and started talking about some cool bar they went to that also had a dirt floor. (Cameron can’t read a room) I’ve been to a bar in NC where the floor was covered in peanut shells and another in Anchorage where the ceiling was covered in bras left by past patrons) Novelty dive bars was NOT what this convo was about.

Cory and Izzy talked out by the hammock about protecting Cirie and Jared and the 4 of them working together. Cory said he’s been talking to Mecole alot more and Izzy said that was good. Cory started to bring up Luke and how he said alot of ‘off color’ things. The feeds cut and I assume he filled her in after. (I probably haven’t mentioned it before but Luke’s said other things that have bothered some of the hg’s)

Kirsten’s been practicing her eviction speech but hopefully she’ll tone it down since she may not be going anywhere this week.

As to what will happen tonight, who knows? In the past, some evictions have gotten cancelled when someone’s left IF the person who left was on the block. (Chima, Paloma) There’s been other situations when they weren’t otb and they went ahead with it so it could go either way.

I don’t think the season being 100 days will factor into the decision. They knew it was 100 days when it began and already have a schedule that reflects it. They also have options built in to fix scheduling issues for an ejection or a quit. They could keep Kirsten and problem solved or if there’s a jury battle back, they could adjust the amount of people somehow. If they have a triple planned, they could change it to a double and so on. Basically, we won’t know until we know.

As for Kirsten staying, how will that change the house? It’s already in turmoil and both ‘sides’ have been going after and talking about the stragglers like they’re drafting for a sports team.

Mecole thinking about how stupid she thought they all were the other night:

Kirsten was in first with the BBB women but that blew up when they found out she started the Phalinx 5. She’s still close with Mecole so that could draw her back to them. On the other hand, she probably spends the most time with Matt and America. She’s had good talks with Red, said she’d still work with Reilly if she stayed, etc. I’ll say this, Reilly’s side of the house has probably socialized with her more than the other side since she’s been otb.

Kirsten repeating things for Matt so he could understand what was being said the other night:

Matt said he dreads comp days because he can’t hear what’s happening. Hopefully, they’ll make an adjustment or explain comp rules to him better now that the live premiere comps are over. Matt was also bothered by Luke saying “don’t worry about it, its nothing” when he would ask him what people were saying. Kirsten is one of the people who takes the time to talk to him one on one or repeat things for him when its fast group chat.

Look, I fixed it:

I don’t think Luke leaving really messes up the game. It’s a numbers game the first few weeks and no one really HAD him as a number yet. No one has Kirsten either so the house just picks up where they were with the recruiting if Kirsten stays.

Sure, it kind of screws Reilly but not as bad as past HOH’s. (think Cody in BB19) Reilly didn’t nom anyone anyway. She got to be a hero and take 2 people OFF the block. If her game’s a mess, its because of the way she handled her HOH. It won’t be because Kirsten is out for blood. Reilly was just telling people she wished Kirsten could stay too. Cameron trying to be Reilly’s new dad is her biggest issue right now. (I still hope they reset everything and let her play for the hoh. I bet she’d throw it after this week anyway)

I found this:

We’ll have all our answers tonight (hopefully) so go out and focus on something else today. My guess is that we’ll have the feeds back tonight after the live show.

The 2nd HOH could really matter this season as far as the way the hg’s start to group up. Don’t count Izzy out as a comp beast because I also ran across this:

I actually think I’d like Reilly’s side of the house to win again. If I had to pick a side this soon, I’d probably go with Cirie’s group but I’d like Jag have a chance to reset his game. I also think Izzy and Hasim otb could be really good feeds.

I don’t have a quote today but…..the other day, the hg’s went outside in the morning, saw the outdoor cushions were wet and Mecole thought it must be from the sprinklers they used for the grass. (The artificial grass! Haha) i can’t wait for tonight but until then, have a great Thursday!


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